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This is what I like to see in an Android monetization model: options. The BitTorrent company released a full-function version of µTorrent (AKA uTorrent or MicroTorrent) a little more than a year ago. The beta app was free, but now there's a paid version that drops the beta tag in favor of a "Pro" label. The new app is $2.99 and includes all of the improvements made to the original app, with a little extra.

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The description says that the Pro version of µTorrent is ad-free. I don't doubt that, but I also don't see any advertising in the free beta app. Perhaps the older app will be updated with ads soon, or BitTorrent will drop the beta version entirely and add a new free version of the app. The description also says that the $2.99 price is introductory, so expect it to jump after a while.

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Useful features include a WiFi-only download mode, no size or speed limitations, and the ability to play at least some media files directly in the app. There's also a subset of the options included in the popular desktop version of µTorrent like specified download folders and user-set upload and download limits. The interface apes the desktop version as well, so don't expect a shiny Holo experience, but it's still one of the best torrent clients on Android.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Jan

    "This item cannot be installed in your device's country.

    uTorrent was CREATED in Sweden ffs.

    • Piotr Gołasz

      Not available in Poland aswell. You would think that the sole purpose of introducing a paid app is to get as many people onboard so you would raise as much money as you can. Not åkej :/

  • Sergey Otro

    Mmm... These sexy 2.2 style icons in Action Bar and preferences.

    • sivkai

      uTorrent for Android is a perfect example of how NOT to design an app. It is terrible.

  • Rahul Srivastava

    Lets download the uTorrent Pro APK from the uTorrent app.

    • Adie

      You won the internet for the day.

  • http://www.smsnetwork.org/ Mikael Jakobsson

    i have alredy buy tTorrent but the utorrent ul looks awsome. :)

    • anzensepp1987

      Take a closer look, please! ;)

    • squiddy20

      Uhhhh... The uTorrent UI is almost straight out of Android 2.0-2.2...

  • Jason Bailey

    I use utorrent on the desktop, but on android I think TTorent is better, as it lets you do searches on popular sites right from the app.

  • Dave Waters

    I've searched around and really can't find definitive information on the difference between the uTorrent and BitTorrent apps. On the desktop, the difference has been rather obvious historically, but on Android the two seem almost synonymous; particularly now that both have a "Pro" version. Both are great apps, but does anyone happen to know the difference offhand?

    • abobobilly

      BitTorrent was also purchased by uTorrent. Both are now ONE company and also offer clients Exactly the same.

    • Subaru larynx

      Ones purple. IDIOT.

      • Shootfirst

        'Ones' is spelled one's. Idiot.

  • Devmon

    Why so ugly?

  • buff

    tTorrent is 100x better. Allows you to choose torrent search engine and enable filters in network settings.

  • Alex

    Lest see... $2.99 so it would be 2.22€ ... but no, it's 2.99€, that is $4.04.
    So why I'm paying $1 more... I hate the apps (there are a few) that do this.

  • pobautista

    Don't bittorrent apps damage the phone or tablet's flash memory? Wouldn't millions of small random writes shorten the lifespan of the flash ram?

    • Subaru larynx

      Yeah but most phones don't last that long anyway. It would probably take a few years of torrent downloading to notice a performance hit.

    • Matthew Fry

      It doesn't work that way. It writes to a cache in RAM and then dumps it to main memory a chunk at a time.

  • Captain Spaulding[2000+ posts]

    Kickass Torrents is better, so is aDownloader.

  • Subaru larynx

    I ready don't use the free version to not pirate movie and this new version will not change nothing.

  • Dmitriy Onorin

    That's a really ugly app and I recommend noone to download it especially for those 3 bucks. One should be completely insane to give his money for such a terrible interface and the minimum of functions the app provides. Awful. But if they redesign it to be some true holo i would be one of the first to get it!

  • ChainsawCharlie

    People still use Torrent?

    • a

      I assume you've never heard of TPB.

      • ChainsawCharlie

        OK, maybe I should have asked: People still use TPB? Apparently so

    • UT

      Yes. Welcome back to civilization!

  • David Hart

    I've been using tTorrent for ages now, i highly recommend it.

  • Someone on the internet

    tTtorrent is better if you are on Android.
    qTorrent is better if you are on PC.

  • Oliver Phillips

    I refuse to support µTorrent since they snuck some horrible Yahoo adware into a recent update. Took a while to clean that from my machine

  • Primalxconvoy

    I honestly can't see any difference between this and the existing free beta and I'm not one to upgrade apps automatically or if the version in using works fine as is.