Sony knows you like playing pinball, but they also know you tend to reach for the volume rocker after you launch the ball into the first bumper and it sets off a cacophony of sound. They know that all that pinball experience needs to be perfect is background music that overpowers those obnoxious pinball sound effects. So they've brought in hits from rock bands both new and old to provide the soundtrack for Pinball Rocks HD, an experience Sony's pitching as the loudest pinball game ever. It's well-rated on iTunes, but now that it's available on Android, it's really ready to rock.

Pinball3 Pinball4 Pinball5


This free rock club is jammed with content, with over twenty missions and three bonus games. The pinball machines are a thing of a beauty, with some ranging from the usual velvet and neon affairs to toxic wastelands and rundown barren streets. But at the end of the day, it's all about the music. A new song plays whenever you crank out another ball. Some of the machines pay due respect to some of the performers.

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Bands include the likes of AC/DC, Alice in Chains, Three Days Grace, The Sword, Norma Jean, Anvil, Bullet For My Valentine, Slayer, and many more. There are in-app purchases within the app where you can purchase tracks and download them into your music library, along with the option to acquire cheats to enhance gameplay. These things aside, this experience is available for free.

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  • Oobiewan

    incompatibile with my nexus 7 and galaxy nexus...

    • Guy

      Works on my N7 2013

      • Oobiewan

        i checked it, in browser it says it's incompatibile, on my NN7 it says not available in my country...

        • http://twitter.com/phonecount StalkyTheFish

          Oh yeah. Anything involving music is going to be tied up in all kinds of regional rights bullshit.

    • Trina S

      That's odd. It installed and said my 2012 N7 was compatible.

  • http://www.parajuegos.info/ Para Juegos

    This is it I really want to learn it. I will take the time to learn it so much

  • ChainsawCharlie

    Interesting combination, will give this a shot.

  • James Sarino

    Finally! I won't hear my friend rub it in that this game is only for iOS anymore. :-) I want to play it and hear AC/DC while I'm at it!

  • RebelwithoutaClue

    Installed it and removed it within 30 mins. I love pinball but this one is pretty crappy. Graphics are somewhat weird and the physics sucks. And the tables are too expensive. I'll stick to my others pinball apps.