Sony hasn't been great about getting its flagship devices on US carrier lineups, but you can always buy them unlocked from the Sony store. That's the deal today as the Xperia Z1, Zperia Z Ultra LTE, and Smartwatch 2 hit the US Sony online store. The Ultra's status has been updated to shipping, but the other two devices are pre-order for now. You might have to bust open your piggybank, though. Unlocked phones don't come cheap.

pSNYNA-XZUC6806BK_main_v500 pSNYNA-XZUC6806BK_alternate2_v500 pSNYNA-XZUC6806BK_alternate3_v500

The Xperia Z1 can be yours for $649.99, down from a regular price of $699.99. This device has a 5-inch 1080p LCD, 20.7MP camera, 2GB of RAM, and a Snapdragon 800 ARM chip. It's also water and dust-resistant, which is Sony's thing lately. If you want to go bigger, the Xperia Z Ultra is on sale for $679.99. This device steps down to an 8MP camera, but the screen balloons to 6.4-inches at 1080p. It adds LTE to the package, but is otherwise the same internally.

pSNYNA-XZ1C6902BK_main_v500 pSNYNA-XZ1C6902BK_alternate1_v500 pSNYNA-XZ1C6902BK_alternate2_v500

pSNYNA-SW2ACT_main_v500 pSNYNA-SW2ACT_alternate3_v500 pSNYNA-SW2ACT_alternate2_v500

What better way to use your new unlocked phone than with a matching smartwatch? Sony happens to have just the thing – the Smartwatch 2 for $199.99. It's water resistant, pairs easily over Bluetooth with the aid of NFC, and can be improved with apps. All three devices are on the Sony US store. There aren't any estimated dates for the pre-orders to ship, but it shouldn't be long.

[Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra, Sony Smartwatch 2]

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  • motoridersd

    The Z1 LTE version (C6906) is probably being saved for T-Mobile

    • http://daddye.it/ DAddYE

      The C6903 is just perfect for T-Mobile, the 06 (I think) is more for AT&T

      • Matthew Merrick

        Do they really need 2 different models? They can use the same radios for both, like they do in their Unlocked phones.

        • http://daddye.it/ DAddYE

          Afaik at&t works on different LTE bands

          • Matthew Merrick

            You can put multiple LTE bands in a single device. Sony does so in most of its North American Unlocked Phones

          • Guest

            Indeed; that's how my C6506 (ZL LTE) is.

    • basteagow

      This is lame; I don't understand why Sony released LTE versions of the ZL and Z Ultra from day one, but decided to hold out on the Z and Z1.

  • wickets

    have you guys reviewed / unboxed one of these yet? thanks

    • Jason Bailey

      I've got the 6.4" Z Ultra and love it. As long as you think of it as a small tablet that also make calls you'll be happy....

      • wickets

        thanks....sony seems to be taking care of their product viz. updates etc, a lot better than samsung is......went to look at the note 3 to replace note 2 and it was a giant meh!! this z ultra has my interest piqued with a capital P!! I wonder if best buy or tmobile will have it in stores soon

        • Jason Bailey

          I had a note 2 prior to purchasing the Z Ultra... I always flashed a custom Rom on the Samsung, but have stayed at stock on the Sony...

          • Zachery Giesey

            Mr. jason Bailey I am currently using a note 2 with sprint and am completely unhappy. im curious if you bought the unlocked version and what carrier are you using with the Z ultra? I would be happy to leave sprint for this phone.

          • Jason Bailey

            Im based in the UK mate, so I've bought an unlocked C6833 for use on UK LTE networks. I think you need the C6806 if you want LTE on AT&T. The 3g only model is also available which is the C6802.

  • VoiceofSky

    how does the Smartwatch 2 comapre to the Galaxy gear?.. (besides the obvious galaxy exclusivity) ..I messed around with the GG a few days ago and thought it sucked badly lol.. but i really am looking into a Smartwatch buy and 199 isn't that bad if the features are right.

  • ltredbeard

    I could see myself buying this phone if I could play with it in a store. Only real downside I see is it's running 4.2.