LG and Samsung are long-time competitors in the South Korean electronics market, and the two are reportedly racing to release a curved-screen smartphone. Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that LG's curved phone is set for a November release and it will be called the G Flex. Other sources claim the device will be dubbed the LG Z.


The device is said to have a 6-inch screen with a concave curve that runs vertically (like the old Contour Glass screens on the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus). It will use AMOLED technology to make the actual screen curved, which LG doesn't usually employ in mobile devices. Samsung has much more experience with AMOLED and is thought to be on track to release a curved AMOLED device later this month.

We've been hearing about curved smartphones for years, but this time the story isn't going away. Samsung seems to have all but confirmed it is doing something with curved screens at the Korean Galaxy Gear event, and LG never passes up an opportunity to do battle with its archrival. It looks like these phones are going to be a reality, at least in the Korean market.

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • Toss3

    Great to see more Amoled-screens on the market.

  • Ashish Raj

    What's the advantage/benefit of having a curved screen??

    • Thomas’

      Maybe more comfortable to hold?
      It is also less likely to fall on the screen when dropped.

      • Darren Henderson

        Hmmm, in a lot of droptests I've seen, the screens are *less* likely to break when they land flat, and more likely to shatter when they hit a corner.

        • PhilNelwyn

          Yeah, I don't think it would be helpful when the phone is dropped, but when I had a Galaxy Nexus, I liked being able to lay it face down without worrying about dirtying or scratching the screen.

          • lee

            Too bad the Galaxy Nexus' screen scratches like crazy even though it's curved. Or at least mine is.

          • PhilNelwyn

            Yes, there are many other ways to scratch a screen that curvature can't prevent...
            My point is that it prevents scratching/dirtying the screen when laying the phone face down on a flat surface, not that it makes the screen indestructible.

          • Thomas’

            The GN is curved convexly which is less helpful in preventing scratches...

        • Dylan K

          htcs infinity edge on the dna is a perfect example...(got flour from work in ine so i took it out of the case to clean it and promptly dropped it)

        • Cerberus_tm

          Hmm my impression is rather the opposite: while the glass can break when it lands on a corner, it seems to break more often if it lands flat on the screen...

    • Cory_S

      I'd think it be easier to reach the far corners if the glass is curved toward you.

      • Thomas’

        That's a good point. Especially with screens getting bigger and bigger.

    • dimnex

      cause then you won't have to worry about your phone staying put while on a table. Wait... Seriously I see more problems than benefits. I could see a curved screen on a smartwatch but that's it.

      • spydie

        I have a curved E-ink screen on my Phosphor watch

    • Mr E

      I always just assumed it fit your face better when making calls. I'm not sure about anything else.

      • Allwayswrite

        nobody makes calls anymore...probably not the reason

        • dude

          A very incorrect statement, only partially to younger audiences maybe.

      • Jose Torres

        ...but it won't fit in your pocket without that suspicious looking bulge.

    • ProductFRED

      I'm guessing they forgot the Nexus S already did this. Why are they doing this? They don't want to change their current strategy of imitating Samsung. Instead they want to copy them, but release their announcements before they do. How long ago was it that Samsung announced and showed off a curved AMOLED screen? This is why apart from Nexus devices, I don't buy most LG products. They feel like bootlegged Samsung devices. Granted they had a few hits like the Optimus G Pro, but overall they don't have an established identity.

      • techgui

        the display of the nexus s wasnt truly curved tho. The design of it just has the effect of it being curved but its actually not.

  • curvedshaft

    Unless I'm wrong I haven't heard that flexible battery tech is ready for market, so I've seen it speculated that these devices would either have fairly small batteries, or have to have two separate battery modules in back to compensate for the curve that a battery can't go around.

    Would like to know for sure if these are coming to the US or not. I wouldn't think so, Samsung and LG would just be giving their newly released flagships (G2 and Note 3) more competition from their own products, but then again phones are constantly coming out anyway. I'm thinking of getting a G2 but now I feel like waiting to see what these curved devices might be all about. But I have a hunch they will only be in Korea for now.

    • Thomas’

      Flexible =/= Curved

      • Mike Reid

        Yeah, they're trying to confuse us.

  • Serge Boivin

    I can't really see much benefit. The phone will actually feel bigger/thicker when you try to put it in your pocket... unless the phone curve matches your bum curve. Are there any advantages for what gets displayed on the screen? Or is it just so it looks cool when it's against your face?

    • flosserelli

      "Is that a curved LG in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

    • Mike Reid

      Bum curve ? !

      I can't imagine putting a phone in my back pocket; It'd be broken or messed up in no time when I sit and forget.

      Front pockets for me, away from scratchy keys and change etc,

      And pants pockets, not shirts, where stuff spills out when bending over.

      So, flat screen for me. Not much curve in my front pockets.

  • duke69111

    At 6 inches I'm sure the market share that would be interested will be minimal anyway.

    • John O’Connor

      That's what she said!

      Sorry, I just had too.

      • duke69111


  • spydie

    It's just a gimmick that will come and then go away. There's no good reason for it and the battery technology isn't there yet (but making a curved battery (not flexible) can't be that hard). Overall, it won't lay down good back or front. It will fit your back pocket better but worse in the front pocket. Takes a fatter case if you want to carry it on your belt and takes up more room in your purse. There's a lot more bad about one than good. It's just the "I gotta have the latest technology craze" until the owners realize what a mistake it is. It's a flash in the pan and will be gone in a year.

    • Bleakvision

      That craze is pretty much going to be limited to LGs retarded hardware designers.

  • Sakshar Thakkar

    Is it curvable or permanently curved screen?

  • DJRiful

    That would be weird to fit inside my pocket.

  • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

    I just had this question, and thought it would be appropriate to ask it here since this article is about LG. It's not about the curved glass, but the Nexus program. Why does LG make the Nexus 4 (and presumably, the Nexus 5) if Google bought Motorola. Why doesn't Motorola, wouldn't that make more sense?

  • Brandon Fletcher

    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring.....BANANAPHONE!

  • Nem01

    Hmmm I think there is confusion about this news. Curved screen are not new at all (nexus)... shouldn't it be a flexible screen (even the name is LG G Flex). Other website are reporting that it will have a flexible screen

    • Cerberus_tm

      The "new" thing about this seems to be that the layers that has the actual pixels is now curved, in addition to just the glass. There have been phones with slightly curved glass before, but the pixels were still on a flat surface underneath the glass, which was thicker or thinner in places. But now everything will be curved, the glass being of uniform thickness everywhere. I just don't see the advantage of this, however; I want an unbreakable, *flexible* screen!