If you've been eyeing up the Moto X, today might be the day to jump on it. All Moto maker orders today will include a free Motorola Skip and a pair of SOL REPUBLIC Jax earbuds. Because this is only for Moto Maker purchases, that means it's limited to AT&T customers.

2013-10-08 09_25_28-Moto X by Motorola - A Google Company

The items will be added to your cart automatically at checkout and discounted to zero bucks. However, you can't make any color substitutions – you get chalk-colored headphones and a black Skip. The earbuds are usually $39.95 and the lockscreen-bypassing Skip is $19.99.

2013-10-08 09_12_10-My Cart at Motorola - A Google Company

It's a bummer that the freebies don't come with other versions of the device, but this is still cool for AT&T users. Actually, it's too bad Moto Maker is still AT&T-only. You can't really complain about $60 in free stuff, though.

[Moto X]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • jonathan3579

    Well that's fucking cool... it's not like only AT&T customers have access to this. Oh wait.

    • Dean Politis

      Motorola needs to reform itself and stop this exclusive crap. There is no way I will be an AT&T customer again. I love T-Mobile and I would gladly have ordered a customized Moto X if it was available to T-Mobile customers.

      • jonathan3579

        You and I are deeply in agreeance here. I have absolutely no interest in unlocking an AT&T Moto X and though the phone may not be the best this year, I had a legitimately strong urge to buy one if I could build it and customize it to my own liking. Waiting til November, later, and possibly even never has more or less sealed the deal of me not ever buying one.

  • simp1istic

    Sucks if you bought it already.

  • michael interbartolo

    stinks you can't pick the color of the headphones. isn't the point of MotoX to customize your phone? who wants chaulk headphones for your custom phone.

    • Dean Politis

      Someone who ordered a chauk-colored phone

  • Alchemy08

    the moto x is garbage

  • Ben J

    DAMMIT! I literally just ordered it last night!
    Gonna try to contact Motorola to see if I can still get it, since it hasn't actually shipped yet.

    • Ben J

      Got the headphones yesterday, in navy! For free!

      Love them!