Like most social networks, Instagram doesn't cost a cent to use, but it costs billions of them to own and run. Facebook paid a pretty penny to acquire the network last year, and the time has come to recoup those costs. Soon Instagram will start dishing out ads in the middle of your feed, and it will do so in a way Facebook users should already be familiar with.


The rollout is expected to take place over the next couple of months to users in the US, at which point they will start seeing the occasional ad pop up in their Instagram feeds. Since this will be unfamiliar at first, the team plans to start slowly and intends to introduce high-quality photos and videos from brands that are already prominent members of the Instagram community. Users will be able to hide ads they don't like and provide feedback explaining why.

These may not be Facebook ads, but they sure sound like them. I wonder how many of you will start marking all of them as "offensive" and "against my views."

Source: Instagram