Last Updated: October 22nd, 2013

It's that time again. Another Humble Bundle for Android has rolled out, and like always, it's jam packed with mobile gaming goodness that is bound to provide more than enough value for your digitally transferred buck. This bundle contains six great games, including one we considered a little bit creepy, but a lot of fun. Pay whatever price you want to get your hands on Anodyne, Greed Corp, Incredipede, and Ticket to Ride. Anyone who pays over the average will also get to poke around with the Bard's Tale and Worms Reloaded.


This bundle marks the Android debut of Anodyne, a 2D puzzle adventure game where players assume the role of a character exploring his uneasy subconscious. The game balances exploration with puzzle-solving, and the Japanese translation is included.

Included games:

  • Anodyne
  • Greed Corp
  • Incredipede
  • Ticket to Ride

Pay over the average for:

  • The Bard's Tale
  • Worms Reloaded

The Bard's Tale is unlike most games contained within Humble Bundles. This game originally launched in 2004 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and the Android port is sure to take up a solid chunk of your Android device's internal memory (say, 3.5GBs). But this is a full-blown game with hilarious voice overs and many hours of content. This $49 console title is already a steal at $2.99 in the Play Store, and while you have to pay over the average to get it, it's joined by many other great titles.

All of these titles are also available on Windows, Mac, and - as the trailer above won't let you forget - Linux. The bundle includes soundtracks for most of the titles, and Steam keys are automatically provided to people who pay over $1 (otherwise known as people with a conscience). If you want in on this action, you know where to go.

Source: Humble Bundle

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • atlouiedog

    Unlike almost all previous bundles you'll only get bonuses in the second week for this one if you pay above the average. Just a heads up for anyone who is familiar with these.

    If you feel the games that you're interested in right now are worth less than the average you can choose to add more money later to get the bonuses if they're more to your liking. There's an option to do so on the page where you download the games/soundtracks and get your Steam keys. The average you need to beat is the one at your time of purchase, regardless of what it is next week.

    • Thomas’

      You could also wait until the second week and then decide if you want to pay over or under average.

      • testa

        More games will be added to this bundle next Tuesday morning at 11:00am Pacific! If you pay more than the average at your time of purchase, you’ll automatically unlock even more games when they arrive! Keep checking the site and prepare to be surprised and delighted!

        • Thomas’

          Yes, and?

          • testa

            If you pay more than the average at your time of purchase, you’ll automatically unlock even more games when they arrive!

            (Meaning you can't bump your purchase price up and get the games the second week)

            Also confirmed on Slickdeals: http://slickdeals.net/forums/showpost.php?p=62513128&postcount=21

          • Thomas’

            Nope, that's a wrong conclusion. It's nowhere written that only paying over average in the first week will unlock the second week's games.

          • testa

            Nevermind I get what you are saying .. the way it USED to work (and which is what I thought you wrote) was that no matter what you pay you get the second week's games. You are right. Ignore my posts.

          • Matthew Fry

            This is a pretty hilarious exchange now that testa's messages are just '.'

          • squiddy20

            At first, I thought they were the original comments, and Thomas' was carrying on a conversation practically all by himself. What a downer to learn the comments were edited...

          • ergu


  • http://www.youtube.com/crisr82 Kristian Ivanov

    My personal limit for card use is $5...hope the average price drops :c

    • vitriolix

      Just pay the extra buck, it's for a good cause and who cares about $1. The averages always go up not down too

      • http://www.youtube.com/crisr82 Kristian Ivanov

        The average drops all the time dood lol...even now it dropped a lot =D

        And it's not my call, I don't own a bank account so I have to use a family one...and the limit I can spend on games is $5 :(
        I like supporting charity but here it's not my decision

        • vitriolix

          Oh, sorry I thought you meant a minimum of $5 :)

    • Lumi

      If you can forgo Worms, you can just get the basic bundle for $1 and Bard's Tale separately, since Bard's Tale is on sale in Play store now, making this combination cheaper than $5

      • Craig Hughes

        Bards Tale has permanently been on sale in UK for £1.85 even though when it launched at beginning of the year it was only supposed to last 2 weeks at that price?

      • http://www.youtube.com/crisr82 Kristian Ivanov

        Bard's Tale has been on sale for half a year now actually

  • Anal

    The Bard's Tale didn't originally launch in 2004. It was first a game on the Apple ][ series in 1985 or so and was ported to other PCs of the mid-80s.

    • http://bertelking.com/ Bertel King, Jr.

      The Android version is a port of the 2004 game, which is fundamentally different from the title released in 1985. The game isn't a sequel, and you could only loosely call it a remake.

    • http://www.googlepants.com/ Wizard of Odyssey

      The 2004 game is a 3D, fully-voiced (including singing!) re-imagining of the old 1980s Bard's Tale games. It was on the XBOX and Playstation 2. This port includes all 3 of the old Apple II games as a bonus in addition to the fun new title.

  • vespa

    Anodyne was those rpg-maker-esque game that featured on piratebay promo months ago right ?

  • CrazyPaladin

    Wait you mean Worms Reloaded is on Linux now? And Greed Corp too? I'm actually impressed by EA now

    • Voldepreuss

      What exactly does EA have to do with any of it? I looked it up and EA did not publish nor develop any of those games.

      • CrazyPaladin

        Sorry I thought EA published Greed Corp where in reality EA published Gatting Gear which is made by the same dev. But worms series were always published by EA. Also rumor going on about BF4 on Linux so ... Well screw it maybe I'm just overthinking. it's EA we're talking about right?

  • Régis Knechtel

    I really like these bundles. But I won't buy anything from them until the games get linked to play store.