Of all the major broadcast networks, CBS has been the slowest to adopt streaming models. With most of its rivals moving more into online content, CBS is finally responding, which is good for us. The new streaming video app for Android includes schedules, clips, and full episodes – all available for free in HD.

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The app contains a wide array of programs, many of which have multiple full episodes to stream. Video quality looks very good, and plays in both portrait and landscape. You will encounter a handful of ads, though. You can peruse the full episode list or use the schedule to see what's on when. Shows you watch regularly can also be added to your favorites list for easy access.

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The interface is more responsive than you'd expect, and it has both phone and tablet layouts. Not bad for a free streaming app.

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • jayray78



    • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

      Was about to ask about that.

    • PhoenixPath

      Both NBC and CBS need to get on that. Don't see it happening any time soon though...

      • skitchbeatz

        Hulu+ has chromecast support with both NBC & ABC having a stake in the company

        • PhoenixPath

          Welp, I guess that explains why there's nothing decent in the free app.

          I have Netflix and Prime...can't bring myself to add a third (dropped Cable TV ages ago).

          I suppose I'll have to rethink that again here soon...

          • Greyhame

            How do you like Prime? Mostly movies to watch, or TV shows as well? Is that a yearly fee?

          • PhoenixPath

            $79 a year and to be honest, I haven't used the video portion much.


            Netflix has an Android client and now Chromecast support...Amazon doesn't even have the client.

            I have a laptop hooked up to the TV, but all I've really watched on Amazon is old Stargate episodes my boy likes. No idea why they are on Prime but not Netflix...

          • Justin W

            I have Prime, and pay $39/year (Student membership). I don't really use the video portion, but I've looked over the selection if Netflix is missing something and can honestly say if you don't order from Amazon often, stick with Netflix and don't worry about Prime's video offering. It's significantly worse than Netflix's, and Netflix has a much better offering than Amazon (and most shows/movies you find on Amazon are available on Netflix).

          • DirkBelig

            Define "significantly worse" because depending on your tastes, Amazon may have more. For kids they have Nickelodeon and for adults they have a slew of History Channel shows plus Downton Abbey, Justified, Falling Skies, and The Closer as exclusives.

            I use Prime for primarily for shipping because I place 2-3 dozen orders a year (Black Friday week alone pays for itself as I snatch up $5 Blu-ray Lightning Deals) but the lack of Android support for Instant Video is infuriating because they don't screw over Apps, Kindle or MP3 customers, only video.

            The common excuse is that they're trying to get people to buy Kindle Fires, but that doesn't explain why all the other content they sell is allowed on vanilla Androids AND that they support iOS devices including the iPad. If they're will to allow iTards to have Prime Video on iPads, why are Android devices told to take a hike?

  • Christoph

    Can someone upload the APK for non-US users?

    • Tomáš Petrík

      I would be surprised if the stream worked even if you sideload it like this, it is most probably (and unfortunately) geo-restricted too.

      • Christoph

        Yes I know, but if i change my DNS Servers (tunlr.net), it works on their website quite well.

    • Primalxconvoy

      Yes please. Non-US users can then use the app via services like "unblockus".

  • xsirxx

    I wouldnt say "learned". The app wont get passed the splash screen on my s3.

  • Cherokee4Life

    Time to get my Big Bang Theory on, on the go!

  • PhoenixPath

    One Ep of NCIS...

    Phblt...and they still wonder why people torrent?

    • agl82

      Or you could be honest buy the seasons on DVD or iTunes, like most people. I'm sure the actors would appreciate it.

      • PhoenixPath

        "Or you could be honest..."

        How about I be honest...and how about you not immediately assume anyone who posts "...and they wonder why people torrent" is automatically guilty of being a "filthy pirate", ok?

        Sound fair?

        K. Thanks.

        Make sure that high horse your on doesn't crap all over the place while you're here, eh?

  • Asphyx

    And Ladies and Gentlemen THIS is why Time Warner and CBS couldn't agree on a new contract for almost a month....It was never the price that was the stumbling block, It was the fact that the Networks are no longer giving the Cable Companies the rights to stream their content via the internet because they intend to do it all themselves!
    Cutting into the Cable companies lock on TV programming and allowing the rest of us to cut the chord without missing our favorite shows.
    Of course you will notice that doesn't include Sports like Baseball or Football which are already pay to play via their Leagues