Telenav's Scout for Android app already guides users throughout their daily commute, points out nice places to eat, helps them keep up with local events, and pinpoints gas stations with low prices. Now the versatile navigation app is gaining a new ability that makes it much easier to coordinate and travel to events with friends. The app will track multiple users and provide each with a real-time look at where each person is and when to expect them to arrive.

Scout2 Scout1

Each user just has to send out an invitation to all of their smartphone toting friends. Scout will generate a short URL and send it via text. Clicking the link will launch Scout for those who have it and an HTML5 turn-by-turn interface in the web browser for those who don't. You can then see other peoples' estimated arrival time or even follow them on the map.

This method is far less tedious than having to call and text everyone to ascertain where they are, and it's much safer than texting those who are late because they're stuck in rush hour traffic. It's free, so there's little reason not to give it a try, and it might just make everyone a little less cranky the next time you all get together.

Source: Telenav

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • gk1984

    By the multitude of comments, I see this is a very popular app that offers GPS navigation. If you want more than that, it's a monthly fee, at least with Sprint it is. If only something better and free existed...

    • Arsalan Afzal

      This version of telenav is completely free, no subscription at all. That's just sprint trying to rip you off

      • gk1984

        It's free to use on Sprint too. But things like traffic are extra. Maybe that's not the same here?

    • José Daniel Gómez de Segura


  • eclectice

    Nice! But, the feature of knowing where your friends are in real time (especially useful during convoy) via app or web is already available on Waze for free among other free features on Waze since 3.7.0.

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