b0VIM 7.47DQVh&archon810nexus2/srv/www/htdocs/androidpolice.com/wp-content/plugins/wptouch-pro/include/extensions/custom-post-types.php 3210#"! U Yahoo Mail Turns Sixteen, Gets New 'Conversations' View, Syncs Themes, And Gives Free Users Features Previously Exclusive To Mail Plus

Yahoo Mail is turning sixteen (the service, not the company that runs it), and as we would tell any reckless teenager eager to get their hands on the wheel, it might want to slow down a bit. You see, the company has rolled out a slew of new features for the service that, on the whole, are positive, but the provided press photos makes me wonder if they expect anyone older than sixteen to use them.

Yahoo1 Yahoo2 Yahoo3

Yes, those are iPhones. I got that. The updated Android app has yet to hit the Play Store, but Yahoo is promising that themes will be introduced across all platforms. In fact, they're proud to announce that a theme applied in a browser will automatically sync up with mobile apps, and vice versa. Granted, no one's forcing you to use a theme, so this issue isn't as big a deal as a visit to Yahoo's announcement page would suggest.

Other changes are more practical. A new "Conversations" view groups emails in threads, allowing you to scroll entire conversations all at once (a feature Gmail has had, well, forever). Free users now get access to features that were formerly exclusive to paid users, such as disposable addresses (safer to give away than your primary address), filters, mail forwarding, and POP access. Mail Plus subscribers continue to have an ad-free experience that their free riding peers don't, however.

Yahoo Mail users will get the update notification in their status bars when the Android app arrives later today, but if you're just merely curious to see the new interface once it rolls out, here's a shortcut to the Play Store.

Update: The Android version has arrived, and while it's not a direct port of the iOS version, the provided images are still just as garish.

Yahoo4 Yahoo5 Yahoo6


At least it seems to scale up nicely for tablets.

Source: Yahoo! [1],[2]

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • mapsnetman

    maybe its just me but it looks ugly to me. the color scheme is just not right

    • Danny Holyoake

      Read the article. One of the announced features is theme support.

      • Don

        Putting a picture on the background doesn't make it attractive or functional. This is the worst graphic I've seen from them yet.

      • mazda1

        The theme support is stupid. I don't need my email to have a purple background - what I need for it to do is to keep CONSISTENT setting changes that I've made - not switch everything to a different way every time I sign in. You know, how it used to be... before they f'd it up.

  • mgamerz

    AP if you could skip all other news and just confirm the press invite for the nexus 5 that'd be excellent. Cause that's all I want :(

  • Mystery Man

    I can finally forward my email like all other free emails allow me to do? Awesome

    • http://cassidyjames.com Cassidy James

      Where do you do that?

    • Bingo

      You could always forward your mail with Yahoo, what do you mean?

  • avinash_g

    A very bad update...
    One good feature which yahoo had....tabs which allow you to keep open multiple emails
    is gone now

    • CCG

      Agreed - as well as the ability to sort e-mails by sender. No longer there.

      • arock_sonicD

        In the upper right-hand corner there is a "View" option which allows you to sort by Sender. However, the loss of the tabs is really, really bad.

        • mazda1

          It doesn't keep the same view... every time you sign into your Yahoo... it's a different view. It never used to be that way before this stupid little refresh they did.

        • Yomi Jones

          @arock_sonicD:disqus - are you sure about that? The only sort options that show up for me are 'Date', 'Unread', 'Attachments' and 'Starred'.

      • David Read

        It doesn't allow you sort SENT emails by recipient, which means that sent emails are essentially unsortable! arrrrrggggh!@#$!@$%@%^

    • mazda1

      The thing that gets me is that Yahoo is simply just trying to copy Gmail. It's like if I wanted a Gmail look I'd use Gmail.

      I don't like this change one bit.

      I highly recommend getting yourself Mozilla Thunderbird. It's an email client that using IMAP server settings can download all of your Yahoo email to your desktop/laptop environment - for free. All your folders... all your emails... everything. It mirrors everything from Yahoo's portal website.

      It's free.

      If you're not familiar with Mozilla Thunderbird it's a lot like a Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express environment. In fact I know there are businesses that actually use Mozilla Thunderbird for their email client instead of Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express.

      • Tote

        This took me back:

        settings - Mail Options - Basic

        • mazda1

          The thing is... that doesn't really work either. Sure, it takes you back to basic but then it doesn't remember simple things like how you want your mail sorted (you know from most recently received to most dated received)? Furthermore, it doesn't even recall simple settings like keep the preview pane on the bottom.

          This is all stuff that used to be AUTOMATIC before Yahoo went and screwed with it. My oldest email (on the 9th page) should not be my default view when I first sign into Yahoo mail. You cannot tell me this was an accident... they're trying to make everything inconvenient with the basic view so people say forget it and just switch to the new themes.

          The thing is... with Mozilla Thunderbird... I don't have to deal with it. I win.

          • Guest123

            Thanks for the heads up on Mozilla Thunderbird. I can actually delete and read emails now on Yahoo's now mess of an email account.

        • THOMPSON

          I have been trying to get back to classic/"basic" view for the last week, to no avail. I finally lucked upon your posting, and it took me all of sixty seconds to get it back to basic.....Thank you so kindly!!

      • Georgina Marin

        Oh, I despise the new Gmail. Hate everything about it, so if Yahoo goes that way, I'll find another email source. I just want to send and receive emails, that's it. Simple right?

    • Bingo


      I just had to save an email to Drafts because I needed to look at something in another email. Very poor.
      I still miss the version that had a calendar ticker along the bottom of the inbox.

    • Trinh Tat-Tran

      I was frustrated with this. When I try to send multiple emails and needed to open the tab with emails that I want to send and one tab with the composing mail. I can't

  • anmolm97

    Looks so iOS 7-ish!!

  • http://farukahmet.blogspot.com farukahmet

    I just can't get over how ugly the new logo is; and with the animated squiggly exclamation mark... No.

    • mazda1

      If it was just the logo... I could let it slide...it's all the other stupid crap they bundled into the change. Massive failure.

  • Majeed Hamid


  • Don

    To people complaining that the logo is ugly.Is a logo really all that important? It's minor aesthetics. I would imagine functionality is 1000 times more relevant.

    • http://www.techmesto.com/ singhnsk

      And I don't even find the logo that bad. Logo needs to say the brand name and it perfectly does that. People say like if they are the best of the designers and easily start repeating the same when one person calls it bad.

    • mazda1

      The logo is the least of your concerns... if ONLY that was the worst problem!

  • mazda1

    I hate hate hate it..... and it doesn't remember your settings each time (for example I picked to go back to the regular formatting with regular settings and it can't even remember to sort my mail by the correct factor whether that be date, recipient, etc) you login/logout. That's either a gross oversight or they did it on purpose to force people to go with the new themes.

    Furthermore, I couldn't help but notice they more than doubled the price for ad-free email to about $50 now. And of course they put more ads on your screen.

    Forget that. I recommend Thunderbird for desktop/laptop environments. Use IMAP settings. And you can download all of your Yahoo mail to that email client - for free. You choose your themes, formatting and no ads!

    For my mobile device, I have an old Yahoo app that I don't plan to get rid of. It displays my email just like I want it to - every time.

    Whatever happened to if it ain't broke don't fix it? Yahoo is messing with stuff and causing more problems than anything else.

    It's getting to the point where I will not sign into Yahoo mail anymore via Yahoo's portal website - the best thing is that I don't have to. Take that Yahoo!

    • Georgina Marin

      I'm just a step away from finding a nice simple useable email source. I don't want anything fancy, no themes, colors, or ads. I just want to email and file save the important ones, that's it.

  • Mwangi

    I am going through hell after activating the new change. I DO NOT LIKE IT? The earlier version was good and easy to go access information. The new version has mixed up all my mails and am having a lot of problem accessing old message that has vital information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is possible to revert to the old version?

  • Jack

    No more tabs???!!!

  • b56c

    I foolishly clicked on themes yesterday and now can't revert to the theme-free version. Is this possible and how?

    • mazda1

      You can go back to basic... but basic will NEVER be how it used to be before.. very clunky... very cluttered.... doesn't remember settings.... it's a brave new world.... since Yahoo f'd everything up here.

  • Prison Planet

    Terrible update. Seems designed for children. More emphasis on appearance than content. The Tabs are GONE. Replaced with pretty colors....

    • http://www.facebook.com/cindy.w.sherwood Cindy Willett Sherwood

      Yes, that's it. Designed by 20 year olds who play on their phone all day, not for people who actually work and need efficiency.

  • BeenYahooed

    Before when you held the mouse over the name of who sent you an email - you could see the real email address (very useful for spam) now it doesn't work - is there anyway to see the real email address?

    • mazda1

      If you go back to basic view... you can still do this....

  • Sandy Waller

    So un-user friendly. Hard to maneuver and figure out. I don't think this was a good move at all Yahoo and no advanced notice. Come on!

  • ad

    yahoo is trying to attract a new demographic and abandon its loyal users which liked the classic view.....all the changes r from smart phone users ....this seems a mistake like J C Penny

  • Joy

    Very bad update. I am experience so many bugs. Is there a way of going back to previous version?

    • mazda1

      Yea.... you can go back to the basic view but it's clunky and it's not at all like the old view used to be...it doesn't remember your preferences (for example that you like the preview pane on the bottom or that you want your email to sort from most recent to the oldest). Every time you sign in... you have to reset the stupid settings... that's ridiculous. People aren't going to put up with that. I have thousands of emails in my Yahoo email folders and probably a couple hundred emails in my Inbox alone... why in the hell does it automatically now take me to Page 9 in my Inbox when I sign in? Do I really want to see an email from June? Why won't it display the most recent email BY DEFAULT like it used to before? Instead I have to f around with it.... stupid.

      Use Mozilla Thunderbird with IMAP settings and download every single Yahoo email you have into that program. It's free... no ads... looks like Microsoft Outlook. It mirrors all of your email and syncs 100% with your email and folders from Yahoo's email portal. Perfect for a desktop/laptop environment.

      I'm sick of this web-based Yahoo mail junk and the good news is I don't have to put up with it anymore.

  • Warfdude

    New version Sucks. I am finished using it as soon as I set up alternative. They don't know how to do effective user testing... I am sure they did testing but their testing was flawed. Productivity tools like column sorting is essential on any data application such as email. Sorting and deleting is normal user behavior when doing house cleaning on email box and the column sorting makes that easy. To force people to click individual items to delete is just a joke. Effective user testing would have surfaced that behavior in short order. It is obvious that they didn't ask users to delete alot of emails from a single sender such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, all of which send out lots of notifications.

    • mazda1

      The thing is.. THEY DON'T CARE. They're going to do what they're going to do because the freaking CEO says she wants it done that way. Screw the users. They don't pay the bills anyway. The ads do!

  • Don

    I'm sorry. It's butt ugly. It's okay on my phone, but it rots on the comp. I'm not even able to comment on functionality, because I access it as little as possible. If that's their goal, SUCCESS.

    Oh. One thing I have used. HATE the automatic "conversations" sort. Really. Hate. It. I don't want to have to dig all around just to read the three or four emails I get a day -- all from different users and different conversations.

    I've used this email account since around 1998. I'm considering simply telling everyone to using my other email, at my paid website and account, rather than this.

    • mazda1

      I do not like the conversations either. You can get rid of them... but there are a lot of other things.... that you cannot get rid of, sadly.

  • tracy

    How do I find my mail options? It's no longer an option.

  • tracy

    Im trying to block an email address and it no longer lets me. Are you kidding me?

    • mazda1

      Go back to basic view... and then there is this stupid little drop down box (has 'go' to the right of it up by the sign out button). If you click on Options.... then press the go button.... blocked addresses are under the advanced options section. It still works - but again this is in BASIC view. Yahoo may very well have limited/ended this capability with their 'new themes'.

  • frustrated_too

    They are trying to copy Gmail, which I hate because I hate the "conversation" style. I juts hate hate hate this new yahoo and I'm so pissed that now it takes me more than double the time it used to take me to respond to an email! It even put together emails that I don't want to be together, such as emails that forward to my lawyers and that I don't want mixed with the other party. ARGH!!!!!

    • http://my.opera.com/rafaelluik Rafael Luik

      Just disable the conversations in the settings hotheaded.

      • hate it

        how do you disable the conversation mode?

        • http://my.opera.com/rafaelluik Rafael Luik

          In Android open the Y! Mail app, go to the settings tap your account and scroll down. Untick the conversations checkbox...

          • djnas85

            There is conversations checkbox for Y! Mail app for my phone, which is LG Lucid running icecream sandwich. All i see is notification settings and other settings. Under "other settings" i get sync yahoo contacts, use signature, and the signature. Any idea on what i am doing wrong?

          • djnas85

            There is no conversation setting i mean.

          • http://my.opera.com/rafaelluik Rafael Luik

            Oh my! It's not there anymore...
            I just went to the settings, under account settings I tapped my e-mail address and the option was there.

            IDK why it's gone, maybe because I reinstalled it. So weird.

          • dazedandconfused

            I saw the option there just a few days ago on my mobile app. It is now gone. Doesn't matter tho - I couldn't get it to work when it WAS there!
            Any suggestions on how to remove the pop up ad for conversations on a droid (it pops up every time I open my mail!)?

          • http://my.opera.com/rafaelluik Rafael Luik

            Apart from clearing app data / reinstalling, no sorry...

  • bliioij

    Who cares what an e-mail design looks like if the functionality is poor and the organization of the most important feature - your inbox - is terrible?

    • mazda1

      Exactly. 2000 thumbs up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cindy.w.sherwood Cindy Willett Sherwood

    This redesign couldn't be worse. It's removing all the functionality that kept us with Yahoo. Not being able to see folders without clicking? No tabs? How ridiculous--the new design is cluttered and reduces my efficiency. Yahoo can expect a huge migration from formerly loyal customers unless they give us the option to return to their former service.

    • mazda1

      It is clunky and cluttered and the ads are bigger. Big surprise there. Oh, and the ad-free version costs $50/year instead of $20/year. Get yourself Mozilla Thunderbird (for free) and using IMAP settings... download all of your Yahoo email into that program. It looks a lot like Microsoft Outlook and it works perfectly. No ads... no stupid themes for 12-year olds..... it's awesome.

      • persistability

        thats what you have adblock plus plugin for, no?

        • mazda1

          Sure... if ads were the only problem.... but there are MANY problems.

      • Yomi Jones

        @mazda1:disqus - Good idea, and I will look into this for my main compute. But, some of us rely on the web client for a good amount of our access. Case in point, I access my email from six or seven different devices and I don't have the option of installing Thunderbird on most of them.

  • obijohnshinobi

    I have an Android, and if I go to the play store it deosn't seem to have the new version. Only yahoo mail app is already installed. And same on my PC at the microsoft store, it doesn't show the new version or give the option to download

    • Edward Bax

      hello? have you read ANY of the complaints here? You don't want the "new" yahoo-it sucks beyond words

      • mazda1


  • db

    i'm going to delete my yahoo account. i've had enough of the changes. cannot keep several emails open, etc.

  • tazrex

    Why remove the ability to view emails by sender? Just stupid.

    • mazda1

      You can still view emails by sender - as by other options - the PROBLEM is that stupid Yahoo made it (on purpose) so that it won't remember what your settings were the last time you signed in. Every single time you sign into email you have to change this again... screw that.

  • Lisa

    I can't seem to highlight text anymore, or at least see where. Does anyone know where this feature is in the new yahoo mail screen? I see text font and color, but no highlight color as previously offered.

  • Traci

    I hate the new yahoo- and so does my daughter and brother- time to change-

  • Brandie

    This new version is so horrible, upsetting to look at, not user friendly and generic. Please change it back.

  • Dark Empress

    This is aggravating. I don't mind the themes, what I mind is that it makes me choose a theme every single time I open mail! This is really pissing me off. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, has anyone figured out how to fix it??

  • yea right

    programmers don't get paid to do nothing. Somebody's child needed a job. and this is what they did. Great job for a 8 year old. It is clear the team of unborn have never used email. The have to make thing bad if they want to make it good. The cycle makes jobs. It all works just sucks more than ever. I Hate software. updates sucks.

  • ljm

    I cannot read my email anymore... update sucks... every time I select a message I keep getting the swirling arrows and never the message now matter how long I wait. Uninstalled reinstalled cleared cache power cycled and no change still cannot get my mail.

    • ljm

      Disabled conversations now I can get my email...

      • Lee

        How do you disable conversations please. Cant see this option under any of the settings.

  • Suzanne Lilly

    I hate it. It's the main reason I NEVER use my gmail. If I can't turn off
    'conversations' I will have to leave Yahoo.

  • Georgina Marin

    Really, I'm not a child, I just want to receive and send emails, then delete or file them into a folder. I don't care about themes, color coding, nor do I need to be advertised to. Why does Yahoo and Gmail have to mess with email? All of these rediculous updates to glamorize email does not simplify life. I thought the intention of technology was too simplify life, not complicate it or make tasks more cumbersome. Ugh!

  • Walter

    No mention is being made of perhaps the most convenient feature of the previous version: The PHOTO link. Rather than have to sift through e-mails in an attempt to locate a given photo, you simply had to click the Photo link and begin scrolling through your photos. Yahoo doesn't care about what's convenient for it's patrons; nor what MADE it successful in the first place. Yahoo has FORCED everyone to accept its upgrades, without so much as letting the consumer assist in making the decision, perhaps by popular vote!

    Needless to say, Yahoo's web designers and policy-makers aren't concerned with popular opinion, but with attracting business ads. Even the version that everyone was forced to switch to, before THIS one, was slower as a result of the system having to wait for the ADS to pop up. I guess the mindset at Yahoo is as long as they're providing a free service, we will take what they give us!

  • UnmatchedProductions

    Sign this petition to get Yahoo to bring back the old version of mail: Sign this petition to get #yahoo to bring back the old version of #yahoomail http://www.change.org/petitions/yahoo-allow-users-to-use-the-old-version-of-email

  • kt

    It's TERRIBLE!!! In addition to losing the Tabs the VERY confusing interface and INability to SEARCH for previous emails effectively like before is KILLING ME! In the previous version when SEARCHING an email you could see snippets of the the email as well as instantly view the attachments which colossally better than this terrible change. This is an update this is a flagrant overhaul for the worse.

  • Drew

    I want my Yahoo Classic email back!!!!!!!!!! Also, whenever you reply to or forward messages, what happened to my little "reply arrow" and "forwarded arrow" showing you that you replied and/or forwarded the message???

  • Ali

    Worst thing ever.

  • Lynn

    I hate the new yahoo mail.. really Hate it! Went to the complaints page and it is not found...What to do? I thought I had them tricked by keeping the res low and last time I was able to uninstall and reinstall classic...So Annoying....

  • TommyP

    How do I turn themes off? Its a nightmare trying to view emails.

  • Phil

    So so bad, ditch the themes, bring back the old yahoo mail. I don't want to change email providers but I hate this latest change!!!

  • cgs

    Disabled conversation mode and now it's much better. But I still want tabs back. At least now with conversation disabled, original emails stay in my inbox instead of being replaced by my reply.

  • Simon Kelp Keeping

    Awful update. Yahoo have now ruined Ymail in the same way they ruined Flickr. Why pander to the lowest common denominator, dumbing down presumes that we are all unintelligent and is demeaning. Listen to your users and make the necessary changes now or Yahoo will become the Betamax of the search engine world.

  • BOBinBrooklyn

    I am 59 – never owned an iphone –too expensive. Never sent email on a phone. I have had the free Yahoo—have had Yahoo since 2001. I just lost 2 test Draft emails. Clicked
    the “X” and “Save” but they did not Save – Gone. After a dozen years with Yahoo,
    it’s email just became unusable, for all practical purposes. I had Prodigy in 2001, but I do not even remember what it was like. For me email used to mean one word --- “Yahoo”. That
    is no longer true.

    I hate to think if I had just spent 45 minutes (as I have done many times) editing an email Draft after copying it from MS Word. I have to compose in MS Word, since Yahoo (like many websites) has a nasty habit of “kicking me out” of the site while I am typing, loosing all my work.

    When I copy a draft email from Word into Yahoo, the carefully formatted text suddenly has to be reformatted to show an intelligent person typed it. (If it’s a cover letter for a job, it better look good.) The text has far too many blank lines between paragraphs and the margins are not justified, after having been justified in Word. Some would say, just attach the Cover Letter as an attachment. You do that with a Resume. But ideally, You want the Cover Letter to be in the body of the email, to grab the recipient’s attention.

    Rather than fix these problems Marissa Mayer has created more problems. I was very impressed with what Ms. Mayer did at Google and had high hopes for her when she took over the CEO job in July 2012.

    Yahoo’s recent comments on the recent problems focus on making email “entertaining”. Yahoo must realize that email is not a “toy” we play with. Not all of us can have a Board of Directors call us up and offer us the CEO job, Marissa. Email is a serious business tool, whether you are job hunting or building a business with it.

    I set up a trial new email account on gmx.com. Composing the email was very easy. But when I tried to copy my email from Yahoo to Gmx I had a problem.

    There are over 35,000 signatures at change.org requesting Yahoo to bring back the old Yahoo. Yahoo may face a Class Action Lawsuit against it from users whose business has been hurt.

    Remember the “Classic Coke” fiasco, where Coca-Cola had to bring back “Coke Classic”? Yahoo has reached a “Classic Coke” moment of its own.

    Now break for a Pop-up ad: “Yahoo Classic. It’s the Real Thing.”


  • Miyoshi Umeki

    How do you turn off the message that tells you that you can adjust group conversations in "settings". This constantly pops up! I don't see anything in settings to deal with this.

  • BOBinBrooklyn

    I have used yahoo since 2001, for 12 years. Even prior to the new and NOT-improved “upgrade”, I could not compose a Cover Letter in Yahoo since it would “kick” me out without warning, and I’d lose my work. So I’d compose it in Word and copy it to Yahoo. But the formatting would be lost, with far too many blank lines inserted between paragraphs were I only had one. And the margins would not be justified as I had them in Word. So I’d spend another 20 minutes to make it look like the letter was typed by an intelligent
    person. And when I’d edit an email, I could not place the cursor in the middle of a line, but only on the left edge and work my way in, which can be somewhat tedious.

    However, rather than try to fix the above problems and make the “user experience” better, Yahoo, under CEO Marissa Mayer, has made it worse. Last week, I tried to save three “Test Drafts” and they “disappeared” from the Draft Folder when I clicked the “X” and clicked “Save”, only to reappear 4 hours later. That is unacceptable, Ms. CEO Marissa Mayer.

    After 12 years, Yahoo has become “Yahell” and unusable.

    Some would say: just attach the Cover Letter as an attachment. But
    you do that with a Resume. I want the Cover letter to be in the body of the email to grab the recipient’s attention. But I suppose that’s just me! Speaking of attachments, the attachments used to be on top with the other buttons. Now the attachments (and the other items) are on the bottom and now you have to click them to see what you
    attached, unlike before. WTF! Marissa, if it’s not broke then don’t fix it!

    Today, when I tried to copy my email from Yahoo into MS Outlook, it says: “the problem is the Yahoo may want to upgrade your Yahoo account before doing so”. So that is the $49.99 that others have commented about? So Yahoo is holding our email “hostage” and
    demanding Ransom to get them released?

    I am unemployed. My email is not a “toy” to “entertain” me, Marissa. My email is a serious business Tool. I need email to get a job, since personal contact has evaporated in this Internet Networked World. Not all of us can have a board of Directors just call us up and offer us the CEO job, Marissa!

    When I clicked on the Outlook link “Learn more”, it says: “Error 404. PAGE NOT FOUND”.

    I am sorry. I am not usually an angry person. Marissa, I really thought that you’d be
    different, since your work at Google indicated that you “cared about the user experience”.

    BTW, I was able to import all my 177 LinkedIn contacts into Outlook in about 30 seconds! I guess that is because Outlook does not compete with LinkedIn, but it DOES compete with Yahoo, I mean “Yahell”.

    I have used Yahoo so long, I forgot what other email was like. After composing emails in both Outlook and gmx, the “experience” is much better. I just never had an incentive to try the competition before this “Upgrade” that’s really a “Downgrade”.

    Remember when Coca-Cola changed the Coke formula and had to bring back “Coke Classic”? I think Yahoo is in a “Coke Classic” and will be forced to let users have the choice of using “Yahoo Classic” in order to survive.

    Thanks a lot Marissa Meyer, for making Yahoo into “Yahell”. I normally am a Gentleman who watches his language, but Marissa, now I have to say: I hope Zack F**CKS you the way that you have F**CKED us, your customers.

    If Yahoo continues to be unresponsive, I believe some or all of the over 35,000 users who have signed the complaint on change.org will seriously consider filing a Class Action
    Lawsuit against Yahoo, for both (A) Loss of Business and (B) Mentalanguish. The damages could run into the millions (per user). You do the math.

    But what do you care, Marissa? You are 38 and have a Net Worth of $300 million, so you do not really need this CEO job -- you do not need to work at all anymore. So why don’t you resign and let someone else take over? You and Zack and baby Mac can go climb Mount Kilimanjaro!

    Now, break for a Popup Ad:
    “Yahoo Classic. It’s the Real Thing.”


  • jules

    Hate the conversations. No tabs. And trying to read list digests is impossible-- I read & scroll down thru the digest and the message will pop back up to the top, over and over. This is worse than useless, its a huge imposition.