Holo Text Clock claims to make you look at a time in a different way. It does, except it's a way that's largely identical to what's already offered by QLOCKTWO. Biegert & Funk developed an entire line of clocks and watches that tell time using an eccentric arrangement of words where certain letters highlight to spell out the current time. The company even released an app in the Play Store that replicates this behavior by placing an identical widget on your home screen. Holo Text Clock was inspired by this product, and it expands on it by providing additional options and the ability to use the clock as a daydream.

Holo1 Holo11

I never used the QLOCKTWO app in the past, but after testing it out today, this is how I wished it looked and functioned. Holo Text Clock feels like a native app. Want to preview another color? Tap the palette at the top of the screen. Want to dive into the available options? Hit the single solitary Settings option. It's all laid out directly in front of you.

Holo4 Holo12 Holo5

Under Settings there are options for choosing a language, changing the widget color, and altering how the daydream appears. There are seven themes to choose from, each just swapping the color.

Holo13 Holo2 Holo3

You add the widget to your home screen as you would any other, and you resize it just holding it down and dragging. Thankfully, it doesn't clog up the widgets selection area with multiple repeats of the same size. There are also additional options to adjust the transparency and to choose what happens when you click on the widget.

Holo14 Holo8

Choosing to make Holo Text Clock your daydream will fill your screen with a clock identical to the widget. By default it cycles through a different theme every minute, but you can specifically designate which themes you would prefer for it to display instead, or you can disable theme switching entirely.

Holo10 Holo15 Holo16

That's the extent of what Holo Text Clock offers. It's a large widget, one that's bound to take up an entire screen if you're using it on a phone, or half of a screen if you're using it on a tablet. This makes it a nice alternative to the giant analog clock that ships with Android by default, a way many of us fill up space that we have no need to flood with icons or folders.

Still, while this widget runs circles around the official QLOCKTWO app available in the Play Store, that says nothing to diminish just how cool Biegert & Funk's physical products are. Playing with this widget tempts me to throw down money for the watch, but lets just say it costs several hundred more than I'm willing to pay for the product.


Holo Text Clock's developer isn't shy about his inspiration. Hey, if you have to copy, copy from the best, right? The app costs 99 cents to use, and there's no free version to take for a spin. But at 99 cents, you could slap this on one of the many upcoming Android smartwatches for significantly less than $770, even if that would admittedly be much less classy.

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Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Bluewall

    Wow. The watch looks stunning. But yes, way to expensive sadly

    • krazyfrog

      It's one fucking dollar. :|

      • tim smith

        The app is $1. The watch is $770.

        • krazyfrog

          My bad.

    • Matthew Fry

      And will be overpriced when a Galaxy Gear or similar smartwatch duplicates it as a 0.99 app.

  • anonimus

    if the app could show the hour in that format could be great, but it looks good, just got it i love it and hate it at the same time

  • Ark

    Looks like the first watchface I put on my Pebble, months ago

  • ithehappy

    Sorry not my type.

  • GraveUypo

    never got the point of this kinda stuff. huge watch face that takes a whole screen, is harder to read and honestly looks stupid. but then again, if everything depended on my tastes nobody would know Picasso.

    • Pengwn

      While I don't use one of these full screen clock widgets, I've heard the argument that clocks that make you think are better at telling and letting the user comprehend the time. I know for me, I've turned on my screen and glanced at the time only to completely forget what time was displayed as soon as the screen goes off. I'm sure if I had to taken 1-2 more seconds to read one of the full screen widgets, I wouldn't have forgotten it as fast.

      • Stacey Liu

        Oh my god that happens to me so often. I'll pull out my phone to check the time and immediately forget it. I thought it was just me.

  • Shane

    Would be great if could put this on my lockscreen

  • mavericksid


  • mavericksid

    I don't get the point of making trivial changes to homescreen.
    Why the hell would I want to put a clock and battery widget on the home screen if I've already got that information on the status bar. That's just plain stupid.

    • Amit

      what app did you use for that status bar?

      • David Hart

        Custom ROM

      • mavericksid

        Using Slimrom.

  • Jamin

    hahaha the time of the widget and the android clock in the notification bar doesn't match on 90% of the screenshots you posted

    • Michael McGrade

      I was just noticing that. Why do I want a widget that can't even show the proper time?

      • Matthew Fry

        The point is that it is presented in the way you would be told the time if you asked someone. "What time is it?" "5 after 3." Most people aren't exacting enough to say "3:06."

    • Matthias

      The words change in 5-minute intervals. There are four dots at the bottom that show the additional minutes. So, after all, the time is correct in every screenshot.