Without any warning, Google started rolling out Android 4.3.1 (JLS36I) late Thursday night. The first device to receive it is the 2013 LTE Nexus 7 (also known as deb and razorg).

At the moment, it's unclear what exactly the new features and bug fixes in this update could be, but it's worth noting that while Google has patched 4.3 in the past several times, this is the first 4.3 release to increment the version number.

The OTA weighs in at 9.42MB and has the same radio as 4.3 (DEB-G00_2.25.1_0802).

Several users have sent in the OTA urls for various versions of the firmware you may be updating (thanks, TheManii and Peter Kiddier!):

Flashing these is easy and should take just a few minutes using adb sideload.

Since I don't have an LTE Nexus 7, I couldn't grab the screenshots myself. Thankfully, several Japanese and French Twitter (Update: and now English-speaking) users have received the update and posted these:


wm_nexusae0_Screenshot_2013-10-03-22-59-05 4.3.1[12] 4.3.1[7]

If you have an LTE Nexus 7, go ahead and grab your update - perhaps you'll be able to find the differences before we do and let us know what they are.

Thanks, joey kache, TheManii, and others!

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
Most of the time, you will find Artem either hacking away at code or thinking of the next 15 blog posts.

  • Shamu

    Watch it actually be Key Lime Pie...but only if you tap the version number a few times...Epic troll!

  • mgamerz

    I was wondering if there was going to be any 4.3 updates since KitKat is practically already here.

    • Mayoo

      Want to know what I think? Just throwing an idea.

      Lately we've seen almost all major Google apps updated. Now 4.3.1 is out. Nexus 4 is out of stock and here in Canada, they don't even put accessories back in stock for the Nexus 10 (I want the black cover badly).

      I think that Google is pushing all their updates now, so they can go on with 4.4 anytime soon. They would also be clearing "old" stuff from the devices sections to make place for the next Nexus phone and also the next Nexus 10 which has been rumored. With all major app updated, they can manage the upgrade to 4.4's version more easily. For 4.3.1, I think it bring bug fixes (we'll see) that were scheduled to go out with 4.4 but they couldn't afford to wait until KitKat. Also, 4.3.1 might get more adopters than 4.4 from non-Nexus devices.

      This is, again, pure speculation.

  • Peter

    I'm hoping it fixes the issue where my N7 LTE sometimes goes to sleep and won't wake up. Especially when wirelessly charging for some reason.

  • AhmedAlalfy

    I just hope they will unify the code again because that headache they created with two branches .. both users and devs are going crazy here

    • Shitiz Garg

      What two branches?

      • Guest

        I think he's talking about JWR and JSS. The OTA used one while AOSP used the other.

      • Kurt Knebel

        they currently have the source code for the Nexus 7 2013 in a separate branch. Every other device is in the normal branch, so at some point they need to be merged again. The longer you wait the messier the consolidation will get.

        • membrain

          Not if you keep it synced periodically (using reasonably short periods)

    • Chris Pick

      Yeah, what branches? As a user and dev I am not going crazy... What am I missing..

      • AhmedAlalfy

        The JWRxx and JSSxx ... AOSP got two branches of Android 4.3 .,, devs has to deal with two different kernels ... users stuck with stock roms because this deadlocks on the AOSP builds ...

        • Chris Pick

          Thanks for clearing that up.. So by devs, you mean Rom Devs, and by Users, they mean Rom users.. Gotcha.

      • EH101

        I'm guessing he's talking about how the new Nexus 7 has/had its own branch at least at launch because Google didn't want any last minute device specific changes to harm the updates to the other Nexus devices.

        Or something like that. No big deal really.

      • http://randomphantasmagoria.com/ Shawn

        Basically JWR66x is the main 4.3 device tree in AOSP. The N7 WiFi has a separate one, JSS15x and the N7 LTE has its own as well, JLS36x. This was done so that changes to the Nexus 7 2013 wouldn't have the potential to destabilize other device trees. I imagine we'll see them all happily merged back into one once KitKat launches.

  • mikeym0p

    Thank heavens! I hope this squashes most of the problems with AOSP 4.3

  • RPGX400

    I read the first line and immediately jumped to settings. Lol, I literally had this waiting in system updates for me.

  • Vibhor Mittal

    This is not sudden AP...!!! I don't know how, but you guys left this.


    Hope this makes sense!
    Thanks for the update, anyway :)

    • http://www.gameosaur.com/ neoKushan

      Nothing in that post mentions 4.3.1

  • Derrick Coetzee

    I did in fact just get this update on the Nexus 7 LTE. Curious what all is new in it.

  • BigMixxx

    Wonder if that was for Verizon...

    • MindFever

      ...facepalm x|

  • Matthew

    No need to sideload this update, Google is performing a rapid release for this OTA.

    • ReyMaxwin

      My friend lost twrp with one of her updates... Sideloading and manually flashing might prevent against that.

      • Jacob Dagenais

        I updated OTA and it left TWRP.

        • Matthew

          You shouldn't flash OTA updates with custom recoveries anyway, as it can have unpredictable effects. Best idea in such a case is to either restore the stock recovery or wait to flash the factory image via the bootloader.

  • blahmoomoo

    I hope this fixes the reboot bug for the Nexus 4 (maybe other models too?), when its version of 4.3.1 comes out. I suddenly encountered it two days in a row recently.

    • haimn

      Did you have chrome beta? Because it's cause reboot in some versions in nexus 4

      • bL4Ck

        no reboots here, but my nexus 4 randomly lags when i open the keyboard, quite irritating.

        • Roh_Mish

          It happens with me everyone. After keyboard opens the touchscreen sensitivity reduces. Me currently on pa. Happened on 4.3 stock too.

      • http://mwinter.in/ Yan Gabriel Minário

        Random reboots here, and I don't have Chrome Beta.

    • Kevin

      i dont have lag or crashing on my n4...

    • blahmoomoo

      To clarify, I hadn't had a random reboot ever since Netflix was patched, until recently. One time it happened when I locked my phone, put it in my pocket, and pulled it back out again to unlock it. No idea how that happened. The other time, I answered a Skype call while it was locked, and a few minutes in it suddenly rebooted.

      I do have Chrome Beta, but I haven't used it in a while, so unless it automatically runs in the background, I don't think that's the issue.

      Also, I said nothing about lag. Though I have some weird things happen randomly when opening the keyboard with Chrome Stable. Chrome Stable also seems a bit unstable for some reason, causing Android to think it's locked up sometimes, often after I hit back to return to a program I opened a link from.

      • subzero

        There's a known issue with Skype and android 4.3 which effective results in the phone rebooting during Skype calls...Google it

  • Ahmed Faiz

    is it possible we shall see a update for n4 too? as 4.4 is very close this update looks like google are testing somethings for the next release! 4.3.1 is just going for the LTE nexus7 only?

  • frikec

    Might be they fixed the sound loop bug.

  • Kent Krantz

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    • Gnex

      This is probably the most subtle spam I've ever seen!

      • Kent Krantz

        Thank u.

  • mati9815

    Available in poland :)

  • Alex Gourenko

    Yep, just got it this morning in Moscow. 4.3.1 JLS36I

  • wade_county

    So, this fixes everything?

  • Alex Vidrean

    The update is also available in Romania for the Nexus 7 4G version. Installing it now :)

  • Andy

    I've had 2 spontaneous reboots on my Nexus 7 LTE since installing 4.3.1. What have you done Google?? Never had a single crash before this.

  • sachin goral

    I love surprises but they better release it soon for Gnex...
    And I hope the Gnex doesn't get left out from the race to taste the KitKat just cause its a 2 year old phone...

    • Simon Belmont

      I don't think the G'Nex will be left out. See my post above to RitishOemraw.

      It may be a 2 year old phone, but it's still more than powerful enough to handle an update. I'm pretty sure of it.

      • Michael Pahl

        especially if KK is going to be less resource hungry

        • Simon Belmont

          Exactly. I already noticed a drop in RAM usage with Android 4.3.

          I'm guessing we'll see a furthering of that in KitKat. Can't wait.

    • andre08

      probably will get kitkat but i wouldn't expect a ton more after though

    • Mayoo

      It has been rumored that KitKat will be optimized to run on devices with as low as 512Mb of memory.

      I wouldn't be surprised if even the Nexus S gets hit. Would be huge for the Android community and a great marketing move.

      So yeah, I really hope the GNex will get it. But I'll probably buy the Nexus 5 (or "4 2013") anyway.

      • Simon Belmont

        Yep, the G'Nex will get KitKat. I'm getting a Nexus 5 as well.

        However, I will keep my G'Nex updated. A good and trusty backup phone.

  • Cristi

    In romania to!

  • RitishOemraw

    I wonder if this will be the alst official update to hit my Gnex.....I am not sure wheter it can expect to see KitKat drippling down to it., just like when the 3rd Nexus phone came, the update didn't hit the N1, the fourth Nexus phone update didn;t hit the Ns and maybe now the fifth won't hit the gN

    • Simon Belmont

      I'm pretty sure the Galaxy Nexus will see Android 4.4. It still has powerful enough hardware to run it and Google has said it would continue update devices that can handle it.

      Besides, the Nexus One saw Eclair, FroYo and Gingerbread, the Nexus S saw Gingerbread, ICS, and Jelly Bean. So, the G'Nex should (at LEAST) see ICS, Jelly Bean, and KitKat.

      • RitishOemraw

        I hope you are right! It would be better for everyone and I wouldn;t mind sporting two phones with KitKat myself :D

        • Zach Mauch

          Kit Kat is said to be more efficient and run better on old hardware than jelly Bean. Consequently, I'd be shocked if the GNexus didn't get updated.

          That said, why would you stick with the GNexus after the Nexus 5 releases? You could probably still get around $200 for the G Nexus and the Nexus 5 will likely be no more that $400, but likely less. Might cost you as little for the upgrade as $100. It will offer a lot over the original GNexus. Besides performance, you get LTE, a bigger screen, a better resolution screen, all in a slightly smaller package.

          • Simon Belmont

            Like him, I'll probably be keeping my G'Nex too. It will make a good backup phone should disaster ever happen to my Nexus 5, especially if it's getting updates from Google.

            Plus, I have a soft spot for it. It was my first Nexus phone (2012 N7 was my first Nexus tablet). Although, my FIRST Android phone ever was a Sprint HTC Hero way back in 2009. Boy, time flies.

          • RitishOemraw

            Those are rumours....they said that about the last version of android too. (the efficient, better on old hardware stuff)

            I will get the nex5 almost no matter what, but I won't toss my Gnex nor sell it....I'll root it, experiment with it...maybe use it with Cheapcast as a Chromecast device or whatever....it still works great, so shame if I tossed it...worst case scenario...my brother who now uses my N1 will use it and I will get my N1 back :P

  • Jacob Dagenais

    Got it this morning. :-D

  • Simon Belmont

    Looking forward to hearing what the update includes. Any update, no matter how small, is interesting.

    Perhaps this is just a "laying the foundation" for Android 4.4 update. Who knows.

  • Bertha L. Blair

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    • QwietStorm

      Your dad named you Bertha. He doesn't care about you.

  • Carlos Paixao

    This might be a requirement to prepare, in order to further upgrade to kitkat.

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  • bojan knezevic

    android 4.3 changelog:
    - changed number from 4.2 to 4.3

    android is at point where Google thinks is good, and next step is only integrating ads.

  • Someone on the internet

    I hope for more privacy improvements and less ways for ads to invade our devices but it's google we're talking about obviously that will never happen.

  • Ulrik Djurtoft

    I am hoping that Samsung is going to push this update, because I am still stuck with 4.2.1 on my european Galaxy Nexus, and Samsungs customer service doesn't even know if there will be any more updates... Yakjuxw is even further behind than the Verizon Galaxy Nexus...

    • Testraindrop

      Sorry but you have a Nexus, update yourself, its no Rocket science.

      Go to XDA.

      • Ulrik Djurtoft

        I know it is easy, but it is suboptimal that the european Nexus users has to flash another rom to stay up to date, instead of an official OTA.

  • Red

    Does this fix the hotspot feature that was taken out in the previous build?

  • josh

    Didn't fix everything..... Dish anywhere broke with 4.3.1. Playback in sq mode only. Will not play HQ mode.

    Confirmed dish/sling work to other devices...reloaded dish app on nexus 7...no go. Kinda pissed.

  • Anyway


  • Edgar Martinez

    I have a nexus7 which is in awesome conditions, I would love the new one, but I would love to send my tablet to the nexus incorporation and pay 75% discount on the new nexus, I just love to have a back Camara but unemployed can't afford $229. :-( any one with a idea please gmail me, [email protected]. I'm just one of the poor that really can't afford to pay full price but can come up with my nexus 7 and little bit of money in my piggy bank, not much :-) thank you

  • Rolf

    Seems to have fixed Bluetooth issue. Haven't noticed anything else yet.

  • mjku

    I'm a bit disappointed by the updates. I had a perfectly functioning touch experience on my Nexus 7 2013, but the updates seemed to have desensitized it a bit. I often have to tap twice now to do something.

  • Peter

    So android-4.3.1_r1 was just pushed to AOSP. Interesting bit is that there is a commit to 'disable app ops for real' however it still seems to work on me.

    Assuming I did it correctly, here is the changelog from JLS36C to JLS36I:

    b040b9d bump version to 4.3.1
    df5cf16 JLS36I
    b8b9423 JLS36H
    f3b45a8 JLS36G
    f45dce2 "JLS36F"
    62f8c78 "JLS36E"
    037141a "JLS36D"
    27f5b90 Add mobile_provisioning_apn.
    71dcbc3 Default AT&T tethering and MHS modes to off
    4b3af99 Remove noauto_da_alloc and add nomblk_io_submit for safer eMMC Add errors=panic for better recovery
    5ba4e01 deb: set swappiness to zero
    5bed3d1 Enable hspa being distinguisable for Deb.
    07585a1 deb: set correct value for battery.capacity
    0e21cf7 init.flo.rc: Enable frequency synchronization on thread migration
    d7a48fe Revert "Disable hotspots."
    5638097 Disable hotspots.
    4cee7ed Add OEM=NEXT for verizon config.xml
    c091568 Set /persist/ssn and 60isn to permission 664
    e3ce066 Allow configuration of GsmUmtsOptions based on mcc/mnc.
    7f1e6b4 Display Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese carriers name
    ec8e4b7 auto-generated blob list
    3012265 Add mobile_provisioning_url.
    f43a286 ATT requirement: Modify tcp max receive windows size.
    6062486 deb: Do not auto start CABL
    163e245 Enable SMS receiver on deb
    1375200 deb: update camera kernel headers
    206533e Fix and simplify mcc config.xml specific values.
    7abccb5 deb: update camera kernel headers
    10afb90 Add config_show4GForLte false to US carrier config.xml
    8e301f5 auto-generated blob list
    2d30abc deb: Start ppd when surfaceflinger is running
    9492849 Remove telephony features (for phones) from deb.
    8ccdf0f Add config_dontPreferApn configuration.
    5056f42 Camera: modify /persist/camera_calibration permission
    1aadaf6 Fix network access on aosp_deb
    b29957b auto-generated blob list
    d58b900 Fix white LED permission.
    acd9847 Removed partition "modem" which does not exist
    1cc126b deb: Clean up init script and fix encryption.
    162859f Update headphones volume warning threshold
    27a6f95 Update deb overlays with tablet settings (not phone)
    e2ee381 Remove trailing slash.
    5c2fc9b Change default wallpaper.
    1a5d0f9 Add telephony features to deb-only config
    4a6759c deb: set autobrightness mode on by default
    2c11366 Fix NFC & Camera
    ec0b3bb Deb: NFC: Fix HAL library name for Deb.
    1b90e95 deb: fix recovery code
    309f943 Fix deb camera library.
    966b864 auto-generated blob list
    7135a7b deb: adjust auto-brightness curve
    0031fb8 Add support for aosp deb build
    9a8859d Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
    bcb0f77 auto-generated blob list
    2ebd7d1 Skeleton makefiles
    0c82481 Do not always call setIsConnectedToProvisioningNetwork(false)
    d3b2056 Do not change NetworkInfo.DetailedState.
    c6070de Add support for handling mobile provisioning networks.
    f860f85 DO NOT MERGE: MDST is not ready until connected to DcTracker.
    aa2e361 In isMobileOk don't execute finally if mobile data is not supported.
    b762811 Add support for a provisioning apn.
    1ddafa6 Make EnableFailFastRefCounter a singleton.
    d107040 Disable AppOps for real.
    0c8ea05 Use correct action string for provisioning.
    7117fb2 Use MOBILE_PROVISIONING_ACTION for manage mobile plan.

  • su

    I would to upload too. My phone is samsung galaxy note 8.0
    I can download it now? I live in Germany.


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