Last Updated: October 7th, 2013

If you're dedicated to The Now Network and plan on renewing the two-year grip it has on your wallet with the Galaxy Note 3, you're in for a bit of a shocker: the on-contract price is $350. New customers can use the $100 port-in credit to get it for just $250. Ouch.


Thankfully, Wirefly is here to make the upgrade cost a little easier to swallow by knocking a fifty spot off of Sprint's offering, so you can nab this gargantuan for $300. Sure, that's still on the pricey side for a subsidized phone, but saving $50 is still saving $50.

This deal is good for both the white and black versions of the device – hit the respective link below to gab yours.

Wirefly – Galaxy Note 3 (white)

Wirefly – Galaxy Note 3 (black)

Cameron Summerson
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  • ProductFRED

    Wait wait wait. Sprint normally charges $350 ON contract for this thing? What a joke, considering how terrible their network is.

    • lordmerovingian

      They must be on some special cilantro we are unaware off.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        I want in on that cilantro. Mmmm, bánh mì đặc biệt.

  • http://www.parafriv.net/ Para Friv

    Samsung Galaxy S3 it is personality, convenient to use, I think it just for the money because its price is too high compared to the income of the average person.

  • Alberto

    Price will Go down to $200 in 2 to 3 months.

  • paxmos

    People really pay that much and commit to a contract on top of that?...Ouch

  • StevetotheH

    Where is the order form for the black Note 3, there is a link above but it goes to the white one.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Just fixed the link, thanks.

      • StevetotheH

        Thank you sir! Took me a minute to find the black one with the link not working right. Be ordering that bad boy tomorrow!

        To all those that bitch about the price I'm sure you can find some out dated tech to your liking for what you wanna pay! Simple fact is the latest tech is always going to cost money, if you want it you pay it!

  • Brandon Bradley

    I got this today for the 1-up program =D zero down no interest and it worked out to be about 15 bucks more a month

    • Risto Aristov

      you do realize you are paying the full retail price of the phone (699.99) vs any discounted prices, right. (I am not being rude or insulting) The way the sprint people were explaining it to me was very shady and I just hope you know that going in to it.

      • Brandon Bradley

        It seems like a win win. Instead of paying 300 up front you basically are paying the taxes upfront and zero down and financing that charge plus the remainder over the course of two years and the slickdeal comes in because sprint gives you a $15 per month service discount on your plan while paying off the device and that breaks down to $360 savings (24 months) and so I'm basically financing the 300 down payment over the course of two years for free and while sprint basically covers the rest of the cost of the phone through the $15 service discount + I can upgrade in a year if I choose and i'm only out $180 bucks

        • Risto Aristov

          That's a positive way to view it. I can agree with that outlook totally, it's a great perspective to have when you are buying a product attached with services and commitment ments. I may take that deal with my second line if I can get my company discount going with sprint. I appreciate your viewpoint and I hope you enjoy your new toy as much as I am. :)

  • andymartinez

    Radio Shack is offering the same deal, plus they are doing trade ins bitches!

  • Tra

    Tigerdirect has it for $269 for 2 year contract extension ...

    • mmmmpppp

      You just saved me $30.00! Had ordered at Wirefly. Thanks!

      As of 10/8/2013, my local Sprint store, Wirefly, and Tiger Direct are all out of stock. But I'm glad to be waiting to spend $269 rather than $299 or $349.

      • mmmmpppp

        Still 10/18. Just found the upgrade for $249 on Amazon.

        • mmmmpppp

          Sorry for spamming this list. It appears--I won't know for sure until I am actually charged--that Amazon charges the full tax on the retail price of the phone (because I am in California) but Tiger Direct claims not to. So the Tiger Direct is a better deal for a Californian (if their claim is accurate).

        • Andy

          Do you have a link for the Amazon price?

  • mmmmpppp

    If you see a deal on wirefly and want the phone in your lifetime, you'd better call them first to verify that the phone is in stock. They advertise a deal, get your order, then don't tell you when it will be in stock.

  • mmmmpppp

    If you plan to order from Wirefly, you'd better call first to make sure your phone is in stock. They offer a deal, take your order, then they don't know when the phone will be in stock. I've been waiting and waiting not for my phone, but just to hear a delivery date.

  • Thinkaboutit

    Just go to best buy and price match amazon price of 249.99 w contract. 70 tax but everyone charges on the full amount because of shady old tax laws. 320 out the door guaranteed. Why listen to these bozo's alerting you to wirefly etc when you can get it in your hands in less than an hour for a cheaper price.....

  • Thinkaboutit

    And if wirefly prices it at 1100 that means you have to pay tax on 1100 while best buy has it valued at 800. No Brainer.