Rockstar Games has gifted the Play Store with "the official manual app for Grand Theft Auto V." The whopping 181MB app (which debuts at version 0.0.1) has over a hundred pages of literature on the expansive new entry in the infamous franchise, containing information on the game's dynamics, local neighborhoods, activities, game features, and an interactive map to explore when taking a break from the real game (or while exploring in-game if you're a multitasker).

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Rockstar reminds us that Grand Theft Auto V is "set in the biggest, most dynamic and most diverse open world ever created," making the manual that much more appealing to those wanting to enhance their experience with informational and dynamic content.

As for the iFruit companion app? Still no word on when it will make its way to Android, but Rockstar promises it's "working very hard to get that out as soon as possible."

Hit the widget below to grab the manual.

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • Jdban

    Wow Rockstar, fucking seriously?

    A bit late, and STILL not what we want.

  • atlouiedog

    I'm surprised it took so long. I downloaded the Windows manual on launch day and it's exactly the same with the Android styling and all.

    The iFruit app is apparently still mostly broken and I'm guessing adding in a few million Android users would completely kill it, so I get that. I have no idea why we had to wait for this.

  • Stranger from a Far Coast

    iFruit only for IOS? Android is where it's all at. Doubt IOS users know there's an iFruit app for GTA V.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii


      Well, they are certainly aware of it but it doesn't mean they like it or it's any good.

    • Rob

      You mean other than the message on the loading screen that every one sees?

      • impulse101

        He's trying to say ios is only 12 percent of the world market and most of those are tech illiterate douches, so it was a dumb move by Rockstar or Apple had to pay them a truckload of money since they cant innovate anymore.

  • Aki I.

    How was this game delayed for so many months and significant parts are still not ready. Alot of people will be done with the story mode before they even get the app to train chop with

    • lusky3

      I know. Didn't even use Chop once because I couldn't train him.

    • Ryuuie

      A lot of people ARE done with the story mode. It's honestly not that long of a story. It takes about a week to a week and a half tops if all you do is the story.

      • NoTime4Games

        I don't know about "not that long". It takes about around 30 hours to finish just the main story (around 40 to do all the side quests) - and neither of those include all the other activities in the story mode..

        To finish JUST the main story in a week you would need to play over 4 hours every day!

        I guess how "long" game is, is relative to how much free time you have!

        • Ryuuie

          Pretty much, yes. A lot of people have had just enough free time to finish the game. It's nothing unusual..

        • satchko

          took me 14 hours to beat it. Granted, at only ~72% completion, but still.... the whole "story".
          Not a long game at all. And I watched all the cutscenes. 30 hours to beat it seems crazy long.

      • impulse101

        Yeah it takes a week if you are pathetic and have no life and play the story mode for 8 hours a day for 7 days and even then you wouldnt have gotten 100 percent completion with all the side quests.

        • Ryuuie

          No, I'm not actually finished, I'm about halfway through but check the link that AP posted. A lot of people haven't been doing the sidequests, just the story and they've finished in about a week.

          As NoTime4Games said, it all depends on how much free time you have. Some people "have a life" and can still finish the game easy. It's not about who's "pathetic" and who isn't. It's about "who's dedicated to the game" and who isn't.

          I'm sure you've been excited enough in your lifetime to finish a game quickly.

        • John

          Sorry mate, that's totally wrong!! I work over 40hrs a week, and still go out and get pissed and see girlfriends and I finished in a week. Sure I got in 12 hours over the weekend because I smashed it, but also because I know how GTA works and I kick ass - that's all! If you are proficient in all aspects it helps - you clearly are not!

  • Lupe Fiasco

    I know that Rockstar was busy with putting the finishing Touches on GTA V during the last few months, but it never crossed their mind that they should dedicate a Team to making the iFruit app for Android as well? I like GTA V a lot, but it is a disappointment that the App is still not out in the Play Store.

    • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

      "last few months", the app cross play feature would have been thought out and tested ages ago, years ago, they should have had an android team right there and then, the game may have started production 5 years ago when android was an infant but even half way through development it would have been very very clear that getting the android app out at the same time would be highly valuable and if it wasn't clear the head of mobile needs to be fired.

    • Sean

      That's what happens when Apple writes you a fat check.

    • impulse101

      You think they would considering the ratio of Android to iphone users is 8 to 1. Pretty fucking retarded of them.

  • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

    they might as well not bother now, ive played the single player and now im deep into online, the app is not a compelling reason to replay the single player, that boat has shipped.

    ps: but they should still make it for those who havent played it yet and so i can make a funny number plate and giggle for 5 minutes

  • effinay

    Not compatible with my device? Droid Bionic. First no ifruit app, now I can't even get the freaking manual? FU Rockstar!

    • Alexei Watson

      "This app is incompatible with all of your devices"

      Galaxy Nexus!? so it's not compatible with bare stock android.

      Software development company can't write android apps, go figure.

      • Rob

        Installs fine on my Nexus 7 (2012), so it's no problem with stock Android. Have yet to try it.

  • Durruti

    GTA 5 was the fastest selling ip ever. They made a billion dollars in 3 days. How they can't put together a team of coders that would have had the app out within opening week is astounding.

  • Alexei Watson

    Can someone post the .apk? I want to try and sideload it on my GNex, it reports as not compatible through play.

    • Vitaly Streltsov

      Xposed All Apps In Play Store?

      • Alexei Watson

        Care to elaborate? I tried searching but only found some touchwiz root app. GNex isn't rooted. I'm not apposed to rooting, but I won't go to the effort just for a GTA manual.

  • Jake Hall

    seems to be the norm to release products with unfinished features

  • C0080900V

    They should be launching San Andreas anniversary for Android instead of this garbage.

    • John

      I would FUCKING love that shit!! They should at least release it on Vita!

    • http://twitter.com/xionone xionone

      San Andreas 10th anniversary isn't until next year.

  • Steven Di Virgilio

    Now I've been checking in the Play Store everyday for this app since I got GTA V, but are we really surprised that there's no iFruit on Android? It's called iFruit not FruitDroid. Seems like it's an exclusive.

    • Ryuuie

      The have Drone to represent Android in GTA V's world. There's also a Windows Phone equivalent. This isn't exclusive, it's just Rockstar favoring Apple like everyone else Apple has conned into believing they're the best.

  • remister

    It funny how the three main characters have different "great" phones. It just too bad that the GTA Online was really buggy and deleted my online character. Maybe they are changing the name for the Android app, to parody Android users?

  • MrRageQuit

    I think they should call it the Drone app like the Android phones on GTA V and the iOS version be called iFruit like the iPhone.

  • wilson

    Damn I wish I knew this. I paid for this scam ifruit app and paid 3 dollaes for it.THANK YOU Android Police. This app link is official.

  • Cecelia

    I have been a very dedicated customer of GTA. I have been every since GTA 1. And for Rockstar games to have iFruit for Apple but not Android is definitely not exceptional. I am honestly NOT happy maybe even outraged that Rockstar Games would disregard Android users. After WE, your customers bought your product? That's money that could have went to something else. Truly right now I am disgusted...

    • goonie

      They make 80% of the Revenue off of DLC, and they make about 35% off of their NEW game sales. If you want to hurt them buy their games used from here on out if you need to play them, and buy DLC used on Disc. Used game sales are worse then piracy to game manufactures. They just have to live with it because retail partners have them by the gonads.

      Had I known I wouldn't have full access to the game day one, I would not have bought it day one. I accepted the online wait time because they communicated when we could expect it. I can live with that, but to slap us in the face and say we can't have a day, month year to expect the android ifruit app is totally unacceptable. ESPECIALLY when IOS had ifruit on the 2nd day. I don't care if I have to pay 2 dollars less then new from here on out I will play R* aka Ratscok games from the used bin.....Or a 2dollar steam sale.

      • goonie

        Tuh sorry to all who think I am entitled becuase I actually want all that I paid for. Guess I am not entitled to an instruction manual when I gave up a 1/8th of my payroll to get the game in the first place.

        • http://twitter.com/xionone xionone

          If you really wanted the instruction manual, it was available to download on PC or Mac since launch week. The app was not the only way to read it. So yes, you do sound entitled.

  • topgun966

    Ill bet ya it was done a long time ago, but Apple made a deal. Sucks

  • Anthony Johnson

    i cant get this app it says not compatible with my phone this is getting on my god damn nerves rockstar/google what the fuck is going on

    • Greyhame

      Google has nothing to do with this.

    • goonie

      Blame Ratscok not Google its not their fault.

  • trevor

    Nice, the finally give us something... Oh its compatible with my device! Thank you rockstar,

    Sony Xperia T lt30p

    • Trevor

      I meant not compatible

  • Lexster

    At this point, I've beaten the game, so...I really don't need the stupid apps now. Thanks, Rockstar!

  • r6pokey

    This app is incompatible with your device."bionic"

  • JimmyDeSanta

    Lets just admit it, Android has a horrible eco system.

  • John

    What devices is this compatible with? My sony experia SP is not compatible! What in the fucking fuck rockstar!! Seriously, stop munching apples ass!!

  • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

    When it's called "iFruit," what else do you expect?

  • GigiAUT

    Apparently the only device I have that's compatible is my Zealz GK802 stick...which kind of defeats the purpose cos I'd need a second TV to actually use the app while playing :/

  • John Smith

    iFruit looks like a basic app - it shouldn't take that long to make.
    It's possible that their backend server isn't ready yet to server a large amount of users.

    QUESTION: did Rockstar outsource the Manual app or was it made inhouse ?

  • Jase Mase

    I wish they would just say that Apple paid them. Don't strangle our throats waiting for something you got paid to delay.

  • agentp45

    Not compatible with galaxy S4. PISS POOR.

  • Metalheadfitz

    okay so the manual is on the Google play store and it won't work on my phone...,WTF
    i have been waiting and waiting..and even reporting the 100+ fake ifruit apps and rockstar finally gives us the manual and it wont work on all android devices?...WTF R*

  • Daniel

    I don't know about anyone else but im getting tired of them spamming my game with their add for the ifruit forthe android when there has never even been a working version of it for the android. Im pretty sure that apple does have a deal with rockstar to boost their iphone and ipod sales.

  • yup.

    So, with WAYYYY more people having an Android, they decided "hey fuck it, let's make this shit for the losing team, you know? To make em feel as if they finally got one up on the Android users."??? I'm fucking baffled.....

  • Jörgen Larsson, Skoghall

    Hum, why does it say my device is not compatible when i try to install this on my Samsung Xcover 2?