The Verizon Galaxy S4 started seeing a new software update earlier today, but there was no word on what it contained. Verizon has yet to update its support docs, but Samsung has been so kind as to post the details of firmware version I545VRUDMI1. As expected, it's a minor bump that keeps the device on Android 4.2.2.


The update is going out through the Verizon Upgrade Assistant for Samsung devices, which you probably don't have installed. It might hit OTA at a later date, though. The 150.3MB update contains the following:

  • eSE Removal
  • Optical Reader (Stub)
  • Abbott WiFi Profile Fix
  • My Video Settings Update
  • New versions of: WatchON, Air View, Samsung Hub, Story Album, S Health, and S Translator

The newly added Optical Reader app seems to be the same software included on the GS4 Active earlier this summer. Samsung Optical Reader is a camera addon that uses optical character recognition to identify words in the frame. It also picks out contact information and QR codes. So, it might be a little bit like Google Goggles.

[Samasung – Thanks for the pic, joedirt2217]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Theratchetnclank

    What in the actual fuck is that font?

    • Joshua

      Rosemary. It comes as one of the four built-in options on every Samsung device, the others being Default font, Helvetica S, and Choco Cooky (which is essentially an even worse version of Comic Sans). Generally popular with women.

      • Charlie

        Nothing is worse than Comic Sans.

  • eiberri

    "Software Update 2 (SU2) is a mandatory system update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S4."

    Android 4.1.2? Huh?

    • RyanWhitwam

      The last update was listed like that too. It's just a typo on Samsung's site.

  • Leif Sikorski

    The European version had this feature since the launch of the S4. What the hell is Verizon doing with it's phones? I can't believe that people are still using Verizon in the US.

    • jonathan3579

      Then don't even look at how the T-Mobile S4 is being treated. Hint: It's worse. (Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T have gotten performance updates that fixed the lag.)

    • Lynn Stout

      U can't beat the signal Verizon has nothing had better service in the US

  • Anon

    Is this update activating 4G LTE A / AWS? Can anyone confirm higher data speeds in metro cities with this update?

    • Landon Clements

      I too would like to know this. I did the update. And im still on band 14 lte I live in denham springs Louisiana. so idk if that means anything. I know verizon isn't done pushing out is aws

    • Jerimiah Reece

      My GS4 updated via 4G service (OTA Update) this morning. Haven't had a chance to test 4G speeds yet. Though in Montana I doubt we have the latest version of 4G (though we do have it).

      Update: Using Ookla Speedtest I got 4G speeds of: 18.85Mbps Download & 9.37Mbps Upload. Ping = 164ms

  • Ryan Goldsmith

    mine errors out during the download process wether i use kies or verizon update manager

    • Jerimiah Reece

      I had an error on my first try. But it went to 20% on WiFi and was going slow so I switched to 4G. That messed it up. I went 4G on the second try and it went pretty quick.

  • http://planetmew.com/blog/ Christopher Glass

    Uhh. An OTA for that? All those apps are on my Sprint S4 and update themselves in the Samsung App Store...

    Although, it'd be nice if these overwrote the apps in the system rom, since the updates take up plenty of space on the device, and Titanium Backup's "Integrate into System Rom" is kinda iffy on the S4.

  • beatles

    Samsung Knox $ucks

  • GreatNews

    just updated and noticed that the S Voice icon is all resigned!

  • GreatNews


    • blahblahblah

      So it's just like EVERY SINGLE OTA IN THE WORLD?

  • NoDataLoss

    After the update, my memory card showed as a empty or unusable format. A full shutodwn and restart did not take care of it. I had to remove the card from the phone, clear the message for the card, and then replace the card. It read fine after that. Don't choose the option to reformat and lose all data.

  • Jerimiah Reece

    This ALREADY went out OTA! My GS4 updated from Verizon via 4G this morning. 10/16/2013 @ 11am MST.

  • GreatNews

    No luck for Verizon users with Samsung App store??? Why???

  • mardeethompson

    Yep OTA available as of this morning on Verizon S4, sadly this is not JB 4.3 to allow the Galaxy Gear to work with the S4. I really hope that comes down OTA pretty damn fast. But sadly this update might be a sign 4.3 is a ways off.

  • Miah


  • Cristian312

    Has anyone cracked root access under this new update?

  • Tether-er

    got the update this morning. it locked me out of foxfi and now i seem to be stuck on analog service instead of 3G/4G.

    • tether-er

      update: other people in the building are on analog as well, so must be a tower issue.

  • WhatTheFrack

    Mine won't install OTA. Should I try with USB?
    Is it because I'm rooted on VRUAME7?

    • sammy

      Yes! I was on the same boat but went one step further.Since i hadn't flashed any ROM post rooting , decided to unroot & in the process stuck with that "firmware upgrade encountered an issue etc etc " yellow triangle with exclamation mark...........& the best being with verizon my s/n: doesn't match with the model when connected via kies for the.Dont know if my s4 is just a paperweight now.

  • the android

    when i tried updating, it boots into the stock recovery image and gets 1/4 of the way through installing. then it show a broken android guy and reboots and says there was a problem updating. HOW DO I FIX THISS!!!!! im rooted by the way

    • daibko

      ditto here. It downloads, but error on install. Also rooted. Verizon tech said I needed to do factory reset. I think not. Yet.

    • Chris Rider

      Figure this out yet? I've got the same issue.

  • Lalqui529

    anyone notice battery life issue? Like it drains faster now without doing much on it.

    • Jeff Kingston

      My battery got about cut in half with the update :( Then another update last night and now I can't find the mobile data toggle in the dropdown tools...

  • gypmen

    What happened to driving mode????