Cloud storage providers like Dropbox, SugarSync, and Google Drive all have free apps available in the Play Store, but none of these sync up with folders saved on your Android device's internal memory the way their desktop clients do. For that functionality, look no further than FolderSync. This aptly named app can sync folders with over ten different cloud storage services, and version 2.5 adds another option, Copy.com, to the list. This latest update also rolls out a tweaked UI, one that comes complete with a hamburger navigation drawer. Other areas of the app have also seen a UI refresh.

FolderSync2 FolderSync1 FolderSync3

Notifications are now expandable, and in addition to Copy.com, version 2.5 also rolls out support for various WebDAV providers. This update also fixes broken Google Drive syncing, with affected users ideally only having to re-authenticate their accounts in order to get up and running.

What's new:

  • GUI: using drawer pattern for main navigation.
  • GUI: new layout for most activities.
  • Feature: added new sync engine. To try it out enable it in settings under beta features.
  • Feature: root access now has to be enabled in beta settings (read only). Enable if you need to sync root files.
  • Feature: using stack notification feature on device that supports it.
  • Feature: some SMB and WebDAV servers now searchable using Bonjour protocol.
  • Provider: added Copy.com.
  • Provider: added various WebDAV supported providers as selectable account types.
  • Bugfix: Fixed broken Google Drive. Please re-authenticate account.
  • Bugfix: totally removed AdMob references from full version and many more...

If you don't already have the app, there's a lite version available that's limited to two accounts, lacks sync filters, and doesn't have Tasker support. On the positive side, removing these limitations only costs $2.95.

Source: FolderSync

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Charlie Val

    What's with hamburger navigation? Isn't it called the navigation drawer? o.O

    • Frettfreak

      I was just going to ask the same question. AFAIK this is the only site I have seen that term on.

      • RichA

        It's not a site, All About Android uses the term.

    • br_hermon

      "Hamburger" was actually coined by Google Devs, themselves. It refers to the small imagery besides the app icon in the upper left corner of the app itself. There it will appear as 3 lines or an arrow, depending on which screen you're on within the app.

      • ddh819

        3 lines = hamburger? google devs must not like lettuce or tomato

        • http://tonybullard.com/ Tony Bullard

          Actually, they're on a low carb diet. Bottom line is the beef, middle line is lettuce, top line is tomato. No bun.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/ron-amadeo/ Ron Amadeo

        Adam Powell.


        Still the use of "Hamburger Navigation" made me lol. It's kind of silly and informal.

        • br_hermon

          Isn't that Google's moto? Deserts, doodles, Hitch Hikers Guide, Easter eggs and all? :-)

  • http://george.merloc.co George Merlocco

    This is a fantastic app that I have been using for a long time. F the cloud, I sync my Android data bits directly to my home server via SMB.

    • David Li

      SMB is the slow POS ever; it is even worse than FTP. I still can't believe that it is the default sharing protocol of Windows.

  • ddh819

    how's battery life with this? can you set it to sync only if you're charging?

    • none

      Since its so flexible you can have it use hardly in battery if you want.
      I sync my photos once every two hours. It takes about 10 seconds to sync if no photos are uploaded.

  • egw

    Galaxy S4 syncs documents folder with Dropbox and treats it two way.

  • Ray

    Would anyone mind telling me if this supports selectively syncing folders? For example, if I only wanted to sync a couple of folders in Dropbox back to different/individual folders/locations on my phone, is that possible?

    I currently use Drop Sync for this kind of things and it works great however, it only supports Dropbox... nothing else.

    • Len Derby

      Not just possible. You can create a lot of folderpairs between different accounts ad the local drive(s) on the device.

  • CaryWeiner

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  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    I've been using DropSync for a while since it has true two-way sync unlike the official DropBox app, but this multi-cloud FolderSync looks like a good replacement... that is... once I finally use up my 70GB of DropBox storage.

  • Serra Behymer

    This app was awesome before, but it is even more awesome now! I like that they added Copy.com, I just joined it yesterday too.

    @scar45:disqus- Fancy seeing you here! <3