We saw the usual leaks earlier today, but Samsung has just officially revealed their curved-screen device on Samsung Tomorrow. The phone goes by the name Galaxy Round, which is almost surprising, considering Samsung's pathological need to tie things into the Galaxy S line as of late. In addition to the unique curved screen, it's basically a Galaxy Note 3 minus the S-Pen.


The screen is the star of the show here: with a size of 5.7 inches and a 1080p resolution, it's similar to the one found in the Note 3 plus a bit of curvy Super AMOLED magic. Samsung says that the design enables the large screen to be easier to use with one hand. Lest you think this is some kind of gimmick, the phone also has at least one software enhancement that takes advantage of the unique shape of the screen and body. With the Galaxy Round lying on a flat surface, the user can tilt one side of it up for a quick look at notifications and status, a la the Active Notifications in the latest Motorola devices.

OK, it's kind of a gimmick. You can also go backwards and forwards in the photo gallery or music app with short rolls to either side (which Samsung is calling Bounce UX). And yes, it looks like someone took a regular phone and left it in the microwave for about 20 seconds too long.


F_008_Combination_Black-635x424 F_006_Dynamic2_Black-610x424

The rest of the specs are top-notch for an Android device: the processor is a 2.3Ghz quad-core (make unknown for now - with LTE Advanced, it may be a Qualcomm) plus 3GB of RAM, and it's got the same 13MP rear camera from the GS4 and Note 3. It's also admirably slim at 7.9mm, though that probably doesn't include the curvature. Software is Samsung's TouchWiz Nature UI plus the aforementioned goodies on top of Android 4.3. Look closely and you can see that it uses the same faux leather style as the Note 3.

SAM_1536-665x424 SAM_1528-665x424 SAM_8897-665x424

At the moment Samsung has only announced the Galaxy Round for release in South Korea tomorrow at a price of 1,089,000 won - roughly $1000 USD, and about the same price as the Galaxy Note 3. The company may be using its home turf as a testing ground. International releases are usually announced as such, so don't expect the Galaxy Round on western shores any time soon. Now we get to wait for LG's inevitable competitor.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow via The Verge

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • yobbei

    LOL. Look I made a curved phone because - I CAN!

    • Justin Foster

      Lol, I honestly think they did this just to beat LG to the punch. That's pretty "crooked."

      • Justin Foster

        But with their impressive 2013 line-up of devices, I have to say..*puts on CSI Miami Horatio's sunglasses* Samsung is pretty "well-rounded."

        • David Peterson

          Stop bashing Samsung! You know what Justin?! Get bent!

          • Justin Foster

            Rofl don't be such a square. I think apple has that patented anyway.

          • Matthew Fry

            You've got it the wrong way around. Apple roundaboutly patented the rounded rectangle (which, admittedly, includes rounded squares as a rounded rectangle with h=w).

          • Justin Foster


      • Goldenpins

        Samsung has been talking about curved phones for some time now. I dont think its crooked. They even had a demo video a few years ago maybe 1 or 2 years back. Than magically LG showed interest too. I know Samsung has a habit of throwing things out there just because, but they do innovate from time to time.

        • Justin Foster

          What I saying is that this device is such gimmickry they must have released it only to best lg to it

      • ProductFRED

        True, but they announced and even showed curved AMOLED screens before LG did.

        Almost 3 years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NA_o-_Wag5k

        • Justin Foster

          Lol true, but this phone is a complete shame to what they showed.

          • djakdekiel

            They showed only screen, now it's working phone.

          • Justin Foster

            Actually they also had a video ad with pretty epic devices

          • Matthew Fry

            Conceptualized epic devices.

          • Justin Foster

            They can't just show a concept like that and then make such a lame device all willy nilly!!!! :(

        • mauswe

          If they have this screen on a phone they can call it Galaxy S

    • Matthew Fry

      Waiting for the gold plated version. $1000 for a phone is chump change.

  • Youri

    Not sure how i feel about that one Samsung

  • Brian Utne


  • Justin Foster

    Wow, now I can do all the Android things I normally do at a 20 degree angle!! Wow! LG's curved phone might even be 25 degrees!! Tech is moving so fast it has me slanted!!

    • Michael Ta

      heyy 90 degree phone doesn't sound so bad! i just have to turn my neck and exercise at the same time!

  • Wynnded


  • Jim Shepherd

    Seems that the vertical curved shape will make it more pocket-able. When putting a Note into a non-baggy pant's front pocket it creates a very large flat bulge. The more leg-shaped curved shape of this phablet should reduce the prominence of the bulge and could improve comfort.

    • Justin Foster

      That's a good way to "look at it."

    • Youri

      Maybe if they broke away from that Note/Galaxy look.. it would have looked better

      • MindFever

        I agree completely... By milking the Galaxy & Note design it makes their flagship devices loose the percieved value if every offshoot of those devices looks like the S4/S3/Note III...very tacky

  • skatsbrayt

    I can do the same thing to my HTC One, EXCEPT IT HAS A FLAT, UNAWKWARD TOUCHSCREEN

    • Natty Bee

      The One is a joke...I had one...for a day, haha!

      • skatsbrayt

        The One is a joke? Then what do you call this then?

        • Natty Bee

          I call this innovation. There is a reason Samsung is leading the market and HTC is failing.

          • TY

            Come on, you didn't actually provide any explanations to your point.

          • MindFever

            Demagogues are sexualy stimulated by not providing any valid explanation. Sadly they are not an endangered species

          • maziar esfandiarpoor

            you remind me of apple fans!!! HTC is failing only because of bad marketing.

          • QwietStorm

            Yea there is a reason. It's called advertising dollars. I even hear that Galaxy tune in my sleep. And for the love of all that is holy, please stop watering down the already drowning term "innovation."

          • Danny Holyoake

            And that reason is because Samsung has enough money for a monster marketing budget. That's really all it is.

    • PhoenixPath

      I like the HTC One, don't get me wrong, but I do like this curved thing. I hope it sticks and we see more of this.

      Options are great. :)

  • James_C_L

    Bitches love the curved hardware. For realzzzx

  • Natty Bee

    I would buy a Note with that curve. Maybe on the Note 4?

    • Justin Foster

      Imagine trying to write on such a screen though...>.> They should have called this the S-Crol. Samsung's Curved Rectangular OLed

      • Natty Bee

        I would definitely buy it though...I don't think the curve is enough to hurt my writing ability lol

    • spydie

      I wouldn't. It won't fit into any kind of belt holster and only wraps around your ass in your back pocket or your leg in your front pocket. I don't carry my phones in a pocket where they get damaged, so a curved phone can't be carried by anyone else.

      • Belt fun

        Lol at the guy who wears a phone on a belt! ^

        • MindFever

          Best trolling comment today...also the nick name killed me lmao

          However I agree with the commenter you were trolling

  • Nick Tsiotinos

    I really don't see the point of this, other than as #Jim Shepherd said it may be more "pocketable". I would have thought that they would create a foldable phone - that would make a note sized phone half the size in your pocket. Now that I could see the point of.

    • Phillip Booker

      I think Kyocera tried that with the Echo.....

      • MindFever

        Oh god...that one sucked so much

    • spydie

      No flexible battery technology yet... that's why we won't see folding phones for many years.

      • Nick Tsiotinos

        Just have the battery on either side of the hinge. No need to bend the battery at all. Foldable phones have been around for many years. The problem has always been bending the screen. Now that has supposedly been solved..?

        • MindFever

          ...yeah and then you would have like a 300maH battery or a ginormous hinge. It just doesn't work that way or every armchair technician would be a gazillionaire .

          Also the design would have to be foolproof,resistant and most of all it would have to have somekind of huge advantage over the standard design...and to be also cost effective

          • Nick Tsiotinos

            Kyocera managed to design a reasonable folding phone that was mainly held back by not having a foldable display. http://www.engadget.com/2011/04/13/kyocera-echo-review/. That was 2 years ago. Battery technology and the ability to make thin devices has improved enormously. Samsung has already display concepts for foldable phones. I'm sure they're only around the corner..

      • vernonsbusisokhuzwayo
      • Mark
      • bobby lee

        They actually announced bendable batteries yesterday.

  • Ben Enos

    If Apple released a phone like this, people would be lined up for weeks to buy it and everyone would be saying how innovative it is.

    • Timothy Lacbay

      yep typical mentality of people nowadays
      If Apple did such a thing it is called "innovation" but if Samsung were to do it is categorized as a "gimmick". I bet if all those Touchwiz features such as Smart Stay, S-Beam, Smart Pause, etc.. were intruduced by Apple they wouldn't be called "gimmicks".

      • http://404err0r.com/ Henry Park

        If any Android OEMs did anything its Gimmicks.... The thing is Apple makes smart decision about what kind of gimmicks to put on their phone, while a lot of other OEMs just put it on for the sake of having it....

        So its not necessarily the society's fault for seeing it this way. Its the image these OEMs have built over the years.

      • ip

        As Mega and S3 user, I dun use any of the S thing I guess that is why ppl call them gimmicks. innovation is good but application of tech makes the difference.

      • maziar esfandiarpoor

        I'm not an apple fan, but do you really call them innovation?? when apple introduce a feature It's really useful and it works perfect.

        • @dongiuj

          When apple introduces a feature it works perfect? Are you serious?

          • Wesley Modderkolk

            Apart from Apple Maps name a feature that did not work and was crap, I cannot think of any

          • @dongiuj

            Fingerprint sensor that can be bypassed, lock screen that can be unlocked then iOS updated but still has vulnerability. Siri had its problems too at the beginning.
            The crap part that you've decided to mention now is the fact that things like this piss people off. Not everyone but some people.
            Don't forget, YOU said it works perfectly and you know for a fact that iPhones have had a long list of problems with iTunes, software and hardware problems since the earlier days of smart

          • @dongiuj

            Sorry I'm having trouble typing on here with my iPhone. Can't seem to edit my text either.
            Antenna, photos missing after syncing on iTunes, music missing too. Just go to the apple forums in their website, it's LOADED with problems from the iPhone 3G days.
            I think I've made my point.

          • @dongiuj

            Head over to the apple website, in any language, check out the forums and that is proof that what you say is incorrect. Hundreds of problems, similar problems with each other by thousands of people all over the world.

          • Wesley Modderkolk

            Never really read an article of something going wrong, but I'd guess that that is more of me often not minding articles about Apple.

            Anyways, you've convinced me that Apple has done a few things wrong

        • ewanhim

          *perfectly. And can I remind you about Apple Maps?

          • MindFever

            ...this is your best counter argument? :) I love Android but because Hangouts doesn't work well I wouldn't say Android sucks because of this

          • Dom

            Never had a problem with Hangouts.

          • Derek A. Griggs

            SquareTrade Study finds 25.6% of iPhones fail in the first two years

          • Derek A. Griggs

            OH and let's not get into the amount of iPhones that crashed or lost data when updating to 7

          • Mozaik

            apple is not perfect , even they can mistake but there useful features out does there mistakes

      • TY

        To be serious, I want the source of Apple claiming themselves innovating almost every feature.
        Also it's no denying that many features from Samsung are gimmick-y. Eye-scroll, seriously? Tilt the phone to turn pages, why do you even need that? S-voice...lol, it's miles from Google and Apple's offerings.
        Samsung's approach is to add anything they can, without even thinking whether the users will like it or not. Apple on the other hand adds what they believe their customers want. That's why the features added by Apple are usually viewed as actually useful rather than gimmicks.

        • bazker

          --Apple on the other hand adds what they believe their customers want.
          and then adds what customers really want. Not that shit they think customers want.

          • TY

            Of course, for many of us here, we don't like to be told what we want. We demand more freedom and choice, that's why we chose Android.
            But really, I think Apple succeeded in satisfying many of their customers. At least, even as a Nexus lover I do think iPhone is a good phone...just not as flexible as I want it to be.
            Compared to that roll feature in the video. I can imagine I will never use this. Tiring as hell and slow. Why don't I just press the power/home button? Isn't that being able to wake up the phone easily when placing it on a table, is the physical home button's main advantage? Why so redundant?

          • Wesley Modderkolk

            "We demand more freedom and choice, that's why we chose Android."

            bogus. 99% of it's Android users wouldn't give two shits if they were told they could root it or even install a different launcher. People don't care about "freedom or choice", they often say they do, but in the end they don't People want their stuff to work with the least effort possible. That is why an iPhone is so popular and why people prefer Windows over Linux(with other reasons ofc.)

            There is a 1% range of people with knowledge on it who would actually choose their phone because they can screw around it more.

          • TrollCrusher

            Can you link that study which shows that just 1% of Android users would use options like Launchers and rooting? Troll.

          • Wesley Modderkolk

            It was just an example, like in a really small number really gives a damn about the "freedom". I thought that was clear enough.

            Oh, and just because I have a different view, that does not make me a "troll". Seriously, people should stop giving this title to anyone who has a different opinion than the general opinion of people, it's more annoying than actual trolls.

          • John Smith

            I would think that more than 1% of Samsung phone owners have put a microSD card in their phone for offline music/video.
            I believe that having a microSD slot in a phone is a major benefit.

          • Derek A. Griggs

            As for this comment, it makes no sense. people want things that will last, LINUX for one. FYI Apple is built on the Unix kernal. Unix IS Linux with a GUI. ANY Linux box/laptop can be turned into an Apple. It's just a matter of writing the code which is not hard at all. That is another area of contention with me. Apple being Linux, Linux is FREE so why charge 2 to 4 times that of a Windows machine for a FREE product? Linux does not fail easily, there are only a handful of viruses or worms that can effect it and you have to allow them to infect the machine, Windows has over 1 million viruses and they can just infect at any time. Apple has re-written the code and made it more prone to viruses so there are about 20 or 30 thousand viruses. Android IS Linux people want things that do not fail. There is a lot more freedom with Android BECAUSE it is Linux and FREE. There are thousands of people who use different launchers on their Androids, Go Launcher, ADW, 91 Launcher, all these can turn your android into a different phone. iPhone, Windows, Ubuntu Linux, older versions of Android, Blackberry, the list goes on.

        • notknockingtiltried

          Do you think it will be easier 2 use one handed than the note that's what I'm wondering

        • Owen Finn

          Yes - a fingerprint scanner that isn't secure isn't a gimmick at all...

          • folkrav

            Oh come on. The team that "cracked" it had to make a high resolution copy of the fingerprint, which is not something you can do out of a smudge on a glass. It is more secure than nothing. More secure than the "face unlock" feature every Android fan praised when Android introduced it.

            Give Apple some credit where they deserve it.

          • Owen Finn

            You didn't read about the magnets?

          • folkrav

            Can't find a reliable source on that one. Point me to one...

            But again, that wouldn't really change anything. Face unlock has been "cracked" pretty easily with some fast Paint.net/Photoshop work over an OK quality picture taken off Facebook, and nobody called it a gimmick. Biometrics is by definition a pretty limited security measure. It's better than having nothing at all, it will never be as secure as a good password.

          • Derek A. Griggs

            Apple has been accused of stealing patented technology from Boston University.According to the Boston Herald, BU filed a lawsuit on Tuesday in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts against the against Apple for allegedly ripping off one of its professor’s patented electronic semiconductor designs. BU claims a “small electronic component” that was invented by computer engineering professor Theodore D. Moustakas and patented in 1997 is being used in the iPhone 5, iPad and MacBook Air. The university says that Apple’s actions have “caused and will continue to cause substantial and irreparable damage to the University.” The Herald

            Another: http://www.fastcodesign.com/1672799/5-ideas-apple-gleefully-stole-from-google-twitter-and-microsoft

            Samsung: Apple Stole the iPad's Design From Univ of Missouri Professor

            Another: A Silicon Valley firm called NoiseFree says it showed Apple its secret noise cancellation technology in a series of meetings but that Apple then turned around and used the technology without permission for its iPads and iPhones.

            Kodak Says Apple is Stealing Technology in iPhone, iPad, iPod

            Wed Jan 11, 2012 4:10pm ESTThe nation's most iconic camera maker, Kodak, is suing one of its most iconic computer firms, Apple, claiming the high-tech giant has stolen its technology.

            Kodak says that the cameras in many iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches use technology Kodak patented in 2007 -- but that Apple has not paid to use that technology.

            Check out the picture......

          • folkrav

            Damn you have so much time on your hands.

            - The first one is a "The Herald" article about allegations.
            - The second one is bullcrap. Multitasking cards were copied by HTC too, and nobody cried a river. Transparency existed before Aero (come on...). Live wallpapers are implemented really differently (and are hardly an argument - really, moving pictures?). Cloud based apps aren't "Chromebook" exclusive, they're a goddamned trend nowadays. Tags were around as an organisational tool for a long time (id3 tags for MP3s, there is some kind of tag implementation in some Linux DMs too).
            - Allegations. Where's the lawsuit?

            - Allegations. Where's the lawsuit?

            - Wait for the legal outcome. A lawsuit doesn't mean "guilty".

            The whole picture there mixes up borrowing and stealing like they were the same. They're a whole different game. I don't say Apple are angels and have no wrongs, but Android phone makers aren't any better. Fanboyism isn't taking you anywhere.

            Proudly using an iPad 4 with my Sony Xperia Z.

    • MindFever

      I dont think so...even those who sold their soul to Apple would think this was pretty lame

  • Matt

    This is essentially what my phone looked like when I was on mushrooms.

  • whocares

    That phone rocks! :P

  • Wayne Randall

    Switch to software buttons, Sammy, and I would consider this a legit phone.

  • Tuấn Ankh

    I thought the curved phone from Samsung would be better than this. :

    • spydie

      In what way? what can you really do to a curved phone to make it appealing... and to whom?

      • Tuấn Ankh

        Youm design.
        And what's the point of all those questions? If a curved phone cannot be made to be appealing, why should it exist?

  • Peter Blanco

    I mean it's kind of cool but...

  • Peter Blanco

    It looks like a Galaxy S4 that got a little too hot to me.

    • spydie

      You're kidding, right? They said it's basically a Note 3, not an S4

      • MindFever

        OMG how dare he say that ! Note III looks so totally different than the S4 /s

  • GraveUypo


  • Kenneth Porter

    Is it just me or does the build quality look wayy better than than samsung's current offerings??

    • Sahil Chaturvedi

      Exactly what I was thinking! Looks very premium.

    • MindFever

      Samsung are the masters of disguise ... Remember how people though Note's III back cover was totally like leather and hey guess what it's plastic ...very tacky design too

  • alcide barrieault

    But u know what my HTC one may have a flat screen on the front but rounded in the back so I think HTC came out with it first... Lol either way Samsung n HTC to me own the cell phone industry iPhone is n expensive joke n everyone else is just a downgrade from HTC n Samsung

  • Jadephyre

    Okay, one question: WHY?

    • MindFever

      Samsung : "...because FUCK YOU,that's why"

      • Jadephyre

        Yeah, pretty much.
        Then again, I don't understand Samsung's penchant for building most of their stuff. The last good phone they built was the GNex, simply because they could not overload it with their TouchWiz Bullshit.

  • Mystery Man

    Maybe hold it in your hand before judging? Its ergonomic.....

  • Kwills88

    i don't get why people keep saying why or what's the point of this phone..the answer to that is simple, It's technology..while it might not seem practical right now, technology will always evolve..we all have crazy ideas that we'd love to see become a reality, Samsung is one of those companies, difference is that they have the money and resources to make those crazy ideas become reality, whether they fail or succeed doesn't matter because the main goal is to see the limits of what can happen in the future if we keep pushing out new ideas.

    • Bleakvision

      Well, then make a prototype to demo your new tech at a conference or Expo.

      There is zero reason for a curved screen to be in a mass market smartphone. A curved smartphone is not better than a flat one, it rocks around on a table and a little push will send it flying through the room. The only positive I can think of is a higher bending stifness:-)

      • FadyMahfouz

        Why don't we leave the judgement until we see the final product?

        • MindFever

          But this design is flawed ...it would leave a huge bulge in your pocket. The chassis is not flexible. What possible advantage could this bring? Okay,as a concept it is a curiosity but nothing more in my opinion

          • http://friskychatter.com/ _jsw_

            "...it would leave a huge bulge in your pocket."

            The sentence fragment that launched a million sales.

  • QwietStorm

    The Galaxy Round? lolol Samsung, please give it a rest and just enjoy your sales. You've clearly already won. You can barely even read about a new phone these days without the usual Note cheerleader fest.

  • Bleakvision

    So it's finally 2005 again. Fashion makes a return to phones. Colors, shapes, sizes, lameness.

    • MindFever

      Set phasers to...KILL IT WITH FIRE

  • Sahil Chaturvedi

    Looks pretty sexy, tbh. :P

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    I keep looking at it, trying to see use for it, but all I can think of is the Active Notification thingy, and that it will lay better in your hand. That's about it, looking at the screen will probably be really different(probably not in a good way) and the same goes for touching the screen.

    I see no real reason for it to be here other than "because you can", and that seems to be the current thought at Samsung. Seems like they are throwing a whole pack of spaghetti at the wall hoping a few will stick.

  • MindFever

    Oh for the love of... I dont even...

  • Matthew Pringle

    So what's the difference between this and the slight screen curve of the Nexus S?

  • abobobilly

    To all those dumb idiots claiming this to be "gimmick" ... Can they not read the part where it says "Flexible". Imagine huge phones with unbreakable displays man.

    • flosserelli

      Flexible displays do not mean flexible frames, batteries, etc. Truly flexible phones are still years away.

      • abobobilly

        Actually i did mention the part "displays", implying i was only talking about displays. But seriously, i think the reaction of people is enough to piss one off. If apple releases something, its WOW Innovation at its Finest. If Samsung is releasing Flexible displays (which i think is a big step in the advancement), the reactions are either like "Meh, gimmick" or like "meh, its not totally flexible".

        Seriously :

        The biggest achievement right now, would be to have a phone which is unbreakable. All these current phones BARELY survive a fall. And if accidentally they fall flat, then consider them DONE & Accounted For.

  • ShahinTr

    Looks like the rumour of the GN3 having a flexible display were true. From what I believe, Samung may have thought of including this in the original Note 3, but either they realised that it would be awkward to use an s-pen on a curved screen or they just thought, let's add another Galaxy model to the 573637287364th we already have, genius!

  • Qliphah

    Ok, I'll play devils advocate, this is better than I had expected for the first time out for curved screens. The improvements in general are finally leaving the "candy bar" design and trying to be something more ergonomic, Take for instance holding the phone, the curved screen and what appears to be a leather stitched backing should provide excellent grip. The other point I doubt many will notice, if you lay the phone face down there's little chance for scratching. Yes most the "S" features are gimmicks, the gallery pan was an annoyance on the S2, don't know how this'll make it any better now that the screen could roll by itself if left sitting on a table..

    For ergonomics sake I hope they keep going with this and maybe in 5 years or so we can get phones that actually feel like they were meant to be held by human hands.

  • flosserelli

    Only in Korea, eh? Good, they can keep it.

  • Simon

    Hey it looks like a flask!

  • Tony Byatt

    In other news, the Amazon Mobile app has gone HOLO....

  • John

    It is also interesting to mention that the new Galaxy Round will come with a $1000 dollar pricetag http://www.amongtech.com/samsung-galaxy-round-to-come-with-a-1000-pricetag/

  • http://friskychatter.com/ _jsw_

    I don't want to like this, but I do. First, it will likely feel better in your hand. Second, since bodies aren't typically flat, it will likely feel better in your pocket - assuming you place it with the screen toward you. Third, it will help advance the state of flexible screens (by increasing production of them and hence likely the funds for R&D), which will be very useful for watches at the very least. Finally, it would make for at least a modestly decent techie drink luge.

  • Paul

    Well I admire them for testing new ideas. Not forcing a certain phone and size and features on everyone. The Galaxy Mega is a 'test' device to see how people like a 6.3" display. And now the Round is out to see if people are interested in a curved display. Kudos to Samsung for allowing the consumer to decide what they do and don't like.

  • Bretton Key

    So where does the S-Pen go...?

  • WhyWai

    I imagine the curved screen will give me dizziness if I'm to watch a movie on it..

  • http://mymobilegeek.blogspot.com/ Jhai Alarcon

    It will be available here in the Philippines?

  • nabob

    let's hope this piece of idiocy stays in korea !
    a small curved screen like this offers no advantages and plenty of disadvantages