Last Updated: October 7th, 2013

Yesterday, I picked up my new baby - a brand spanking new Galaxy Note 3 that replaced my aging Note 2. (Update: I'd like to clarify this since a lot of people have misconstrued the "aging" comment for something it's not. My Note 2 has a screen crack and shows significant wear and tear. You may not consider the Note 2 or INSERT_DEVICE_HERE aging, but that's not what this line was about - it was about a very specific phone I was upgrading from and nothing else.) It's a great device on many fronts, as David pointed out in our extensive review, but it appears putting out solidly built products was not on Samsung's roadmap yet again.


During the several hours I spent setting up the Note 3, I started subconsciously noticing something very odd - the Home button at times looked crooked. At first, I dismissed it because it was dark around and thought I was just seeing things. Then, I noticed it was crooked again, except this time the other way around. What the...

Upon closer inspection, I have to my dismay confirmed that there's so much play in the Home button that your finger will constantly make it rotate and look crooked. This GIF, comprised of two photos I took of the Note 3, shows the seriousness of the issue. My OCD just reached level 85:


If you want to test it on your Note 3, just use your finger or fingernail and try pushing the left side of the button up and the right side down (don't stick your fingernail into the crack, just use it to gently nudge the button up and down). Then do the reverse. In comparison, the Note 2's Home button is rock solid. The Nexus 4... well, it doesn't have one, so there's yet another benefit to software buttons.

Thinking this could possibly be a one-off defect, I jumped on Google and found this thread on AndroidForums with exactly the same issue being reported by Note 3 owners from different parts of the world on different carriers. While it doesn't have hundreds of replies (yet), I do believe it points to a defect in the manufacturing process. I started a thread on XDA just now as well to figure out if users there are affected. Finally, I reached out to our Samsung rep for an official response.

Come on, Samsung, you can do better than that.

Note 3 owners, does your Home button move around?

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Artem Russakovskii
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  • Dale Frewaldt

    Man, I hope this is something that is (no offense) messed up with just your device. I was looking forward to possibly picking up a Note 3 to replace my Thunderbolt, but something like that would make me think twice.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Clearly, I'm not alone if you hit the threads I linked to.

      • Rovex

        This site is becoming embarrassingly, and obviously anti-Samsung recently. Its shameful.
        FYI im not an upset Samsung fanboi, i dont even have any Samsung devices, im just telling it like it is. Change or lose readers.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          I just went and picked up a Note 3 to use as my primary device, after being with the Note 2 for almost a year, and you think I'm anti-Samsung? The Note 3 review is pretty glowing, and you think we're anti-Samsung? I'm irked at an obvious quality control issue, but that doesn't make this site or me anti-Samsung.

          • Rovex

            You are making an issue and an article of something that is the case with all new devices. The HTC, iPhone, Nexus 4, Sony Z and pretty much all others had first run issues. Some have them for the whole life of the product.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            Sure, and when they do, we and others on the web point them out. What's your argument? That quality control issues shouldn't be written about at all?

          • Rovex

            The whole tone of the article is amateurish and comes across as being written by a spoilt child. OMG the button has 1/4 mm of movement, what a disaster!!

          • Damak9

            It is a disaster and shouldn't happen on premium devices.

          • Rovex

            Anodisation falling off the iPhone 5 didn't hurt it much, dodgy build and broken camera sensors haven't slowed the HTC One that much. Hideous screen quality hasn't hurt Sony much. Its normal for any device, which was my point all along.

    • Darrien Glasser

      My heart goes out to you for still using a Thunderbolt.

    • Stacey Liu

      Why not replace it with a VZW HTC One? It's still 3 generations newer.

    • http://www.twitter.com/joshuaworth Joshua Worth

      Just get yourself an LG G2 and call it a day.

  • http://www.ygoverdose.com/ Kristopher Perovic

    Wow, mine does the same thing. Is there anything we can do about it?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I'm thinking an exchange, but I just spent so long setting it up, I'm going to hate doing it again. Plus, what if it just starts happening to all of them after some time?

      • hyperbolic

        It means that Samsung's engineers were told to speed things up and these are the results

      • http://www.ygoverdose.com/ Kristopher Perovic

        Yeah, I spent a few hours playing around with mine too, downloading all my games, logging into everything, etc. But I wouldn't mind going through the hassle of trading it in if I knew they weren't all like this. Maybe it's supposed to be this way, so you can replace the home button with a custom one?

      • Jooyoung Hong

        =( My S4 had recessed power button and volume buttons. It was bothering me a lot so I went to exchange it. no problems now

        • jonathan3579

          Yep, my S4 did the same thing. I just won a brand new one that will be here on Monday so we'll see what happens with that one.

  • Brendan Owens

    Wow, that poll is really useful.

    • TY

      Not sure if sarcastic or not. Please clarify.

      In case you really do mean to be sarcastic, I offer a counter-point: the poll is actually useful for it can reflect the seriousness of the problem, given that AP has quite a number of readers.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        I'm sure he's talking about the 3rd option.

        • Steve Ballmer

          Dat poll is as lopsided as your home button.

        • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

          Hey Artem, different question (but I hope you don't mind me raising it here since it's regarding AP polls). I always try to vote, but it never seems to load up for me. Do you have any idea why? I'm on Firefox 24 for Mac. I do have AdBlock enabled as well.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            My guess is it's AdBlock. Disable it and try again to see if it starts working.

          • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

            Hmm, no that didn't fix it. But it did make me realize how ad-supported AP is. I understand you all have bills to pay though! Don't worry about it, it's not a big deal. Keep up the great work!

      • Brendan Owens

        It was sarcastic, in the fact that over 70% of reader chose "I don't own a Note 3 but I really want to participate in this poll" as I did. But also I originally saw the poll when the article was first published and over 90% had chosen that option. I always enjoy AP's sense of humor in the polls, however.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Well, the poll's accuracy is only improved by adding this option because you can still see how the other answers compare to each other, and all the noise was hopefully sucked out by the 3rd option.

          • Rob

            There is a View Results button, I didn't vote for any of them.

          • dude_who_likes_sarcasm

            people love to vote though. i opt for two sarcastic answers.

          • Avery

            You don't know much about sampling methods, do you?

  • Mehmet Fatih

    This is definetly not natural.

    • parityerror

      It's a feature!
      iphone 5s have fingerprint sensor on home button.
      Samsung goes further, you can have a wiggling home button!


  • GLun

    I had this exact problem with my Galaxy Note II. Them i broken my LCD and replaced it (300$ at that time, ouch) and it solves the problem. :l

  • Bobby Phoenix

    I have the white version on Tmo, and it's as solid as you can get. No wiggle room at all, and it has a nice solid "click" to it when pressed (so do the volume keys and power button).

    • JP

      Nice. I hope they update the poll based on carriers/models.

    • smeddy

      My white seems fine too .. but not testing it!

  • Daniesy

    No it can't do better...it's samsung. If you want quality on Android, buy HTC

    • Jooyoung Hong

      you do realize HTC One had its build-quality problems too right?

      • Joris Griffioen

        And the One X and the One S. Mostly on first run though, if you wait a while you'll have a good one lol. (I love HTC, but having to say that last sentence is just a sad, sad situation)

        • Krzysztof Jozwik

          I'd assume anyone getting a Note 3 right now is getting a first run.

    • keithh81

      HA HTC has such a great build quality they are losing money and will go under in a couple years. They are such great quality their reception is the worst of all the phones. They are such great quality they cannot even afford a Snapdragon 800 processor in their HTC Max One. They are such great build quality they get less than 5% of marketshare of Android phones compared to 95% Samsung.

      • Joshua

        I decided to check out your comment history and I've deemed you to be a troll. Please, for the sake of this article's comment section, no one else respond to this guy.

        • Richard Yarrell

          Yes he was wrong. But not far off. They own 42.8 percent of the Android platform.

          • squiddy20

            42.8% is incredibly far off from 95%. It's less than half. Idiot.

          • GraveUypo

            actually if you switch your focus from the share they have to the share they're missing, which, makes more sense, it's over 11 times less dominance.

          • ari_free

            The point is that HTC is floundering right now.

          • squiddy20

            When put in terms of market share, who isn't floundering compared to Samsung? Sure, HTC may have more troubles right now than other manufacturers, but haven't other companies had problems in the past? Such as Samsung's ongoing litigation with Apple over the original Galaxy S (among other crap), the "floundering" of Sony Ericsson until Sony bought them out entirely (one could argue they're still floundering, but I believe they're doing better- relatively speaking).

          • RebelwithoutaClue

            I think the good sir Richard was being sarcastic *sigh*

          • squiddy20

            Richard doesn't know how to be sarcastic. He's a delusional fanboy who wholeheartedly believes that any and every product Samsung makes is "the ultimate best".

          • http://www.rebelwithoutaclue.com/ Rebel without a Clue

            Wow if he wasn't sarcastic, that's.. well.. just bad...

          • Avery

            Yes, you are right. 42.8% is not far off from 95%, unless you consider the fact that that 42.8% is 67.2% less than 100%, while 95% is only 5% less than 100%. You could just consider the fact that 95% is nearly 222% of 42.8%. Maybe you should just consider the fact that 95%-42.8%=52.2%...but who's counting?

        • keithh81

          I may have been wrong on the marketshare however I am not wrong about Samsung dominance. The facts still holds true HTC will be going under in a couple years based on their epic failure as a company.

          Joshua you looked at my comment history and seen that I am a factual person that lives in reality and doesn't spend all day on message boards like trolls you foundly speak of. Since you cannot refute facts you attack with false accusations.

          In the end, thank you for admiting that I am right, since when one cannot refute with civility you have to defame with false accusations.

          Have a good day.

      • Craig Hawkins

        You really have no idea what you're talking about.

      • Krzysztof Jozwik

        Samsung has 95% Android marketshare?

      • Richard Yarrell

        You're definitely comically lost. HTC will be extremely lucky to be in business this time next year.

      • Simon Belmont

        The S800 in the HTC One Max thing was actually more about supply issues. The last thing they want is a snag in supplies again.

        It's a fine balance between getting a device out to market at the right time or waiting for the perfect supply of parts for it. Just saying.

        • keithh81

          According to their CEO, they opted out because of cost. Supply wasn't anywhere in his speech. Face it, if they were doing so well they would be able to afford top processor for their flagship devises. HTC one uses dd2 memory where Samsung uses dd3 memory. Years ago they went all out putting the best caring nothing about cost because they were all about supposedly quality. Now they are near broke with several years of failure cannot even break even with a decent showing of HTC one sales.

    • southerndinner

      Until you drop the One and it breaks, leaving you with a phone that is impossible to repair

    • http://www.keelstech.com/ Lee Keels

      HTC was great 2 years ago...even longer, but not anymore.

    • Altechi

      Arrgh, don't remind me of the One, had to replace it 3 times

      And this was on my third phone


      i've gone back to Nexus 4

      • JP

        Almost voted down because it's so repulsive

  • Gnex

    Dat poll.

  • Brandon Fletcher

    My black one does that if you physically wiggle the button out of place. But seriously, I would never have noticed if you hadn't have pointed it out. Device still feels solid. If the home button has a mm of wiggle room, it's not a dealbreaker, nor is it really a problem.

  • Android Developer

    People who participate in the poll even though they don't have a Galaxy Note 3 have entered a hidden Giveaway , right ?

    • Kostas

      The secret dream of anyone participating in polls these days :P

    • Simon Belmont

      Yeah. Everyone who participates gets a free Kit Kat bar.

      What would you do for a Kit Kat bar? Wait, wrong commercial jingle.

      • Joshua

        More than likely I would do more for the Kit Kat bar than the Klondike bar. Don't care much for Klondikes.

  • william

    You just had to point this out now I will notice it. Going to inspect the one i get before leaving the store.

  • Pablo Rossi

    This is definitely the case with my dad's Galaxy Note 3 for tmobile.

  • bydavidrosen

    Not only does mine not do this but it totally reminds me of the complete non-issue everyone complained about with the loose hinge on the old G2 a few years ago. I loved that phone.

  • Mystery Man

    Yes my home button moves around. Would have never noticed it though until now ._.

  • Adam Stevenson

    Im In Sydney Australia and my 1 day old unlocked Note 3 home button moves around like jello ! unbelievable bad quality control ( or the absolute lack thereof) for the price you pay for a (supposed) premium product. Shame on you Samsung ....Shame !! And to think I bought mine directly from Samung themselves lol

  • GexXx
  • Anconn77

    Sprint variant purchased on the 4th in southern Arizona has a wiggle to it as shown in this article. I hope nothing snags it, rips it off........

  • Bleakvision

    Bloatware, lacking updates, distorted colors, cracking screens, zero support, fake metal, fake leather, fake HD, fake benchmark results, fake waterproofing, region locking...

    ... When will people get a clue.

    • Patrickl69

      You're describing all smartphone manufacturers though.

      • Krzysztof Jozwik

        All smartphone manufacturers rig benchmarks and region lock? They all also make the back of their phone look like stitched leather when it's plastic?

        • Patrickl69


        • http://www.MyTabletLife.com Chris Garcia

          HTC, LG, and ASUS all rig benchmarks.. So pretty much all major Android makers.

          • keithh81

            All except Motorola and Apple. They redid the tests and removed the feature and Note 3 still beat out all phones out there. It really isn't to cheat tests it turns on when heavy processor operations occur to get faster results. You play a game and does the exact same thing. Apple just likes to find anything to attack a company that puts them to shame.

    • JP

      Removable battery, flagship S4 was at 4.2 and HTC One at 4.1, microSD slot, multiwindow, S pen, proximity sensor, IR blaster (unless you don't have LG Optimus G Pro or HTC One), Swiftkey with a number row...

      It's not perfect, but you're making it seem like it doesn't have anything going for it.

      • usaff22

        The One has been updated to 4.2 and even 4.3 in some places, which is better than Samsung. Their updates have started to get much better, especially since they announced last year's Evo 4G is getting upgraded to 4.3 Sense 5

    • Simon Belmont

      Waterproofing is a headlining feature of iOS 7. It's the self proclaimed king of waterproof mobile operating systems.

      A drop of water would never dare enter a device sporting iOS 7. Even though the dynamics of water versus software would have you believe otherwise.

    • John

      iPhone: no NFC, non-removable battery, overpriced, identical design like all the previous iphones, no IR blaster, very little new features (no air-gesture, smart motion stuff etc, the fingerprint sensor isnt really a wow factor)

      ONLY thing i like about the iphone is the App store.

      ..When can people get a clue

    • http://www.rebelwithoutaclue.com/ Rebel without a Clue

      A lot of what you say, I agree on. But they aren't that bad in updating. A lot of other brands are quite worse. And they didn't fake benchmark results, they cheated (there is a difference and still as bad), but hardly an argument to switch brand, since most of them cheat at benchmarks.
      And I never get a clue, hence the nick ;)

  • Arcest

    Chinese replicas do that kind of things.

  • Stu

    Why do they even still put a Hardware Home button on their phones anyway?

    • Krzysztof Jozwik

      Because it's Samsung and they hate how much market share they have. They keep trying to make people not buy their phones, but the morons keep buying them.

      • MindFever

        Hahahah... +1000 youyou havz won teh interwebz

    • Phill_S

      Because consumers like it and at this point it has become almost like a design feature unique to Samsung - hence rolling it out to the tablets as well.

      Frankly the better question is why do they keep putting the back button on the right when everyone (literally, right?) else puts back on the left?

      • DirkBelig

        I was all set to get a Galaxy S3 but that stupid hardware button bothered me enough to hold off. My HTC EVO 4G and Galaxy S2 both had smooth faces with capacitive buttons, so this stupid button with its gap to allow dust in just didn't sit right with me.

        Then the Nexus 4 was announced and the problem was solved. Too bad they waste so much space on the bottom band of soft buttons that it reduces the usable size of the 4.7" to 4.3". This is why the GS3's screen appears so much larger when it's pretty much the same size as the N4.

        • Laborin_HK

          I'd agree that they used a bit TOO much of the space on the screen for the Navbar, I prefer it at 80-90% on a PA Rom.

          I find onscreen buttons to be easier to press and reach than capacitive buttons though. I've never had problems of accidently touching them. I really wish more OEMs would just use Nav buttons

      • Matthew Fleisher

        They didn't want to get sued for copying everyone's button layout... oh, wait.

      • Ibrahim Awwal

        Yeah, call me a blasphemer against the holy Duarte, may his name be holoed, but I actually find it really convenient to wake my GS3 using the home button. It's a fair bit easier to reach than the power button on the side, if your phone is just sitting on a table or something. Of course, there are probably cooler ways to do this nowadays (eg. the LG G2 tap on the screen, and I think Moto X has something nifty as well that I'm forgetting at the moment) but you can't beat the reliability of a physical button. Though actually, on that note, I think there have been two separate occasions when my home button stopped working for about a day, so maybe that's not really true.

        That being said, fuck the guy who thought they should put it on tablets, that makes no fucking sense. Especially on the new Note 10.1, great, now you can't press the most useful button on the tablet with the S Pen. Though overall I do sort of like not having onscreen buttons because it gives more display space to content, but I think there are ways to hide them which are convenient enough for that to not be a big issue.

        I'll probably still buy the Note 10.1 2014, I love last year's version but the low res screen sucks for reading which is about 50% of what I do on it.

      • ari_free

        Well, they won't like this. Time to ditch the bellybutton.

      • Christian McCarthy

        I actually like the back button on the right, it makes more sense. Most people are right handed & which button do you use more often? The back button or settings button?

    • JP

      You can use it to wake your phone up. You can double tap it in your pocket to activate a voice app or any app where you could speak the command your earphones. You can tap it even if the flip cover is on so you can hide your porn and go back to your homescreen.

      I know I'll get crap for this from people who marvel at the aesthetics of their phones, but I really wished all the buttons were physical like the S4 Active.

      On their tablets though, they should either be all capacitive, all screen, or all physical.

    • http://www.keelstech.com/ Lee Keels

      Because if your software is frozen somehow, what are you going to do with a software button?

      • n4

        Hmm. I have never heard of people having this issue with their N4 which has both capacitive button and built in battery.

      • Ibrahim Awwal

        Pretty sure the process that handles input on the nav buttons is separate from any app process, that just wouldn't make any sense. Your frozen app might still not respond, but that's the same as it would do with hardware keys.

        • Ryan Bach

          Yep. If your software buttons are frozen, it's a complete kernel panic and the OS wouldn't respond to the hardware buttons anyway. Time to power off and restart.

          • George Millhouse

            not true and having worked on 100s of phones for customer I will tell you many of those times the physical home button was a lot more useful than a software button

      • MindFever

        You press and hold the power button for 5 seconds and the system reboots automatically...this "failsafe" is independent of the system. Also,never had these systemwide freezing issues on my N4 and the softkeys never stopped responding. The home key always works even if the app froze

    • Jimmy Havok

      I agree about the stupid search button, I dug down in the files and repurposed mine to be a camera button instead. Bonus, it only responds to a long press now, so it isn’t constantly launching in response to an accidental touch.

  • roninpenguin

    Honestly Samsung's build quality just sucks in general and I don't understand how they lead the market when there are better devices out there at the same price point.

    I purchased a Galaxy Nexus and was so excited to finally be able to own a Nexus device on Verizon. Problem was the Microphone cut out on a fairly regular basis. Returned it and got another, same problem. Looked on line and it turned out that it was a fairly common (for a defect) problem.

    Turned that one in and got an S3. I loved the phone, until 6 months in I got screen burn in. I lived with it for a while because I did like the phone and was worried I might get something worse until my wife talked me into sending it in under warranty and got a new S3. Guess what, THE MICROPHONE PROBLEM IS BACK! Seriously I will be talking to someone and all of a sudden they say I sound like I'm talking from across the room and I have to switch to speaker then back to phone to get it to reset.

    Yeah, I don't think I'm ever going to get a Samsung again.

  • My name is….

    Return that back and leave the polls.

  • Enforcer4w

    Aging note 2? Is a phone with only a year and it still kicks much new phones ass... get real dude.

    • Krzysztof Jozwik

      Is the Note 2 getting any younger?

    • DirkBelig

      Any phone that's older than 6 months old is only usable as a paperweight because it's over 6 months old and there's better out there. You sound like someone with an old phone trying to rationalize how uncool and fail you are.


      • Babs Oyed

        The Note II might indeed be a year old but it's by far more functional than any other phone out there.

        I have both the Note II and the Note 3 and so far the more I use and compare both of them the more I'm impressed with the Note II (though the 3 is still better)

        • Randomdude

          For future reference, the "/s" sign is an indicator of sarcasm over the internet, where text might garble cues that you may have picked up on in person.

          • DirkBelig

            I almost didn't put the /s tag in my comment because I figured anyone who's been around nerdy sites would recognize the satirical intent of my post, but I decided to anyway even though putting something announcing, "Hey, this is all sarcasm," sorta spoils the purity of the joke.

            Now I see the guy I responded to didn't get the joke even with the joke flagged as a joke. Sigh. Do I need to put [BEGINNING SARCASTIC/SATIRICAL JOKE POST NOW. DO NOT MISTAKE IT FOR A SERIOUS COMMENT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION.] at the top of my comments to be safe?

          • RebelwithoutaClue

            I didn't know the /s meant for sarcasm mode either. But the problem these days, what you said in sarcasm, a lot of peeps out there would have said and meant it. I thought it was funny and got it, but that's just us rational people.

          • Sasha K-S

            We need a new tag written into the HTML5 specs for sarcasm.

          • George Millhouse

            gosh maybe not everyone is versed in all internet jargon...maybe they dont live on the net like you do

          • Avery

            I think most semi-intelligent people could probably recognize the sarcasm in his comment, regardless of any "internet jargon", even if they don't live on the net, Millhouse.

          • Avery

            Thank you. That needed to be said (not just here either). Sarcasm is tainted if you label it. Anytime I see someone use /s, I die a little inside. It is almost as bad as when people are completely blind to satire (see the hilarious, yet somewhat depressing, comment thread under the 1-star review of "Go the F**k to Sleep", titled "It made my four year old cry!!!", on Amazon).


          • http://www.baronsofbullshit.com/ seriosbrad

            Nerds are turning into hipsters. What every happened to html or bbcode tags? [/sarcasm]

        • Logan

          More functional? N4....

        • icyhotonmynuts

          " (though the 3 is still better)"

          Trying to justify your purchase, huh? How's that working for you?

          • George Millhouse

            you miss his pt bright boy

        • Neil Casing

          i got all 3 phones...note 1, note 2, and the note 3...note 2 is still more functional than the note 1

      • Enforcer41

        So you change phone every 6 months? Waist of money...

        • DirkBelig

          See the comment above yours. Also learn that waste is not spelled waist.

          • RebelwithoutaClue

            Perhaps he has some kind of waist belt made out of money?

          • Charles Sweeney

            Maybe he was also being /s??? Maybe? While throwing in a meme for a nice touch (waist instead of waste)...IDK, just trying the give the enforcer a break here...lol.

      • fmfame

        dont feel me bad about my nexus one.:/

      • Slighter

        sounds like that trust fund is working out well for you

      • Nicholas “Lavacano” O’Connor

        i like how absolutely nobody who directly replied to your comment got the joke

      • Guest

        a paperweight? exactly how? does it not do what it was created to do anymore? People like you are elitist morons who think you need to buy a phone ever 6 months to catch up with the Jonses. So how exactly is it only usable as a paperweight? What a retarded comment with no real world value. With your logic we should all get rid of our cars every year because its just one large paperweight since there are better cars out there.

        • DirkBelig

          I don't know what's more pathetic: That so many idiots failed to note the sarcasm tag or that after nearly 24 hours of people commenting about how idiots aren't noticing the sarcasm tag, people are still not noticing the sarcasm tag and are making idiotic comments as if my post wasn't sarcasm.

          Our latest failure: George Millhouse, who posted the above post, then realized he was beclowned himself, but rather than delete the post and slink quietly into the darkness, decided to leave his post up and revert it to a "Guest" post, forgetting that Disqus emails replies.

      • cg

        I was so gonna downvote your comment...then I saw the sarcasm tag...now I see humor! lol.

    • http://www.keelstech.com/ Lee Keels

      Seriously, I read that the same way. I have a Note 2 and no intention of upgrading anytime soon.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      A year in gadget terms is like a century. Mine is very much aging - it's got a hairline crack, lots of wear and tear, and is quite a bit slower than I'd like it to be. The Note 3 is a breath of fresh air on all fronts.

      • Steve Freeman

        Good for you, but it really came off a bit entitled as a lot of people can't get new phones nearly that often.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          A lot of people have misconstrued that line, so I caved in and updated the post with an explanation.

          • NeonMunky

            Pity me! I am still using a Galaxy S2

          • mooman

            I just got the note 3. Had the s2 before that

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          A lot of people have misconstrued that line, so I caved in and updated the post with an explanation.

    • Sasha K-S

      I know, right?

      I take pride in always using ~3-5 year old used electronics. Phone, GS2 just put a new 4.3 ROM on it. Got girlfriend an HTC Incredible S for $100, it's really very good.

      Computer, Core2Duo thinkpad on linux/i3.

      Printer/scanner, I found in the rubbish.

      20" monitor, $8 at the thrift store.

      I have less in my whole digital life and workstation than you would spend on a freaking galaxy gear.

  • Richard Yarrell

    This must be your unit definitely. It's not the unit I have on Tmobile black version

  • http://www.deveyra.com/ Ronaldo Roberto De Veyra

    Not sure why Samsung just won't drop their physical button and change it to a capacitive one.

  • http://www.gameosaur.com/ neoKushan

    I appear to be one of the few people that DOESN'T have this issue.

  • blanco112

    I replaced my first S4 because of a loose home key that also had some clicking. My second one sunk fairly deep into my phone after about 3 weeks use. My wife's S4 home button is as perfect as they day we bought it. I didn't bother replacing the 2nd one because it was a pain to switch and was worried my third phone would be the same. I just started using Swipe Home Button app so i wouldn't need to use a physical home button. I'll never get a phone with a physical home button ever again. I didn't think twice about it because I had an iphone for years with no problems. If I had known Samsung's home buttons are so crappy I'd go for another brand.

  • Jamitt01

    I thought it was just me. That is the very first thing I noticed about mine. I may need to go exchange it.

  • ♜Donzzy™

    No smartphone is perfect we know that. If the Note 3 has this flaw, then Samsung should replace it as part of their warranty. Problem solved.

  • Stephen Cornthwaite

    My home button has thee slightest ammount of wiggle. As in, if I look REEEAALLLYYY carefully when I push up on the sides, I can almost make out a bit of movement to either straighten the button or put it askew slightly. and I mean SLIGHTLY.

    As for the home button in general, I like it. I had an original note from the carriers here in Vancouver, BC, and they had the 4 capacitive buttons across the bottom. I HATED the capacitive home button. I lost track of how often I would exit out of a program by accident, because my finger literally breathed on the spot where the sensor was. While this note 3 has 2 capacitive buttons, they are pretty far apart, and because of where the home key is, you know where they are (equal distance between the edge of phone and edge of button on either side), so less chance of brushing them. And you have to actually click the home to exit whatever your doing.

    I know its personal choice, but I much prefer the physical home button over the non version. But to each their own. I can understand how it could be annoying, and since this phone is a beast, it would be doubly annoying to have to deal with that constantly, just to keep using the device.

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    My T-mobile Note3 (Black; 64GB (64GB from corporate)) hasn't been delivered yet, but even if the home button turns out to exhibit that small amount of wiggle room I wouldn't obsess over it, nor would I even think of returning it over such a small issue.

    When the Galaxy S3 came out, I was astounded at how many anal people complained about the "light leakage" from the capacitive buttons on the white version. The glow was only barely noticeable when in pitch darkness, but that didn't stop 'em from returning the phone. SMH.

    • Simon Belmont

      Reminds me of the light leakage people complained about on the original EVO 4G. It never bothered me, because it was hardly noticeable.

      I think people look for things to nitpick, sometimes. It's kinda funny and sad at the same time.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

      I'm sorry, did you say you can get a 64GB from T-Mobile corporate? Instructions please!

      • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

        The guy I bought from said that the 64GB isn't being sold in t-mobile stores or online ATM (for how long I don't know), but that it is available online for corporate customers to preorder only, and will begin shipping middle of next week, which is when mine is due to be delivered (by proxy)

        Find a corp reseller IRL or on ebay or just wait a bit

        • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

          Thanks for the heads up!

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Do you have any pics of your order or the phone itself? That'd be lovely. I'm very much interested in seeing this 64GB carrier-branded variant.

          • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

            Sorry - I don't have anything solid right now, as I'm still waiting on delivery. By the time I can double-check both the 64GB and the SM-N900T (vs 9005) model number in person, I imagine someone else will have probably already confirmed it. :)

    • Bragolatch

      Did you actually receive your Note3 with 64GB internal storage ???

      If so, you are probably the first one in the world !!!

      I've asked around a lot and made a poll on XDA :


      Nobody else has even heard of a place that is offering it !

      Can you give us some details please,

      -Where/how to order


      -Witch version is it, GSM | HSPA+, 3G or 4G ?

      Thank you !

  • JP

    Misaligned home button vs iOS 7 parallax nausea test please.

  • cesar suarez

    my s3 also happens, will be a continuous use wear ... is a total disadvantage actually physical buttons: (

  • Keith Win

    I can go to a Tmo or VZW store and check the Home Button status

  • Daniel McDermott

    And this is is exactly why I am happy owning a Chinese branded Nubia phone. I can get the same, and typically better QA quality and workmanship of my phone than the big expensive boys like Samsung and HTC, for half the price. Every Samsung I ever owned disappointed me in some way, usually due to quality issues, or software problems. My 2 Chinese phones have no defects, and get frequent updates to the firmware.

  • WHO?

    Sprint black version yes it moves.. My fingernails are long enough to put one on each side and move the button up and down. Anyone who says it dosent move im sure they just don't know exactly how to check. Also paying $799 for a phone makes it alittle hard to admit to flaws as well. lol Im sure Samsung won't do a recall although for the price they probably should. Oh well it is what it is.

  • jamesindc

    If people continue to buy their products, why would cheapskate Samsung invest money in fixing their poorly made phones?

  • jlninja

    You have got to be kidding me. Get a job. What a totally ridiculous excuse for an article

  • smeddy

    Lol you troll, there's no way you're tempting me to break my own button ;)

  • Ryan

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. In the above article is accurate. I am a big fan but I am a little disappointed about the home button.

  • SamZ

    I got 2 days ago my Galaxy Note 3 ... I had Note1 Note2 and this Note 3 is nothing less that a masterpiece... everything performs great....just Love it.... Best Cellphone by FAR...

  • Jeremy626

    worst poll ever.

  • Se7eNMONK3YS

    My Note 2 to had this problem, but my Note 3 is OK and so it's my daughters.

    • Lumi

      My Note 2's button is pretty flush, but it's the white international version

  • Luis

    Something small as that has actually left me thinking If I really should get this phone!

  • Mikhail Dy

    Damn straight, I hate the physical button on the note, even my old s3 suffered the same thing. It wiggles and it's the one part that made it look cheap.

  • techgui

    First no headphones, now this

    • Jadephyre

      The headphones that you get with most phones suck anyway.

      • techgui

        Lol it's the thought that counts

        • Jadephyre

          Maybe, but i'd rather have them chuck away the headphones, i'm using better ones from Sennheiser anyway. So at best, included headphones are clutter.

  • Sevag Aguehian

    lol wat

  • Immortal78

    Samsung doesn't believe in quality! You should've waited for the HTC One Max!

  • Abdulmajeed Zubailah

    got me self a white note 3 , and no problems with the home button , it is indeed solid and has a nice click to it .

  • bacong


    you can even see the crooked button on this arstechnica link

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Your link is borked.

  • Paul

    Yep my launch day n3 button is wonky

  • http://pandu.poluan.info pepoluan

    "there's yet another benefit to software buttons."

    Originally I thought so also... but after using a hardware button then changing to a phone with softkeys, I realized that a hardware key prevents me from missing the spacebar and gets unceremoniously dumped into the Home Screen.

    • ari_free

      Sounds like something you can eventually adapt to

    • Chris Lambert

      I don't think I've ever accidentally hit Home on my Nexus 4. My HTC One.... twice a day, minimum.

      • Rovex

        User error.

  • Andrew Tan

    My Note 3 in perfect condition. :)

  • beatles

    samsung is all about questionable build quality and features but earning huge profit margins and mudslinging while copying competitors around

  • keithh81


    HTC Reports Its First Loss, but Samsung Shows Vigor

    Ed Jones/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
    Customers at a Samsung showroom in Seoul. Samsung is not only the biggest maker of smartphones, it is also the leading maker of memory chips.

    Published: October 4, 2013

    TOKYO — The diverging fortunes of two of the leading smartphone providers in Asia were demonstrated on Friday when Samsung Electronics of South Korea predicted better-than-expected quarterly earnings, while HTC of Taiwan reported its first loss.

    Samsung, which is benefiting from its status as a leading maker of semiconductors as well as smartphones, said it expected to post operating profit of 9.9 trillion won to 10.3 trillion won, or about $9.2 billion to $9.6 billion, in the third quarter, up from 8.06 trillion won a year earlier. Sales are expected to rise to a range of 58 trillion to 60 trillion won, from 52.2 trillion won a year earlier.

    The outlook contrasts strikingly with the report from HTC. The company posted a net loss of 2.97 billion Taiwan dollars, or about $101 million, in the third quarter, after net income of 3.9 billion Taiwan dollars a year earlier.

    Both companies are feeling pressure on the low end of the phone market, where new competitors, mostly in China, are doing well in what is the fastest-growing segment of the market. HTC has focused on premium models, however, despite the demand in the lower end of the market, where Lenovo, ZTE and Huawei, all Chinese companies, are growing rapidly.

    Samsung, however, has strength at the top. It also has a diversified mix of products that provide additional cash. Samsung is not only the biggest maker of smartphones, it is the leading maker of memory chips. It sells chips to other companies, like Apple, in addition to supplying them to its own smartphone production lines.

    “Samsung’s diversity of profit streams plus strength and scale in all tiers of smartphones helps them to continue to grow profits,” Mark Newman, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein, wrote in a note to clients.

    Samsung did not provide an explanation of its growth, but analysts said the company was probably benefiting from a recent increase in the price of memory chips after a fire at a factory owned by a Samsung rival, SK Hynix, in Wuxi, China.

    While the torrid pace of sales of high-end smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has eased somewhat, the company sells a range of lower-price devices, too. This positions it to benefit from expected strong growth in low-price and midrange smartphones, analysts say.

    Samsung’s numbers were preliminary; final results are expected to be reported at the end of the month.

    Over the last few years, the performance of Samsung has been roughly inverse to that of HTC, whose problems continue to deepen. Though HTC previously forecast a quarterly loss, the number reported on Friday was even bigger than analysts had expected. The company’s flagship smartphone, the HTC One, has failed to catch on with high-end users, who have favored devices from Samsung and Apple.

    HTC’s sales plunged to 47.1 billion Taiwan dollars in the third quarter from 70.2 billion dollars a year earlier.

    According to Gartner, a research firm, the company’s share of the worldwide smartphone market fell to 2.6 percent; in 2010 and 2011, it flirted with double-digit percentages of market share.

    Horace Dediu, an independent telecommunications analyst in Helsinki, Finland, said it could be difficult for HTC to recover. When other phone makers posted their first quarterly losses, it was only a few years before their handset businesses were sold. Others got out of the phone business entirely.

    What Mr. Dediu referred to as the “post-traumatic life expectancy of phone vendors” has been shortening. Motorola lasted five years; Nokia and BlackBerry only two.

    “Once you hit any bump in the road, you are essentially derailed,” he said. “In the phone space, you hit one bad quarter and you are out.”

    Only one major cellphone maker, LG of South Korea, has recovered from a deep crisis in its phone-making division, Mr. Dediu said. But LG’s smartphone arm is just one part of a diversified conglomerate, like Samsung, helping it to ride out the dips.

    HTC has also suffered from internal discord, and a series of executives have quit the company in recent months. One of the company’s top design executives, Thomas Chien, was arrested in August in connection with a police investigation of theft of trade secrets from HTC.

    Cher Wang, HTC’s chairwoman, said in a recent interview that Mr. Chien, who could not be reached for comment, was trying to recruit HTC employees for a new company he was planning to form.

    She insisted that the executive departures would have no effect on the company’s operations, saying that all of the HTC material that the employees were accused of taking had been recovered.

    “In terms of technology, it’s not going to affect us,” Ms. Wang said. “It will not have any detrimental effect on us.”

    The worse-than-expected results will put pressure on HTC to find a business partner, Mr. Dediu and other analysts said. There has been speculation that the company could link up with one of the growing Chinese companies looking to expand outside their home territory.

    “The question is whether anyone in China needs them now,” Mr. Dediu said.

    • keithh81

      Looks like HTC is going down quicker than expected. It is all about marketshare and profits and HTC is losing ground in both.

    • jak_341

      There is absolutely no way I would buy a HTC phone. They may not be around to provide the small amount of software support they do! Motorola is most likely next on this list. Google can't keep supporting them forever.

  • jay

    I also got a t-mobile note 3 and yes it has a manufacturer defect. The screen has a gap along the left side. You actually insert a piece of thicker paper in it. Sucks..I'm going to tmo to have it replace.

    • yankeesusa

      I would do the same thing. I haven't had any of these issues with any of the home buttons or screens on any of my phones. Only issue I had was a refurbished unit I got from best buy where every time I tried booting into recovery it would just throw the phone into a weird looking screen. Got it replaced and the next refurbished phone is ok.
      Don't know why so many complaints about the note 2 doing the same thing. All 3 of my notes have been fine.Maybe its because samsung sells so many.

  • Eric

    I had this same problem on the Note 2!

  • Reed

    The first Samsung Android device I owned was the galaxy player 5.0. I liked it a little. Then I got a galaxy nexus from Google Play, and I didn't consider it a Samsung phone since it was really Googles phone. I really liked that phone. Right now I have a galaxy note 2. I've had it for 7 months, rooted, running android 4.3 (beanstalk), and I hate this phone. I realized actually I hate Samsung. They can't do anything right without someone else doing it first (design wise), and the way their business operates just... Annoys me. Flooding the market with junky phones and terribly built pieces of crap. And the Samsung fanboys are some of the most disillusional and downright ignorant, right behind the MacHeads.

    If you like Samsung, that's fine. Everyone likes their own different things, and unlike a lot of arrogant android fans, I don't have even a care if people use iphones. Use what you'd like, its your money and it's just a phone. But this article really just reinforces my own opinion that Samsung is really just a shit brand. Poor products, poor software, and a absolutely gross "Me Too!" Attitude. (Everyone bashes iPhone 5s for being 64 bit. Literally the next day, Samsung screams OH US TOO US TOO LOOK AT US WERE MAKING THAT TOO YEA!). they did the same thing for their golden phones, announcing that they made gold phones before apple, like anyone cares. To me, they are a shoddy company, and I personally hope they do wind up dumping android and moving to tizen, if only to watch them drown in the smartphone market. (They have decent TVs)

    Can't wait to ditch this junk for the nexus 5.

    • impu153

      I hate Samsung more for their software shit than their hardware. I hate the fact that TouchWiz, even on the latest "high-end" Samsung devices, still manages to make Android 4.3 look no different from Gingerbread.
      My first Android phone was a Galaxy S2 and believe me when I say I was able to stand no longer than 5 months using that phone. I ditched it only 5 months after buying it and got a Galaxy Nexus. It has been over a year now and my Galaxy Nexus is still kicking ass. Looking forward to upgrading to the Nexus 5 once it is released.

      • Reed

        I agree that the software they make is just beyond awful. Fanboys in denial need only to look at a Galaxy Gear review for that. But km not sure which I hate them more for. On one hand, I always remove touchwiz on any device I own from them because its THAT bad (and I like stock android.). On another hand I've always gotten rid of my Samsung phones because they just physically bother me. My Note 2 creaks and groans when fondled or pushed, the buttons all have always felt loosez and its just physically ugly as fuck. I picked up and play with a big galaxy tab 10 a year ago at best buy, they had one on display. I could push the back of the device up into the motherboard of the tablet. It bent, creaked LOUDLY, and the seams were split open a bit. Really bad hardware. The software was so truly, honestly terrible and ugly looking that I laughed to myself before I left. I hope to do the same when I test out a Galaxy Gear, you know, the device they said would prove Samsung is ahead of apple and a true innovator of good products.... HAHAHAHAHAHHAAAHAHA.

        Also on my earlier point, LG announces they're making flexible displays, and suddenly Samsung says MEEEE FUCKING TOOOO WE'RE MAKING ONE TOO LOOK AT US lol.

        • spydie

          LG didn't announce flexible displays.. they announced CURVED display, there's a difference. There is no flexible battery technology yet, so no flexible displays are possible. If you hate samsung so much, why are you still looking at their products?

    • spydie

      what a bunch of cry-babies. If you don't like samsung, then move on. You won't influence any samsung lovers. We disagree with EVERYTHING you say. I've had them all and Sammy is the best on the market and the biggest/baddest (read that LEADING and POPULAR) android phone developer for a good reason.

      • Reed

        Cry baby? You pretty much just proved my point about Samsung fans. First, you didn't read my post. I said if you like Samsung, that's cool. Use whatever you want. I was very passive about it. But here comes a Samsung fan, ready to start a war over nothing at all. For whatever reason, you people need to become offense and insult everyone who doesn't use a galaxy, or post something like this to feel otherwise superior. Get over yourself dude.

        Next, Sammy sells the most phones because they do what Apple does: market like hell and make everyone think bigger is better. They can't innovate. They can't release a product on their own, and start a new category of device. The Galaxy Gear, one of the worst reviewed products of 2013, is proof of that. They are copy cats. Decent copy cats, for sure, (after all I DID say in my article that I use their phones, am using their phone, and am slightly interested in a S5 if its aluminum). You'd know that I don't disagree that they make decent handsets if you'd read my post.

        Third: the biggest and baddest? In your opinion. You know who the real biggest and baddest are? Google. Google is the Android god. Why? Well they make that software that beloved Galaxies run on, and their phones are the finest experiences you can have with android. The nexus 5 will blow every other single competitor out of the entire ocean in the experience department when it releases, (aside from maybe the moto x). I'm a fan of Google at heart. Not a particular OEM. I'm interested in standing by the king himself, the one that makes your phone possible, and will shape how all future android phones function and work.

        And to reply to your next message, to not waist another space, get real. I'm not looking at Samsung products by viewing this page. I have a lot of websites on the Android feed in my Feedly news app. This site popped up, the title of the article interested me because I wanted to see if other people have experience samsungs poor craftsmanship (which they have, this article is proof that really Samsung is not as bad ass as you think they are), and I clicked to read. I'm not shopping for a phone by reading this.

        Enjoy your Samsung phone. There's nothing wrong with that. I stated that above, but very clearly you took my >>>personal<<< experiences to heart, and its evidently offended you that all the Samsung devices I've owned have physically been defective or shoddily built, and I apologize for that. Like whatever brand you want, thats the point of Android. I'm not trying to change your mind, promise ;).

    • Avery

      "disillusional" is not a word.

      • Reed

        That was so stupid I actually had to come and reply to it.

        Maybe you can complain about android auto correct? It tends to do this sort of thing often when typing on the go.

        • Avery

          Really? It makes up words? How novel. I wish mine did that. LMAO.

        • Avery

          It changes words into non-words?

          What is stupid is going on a verbose spittle-flecked rant, using a non-word, and then blaming it on auto-correct, immediately after proclaiming that others are ignorant.

          OK, maybe not stupid, but ironic and funny as hell!. LMAO.

  • blott

    Rear camera is also squint, tiled to the right.

  • Robbie Knob bit off

    This is wankers ville

  • cdlq456

    The Note II home button is solid, but the power button and (specially) the volume rocker are very loose, is so annoying, thank god I have a case, so I dont have to deal with them

  • Juan De La Rosa

    too big for one handed use

  • http://friskychatter.com/ _jsw_

    This is what happens when the factory uses an iPhone 5s to ensure the home buttons are level.

  • ArKain

    Just call samsung and ask for a replacement, instead of leveraging your blog and readership against it. It's obvious and annoying.

  • Treyvon Martin

    You android fags are nitpicky as fuck

  • Jeroen

    I can notice the play a bit when trying it after reading it. Didn't notice it up until now and I really don't mind. Also, for me, it looks less than on the photos.

  • Big Hand

    You have a tiny palm.

  • lBRAlD

    I wonder if this is actually worth worring about...My wife's Note 3 home button doesn't wiggle as bad as mine. Nearly all buttons have a certain amount of gap space.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    For what it's worth, the Note 3 at my local AT&T store had the exact same issue. Ignored it since I thought to myself hey, this is a demo unit that's been abused to hell. But for you to have this issue on a brand new unit? Troublesome. Very troublesome.

  • Paul

    Poll and button complaints aside, how do you like the Note 3? I mean I love my Note 2, and the only phone that all interested me was the Note 3, so is it every bit the Note 2's successor?

    • lBRAlD

      I absolutely love it.Everything functions as it should, super fast . Very user friendly also.. Well worth the upgrade IMHO.

  • lBRAlD

    I chatted with Samsung customer service and they said it shouldn't have play and I should be able to return it...Will wait a few days before I decide...I doubt it'll have any effect down the road and I'd hate setting new phone up..

  • Standing-in A-Corner

    "...replace my aging Note 2..." are you fucking serious? You should be able to squeeze a little more life out of it than that! It came out less than a year ago. What's the matter with you compulsive upgraders?

    • yankeesusa

      Did you read the post again? He explained why his note 2 is aging. Plus for developers or people who work for an android blog and are constantly doing reviews on new phones technically it is old. No need to get your panties in a bunch

  • paxmos

    LOL...btw, the vote button seems to move around!!!

  • Holy shit is this even serious

    muh autism

  • jim

    lol home button does move but so did my note 2.

  • brak

    The button moving around is the least of my worries with my Note 3 (mine moves a bit, but bounces back into place). I've run into memory problems several times on the thing and was resorting to doing master reboots (and then reinstalling all of my apps) until someone at T-Mobile/Samsung tech support suggested wiping the cache. This has worked the two times the phone locked up on reboot since then. Other than that, it's a great phone and I'm learning to love it. But I worry on every reboot that I'm going to lose everything.

    • Blowntoaster

      you got any dodgy apps installed? still stock / rooted?

      • brak

        It's still stock, not rooted. No dodgy apps that I'm aware of; they all came from either the Play store or Amazon App Store. The built in Lookout program from T-Mobile reports that all installed apps are clean. I did find that running an App2SD program (yes, I'm aware that it can only move apps to the emulated SD, but it was worth trying) caused all sorts of trouble, so it is no longer installed. Lookout reports that I have over 500 apps installed, but only 203 show up in the Applications Window (OK there are a few more than that because they are buried in those stupid folders, but it's only about half of what Lookout is reporting). I had way more apps than this on my Note 2, which I foolishly traded in. The T-Mobile/Samsung lady assured me that this was not too many apps for the phone to handle.

  • July

    Don't be fooled! It's an optical illusion!

  • Benji

    10,375 votes... That's how we roll!!! :-D

  • Neil Casing

    i bought my note 3 on the day it first came out...and i noticed that too...the home button moves, its like loose or something

  • Dave

    This also happens on older Samsung devices. It is just more obvious here :)

    • yankeesusa

      Never happened to any of my phones. Ive ownded several s3 phones, and have had 3 different Note 2 phones.

  • yougottabekidding

    Just have it replaced with a new one that makes your mom happy you spoiled p*ssy.

  • yankeesusa

    If my button was doing that I would return it immediately. Especially if I signed a 2 year contract or paid $300 plus for a phone.

  • Lexster

    There should be an option to say "Yes, but I don't find it nearly as big a deal as you do." That's what I'd choose.

  • danielt8634

    Could anyone who had/has a Note 2 and now has a Note 3 comment on the voice call and speakerphone quality?

    I read a review that mentioned call and speakerphone quality as negatives but I'm looking for comparative feedback from Note 2 owners. Would you say it is better/worse/roughly the same?

    • spydie

      Depending on carrier. My first Note 2 on T-mobile had excellent voice call quality. My new Note 2 on Verizon sounds like crap. I think it's the carrier, not the phone. T-mobile has better voice call quality than anyone, but I don't have any Data in my town and can't live on just voice calls and texting.

      • danielt8634

        You make a good point about the carrier possibly being the culprit.

        And just to clarify: I have the Note 2 and both the general call quality and the speakerphone have been fine for me. That is why I was curious about people who now have the Note 3 and might be able to offer some comparative insight to the Note 2. If it's roughly the same, I would probably be happy. If it's worse than the Note 2, maybe not.

  • spydie

    my Note 2 moves around almost that much

  • Dom

    No crooked home button here...

  • Jerry Dale Nuckolls Jr

    My home button is fine. My power button seems a bit lower on the bottom end(toward the mouthpiece) than on the top end(toward the earpiece). Anyone else noticed this? Should I swap it , out while I'm still in my return policy?

  • phendraana

    *wiggles home button*

    Damn you. Damn you straight to hell for making me notice this. Aaargh.

  • http://www.geordienorman.com/ George Byers

    Samsung products are WAYYY to overhyped.....

  • Syed Alwi

    yesss... i notice this crooked home button since day 1! i go back at the shop and checked all note 3 home button.. loose n crooked. i hate it... i do like my white note 2... hmm...

  • Russell C Lewis

    Mine comes on Tuesday, I'll be keeping an eye out for the flaw... grrrr.

  • Sam

    I Noticed this on my Note 3 also..:(

  • AppleFingeredU

    At least you know it wont steal your fingerprints !

  • Daniel

    How can I Restore Double Tap Home Button for Voice Control ?

  • Fred

    naah mine has a bit of play but not that much..u should return to it Samsung. I love my note 3 and don't mind a fraction of movement on the home button. .duhh. mate get a life

  • Bah

    Thanks for making me notice my crooked home button. Thanks a lot.

  • Antonio Avila

    I noticed it day one, but after while I said... who cares! I really like this phone.

  • Deecee Dashawn Smith

    disappointed with the phone durability. I dropped it less than two feet & the phone does not work @ all now. Mind you this was the first time that i dropped it & it has Gorilla Glass 3. So going back to the galaxy S Series (S4).

  • CJ Thompson

    My issue with my phone is that if I'm in a call, and i want to end the call, I have to press the home button to show the screen, and sometimes that's stuck. The home button does move around, but barely.

  • DeepBlueSeas

    Where are the 64GB AT&T Note 3 phones & why does
    the Samsung Spamware Eat 13GB out of the 32GB model?

    Shoddy coding ?

    Samsung PLEASE Start selling the 64GB Note 3s
    on AT&T & let users uninstall the extra software they don't want,
    and don't need!

  • rossi alvarado

    My button cracked my screen

  • trey

    Ok yes mine does this too but let's just take a breath maybe it is designed this way for a reason. Mine wiggles if it falls off ok I will be pissed! And I don't know if there is truly a perfect phone they mass produce them not hang craft them.

  • brian

    My 1st note 3 had a jiggly home button, & now my replacement, after my 1st device would randomly power off, erase games& apps, also it had the constant security notice...now I have a "new" note 3, with jiggly home button & that constant prevention security notice...I paid $700 for this?!? Samsung has officially dropped the ball...trying to beat their competitors to the sales floor, & we pay for it. Bye bye samsung...This thing should be recalled...

  • Detektive Dan Carter

    odd, my note 3 is solid as a rock, aside from the flimsy rear cover which i plan to replace with something more rigid.

  • andrea

    I just bought my note3 less than 7 days. N it 'hang' twice. What should i do please help..
    Once is aftr taking picture. Once is when i tab setting..

  • tony53220

    It also pisses u off even more if u have a nice shiney blue brushed metal button on it with your name engraved into it, then u can really tell. Its total b.s. I noticed this day one. & like i posted on the xda threads I had to get this thing replaced 3 times cause of wifi issues, luckily all replacements were new because it was in the 1st 2 wks & obviously no refurbs can be repaired to be sent out that quick, but all 3 had the same issue with the home button. Kinda sad for an 800 dollar after tax phone

  • Jilly Kelsie

    I think that's a fair review. However, most people won't find this poll unless they have an issue with the home button in the first place. So chances are you'll find more poll takers saying their button was crooked. (I'm here cos I think i accidentally configured what it does.)

  • That kid greatness

    the button on my note 3 doesnt move at all, nice and tight just like my women

  • Brian Stewart

    hahahas i noticed the same thing on my note 3!! piss poor indeed

  • eviltek

    Samsung's Note 3 smartphone has cool features and utilities than other smartphone in market. And even it doesn't heat in long use. But Home button stuck randomly while using and sometimes Volume button also has same problem. Visit this website for solution


  • Eduardoz

    Yo he comprado el Note 3 y su diseño en cuanto a los botones están bien ajustados..

  • Nowroz Islam

    i had no problem what so ever , but this sure sounds bizarre and rather preposterous. I love my note 3 , bt having a defected home button would piss me off , thats for sure

  • Mark Ray

    I do had this problem, but since I bought Spigen screen protector, it made it more steady. http://www.note3cases.com/galaxy-note-3-screen-protector/

  • AJay

    I'm considering getting the note 3 do you know if it seems reliable besides the home button (which I would like it to have stayed the same as the note 1). Right now my note 1 is to it's end I've replaced it once before for the charging port and then had to buy a new battery because mine was swollen and wouldn't read the battery right. And now the touchscreen is causing it to turn off and just sit and vibrate. I would love to get the note 3 but I don't want to get it if it puts me thru the same thing my note 1 has.

  • VerbalPainter

    I thinks I just fell in love wit a forum based off the banter and shenanigans (whether related to the topic or not). Thank you. Thank you all!!! (Not a "/s" post either. This is a true and correct statement in the most literal of senses.)

  • tteksystems

    My HOME button also jiggles a little. In fact, it does so in the exact same way as the animated GIF. I don't know if this is a problem but it probably isn't supposed to be that way.

    When they were making the glass for the the screens they should have cut for a fit that makes the button secure. I wonder if any of the top glass replacements will encompass the button better. Has anyone replaced cracked glass yet? If so, maybe you did not think to check how the button fit on the old glass, but how does it fit with the new glass?

    The person who set the specs for the size of this hole either made an error with the size of this hole, or this was intentionally done this way. I have to say, since more than 2000 people voted and said their button does not move, maybe it is a defect. Then again, maybe the 2000 people could not see it because the movement was not as pronounced. But there is definitely a possible issue here and I want my button to remain still.

    I never considered myself someone who is OCD. After so many complaints about products these days, I might have to reconsider. I look back at a-lot of my posts on-line and I am really a chronic complainer. If I can't find something negative about a product, I find someone else who has. But all things considered, I love my Note 3. It is a little on the large side but I like that when using it as a tablet. When i use the phone it's usually docked or mounted in my car and the speaker-phone is activated. I think hands free suits me and my life-style very well.

    If anyone wants a Note 3, but prefer a small size for phone use, I think the Galaxy S3 is the best choice. It's included in the list of phones getting the Kit-Kat update, and it will meet all the needs most people have when using a smart-phone. Plus, the size is borderline perfect for carrying in your pocket, purse, on your hip and it fits well on any desk or table and looks like a phone, whereas the Note 3 looks like a mini mini tablet.

    If you add a case, especially with an extended battery, the Note 3 usually doubles in thickness and a-lot of people just prefer smaller phones. After adding an extended battery and case, the size of an S3 will not be a turn off to most people. And the S3 right now is said to be the most popular smart phone in the country. And I can see why. The Note 3, with an extended battery, becomes pretty thick and maybe not very practical as a phone for many people.

  • AER3012

    My button doesn't move around but I have every soft of software error available occurring on the phone (most of the Samsung apps don't work, TouchWiz is screwed and I keep getting the android.com.sec error), the screen freezes, the call quality degrades to the point that it sounds like people on the other end are talking underwater, Bluetooth disengages itself regularly, it randomly turns itself either onto silent or onto roaming mode, the screen freezes and my calls drop out fairly regularly. So right about now.... I wish the only issue with my Note 3 was a moving home screen button :(

  • Bravo

    My button fell out..

  • Alex Baxter

    Lol thanks, I never noticed this but now I realised mine is crooked, also moves when I wiggle it. OCD is in overload............. p.s my note 3 is from Vodafone Australia