Looking to mod your Verizon HTC One in every way imaginable? You're going to need S-OFF, and it looks like you won't be waiting long. Recognized XDA Developer beaups has posted a picture showing the Verizon device's bootloader indicating S-OFF.


The post comes by way of the bootloader unlock pledge thread on XDA. Users have so far pledged $5,205 for a bootloader unlock with S-OFF, which beaups could conceivably claim soon. Getting S-OFF on an HTC phone disables all security features protecting the device's memory. This is what you need if you plan to change the bootloader, radio, and other low-level system components. It also makes fiddling around with RUUs a bit easier.

Details on the method used by beaups and company are expected soon. You can wait a few days, right?

Update: Well, that didn't take long. Beaups has released the rumrunner S-OFF tool (by beaups and fuses) with root by jduck for the Verizon HTC One.

[XDA – Thanks, Blake]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • btod

    Excuse my ignorance, does s-off mean I'll be able to run root apps like titanium backup?

    • htowngtr

      Yes but if you're asking you probably shouldn't do this.

      • Trevor Kinsie

        I hate this kind of comment, a person is looking into how you can make your phone better, they are only looking for information, and the next person has to discourage them. Sure maybe they will need to do a little bit of research before they do anything to their phone, but then again every person should be doing research before doing anything to their phone that could potentially break it.

        The things aren't that hard to learn if you put your mind to it, and if we as a society want people who are more computer literate we have to have people on the internet who are encouraging to them, not discouraging.

        Sorry for the rant, I just don't appreciate people who are discouraging to others when they are looking for information.

        • htowngtr

          I'm not trying to be an ass -- I know everyone starts somewhere.

          However, if you're asking about TiBU while talking about something that could potentially damage your phone permanently then I say stay away.

          • Sherlock Holmes

            Stay away? No, the person just needs to read up on what S-Off provides. For a lot of people the HTC One is the first HTC device they've owned. As a result, they just need to get used to some new lingo.

          • Russell Guy

            Coincidentally, this is my first HTC. I'm not 100% on S-off but I do know it's required for root privileges so I'll definitely be eagerly anticipating further news. You are correct that the lingo is different but the theory remains the same. Gotta get that system rewrite access.

          • Jesse

            Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but S-OFF if not needed if all you want to do is acquire root privileges. On my old evo 3d, I needed to gain S-OFF because I had to install an older Hboot in order to flash a 4.2+ ROM. If I had stayed on the latest hboot I would have been limited to stock ROMs.

            In the last few months I've seen some debate on whether or not S-OFF is really needed. If you're just starting out, I would definitely take your time with this process on any HTC phone. It can become very confusing at times.

            See Koushik Dutta's post here for a little more. https://plus.google.com/103583939320326217147/posts/P1i8qzLfkTm

          • Jadephyre

            You're right, S-Off isn't needed to gain root, it is only necessary if you want to flash different recoveries and ROMs.
            I had that problem a couple of years ago when I bought my Desire, it employed a new security that wasn't beat yet, but the guys from the Revolutionary project (i think that was its name) came through in the end :)

          • http://gplus.to/bmt626 -Brandon

            S-off is not needed for root s-off is required to flash a new recovery such as TWRP or Clockwork, a new kernel or custom roms such as CM or AOKP, if all you care about is root and running sense as it its then s-off is not required

          • Russell Guy

            Hmmm, I learn something new every day lol. So then does anyone have a root method for the VZW One yet? I admit I do like how lightweight Sense has been thus far but the option to change ROM is always appealing. Especially with CM becoming a corporation I expect they'll be doing some grand things soon.

          • Jesse

            S-OFF is not required to install a custom recovery. Unlocking the bootloader via HTCdev allows necessary permissions to for a recovery + custom ROM

          • http://gplus.to/bmt626 -Brandon

            true but we cant unlock our vzw ones through htcdev so s-off is our only method for that

          • Jesse

            Well that's a shame. I wish these carriers would leave our bootloaders alone and let us do as we please. I'm in the same boat with a locked down bootloader on the t-mobile xperia z. Thankfully there are good stock roms so I can get my flash fix.

        • flosserelli


      • btod

        Thanks for answering.

        I've actually been able to use titanium backups as well as other root only apps. But so far I've only had samsung devices and have found pretty easy (if you follow instructions) root methods on blogs like these. Don't remember ever having to think about s-off until I got an HTC ONE. That's why I asked.

        • blumpkinator

          that's because S-OFF is an HTC thing

  • Asimoalex

    Yes I knew waiting would pay off... Hopefully it's soon... I forget how ad fuled android was

  • flosserelli

    Sweet. Hopefully this method will work on the One Max also.

  • jpGrind

    Looks like it may have just been released on XDA...


  • http://gplus.to/bmt626 -Brandon

    S-off is not needed for root s-off is required to flash a new recovery(TWRP or Clockwork), a new kernel or custom roms such as CM or AOKP, if all you care about is root and running sense as it its then s-off is not required

    • Guest

      s-off is not necessary to flash recovery or ROMs either. It smooths out the process by letting the user flash a kernel/boot.img through their recovery, but all the user needs is an unlocked bootloader in order to flash stuff.

  • Jadephyre

    Well, there you have it Big Red, it doesn't pay trying to force your customers into a corset, sooner or later someone will find some "scissors" :D

    • Mike Reid

      And VZN will patch this hole ASAP.

      • Jadephyre

        So ?
        The moment you flash a new recovery and a different ROM, that matters fuck all, because you won't be getting the automatic updates from Verizon with a Custom ROM.

        • Mike Reid

          It matters if you haven't bought the phone yet and it gets patched before you get it.

          It matters if you haven't S-Off'd yet and take an OTA.

          • Jadephyre

            If you haven't gotten it yet, it makes no difference, as long as there is a recovery and a ROM out there. YOU have to LET the phone update itself, and if you want S-Off and blindly take an OTA: Your fault, no sympathy.

          • Mike Reid

            You can't empathize with "the common man" who doesn't spend time researching things ?

            Maybe he's a newb but in 6 months he may want to custom ROM.

            And is it the victim's fault if he doesn't look up in time to see a rock falling on his head ? Geeze...

  • Brian D

    As I have JUST bought the HTC One on Verizon (off contract)...this has made my fucking day! Hopefully the development scene BLOWS up for the VZW version of HTC One. Don't plan on installing any different ROMs or Kernel yet, but it's always nice to know that I can!

  • safdar

    how do I s-off my HTC DESIRE 500, plz help

    • Vlad

      Any news? I need S-OFF i belive for the Xposed framework under CWM.