The Xposed framework has opened up some interesting mods. Most of them do only a few things. Some of them do a lot more. GravityBox does a lot more than that. This module from XDA Developers member C3C076 (keep 'em comin, guys) seems to incorporate all the little tweaks that people generally flash a custom ROM for, but it's built for stock Nexus devices and "clean" AOSP ROMs.


Here are a few of the highlights for GravityBox: PIE controls that replace the on-screen navigation buttons. CyanogenMod-style expanded desktop (hide navigation controls). Extra control buttons in the Jelly Bean Quick Settings menu. Right-side, single-finger pull down for the Quick Settings menu. Status bar tweaks including color options, center clock, brightness control, and even the ability to hide the cellular bars when you've got no SIM card. Reboot and recovery options on the power menu. You can even adjust the backlighting on your buttons, if your device has them. "Kitchen sink" doesn't even begun to cover it.


Unfortunately, GravityBox is somewhat limited compared to other modules in terms of device support. Xposed requires root, of course, but GravityBox only works on Nexus and Google Play Edition devices (Android 4.1 or above) or ROMs that are extremely close to "clean" AOSP. Even the minimal changes in popular ROMs like CyanogenMod or AOKP will break functionality. But of course, those ROMs include a lot of these features anyway. Add in the fact that the Xposed framework itself has a nasty habit of unforeseen consequences, and it might be a good idea to back up your data before giving this a try.

At the moment, GravityBox is only available on XDA. Here's the Xposed Framework if you don't have it already.

Source: XDA Developers

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Mike B

    Works great on my Droid Maxx

  • tokuiten

    I love love love GravityBox and Xposed Framework in general, and it's nice to see it get some attention here.

    Aside from XDA, you can also get GravityBox from Xposed Installer's package manager, by the way (ooh--2.6.2 just came out! Time to upgrade!).

  • MrNinjaPanda

    What do they mean “Xposed framework itself has a nasty habit of unforeseen consequences"? I never had any problems with Xposed.

    • sweenish

      Wondering the same. I also don't load it up with modules. I use two. I simulate HALO for Floating Notifications awesomeness, and App settings to change dpi of a couple apps.

      Definitely going to give this one a spin, though.

    • Gnex

      LAG. It made my Moto X feel like a Galaxy Nexus, even worse at times. Scrolling was awful throughout the entire OS, the softkeys lagged terribly, etc.

      • fds

        My Galaxy Nex plays Asphalt 8 without lag. I have no idea what the f*** you are talking about.

        • Gnex


      • Cerberus_tm

        Are you suggesting the Xposed framework causes a general lag? I have never noticed anything like that on my Galaxy Nexus.

        • Gnex

          I would assume the change is more noticeable on newer devices that don't really have performance issues (the Galaxy Nexus isn't horribly slow, but it's definitely showing its age). Numerous people have experienced this over at the MotoXposed XDA thread.

          • Cerberus_tm

            I don't know, what those people in that thread say seems more related to specific software/root issues. My Galaxy Nexus lags, because it is always out of RAM; but Xposed is not the cause of this. Installing it or removing it doesn't make the phone lag more or less, except in so far as the modules might take up more RAM. So that may be different on other phones, ones with different firmware or different root methods.

      • IamNOTaTroll

        I had problems with it (namely wanam Xposed) on galaxy s4 i9505. I had no lag, but I somehow lost root when I tried it(i rooted again, and tried it again, with the same results) , it screwed the camera import function somehow.

        xposed m. is an interesting idea, and sounds nice, but I'd rather have working root and camera importing than a few tweaks. I might give xposed modules another chance in the future(maybe when i get the official 4.4 kitkat update) but I have my fears and doubts...

    • Gargamel

      This writer Jeremiah Rice likes to say something bad about almost everything, without supporting evidence (obviously). I guess he thinks it's funny or cool. Just ignore his opinions

    • meijin3

      My Nexus 4 gets laggy sometimes when I'm using it.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I have never personally had issues with xposed, but I've heard of severe issues on some devices before, including supposedly messing up a device to the point of needing a restore.

      I was one such person, let me see if he remembers what happened.

    • Jeremiah Rice

      I tried Xposed modules twice on my RAZR M. They messed it up badly both times, forcing me to restore from a backup.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      I actually stay away from Xposed, too. I installed it on my Galaxy Nexus back in the day, and it basically killed the phone. It sent it into a constant bootloop, and the only way to get it back in working condition was to flash the stock image.

      Xposed is probably much better now, but I'm still not sure it's worth the hassle if it has the same effect it did the last time I tried it.

  • Radu

    GravityBox? The name hinted at some sort of floating windows... *sadface*

  • Spencer

    also work great on the Moto X

    • Cole

      Really? Kept crashing the second I opened it. What phone service u have? It's prob some how Verizon software making it crash for me.

      • Spencer

        you need to be rooted and booted into Recovery/Root Mode. Make sure you enable first in Xposed. then run Gravity Box. Cant stress enough that you must be booted into Recovery/root mode on the moto x. or you will not have root permissions that it needs

      • Spencer

        I have Verizon

    • lowvolt

      I didn't have any luck on moto x with this

  • Andrew

    This basically added everything that I would normally ever use a custom rom for! Thanks!

  • fsdgasdg

    doesnt work on my nexus 4 4.3 custom rom. what am i doing wrong? i downloaded and installed xposed+ installed the in app thingy then installed the gravitybox i get the "gravity system framework no responding Exiting." what should i do?

    • Ignacio

      It's for stock ROMs only.
      " Even the minimal changes in popular ROMs like CyanogenMod or AOKP will break functionality"

  • Ibrahim Hancioglu

    How the device performance affected with GravityBox and xposed? Battery life? Device heat?

  • Kevin
  • Kevin

    A nice module for the XPosed Framework is "No Fullscreen Keyboard for Xposed" on google Play!

  • William Worlde

    I've come to favour separate modules to customize the stock ROM instead of installing a custom ROM, as I've found the customs kill battery AND memory and are often way too buggy. So this modular customization sounds great for me.

    I went back to stock JB after trying *several* ROMs just so I can get a customized Nav bar on my GNex. I wanted 5-7 options instead of the basic 3 and to colourize them if I wanted. That's it.

    Does anyone know if/how well it works to customize the Nav bar as above? (I don't want to make the Nav bar disappear with Pie.) Thanks.

    • Navitron

      Completely agree with you. I'm a android virgin I got the GPE Galaxy S4 in August as my first android device and have been geeking out installing custom kernels and roms. I ended up going back to stock, they were never as stable or as smooth as stock android. Not anything against those custom kernel/rom devs but in the end who do you think will make a more stable OS dozens of payed employees, or one person that programs some code in his spare time?

  • Guest

    "hide the cellular bars when you've got* no SIM card"

    hide the cellular bars when you have no SIM card

  • Michael Fontenot

    I hate to ask but will themes break it? I know it doesn't matter for a full ROM flash but whenever I've themed my nexus devices I haven't been able to update normally. Would this have the same effect on xposed?

  • CerealFTW

    Would the Motorola xoom work?

  • Razo_E

    maybe now I can use these to add the functionality I love from Cyanogenmod to Play Edition Roms on my S4.

  • Michael Fontenot

    This is fantastic. I can do more in stock android with this than i can with cyanogen or aokp. I love it.

  • My name is….

    I have been using it since day1, it first came out as a MTKxxxx exclusive, and the dev expanded it for other devices.

    il definately donate to him, his job is AWESOME

  • Nazim Pooran

    when is cydia substrate coming with something

  • skeeterfood

    This rocks! Slide across the notification for brightness is something that should be built into Android by default, or at least an option. CM nightlies are too unstable on my 2012 N7 and 4.3 is a significant improvement over 4.2, so this is a great ROM substitute.

  • Ronnie B Reiff

    Gravity box added the three things I found missing on my HTC One GPE phone stock 4.3 Rom! Advanced power menu, expandable volume control, and customizable quick settings!

  • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

    Just wanted to point out a typo:
    "Kitchen sink" doesn't even begun to cover it."

  • Johnny Lascivious

    I just want to confirm this and prepare myself: When my Nexus 4 gets the 4.4 update, I'll lose root and therefore lose this. Correct?

  • Curious_1

    I've got Gravitybox installed on my stock 4.3 nexus 4, and just waiting for the 4.4 OTA. Just wanted to ask if there will be any issue to receive OTA having rooted my nexus and with Xposed and Gravitybox installed on it. I know i'll have to uninstall xposed and unroot the phone before updating, but just don't know if xposed and gravity will interfere in OTA reception.

  • mike85

    Xposed framework really drains your battery I just removed it and now my phone has better battery life
    Never downloading it again
    My advice get a Rom with a lot of features
    HTC one. Viper Rom by team venom
    Venom tweeks shits all over xposed

    • james kendall

      The framework has almost no impact on my battery life what modules I download and activate dose. That said since I am running a touchwiz ROM I stay away from Gravity box as it is extremely incompatible. The only modules I currently have active are Fake ID fix, Master Key multi-fix, and Secure Samsung Clipboard.

  • prakash

    how to change gravity box version from 2.9.3 to 2.9.4 after update android from jellybean to Kitkat

  • Paul James

    I love xposed installer my Samsung galaxy Express is so awesome now its got everything on it like the new phones

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    What is the equivalent for sense 6?