Most developers who use the Google Play beta program don't seem to make monumental changes, but Twitter is really taking the beta label seriously. A few weeks after rolling out a completely new UI to the beta app, Twitter has updated the interface substantially again. It's cleaner in some places, but less so in others.

2013-10-04 03.16.12 2013-10-04 03.17.14

Twitter is noodling around with different ideas for v5.0 of the official client. The last big UI shift was 5.0.0-beta 16, and this new update is 5.0.0-beta 18. The general vibe is still the same, but the tabs have been vastly cut down – it's just Home, Discover, and Activity now. A number of items have been transplanted to the action bar, like like messages and notifications. Keep in mind that the notifications area is where all the replies are, so it seems bizarre to demote it to the action bar. The compose button has been removed from the action bar to make room and now resides in a line of semi-transparent floating buttons at the bottom of the screen with links to the camera and gallery.

2013-10-04 03.16.52 2013-10-04 02.55.37 2013-10-04 03.21.56

The other immediately noticeable change is the removal of hamburger navigation. You've just got the three tabs and the action bar, which are all front and center. The only loose end is the profile link, which has been crammed in the overflow menu. This makes no sense to me, but I suppose it's beta for a reason. One last thing – still no tablet UI. If you're in the beta program, the update should be live now. See below for some examples of the previous beta interface.

nexusae0_Screenshot_2013-09-12-12-36-46 nexusae0_Screenshot_2013-09-12-12-36-52 nexusae0_Screenshot_2013-09-12-12-37-20

If you are not in the beta, you won't see the updated app.

[Thanks, @TheNewsHQ]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • ralph

    I like the new design more.
    However, I wish they would let the 3 tabs at the bottom auto hide some how.

    I also wish they would add videos (youtube) preview in the timeline like they did with the images.
    Another color for hashtags within the timeline would be easier on the eye as well.

  • Stacey Liu

    Good. Having both a hamburger menu and tabs was redundant.

  • Andrew Bockus

    I can't figure out for the life of me how to join their beta program...

    • Jeffery Keel

      The beta program is full, that's why I asked for the .apk

      • Hothfox

        I had joined their beta program before they actually started releasing betas, and I still wasn't able to download their "official" beta. Have been needing to find .apks

        • NickTenn

          How did you join?

          • Hothfox

            I just clicked on some links and buttons. I can't remember now. I think I joined their Google group and at that point you're presented with the links to opt it.

  • NoPovertyPimps

    These are welcome changes. Looks like the devs are actually making use of the telemetry data - in a good way.

  • Jeffery Keel

    Would someone be willing to share the apk, please? :)

  • Sean White

    Am I the only one who likes the current black tabs with the icons instead of text?

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    I'd appreciate an apk if you don't mind posting one. Unfortunately, not all of us are in the beta program.

  • dtraini30

    Am I the only one that won't get notifications on my phone but can get them on my tablet? Every time I try to turn them on on my Moto X, there is always "a problem with updating your notification settings." Anyone have a fix?

    • Wazzifer

      Login to Twitter on the Web, go to the permissions and revoke twitter for Android. Clear data and cache of the twitter apps on your phone and tablet and relogin. You would want to write down a couple of security codes if you're using code generator.

      • dtraini30

        That worked! Thanks a ton, man!

  • Hall
    • Ray

      You little ripper. Thanks!

    • Jeffery Keel


    • xXG4Xx


    • Jellyface86

      Dude it keeps on crashing on my s4

      • dhelfinstine

        Clear data in Application Settings. This worked for me. I had to remove my device from security logons (if you have 2-factor authentication) and re-add it, but otherwise it logged me in no problem. No further crashes on my S4.

      • Rebecca George

        Clean your cache, if that doesn't work. Report a Bug directly to Twitter. Right top corner.

    • Mohamed Sayed

      in this update, we are missing few tweets from timeline

  • raytheI.Tguy
  • NoPovertyPimps

    New Twitter Alerts option in Notifications settings ... not sure I've seen that before.

  • miri

    I'm thoroughly pleased as well as disappointed. I like how everything's been simplified but I miss the Google Play-style tabs and the having 3 tool bars makes it feel a tad cramped, especially without quick-return.

  • Matthew

    They need to remove the hot keys for fav, rt, and reply and have it just as a long press to make each tweet look cleaner. A darker theme would be nice. Sliding to right should bring notifications. Inline preview for instagram like Falcon Pro and others.

    • miri

      Android's guidelines dissuades hiding actions behind long presses and having the resulting dialog cover replace the selected content.

      • Matthew

        Did not know this. I'm sure they can change their own guidelines or provide options pff

      • Merri Mogridge

        Google+ once again seems to have its own set of guidelines!

  • Jeff718

    Does this official app keep your spot in the timeline?

  • whispy_snippet

    Less tabs at the top is a major, major improvement. It was ridiculously cluttered in the last beta.

  • http://www.jugarjugar.net/ Jugar Jugar

    I've updated it and enjoy the fruits of their innovation to a significant number. It's great

  • http://www.jugarjugar.net/ Jugar Jugar

    I've updated it and enjoy the fruits of their innovation to a significant number. It's great

  • http://billvinson.com/ Bill Vinson

    Just from the screenshots, I would prefer the hamburger menu to tabs. Also, they need to elevate lists to being more easily accessible.

  • a.d.AM

    Where are lists?? Why is this never in the official android app???

  • RyanFree

    The App keeps crashing upon opening on my HTC One, using both links posted here :(

    • Aravind

      wipe data once and it is alright. i used titanium to wipe data.

  • Matthew Fry

    "...like like messages and notification"

  • Rebecca George

    That's not the update I have.