Another day, another set of leaked images exposing what we can expect to see in Android 4.4 "KitKat." These images sprung up on Tutto Android, a popular Italian Android blog, and they largely confirm the location-related changes we detailed yesterday. First, the current Location access screen will, presumably, simply be called Location. On this screen the checkboxes labeled GPS Satellites and Wi-Fi & mobile network location have been removed and are replaced with more simplified options that replicate the same functionality: High accuracy, battery saving, and device sensors.

KitKat4 KitKat5

A new Google Location History setting provides a list of recent apps that have requested your location. This way when you see the GPS icon pop up in your status bar when you're not actively using Google Maps, you have a way to find out why.

The newly-added Payments section has been changed to the potentially more explanatory, Tap & Pay. This section is still where you will go to manage Google Wallet NFC payments.



In all of these screens we see that the white status bars at the top are still present, and the settings app looks mostly the same. Google's introduced cards in many of their apps, but this area of the UI remains largely unchanged.

Source: Tutto Android

Thanks kekkojoker90 and Nicola.

Bertel King, Jr.
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      Looks sick!

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      OMFG!!!, he's hiding himself like someone is gonna kill 'em...

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        Or he just has an thumb that was amputated from a horrific injury and recreated in MS Paint.

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      Yeah, we're doing a follow-up post. They lapped me, heh, that was my rumor scheduled for today. It's OK, there's still enough to talk about, so I'll probably post separately as well.

      • J.R.

        Seems no one noticed that it's a Nexus 5 that it is displayed on. See the round speaker like in the line drawings you released earlier?

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Yeah, it's the Nexus 5, of course.

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      OMG its...beautiful...

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      But the download icon remains the same? It doesn't fit with artem's leak

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        I think the rom is not final.. but I understand they have unified many applications

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      Give this man a Kit Kat (because we are short on cookies.)

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      It has also more than 5 homescreen tabs with small dot indicators

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      I'm really liking this... if true:

      "Google Search, instead, you can start by saying "Ok Google" directly from the homescreen.

      As we see, then, Android 4.4 KitKat should always be in mode "always listening" , just like the Moto X, and the function may be extended to other languages besides English."

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        I would love this also. it would make searching so much easier!

      • rasty++

        yes, but is not yet confirmed for other languages ...​​for now :)

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        I think it's from anywhere, not just the home screen. But we'll see.

        It will be cool if it's also when it's asleep, like the Moto X. Totally agree.

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    Still no transparent background for onscreen buttons? sigh, Google...

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      It would be nice if Google make the nav bar customizable out the box just like on AOKP and the many other roms that allow you to customize it.

    • Stacey Liu

      Look at the new home screen
      They are transparent. So is the statusbar.

    • Guillermo

      You don't want it to be transparent while you're using an app.

      • turdbogls

        very true. people dont get this. try picturing a vertical scrolling list of words....it would look terrible if the navigation bar was transparent.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Actually, there are, but only in the launcher. More on that later.

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    Things are coming out slowly
    As of now,I like the changes made

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    Come on Google, release the kraken!

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    Wow they blurred out the status bar icons like it would even matter.

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      I have a feeling the time on the phone might identify the leaker somehow. The clock is even blurred out on the lock screen. Maybe its a static clock just for that device.

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    Not enough of a revamp... I'm just bored of the same old look, little changes here and there, removing colour from here and there... I want something big, something new... something designed from scratch.

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      This is a "minor upgrade", 4.3->4.4
      Revamps would come in "major upgrades" 4.X->5.0.

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      Something 5.0?

    • Stacey Liu

      Nope. Look at the other leak. The UI was totally redone.

      • Nomaan

        No its just a launcher and lockscreen. Your current launcher and lockscreen is similar except icon and a few changes. I was expecting a light/white UI but it looks like it will be dark similar to jellybean everywhere.

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      What about Android 5?

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        Been waiting so long, i'm starting to think i won't see it for another 2-3 years.

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      Just because?

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    >2013 >cut pictures

  • Leonardo Loures Quirino

    The settings app is not unchanged. The Action bar is now grey and is missing the cyan line att the bottom.

    • http://bertelking.com/ Bertel King, Jr.

      Excuse me, largely unchanged. You are correct about those differences, but you get what I mean.

      • Leonardo Loures Quirino

        yeah, I agree, but maybe (with the revamping of the notification bar) it's a signal that they'll slowly ditching the cyan color.

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      I looked old design. Current one looks half baked

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    not many things changed from Nexus 4. Won't be waiting for Nexus 5

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      The funny thing is there are more people without Nexus 4s than those who own one (like me, I still have a Galaxy Nexus), and that's who phone manufacturers target with new releases. Sorry, you are not the target audience.

    • QwietStorm

      Besides the fact that the Nexus 5 hardware, which isn't even the topic of this post, is in fact much better than the Nexus 4, why would changes the Android itself, little or more significant, decide in whether to buy the new NEXUS phone, versus a third party manufacturer?

  • lensgrabber

    After using a X for most of this week, I really appreciate those blacks. Missing tap-to-pay though.

  • jonathan3579

    I'm surprised they haven't changed the Settings to a more white/grey. I'm sure it'll happen sooner or later to reflect the changes they've made to their apps. (Hopefully.)

  • http://skorch.co.uk/ Antony Derham

    If Tap & Pay is available outside amerifat, then it'll be huge. If it's only in
    technologically-backward yankland, then it will fail as much as Wallet
    has already. The UK and most of Europe have NFC terminals in every damn
    shop, with no phones to use them with. Google are incredibly foolish.

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      I hope they limit all the good stuff to the US of A just to aggravate you.

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        Such a shame that the internet has to always have that one arsehole to complain about a valid point isn't it? Grow up.

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            Cute. Turning the accusation around is the clear pinnacle of conversational skill. You're well versed in debating.

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          Make yourself look like an asshole, don't be surprised when shit comes your way.

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          "Such a shame that the internet has to always have that one arsehole to complain"

          ...about being trolled when using made up words like, "amerifat" and "yankland".

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          I'm going with that asshole is you here.

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      You must have put a lot of time and thought to come up with that. Unfortunately for you, it didn't go anywhere.

    • Miah

      I think, the Wallet app will be pre-installed in the U.S and will integrate with Android Settings in other countries like UK it will be available in the Play Store and will also integrate with the OS.

    • John Bailey

      I assume it's because Google doesn't like wankers and bad teeth lol

    • selonmoi

      Canada has NFC terminals everywhere, too. Plus our banks have a major presence in the US. It just makes so much sense for them to try Wallet here.

  • Kesey
    • Tony

      You mean actually use up all the high definition screen real estate with higher resolution icons instead of having tons of blank space, heresy!!

      • Kesey

        With 5 icons across, they pretty much go edge to edge horizontally on my stock N4. This looks like we're going back to 640 x 480 windows displays. I want to see more icons, not bigger icons. We're going from a 5x5 grid to 5x4.

    • turdbogls

      they got rid of the top "applications" and "widgets" so there is more room for apps...instead of adding another row of apps, a la' apple, they increased the icon size....which, IMO, looks really nice. wondering if they are going back to the longpress for widgets......i sure hope so.

      • Testraindrop

        I don't know anyone who is using the stock launcher on a Nexus device anyway...
        I just hope they still improve the speed (and put it into AOSP) so that custom launchers can profit.

        Nova for me/Apex for others :)

        • http://techxe.com/ iKRAM Abid

          Guess what. ME. I tried almost all the launchers out there but stock is a lot better for me than the other b.l.o.a.t.e.d. lawnchvers.

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            That means you're special!

      • Kesey

        Have to disagree that it looks any nicer. Regardless of how pretty it looks, I'd prefer to see more icons over larger/less icons which means more swiping.

        • turdbogls

          yeah i can see that. I am more of a minimalist though, so more icons= more cluttered looking.
          i rarely go into my app drawer anyways....home screen folders do a good job of keeping me out of it.

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    Isn't that a Nexus 5? I'm pretty sure that's not a Nexus 4.

    EDIT: ok, I've seen the source now. And there's a transparent status bar!

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    Google? Move your ass!

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    Tap & pay as a main setting.......disgusting...But new location options are awesome

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      Disgusting? LOL

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    I think, the Wallet (Tap&pay) app will be pre-installed in the U.S and will integrate with Android Settings in other countries like UK it will be available in the Play Store and will also integrate with the OS.

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    I still like the blue more...

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    That is one thin side bezel. I can't wait to get this device into may hands!

  • enoch861

    Wait... does this mean there won't be any more restrictions to pay using NFC?

  • TedKidd

    Thrilled that Wallet is live again! Connected to a bank account and collecting Rent via Google!!! So cool!!!

    Think Incredibly Corrupt #Anti-customer service carrier #Verizon will allow tap and pay back into Wallet? I had it for a week on my old G-Nex and LOVED IT!

  • Henry ugui

    4.4 sdk and avd will be relesed october 20