Google left many of us scratching our heads when they relaunched Quickoffice last month as a free app, one that probably should have shipped as a Google Drive update instead. Nonetheless, a new version has rolled out that nudges things in the right direction. Now opening a Google document inside Quickoffice will launch the file using the Google Drive app. Previously the document was merely displayed as a PDF instead.


The opposite also works, though that functionality isn't new. If you open a Microsoft Office file within Google Drive, it will launch inside Quickoffice. Given how similar the two apps look, you might not even notice that you were kicked from one to another. We don't know if Google has any plans to merge Quickoffice and Google Drive down the road (though we would be happy if they did), but in the meantime, the two apps might just grow into a delightful symbiotic pair.

What's new:

  • If installed alongside Quickoffice, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides files automatically open in the Google Drive app.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

There isn't much else to see here. If you weren't drawn to the app when it first entered the Play Store, this update probably won't change your mind.

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Ender Ceylan

    And the UI still looks... off.

    • Floris

      I think it's because of the big menu items. It now looks like someone tried to ape an official Google app but failed badly. When fixed it shouldn't be too bad. I hope drive and Qoffice are merging though.

  • deltatux

    They really need to merge the two, there's really no reason to keep both. Hell, honestly just roll QuickOffice into Google Drive and call it a day or whatever they feel like branding it. Just unify the two apps.

    • b9876

      Of course there is a reason to keep them separate - some of us do not want to store their documents in the cloud, or anywhere out of our control. So while Quickoffice does good job now, after integrating with Drive it would become a risk.

      • deltatux

        Umm, you could do the exact same if you were to integrate QuickOffice to Google Drive's app. It will likely be laid out like QuickOffice where they will ask you where you want to save, there's really no reason to have 2 apps doing the same thing. The way it does it is rather broken and looks like patchwork, I bet they will be merged eventually but the rationale for not merging makes no sense since you're still gonna be offered the choice. QuickOffice's engine is already being used in Google Drive since Google has been incorporating code from the QuickOffice team ever since they purchased them for better Microsoft Office compatibility.

      • meelyg

        You are correct, though ironically, this is exactly what google will do.

        Look at Talk/Hangouts/Google+
        Heck, even WEBPAGES in search results are linked to a Google+

        Account / Identity unification is exactly what Google wants

  • follow @muvee360

    Kingsoft handles documents way better than QuickOffice...i loved QuickOffice but it let me down today i had to download Kingsoft to get a pdf to display properly on my GN3

    • oldman_60

      I have been comparing both and the new QuickOfice is way better regarding MS compatibility.

  • sirtao

    I think they are keeping them separated to avoid problems with antitrust

    • deltatux

      what antitrust are you referring to? There's many offline Office apps available for Android. Same goes for iOS...

  • Brad

    I'd only downloaded it for the extra gigs... It seems pretty worthless.

    • Ole Ingeman Christensen

      Jup. Same here.
      I use Office suite pro instead.
      It's much better to use and to manage. ;-)
      And I go with pretty much all of your, saying the two applications definitely should be merged.

      • oldman_60

        I disagree with you. I have been testing the new Quickoffice, Office Suite Pro and King Soft Office. Quickoffice is the best regarding MS compatibility which is the most important criteria according to me. Moreover it is fully integrated with Google Drive therefore I don't agree with your statement telling that Office Suite Pro is easier to manage. You can access documents locally or on Google Drive. Could I ask you what are your criteria ?

        • Ole Ingeman Christensen

          The same as yours. I just think different of it, than you do. Quickoffice is well integrated with drive, but so are Office Suite pro.
          It's all about taste, since the functionality on both applications are pretty much equal.

  • Hamza Salam

    Unfortunately, no Arabic support

  • Rovindra Singh

    They definitely need to merge the two, if they already have them switching back and forth to open documents, just simplify things and make it one application. The UI is so unattractive and a pain to look at, and that icon is not growing on me one bit. Google needs to do some cleanup here and make things less obtrusive. They're definitely taking a step in the right direction but enough with the fragmentation and multiple applications that clearly can be combined and improve on the user experience.

  • David Dudovitz

    HTC Gingerbread Black Menu Bar was removed... don't really know how it ended up in a Google app to begin with, but good riddance.

  • Rodd

    Finally.. this version will update any existing (pre-installed) version on your device

  • DoctorRabbitfoot

    So...what is the point of the app? I guess it can edit offline Office docs?

  • http://cashd00d.co.cc/ WHAT?

    QuickOffice relaunched with the new Drive-like logo, so I figured it was only a matter of time before they merged.

  • http://www.parafriv.net/ Para Friv

    I think they are keeping them separated to avoid problems with antitrust. Thank you!

  • tltan86

    Not able to open password protected document (.docx). :(


    Still no .odt support?

  • Dan

    QuickOffice and Drive are two different apps for marketing reasons. When an average user hears "Drive", they don't immediately assume they can create/edit Office docs. When they hear "QuickOffice", they do.