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More than a few Android users are lamenting the fact that high-end phones seem to be approaching the size of small billboards. For all you hoping for a true superphone that you can actually hold in one hand, Sony appears to have heard you. XperiaBlog is showing off what appears to be a catalog for Japanese Carrier NTT DoCoMo with a listing for the 4.3-inch Xperia Z1 f, which may indeed be the rumored Xperia Z1 Mini.


What's more surprising is that this is not a low-cost derivative of the larger flagship device, as Samsung and HTC have made with the Mini models for the Galaxy S4 and One, respectively. The Xperia Z1 f has a the same Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor as the original Xperia Z1. It's got that fantastic 20.7MP rear camera. It has 2GB of RAM, the same glass and metal semi-waterproof build, and it runs the same modified version Android 4.2.2. According to the leak, the only major difference between the phone from a technical perspective is a 720p LCD screen (and to be fair, 1080p on a 4.3" screen is overkill), a necessarily smaller 2300mAh battery, and a smaller 16GB storage capacity. The dimensions are 127x64.9x9.4mm, a bit thicker than the 5-inch Z1, but about 20% smaller by surface area. The leak also shows four color options, black, white, pink (or possibly red), and yellow.


Of course this could all be faked, but I'm inclined to believe it - the press shot looks pretty convincing. A better concern would be whether or not the Xperia Z1 f will make it outside of Asia. With Sony's diminished smartphone presence in the US, not to mention the American market's shift towards gigantic (and sometimes low-spec) phones, a stateside Xperia Z1 Mini is doubtful at best. At present there's no information on a price or date, but if NTT DoCoMo is preparing marketing materials, a Japanese launch probably isn't that far away.

Source: XperiaBlog

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • RenatoFontesTapia

    I have been waiting for this for a long time =)

    • Paul

      Me too, me too!

  • MrHaroHaro

    This is pretty much my ideal phone. Is there a card slot as well?

  • oneillperson

    A snapdragon 800 powering a 720p screen...that little beast is going to fly faster than a peregrine falcon in a tornado.

  • jhill89

    I'd buy this in an instant, would be a decent upgrade from my HTC One X.

  • Joshua

    If you put a 900x1600 screen on a 4.3" phone, the pixel density goes to 426ppi, which is comparable to the 441ppi of a 1080p screen on a 5" phone. Whether or not that's necessary is a sperate argument altogether, but that's not what I'm addressing. I'm just approaching this mathematically and leaving the interpretation of the importance to you.

    • QwietStorm


  • Stacey Liu

    Holy crap if this comes to the US, I'd throw my Nexus 4 right out the window. I'm sick and tired of this race to reach absurd screen sizes.

    The only issue is the weight, and that's manageable. A 4.3" phone in 2013 should be closer to 125g.

    • madquack

      Amen. I'd love to see a Snapdragon 800 SoC with 2GB ram slammed into a chassis roughly the size that was the Moto Atrix. I'd be in heaven.

    • Steve

      It won't. Sony released a 3.7" phone last year around the same time as the GS3, with near comparable specs. Even in Japan, it disappeared quickly.

      Since Docomo got the iPhone, this is probably going to flop.

  • Matthew Fry

    4.7 is a nice compromise. I wouldn't like going down to 4.3 or smaller.

    • Paul

      I would like it. The Ray for example is just perfect for me.

  • WhyWai

    THis is it. 4 inches high end phone I have been waiting for... hope this is not a Japan only model...

  • eilegz

    for people who want a small phone with latest spec rejoice... the true mini device hopefully this set a new trend

  • thisphuckinguy

    I hope this is true. I would def. buy it!

  • proxuser

    I'll buy anyway when it cost 600€ in EU.

  • diegoc

    I love sony, I own a Sony phone and this is the phone I've been waiting for, but quad core on a 4.3 and only 2300mah battery sounds not good enough. The dual core 1.7 that they used on the Sp sounds perfect for this device not to drain battery life! I have an Xperia P and a dual core 1.2 is too much for a 1300mah, I can barely get 5 hours of good use on Stamina mode. Please sony just used a high end dual core! Please don't make the same mistake! The phone will be perfect like that! PERFECT

  • Maarten

    I hope this phone makes it to the Netherlands, I'd really like it!