It's hard to love Intuit. Their most well-known product, Quicken, is what people use to manage their finances, and budgeting is about as exciting as watching your weight. That said, they've found immense success on Windows because their software was usable and, eventually, became a standard that users could expect banks and other financial services to be compatible with. Unfortunately, their Android app has not garnered the same reputation. Last year's release was plagued by a number of issues, and judging from the screenshots provided, it doesn't look like all that much has changed.


Quicken6 Quicken7

Oops, those were the screenshots of Quicken 2013. Here's what the latest release looks like.


Quicken2 Quicken3

The app is rich with features and replicates much of the functionality present in the desktop version. But - and this is a big but - complaints on Google Play about last year's release center around the need for an internet connection to make changes, the risk of data corruption, and general instability. All apps have their share of negative reviews, but here they far outnumber the positive ones.

Given the sensitive nature of the data you're entrusting this app with, it's understandable (and recommended) for users to do their due diligence before diving in. The app itself is free to download, but you need a copy of Quicken for Windows in order to use it.

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • PhineasJW

    Quicken can't even get their Windows app right -- glitches, crashes, terrible use-model, forcing you to upgrade every couple years. I'd jump ship, but I use it for online banking and the only alternative appears to be Microsoft Money...

    I have zero faith in their ability to pull off a mobile app.

    • Todd

      Microsoft Money folded years ago. I had actually started to migrate from Quicken before Money was shuttered. Sad day.

      • mikeblockcpa

        Yes Todd, Intuit first promised to transfer Quicken Online data to Mint. Then it said that was too complicated, even though startup MoneyStrands offered it. As the article says, It's hard to love Intuit. I went to Xero, a beautiful QuickBooks replacement starting at $12 a month for unlimited users. You must go through Xero Partners like me to get that price, or 15% off their more expensive plans.

    • Zak Taccardi

      I have been pretty impressed with Mint

      • PhineasJW

        Does it do online bill paying / checkwriting?

        • Zak Taccardi

          I don't think so, but I have never needed those features.

      • Darnel Johnston

        Mint was a great startup, bought by intuit about 4 years ago, they will surely ruin Mint in time.

    • Michael_Smith69

      I am using quicken 2006. I have never been asked to upgrade. I understand that that might be a "feature" of newer versions. But 2006 does the job just fine. There is no need to upgrade every year

  • http://mrmcpowned.com mrmcpowned

    "Maybe we didn't know how to use Quicken. Yeah, that could be it."

  • duse

    I can't believe they released this as a separate app from 2013. Why should it matter what desktop version you're using? The data should be the same either way.

  • http://www.JWesCampbell.com/ Wes Campbell

    ?? is it just me or does that look exactly like mint?

    • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

      Yeah that's a re-purposed Mint app. What a joke.

  • chet

    Intuit owns Mint too.

  • Mystery Man

    Mint is pretty good for personal use.

  • ari_free

    Looks like you now have more money.

  • jon mccombs

    Quicken tech Support is beyond a joke and with so few improvements why waste any money and now banks are getting quicken access out of the picture. The company has deteriorated to such a pathetic joke and charging ridiculous amounts of money for nothing. It still lacks features needed to for everyday use as wizard to refinance mortgages to close one account and reopened the new one tracking policies not just receipts. Routinely Quicken destroys past receipts over a year ago and tech support's answer is always unisstall and reinstall corrupt your files then say after 5 hours to bad maybe it will get fixed in the next edition. Don't waste your money.!

  • Carapace

    Mint is a total joke since Intuit bought them out. They can't even support mutual funds using the same login portal as funds they do support. Thank god for Personal Capital and Manilla.