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Samsung claims that it has 100 million users of its proprietary ChatON messaging service. With that many eyeballs on your software, it makes sense to give it a little spit and polish, right? To that end they've release the 3.0 version of ChatON to the Play Store, complete with a fresh Holo interface and a few more options. Those of you with Samsung devices are probably getting the update anyway, but the cross-platform chat service is available to most Android devices.

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The new user interface is flat as a pancake, as opposed to the decidedly iOS-style look that was previously featured. Users can now change the background (wallpaper) of My Page, ChatON's social network-style profile page, and add videos, images, and locations to other profiles via the PostON feature. The new version also includes the ability to share content from LIVEpartners (Samsung's partner news and entertainment sites) directly to other ChatON users. It looks like Samsung is really pushing the social networking angle here.

Other than that, there's also a big fix for the push service. Enjoy the new look if you're a regular ChatON user, and if you're not, remember that you can disable bloatware via the Settings>Apps menu on Android 4.0 and higher. Cheers.

ChatON v3.0.533 update includes:

- The new UI design helps you to use ChatON in an easier and simpler way.

- You can change the background of My page as you want and upload multimedia contents such as images, videos, and location information on PostON.

- Share a variety of news from LIVEpartners with your ChatON buddies.

- Abnormal stop issue when using Samsung Push Service v1.2.2 or above has been resolved.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • kataloniz

    its looks like a windows phone app

    • randomchars

      Have you ever seen a Windows Phone app?

      • kataloniz

        have you ever used a windows phone ?

        • bs

          This app is folowing holo guidlines (visual ones). This is example of win phone chat app, and i dont see anything similiar between those two

          • kataloniz

            LOL WTF is Holo its Simply a Microsoft Modern Design Language people blame apple for copying android but the real thief is google who is copying Microsoft your android platform is nothing but a copycat product

        • randomchars
          • kataloniz

            Learn something about Microsoft Modern Design Language then post

          • Vardan Nazaretyan

            Put a brain in your head, then post.

    • http://daddye.it/ DAddYE

      They are not dat bad :D

  • senor_heisenberg

    Yet TouchWiz still looks like it's being designed by people stuck in the Android 2.x era.

    • Brad

      You're being too generous... blugh.

    • Enes Taşdemir

      I am glad they are, then.

    • JohnWalker03

      It's like the easiest thing for them to sort out but they just don't. They implement all these complex OS features like multi window and dozens of other things not found on any other version of Android(not counting NFP roms) but they can't sort out their ugly interface.

      If they just came out with an update to TouchWizz that kept all the features the same and just changed the interface to something really good looking, simple, and closer to stock, the amount of hate TouchWizz gets would probably be halved. It's the biggest(or second) complaint and whoever is in charge of TouchWizz is an idiot.

    • Charles Humphries

      change the default launcher on your phone - ta-da no more touchwiz on screen! Meanwhile, some people like Touchwiz, which is very light on battery and natively supports many features better than others. Others prefer Holo, APex, Nova, Go, and many others, and the licensed versions of these other phones push out as their own "experience". As for the look - Samsung was persecuted and sued for trying to focus on that in a direction inspired by Macromedia - and yet they were taken to court and to the cleaners over it. They probably figure anyone who wants to change it known how to switch icons, launchers, or use WYSIWYG apps to make custom widgets.

      • Slawootsky

        Seems like you don't realize that TouchWiz and TWLauncher are diffirent things.

        • Charles Humphries

          All he asked was that they would keep all the features but change the interface - changing the launcher does exactly that. I understand what you think you read, but I certainly know the difference - that is why I said "no more touchwiz ON THE SCREEN" If you change launchers, you are getting a different interface with its own features, but not losing any of the real power of touchwiz. Some work pretty well too. If you want to totally boot touchwiz off the device - root and flash, but you lose what samsung put on the phone. If you want it off the screen, no problem - Like I said.

          • Slawootsky

            Well, launch the Samsung's ugly SMS app and it's ON THE SCREEN, isn't it?

          • Charles Humphries

            Again, use a different one. you can disable the sms app too. then use tasker, go sms, handcent etc.

          • Slawootsky

            OK, what about Gingerbread-styled dialog windows and settings? The uber-obsolete menu button?

          • Charles Humphries

            I guess I have tried almost every launcher and never felt all did everything until I made my own widgets - which act as my icons. I have ran Android since the launch of Motorola Droid 2 - and it didn't look like my Gingerbread when I bought my Note 2, and it doesn't at all. My whole phone looks like a Red Velvet cake with the White being perfect for icing, and the platinum case having a nice dark chocloate look - so my phone is quite stylish and infinitely functional. As for home button, I like it. but it is not an exclusive use for anything on the phone. I love the home button - and home2shortcut lets you customize its function. In fact, there are people who want "pressy" to put a button BACK on their phone. I use that and tasker to do amazing things, but it also just answers calls when i have gloves on. As for Google Now! it is in the middle of the task manager - and I have it on my clock (made in zooper widgets, on tap open Google Voice Search.)

  • Slawootsky

    I can't believe this is made by Samsung and there are no gradients.

    • Charles Humphries

      being that there is no macromedia to sue Apple, they can claim they created gradients in GUIs.

  • Mystery Man

    what the fuck is chat on

    • bungadudu

      Like whatsapp. Just better. And free.

      • samsparkin

        Better? How?

      • Vardan Nazaretyan

        *And the "worst joke of the year" award goes to...*

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    • Smartss

      Martha you are a leech to society.

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  • theotheruseoneishere

    i dont use the ChatON because it is UGLY. Who is with me?

    • Layman76

      It's not like they changed it to match Android design guidelines or anything

    • Charles Humphries

      You know you can do a good bit of customizing to chaton right? and it battery friendly.

  • farzad