A rumor started circulating last week claiming that the Nexus 5 could potentially revolutionize smartphone photography (again) by being the first to ship with a MEMS camera, introducing ultra fast autofocus speeds and post-shot refocusing. As it turns out, Oppo will ship the first smartphone with DigitalOptics' MEMS camera. On top of that, Oppo will be an exclusive launch partner. DigitalOptics' press release explicitly puts an end to the rumor that the Nexus 5 will ship with one of their camera modules.

"There has been speculation on who would be the first to bring the significant benefits of mems|cam to the mobile imaging market. Last week, several technology news blogs reported that mems|cam was first being brought to market in another smartphone platform. Those reports were inaccurate."


Oppo made the first MEMS volume purchase order, but it has not announced which devices will ship with the technology, nor has it provided a time frame. Just know that it will appear inside the company's premium models sometime in the future. Given the fancy camera Oppo introduced last month in its unveil of the N1, maybe this news shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.

Source: DigitalOptics

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • palf91

    As a Nexus lover, I am disappoint. But I'm excited to see what Oppo has up their sleeve, some pretty interesting devices these days, including officially getting Cyanogenmod on there.

  • Adriano Corte Real

    I knew it. I'm really not trying to criticize or anything and I totally understand all the hysteria around a new nexus device, but people are so eager for the N5 that they are prepared to believe any and all speculation and/or rumors around the N5.

  • sam

    I can not remember the last time a nexus phone had a great camera. I would love if google released a high end phone with bigger battery for some more $

    Nexus devices are not only for developers any more

    • QwietStorm

      Have you been reading that rumor on androidguys?

    • angel_spain

      Even with a good sensor, we would lack of a decent camera software in AOSP. I think that's the main problem with nexus cameras. But you are right, they are not only for developers anymore so...a Google OEM layer?

      • Drew M

        I think the N4 has pretty good hardware, but lacks the post-processing that other high end phones incorporate. I've heard that those technologies are typically licensed.

    • blitz4075

      rumor has it, the nexus 5 will have 2 battery size options...2200 and 3000

      • chriscarver

        I also heard it was going to come with a laser beam as well. Damn balloons.

  • catpunt

    this is actually a relief, i have renewed hope for a good 8mp bsi sensor in the nexus 5

  • http://silverfang77.tumblr.com/ Silver Fang

    I love my Galaxy S4 camera.

    • Kenny O

      I love the camera on my wife's S4 as well, but that and the screen are the only things I like. The button layout and ridiculous software are deal breakers.

      • Fadakar

        Yeah, menu buttons are an absolute joke in this day and age.

        • spydie

          I wouldn't own a phone without them!

        • George Millhouse

          maybe for YOU

          • Fadakar

            No. For everyone. You know why the average person would choose the iPhone over a comparable and even more powerful device that runs on Android? Consistency. iOS apps work, almost all of them behave in either the same or similar ways. The ones that don't are either shit and get buried in the app store and the ones that are good get lauded for their great work and people follow them and consistency remains. With Android, you have devs that can't even be bothered to put a contextual menu button in the action bar where it belongs, just because people are afraid of stretching their thumb a bit. Because of this few apps on Android are consistent and even the ones that try can't get it right, a lot of them cater to menu buttons and not the action bar. It's a mess, and there's a reason Google opted out of it. They may have made some questionable choices before, but moving of the menu button wasn't one of them.

          • George Millhouse

            again thats your opinion and for YOU. I like my menu button as do a lot of people. Considering no one sells more android phones than Samsung..millions of people disagree with you.

          • Fadakar

            Millions of people don't choose Samsung because they have menu buttons, it's a recognizable brand, and people take comfort knowing if something goes wrong it's backed by a huge company so it's a safe investment. You're assuming everyone that buys any phone ever is doing so because the device is 100% flawless to them.

    • QwietStorm


  • Ruz

    Wish Oppo comes with the same camera design a multi purpose vehicle... front and back

  • LockesKidney

    nice Google gets owned in the photography dept again

  • http://www.binarytuberculosis.com BinaryTB

    Well since I'm on Verizon (and can't switch away) and won't have the ability to purchase a Nexus 5, this is kind of good news to me. Assuming Oppo comes to Verizon... which is unlikely. Nevermind, this is neutral news to me.

  • Bob G

    Oppo was at Google HQ last month. Dare I say Oppo Nexus 6 with MEMs camera? Best Thing Ever!

    • chriscarver

      Possibly an Apple Nexus 7 with fingerprint scanner. Can't wait for that too.

  • didibus

    I only buy AOSP phones, so I'm obviously excited when a AOSP phone is rumoured to have nice things and disappointed when it does not.

    • George Millhouse

      you so special

  • aaron cooper

    Who out there is going to buy an Oppo phone ? I am sticking with my Nexus....

  • Sergio

    Any comment on MEMS camera besides Nexus 5, 6 or 7 dreams? I'd like to know a bit more about its quality, how it works, etc.