If you like your phone to be more like a tablet, then it's hard to overlook Sony's massive 6.4-inch Xperia Z Ultra. Admittedly, it takes a certain type of person to show interest in a phone this big, but one thing's for sure: those who love big phones really love big phones. If the Z Ultra is the big phone for you, Sony just announced an awesome accessory for it. Say hello to the Power Cover CP 12. Catchy.

The PCCP12 (hahahah) is a case, cover, stand, external battery, and stylus all in one. It's brilliant, and it looks downright gorgeous on the Z Ultra.


It's packing a whopping 3,000mAh battery in its shell – when you're ready to juice up the Z Ultra simply hit the charge button. Poof. The case also comes with its own magnetic connector so you can charge it and the phone at the same time. Nice.

When you want to sit back and catch a flick on your TV-sized phone, the PCCP12 has you covered, because it's also a stand. Oh, and it includes a stylus so you don't smudge up the display during the movie. This is Sony looking out for you.

On the downside, we have no idea how much it costs. Or where you can buy it. Or when that's going to change. Can't win 'em all, I guess. What you can do, however, is visit the source link for more info.

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Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Theratchetnclank

    That is actually awesome. Almost makes me want the phone.

    • smeddy

      Almost makes me want it too - love these types of accessories.
      This or the Galaxy Note 3?

      • Matthew Merrick

        honestly? i'd go with this, unless you need a camera flash or a removable battery.

        • Leonardo Rojas

          I'm between the Note 3 and this Z Ultra. I see the Note 3 as something else apart from raw high performance, it looks to have several very interesting and useful features *-* The Z Ultra has several of the same but differently implemented, I think. But the Note 3 looks a bit more "complete" ¿? How do you see it?

          I'd love to get the Z Ultra and at the same time enjoy most of the features of the Note 3, like multiwindow, mm them all seem useful. How could I achieve this so I don't miss the Note 3 somehow?

          Help me? ._.

          • Joshua Hill

            Not sure what custom roms offer multi-window and other tabone style features but that's where I'd look to solve your dilemma.

          • Leonardo Rojas

            I was thinking more about using some apps to replace most Note 3 goodies. Custom ROMs, no, actually I don't like any.
            Am I having to buy both? :(

          • Joshua Hill

            Well personally, unless you pay another $200+ for the case with battery I'd be worried about the low 5 hour lte web browsing battery life on the Sony.

          • A.R. Oz Vessalius

            well, I have the Z ultra. For the Multiwindow z ultra will offer you a on top of the screen browser, calculator (which I think could use some enlargement), notepad, sketch, voicenote and a timer. That's the closest thing you can do with it as far as multiwindow speaking. Upside is, its waterproof.

          • Leonardo Rojas

            Hi. Thank you for your reply!
            As my Razr I was stolen a couple of weeks ago I had to buy a replacement. I got the Xperia ZL. It's very beautiful! And I see what you mean by the small apps. They should use better the large resolution available.
            I'll see if I have some spare money and try to get the Z Ultra anyway.

        • Joshua Hill

          Or just a better battery in general. Without this case the Z Ultra's battery is pretty poor. The note 3's battery is best in class like the preceding Note's were.

      • http://daddye.it/ DAddYE

        go with this, they are awesome products, far to be perfect but no one is, I really like the new Z series (I own a Z1) and is absolutely amazing.

      • Leonardo Rojas

        Yesterday I played for a while with the Note 2 and if the Note 3 hasn't been improved a lot in its stylus interaction, I'd say I wouldn't use it, so, no Note 3 for me, hello Z Ultra n.n It's yet to be decided,but the Z Ultra is ahead so far.

        Btw, I played with the ZL too,it's really really nice!!!!!!! How destructive can be bad comments and subjective reviewers! Its display is much, much better than comments said, the poor viewing angles, what? Almost unnoticeable!!! The quality of the display is definitely outstanding man! And it's very very fast, it seemed faster than my Razr i o.O

        I liked so much its UI. I think I'm ready to buy the Z Ultra! It'd be a steep and un-fun learning curve if I'd go with the Note 3,I think. I very much liked the ZL n.n

        So, you can try both and decide, as I tried these 2 and liked much better the ZL.

    • Joshua Hill

      I was thinking the exact same thing. A 6.4'' phone is just too big, but with this case you can carry it around unobtrusively, sit it on desks at meetings, e.t.c.

  • TY

    There we go, a mini tablet with phone capabilities, 6000mAh battery, included stylus, and a stand.

    • Leonardo Rojas

      Yeah, but how much $$$ for the nice case? :(

      • TY

        About $90, I guess. Typical 3000mAh external batteries from Sony should cost around $50 (officially). And then official cases which usually costs around $30. Then add a stylus.

        • Leonardo Rojas

          Nice guess! Thank you!
          I'd definitely buy it at that price! I think I'd pay up to $120
          Looks really useful.

  • narctic

    This looks like a really good package if the nexus 5 doesn't pan out for me I may lean towards buying this instead.

    Do you guys plan to do a review?

  • hurrpancakes

    Now if they'd release this for the Xperia Z Tablet, I'd buy it!

  • Ishimaru

    Did you guys ever review this phone?

  • Jason Bailey

    The dimensions are definitely wrong on the sony website though lol Listed as 94x81x3 when the Z Ultra itself is 179x92x6.5, someone has dropped the ball there. Anyone know the correct dimensions?

    • Matthew Merrick

      you sure its not a metric to inches thing? seems like it might be, but i'm too lazy to actually convert.

      • Jason Bailey

        Absolutely sure. The case is listed as 3.7 inches high and 3.19 inches wide, the phone itself is 7 inches tall and 3.64 inches wide :-) I have one lol

  • ralm

    3000 mah extra! Nice!

  • loQ on

    I love this phone baaaad. I'd like to know if there's a dock for the stylus. Annnnd I'd reeeeally want to know if it's coming to any U.S. carriers(especially at&t)??? Cmon Sony let me know, I comb the internet every single day looking for this information to no avail. I'm not in a position to buy it outright, & I'm dead smack in the middle of a 2 year contract. I want this phone so bad that if it's a T-Mobile exclusive I might even flip. Anxiously awaiting info.......

    • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

      I sold my existing AT&T phone and it paid for most of the Z Ultra. Using mine on AT&T right now actually.

      • Leonardo Rojas

        Have you seen Erica Griffin's video review of the Z Ultra? She spotted some concerning "issues" in the display. Like Sony's tricks to make colors more vivid that in the other hand affect color accuracy in some cases.
        Would you, please, check it out and let us know what's your opinion about it? Concerning or not? Unnoticeable? Manufacturing defects?
        Please help us. Would you?


        • Joshua Hill

          Wow thanks for this amazingly in depth review. Don't think that display issue is a defect. While it would be nice to have somebody else do as in depth an analysis on the display and it's image manipulation I have no reason not to believe what Erica reported.

          • Leonardo Rojas

            Yeah. But I'd like someone to state some feedback about these defects/issues. Are they that bad? Are they software related so fixable through an update? I wonder.

          • Joshua Hill

            It's all in Erica's review. As I stated it's not a defect. It is software related. Doesn't look like out can turn it off without a bit of tech know how. You can see the effect in the video and judge for yourself otherwise just get somebody else to by your phone for you.

      • loQ on

        That's awesome man, I envy u that. I have the original note & from what I understand I can't get much for it. The at&t compatible ultra is $730 on newegg. That's heavy(especially with the 2 new consoles comin & a gf that isn't exactly thrilled with my tech interest, lol). But I do need to start selling the toys sooner, my problem is that I research what I like so I know I'll be ok with it for the long haul but now the phone tech is evolving so rapidly it's hard for me to keep up. Enjoy your Ultra, hopefully one day soon I'll join u in havin the dopest handset on the market(Imo, & for now) . As to the comments below Ms Griffin in closing says how much she loves the phone & that it's her everyday driver.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    OK I'll be buying this once it's out. I like being able to charge my device in my pocket. Posting from my Z Ultra right now btw.

  • http://kawangeek.com/ EddyGeek

    I hope the case also waterproof... seriously

  • Matthew Fry

    I want this for my tablet go.

  • Leonardo Rojas

    This video review has concerning findings about the Z Ultra's display (physical and techs).
    Could anyone tell if this is something noticeable or worrying, about color accuracy, specially.


    I don't care if the display is the most stunning of all times, I'd simply like it not to have issues.
    Thank you for your opinions!

    Btw, the video is long, but worth it, and it's time framed so you can easily find the part about the display.

    • Jason Bailey

      All I can tell you is she got given a very hard time over on the Z Ultra forum on XDA. I find the display on mine excellent, there is some debate as to if Sony has installed 2 different screens.

      • Joshua Hill

        It just goes to show you can't believe everything you see on the internet. Even if it's on xda. Personally having watched most of Erica's review and having some experience with both display hardware and digital image manipulation/processing I have no reason to doubt Erica's findings. Could you link the xda topic because a quick Google didn't make it readily apparent to me. I'd be curious to hear what some users on xda are saying.

        • Jason Bailey

          here you go buddy... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2386119&highlight=blacks&page=18 I think most people are very happy with the display despite the objective measurements etc. However I think its very hard for people to be objective and you're always going to get some pushback/resistance in device specific forums.

          • Joshua Hill

            Thanks. There's no such thing as a perfect display and there never will be. I'm looking at getting a Z Ultra as an upgrade to a SGS2. I know the Sony display will be more accurate than a few generation old Samsung OLED display. Seriously the worry some people put into the final 1% accuracy of a phones display seems silly to me. It's not like it's a professional monitor that someone is using for image work where colour accuracy is paramount. There are more important things to quibble over on a smartphone imo.

          • Leonardo Rojas

            I think I'm ready for the Z Ultra. This accessory made it complete, I think n.n

          • Joshua Hill

            Haven't read it all yet but this really makes XDA look bad. Talk about a lot of useless and rude posts in reply to the detailed and time consuming to gather, information Erica is reporting.

      • Joshua Hill

        There was some talk that the 3G and LTE version may have shipped with different displays. Hopefully someone will figure a way to check for the screen included based on the serial no. or some similar easy check.

    • Mike_from_Saskatoon

      I have the Xperia Z Ultra and I've never noticed any problems with colour accuracy. All I've noticed is that it looks positively gorgeous. I've had it a week now and I can't go back to my old iPhone's 3.5" screen.

  • the0987654321

    I know some people will like the stylus this has, but I think this Brando one might be a little slicker. No cover, either, but I don't see that as necessary, either.


    • Jason Bailey

      I have that on order from them, but would prefer a little more protection for the device. It was a cracking price though so I couldn't resist, even for occasional use.

  • LemonPowerForce

    Double battery, portable stylus and stand? This solves all the problems I had with this phone!

    Shame I already bought a Note 3...

    • LemonPowerForce

      Ok, maybe not all - it doesn't have a built in flashlight. And I guess it makes it harder to use one-handed, something that I could only just about do anyway.

      Still, if this had been released 2 weeks ago, I could definitely see a different decision having been made.

  • Ekhem

    Pee-ssisipi - the river of pee, so I guess it survives being dropped in a toilet? xD

  • lettcco

    while they are at it, add a LED light on the case by the camera hole and I am sold!

  • Jason Bailey

    Here is a link to the full user manual http://www-support-downloads.sonymob...277-5591.1.pdf

    Edit..... Im sooo annoyed at these dumba$$es.. See page 4 of the manual... You have to remove the phone from the cover to charge the cover!!!!!! Epic Epic Epic Fail

    • Leonardo Rojas

      I'd take the page 5's statements as correct. The ones on the page 4 wouldn't make sense for an accessory like this.
      Thanks for the link!

  • julianjwong

    This looks great and Im keen to see how much it sells for. I bought a Sony Xperia Z Ultra and have started up a fan page for all those who are interested. Check it out at http://xperiazultra.weebly.com/

  • Central Bank Tapering=Crisis

    Do you think its possible to fit the phone with the case in your jeans pockets? I can already fit my Z Ultra in my front jeans pockets but would this be too much?

  • Lim Jia Nian

    Make a red or light brown version and I will be getting one~ =)