Google's just posted up the release notes for the latest monthly Glass update - XE10 - and it brings a few significant new features. First among them is transit directions, which is pretty self-explanatory. Here's what that looks like, along with another new feature, avatars in messages and comments.

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Avatars certainly decrease the blandness of the messaging interface, and hey, maybe you forgot who you were messaging and need a visual cue to remember who this person is, or something. It happens.

Finally, Glass now supports the viewing of links in tweets, texts, emails, and other notifications - just tap the notification card and select the new "View site" option. You can find the release notes for XE10 here. This update is considerably smaller in terms of changes than last month's XE9 release, which brought support for Google Apps accounts, sound search, a whole bunch o' Google Now cards, and a lot more.

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David Ruddock
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  • JPB

    Transit directions are a killer app for Glass. Seriously, I would love to just put on Glass to get subway directions from Point A to Point B rather than fumbling with my phone.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/ron-amadeo/ Ron Amadeo

    Day 1: Man, this thing really needs Google Talk support.

    6 months later: Man, this thing really needs Google Hangouts support.

    • NF

      It doesn't support Hangouts? Then what does it send messages with?

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/ron-amadeo/ Ron Amadeo

        SMS and Email.

    • Guest

      Weird, cause I remember how Sergey demod it in the '12 keynote with parachuters haveing a hangout...

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/ron-amadeo/ Ron Amadeo

        Hangouts Chat. Google Talk. Not video chats.

  • Lookatthemonkeys

    I wish Google would put half the amount of effort it's putting into Glass into Chromecast...

    • julianndimare321

      My Uncle Joseph recently got an awesome blue
      Mercedes-Benz R-Class Diesel by work part time using a lap-top. my sources

      • Justin W

        Wow! He's making so much money, he could buy me my very own Google Glass! /s

    • DocJones

      i wish Google would Release the Chromecast in Germany, but wishes often don´t come true :)

    • blix247

      Hulu+ just arrived on the scene. If a truly good solution for local network media were to arrive and Amazon stopped acting like DBags and released a video app with support, it would be the absolute perfect media device IMO

      • Justin W

        I truly don't understand why Amazon won't release their Video app for Android... What's stopping them? They don't make any money off of content they don't sell (i.e. all movies they aren't selling because the device isn't available on Android). It's available for GTV and works on their forked OS, so it clearly works on Android.

        • http://mrmcpowned.com mrmcpowned

          It's about market share and exclusivity.Amazon is always trying to pitch it's kindle tablets and the ability of using Amazon Video only on a kindle has it placed as a good selling point.

  • hot_spare

    Just another gimmick like Galaxy Gear. You end up looking worse than a dork.

    • blix247

      You may look worse than a dork, but you feel like a rockstar. Whenever I wear it I have people stop me all the time. I stopped at a concession stand during a hockey game and 10 people left their registers and their cooking stations to come ask me questions about it.

      • FunkyMonkey

        Take a NEXUS 7 to North Korea and you will also feel like a rockstar lol...