Even if you're not paying for Rdio's streaming music service, you can now get your groove on with the mobile app. In an effort to attract more users from Spotify and Pandora, Rdio has made its personalized radio streaming service free in the app. The new feature goes live later today with an app update in Google Play.


Rdio has 10 different station types, including those based on artists, genres, songs, and the hyper-personal "You FM." There's no offline caching, and you can't queue up specific songs, but Rdio does have over 20 million tracks to pull into the radio stations. If you want to move beyond the radio stations, Rdio is $9.99 per month.

Both paid and free users can also enjoy two new radio-oriented features. First, there are new stations based on albums and playlists. You can also share your stations with friends now. The free radio deal will be available in the US, Canada, and Australia.

[Rdio Blog]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Lawats Lord

    Well at least some company cares about us in Canada!

    • Ivan

      Use Vpn (tunnelbear) make registration in Spotify and you will take care for yourself :-))))

      • Grimmjow

        how will that work in mobile though?

        • Ivan

          You get free radio from spotify :-) No need to pay to listen on mobile.. And of course you can pay to use everything :-) Once you are registered you don't need Vpn for spotify to work you can listen as long as you want.. Pc version everything is free with ads :-)

          • Grimmjow

            I am already using on desktop. I'm asking about mobile. How can i use Rdio on mobile outside the US?

          • Ivan

            Spotify on mobile only works Spotify Radio... No need vpn... For Rdio you can use it like me, with Vpn (Tunnel bear, Hotspod shield) Choose one of them and you are ready to go :-)))

  • RTWright

    You know, I've tried Pandora for a long time, then Slacker and even a few other oddball streaming music sites. I still to this day employ Jango as my main, it's 100% free and has no restrictions on play usage like some others. I think between that, iHeart Radio and PowerAmp I'm pretty much covered for music.

  • Colin Kealty

    funny thing is I installed this about a week ago when I was looking for music streaming apps, had just gotten unlimited data plan, but wanted a way to try it out first before paying 10$ for something I might use for an hour! Thanks rdio + android police for letting me know :D

  • ChainsawCharlie

    Maybe I dont fully understand this, but tenner seems like much.

    • Mike Reid

      You got it all wrong.

      It's 9.99, MUCH cheaper than 10.00, by at least a dollar it seems.


    • atlouiedog

      For $10 you listen to all of the music that you want on their service. You decide each and every track or have it create a radio playlist. You can stream it or sync it to your device for offline listening.

      For $0 you can can still do the radio streaming but without the ability to pick individual tracks or sync music for offline listening.

  • spydie

    AND...... you can get SirusXM alacarte (50 channels you select) on the SiriusXM Starmate 5,6,or 8 for $7.99/mo with a current promotion of $5/mo for the next 6 months. Why would anyone pay for internet streaming and then pay for the data it takes? duhhhhh......