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Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications, games, and live wallpapers that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so.

This edition focuses only on new games. The app roundup is coming up soon.

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Shadowrun Returns

Android Police coverage: [New Game] The Cyberpunk RPG Shadowrun Returns Launches On Android After Scoring $1.8m On Kickstarter In 2012

Shadowrun got its start as a pen-and-paper RPG, trading in the sword-and-sorcery setting of Dungeons and Dragons for a bleak Blade Runner future... that also has swords and sorcery. This game is a mobile port of the eponymous Steam title, which aims to bring the iconic mix of cyberpunk and fantasy into a top-down, turn-based RPG. There's a fair bit of tactical play as well if you enjoy the nitty-gritty of cover and critical hits. It's pretty expensive at ten bucks, but it's a brand new game (ahem, Square, ahem).


The hit crowdfunded RPG of the summer arrives on Android. MAN MEETS MAGIC & MACHINE. The year is 2054. Magic has returned to the world, awakening powerful creatures of myth and legend. Technology merges with flesh and consciousness. Elves, trolls, orks and dwarves walk among us, while ruthless corporations bleed the world dry. You are a shadowrunner - a mercenary living on the fringes of society, in the shadows of massive corporate arcologies, surviving day-by-day on skill and instinct alone.

Angry Birds Star Wars II Free

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Angry Birds Star Wars II Hits The Play Store With Prequel-Based Characters And Telepod Toy Integration

What do you want to know? It's Angry Birds. It's Star Wars. Again. This time the playing field is the prequel series, because Rovio apparently ran out of good movies pretty quickly. The one major addition to the gameplay (if you don't count all the new stages and birds) is the ability to import characters with Skylanders-style toy figurines. The free version is in the widget below, and there's a premium version available for just a buck.


The Force is strong with this one. Get ready for Angry Birds Star Wars II – the epic follow-up to the #1 smash hit game. Based on the Star Wars movie prequels, use the Force for good against the greedy Pork Federation or choose a much darker path. That’s right; for the first time ever you can “Join the Pork Side” and play as the fearsome Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine and many other favorites.

Dead on Arrival 2

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Dead On Arrival 2 Launches Everywhere, Unleashes The Zombie Horde A Few Days Behind Schedule

Yes, yes, zombies, unoriginal, yadda yadda. I'm inclined to give Dead on Arrival 2 a pass on the zombie craze, if only because it's building on the original with more eye-popping graphics and a compelling 4-player mode. It's like Diablo, with guns and dead people. Naturally you're going to need a pretty powerful device to play the game with any satisfaction (preferably a Tegra 4, according to the description). The usual free-to-play, pay-to-win warnings apply.


Intense co-operative zombie survival. Tear through wave after wave of the walking dead as you fight for your life in an industrial playground filled with deadly traps and deadlier enemies. An intense top down survival shooter, bringing console quality graphics to your mobile device. Featuring a Strategic Spending System, survival is based not just on your skills but also the decisions you’ll make about how to spend the precious Z-Bucks earnt from each kill. Making the wrong decision between more ammo now or a better weapon later could mean life or death.


Android Police coverage: [New Game] Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy V Into The Play Store, But This Classic 2D Port Will Cost You $15.99

Square is slowly, slowly making its way through the backlog of Final Fantasy RPG titles. This month it's Final Fantasy V, and though we don't have a full 3D makeover for this one (because it was never re-released for the Nintendo DS), they have added some high-resolution textures and some new character art. Square thinks that's worth sixteen bucks, which seems a little steep for a twenty-year-old game with a new coat of whitewash.


FINAL FANTASY V first debuted in 1992 as the fifth installment in the iconic FINAL FANTASY series. This wildly popular RPG was the first in the series to sell over two million copies. This groundbreaking title allowed players to customize their characters with an unprecedented degree of freedom thanks to a new job and ability system that further improved and refined the job change system used in FINAL FANTASY III. The title also saw the introduction of more detailed and expressive 2D character models, which helped further fuel the player's imagination, making the story even more immersive and fun to play.


Android Police review: Incredipede Review: A Little Bit Creepy, But A Lot Of Fun

Incredipede is a sort of mix between vehicle creation games like Amazing Alex and PC god games. You create a vehicle to get through the challenges of a particular level, but instead of wheels and engines you make muscles and bones, connected to a floating eyeball. The results are disturbing to say the least, and mixing this concept with undeniably well-done printer-style visuals doesn't help. If you can get over the creepy factor there's some deep physics gameplay to be had, plus a level editor and plenty of social features.


Incredipede is a puzzle game that celebrates the vast diversity of life in the world. Follow Quozzle, a lone Incredipede with the unique ability to grow new arms and legs wherever she needs them. Transform into a snake, a spider, a horse, a monkey - anything you can imagine. Control Quozzle as she learns to swing through the trees, climb sheer cliffs, dance over rivers of lava, and even soar through the air on thermal winds.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Kingdom Rush Frontiers Finally Hits Android With Challenging Gameplay And A Huge Arsenal Of Towers

Hey look, another Kingdom Rush. The latest entry in the series features some new arenas for tower defense combat, new weapons, new enemies, and new bosses, but it's still very much in the same vein of the original. You'll need a mix of standard towers, upgrades, and hero units to make it through the tougher levels. If only the developers had been a little quicker on the release schedule - iOS has had Frontiers for months.


The world's most devilishly addictive defense game is back - welcome to Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. Bigger and badder than ever before, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is a whole new level of the furiously fast, enchantingly charming gameplay that made the original title an award-winning hit. Tap your troops through an epic (mis)adventure as you defend exotic lands from dragons, man-eating plants, and ghastly denizens of the underworld -all with flashy new towers, levels, heroes, and more goodies to help you crush your foes to a pulp.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Released For Android, Because Apparently Sonic The Hedgehog Needs A Go-Kart

I still maintain that putting Sonic The Hedgehog in a racecar is like transporting a fighter jet on a semi truck: redundant and inefficient. That being said, if you can't have Mario Kart on your gaming platform, a SEGA-made derivative is probably the next best thing. Play as a handful of SEGA's most beloved characters (even a few that aren't Sonic!) through themed stages with lots of powerups and the like. The graphics are roughly equal to the Nintendo DS version from a few years ago.


The world’s fastest hedgehog, Sonic, and the SEGA All-Stars are zooming on to your Android phone or tablet for the ultimate party racing showdown. Race as your favorite character across 16 white-knuckle courses in a frantic race to the finish line. Stay ahead of the pack by dodging traps, firing missiles and, if all else fails, wreaking havoc with your All-Star moves. Whether racing on your own, or battling it out with friends, anything can happen in this crazy competition where winning is only part of the fun.

Zombie Gunship

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Zombie Gunship Flies Into The Play Store, Lets Players Slay Undead From The Comfort Of An AC-130

God, do I hate zombie games, and this week's roundup is just chock full of 'em. The best of the lot is probably Zombie gunship, in which you're a gunner on an AC-130 pointing and clicking on zombies to make them even deader. This one is an iOS favorite, and it's easy to see why with the high production values, but it's still going to be a grind to get enough weapon and plane upgrades without spending real money.


Zombie Gunship® puts you in the gunner seat of a heavily-armed AC-130 ground attack aircraft. Strategically fire your powerful guns to slay endless waves of zombies and protect the remaining survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Toggle between white and black hot modes. Use your radar to quickly detect and eliminate the zombie threat.

• 25mm Gatling gun
• 40mm Bofors auto-cannon
• 105mm Howitzer cannon

Giant Boulder of Death

Android Police coverage: [New Game] With Giant Boulder Of Death, Adult Swim Does What It Does Best: Hilarious Cruelty

If Katamari Damacy was about five times faster and ten times as cruel, it would be Giant Boulder of Death. In Adult Swim's latest flirt with godlike contempt for pitiful humans, you play a sentient boulder whose only joy comes from crushing the homesteads of subsistence farmers. After your murderous rampage ends you can upgrade your boulder for the next go-round.


When a boulder holds a grudge, no one survives. Bowl your way down the mountain and destroy everything in your path. Crush villages, cars, yetis, golden cows, crush everything. From the creators of Robot Unicorn Attack 2 and Monsters Ate My Condo.

•CRUSH legions of outrageous mortals, beasts and buildings
•SMASH through over 60 nail-biting goals
•OBLITERATE your high score with boosts and upgrades
•DEMOLISH goals to unlock over 70 new destroyable objects
•DOMINATE your friends via Facebook
•MASTER multiple control schemes: tilt, tap or joystick
•ROCK OUT to the hottest yodeling soundtrack of the year

Sheep Happens

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Kongregate Releases Sheep Happens, A Zany Endless Runner That Knows Those Fluffy Mammals Can't Be Trusted

Sheep Happens defies logic. Why is a game ostensibly about sheep-counting set in ancient Rome? Why is there a gladiator clinging to a sheep? Why is he chasing Hermes? What is Robin Hood doing here, and why is he clad only in a loincloth, a feathered hat, and a smile? This free-to-play endless runner is high on non sequiturs, but there's a pretty solid casual game underneath it, complete with some respectable sprite graphics.


The sheepocalypse is coming. Sheep Happens is a chaotic endless runner where you must maneuver around other runners, obstacles, and sheep falling from the sky as you chase down the swindling Hermes. Collect coins to spend in the shop and upgrade your gear or buy fashionable and powerful hats. Challenge friends to endure the chaos the longest and post the best run.

The Secret Of Space Octopuses

Android Police coverage: [New Game] The Secret Of Space Octopuses Combines 2D Platforming, Physics Puzzles, And Exploration

The Secret of Space Octopuses is an old-fashioned story: boy gets abducted by aliens, boy builds a super-powered robot, boy jumps through a physics-based platforming game for a few hours. The inspiration from Metroid is pretty obvious, but the "box" system of upgradeable physics tools throws some interesting gameplay into the mix. 3D graphics and 2D gameplay are a potent combination as well.


The Secret of Space Octopuses is an horizontal scrolling adventure game, mixing platform, puzzle and combat. You're following Little Buddy's story, a young earthling who after having been abducted by some aliens, him and his entire village, will try to escape from the world in which he's being held captive. To do so, he's going to build a robot out of various junk and trash named B.O.T (Bunch Of Trash) of outstanding capabilities


Android Police coverage: [New Game] Ubisoft Releases MotoHeroz, A Side Scrolling Racing Platformer Inspired By The Popular WiiWare Original

MotoHeroz was originally a WiiWare title, a sort of mix between a ye olde Excitebike and an endless runner. But not just any runner: the sheer variety and creativity on display in the stages in this game are worthy of your attention all by themselves. Six vehicles are upgradeable via the usual coin-grinding or IAP avenues, but the 2D graphics are so pretty that you might just be OK with that.


From RedLynx, creators of DrawRace 2 and Trials HD. MotoHeroz takes the fun, fast gameplay of a Trials style game, adds it to a frantic rally race, and delivers a fresh new kind of side-scrolling, platform racing game. Players race, chase, and rally their way through a brightly colored world, competing against their friends for the fastest times, entering daily races, and hunting for secrets and coins. Inspired by the critically acclaimed WiiWare game MotoHeroz, named “Best WiiWare Game of the Year” by IGN and Nintendo Life.


Android Police coverage: [New Game] Pivvot Is A 'Strategic Avoidance' Game With The Potential To Rob You Of Your Sanity

Pivvot is one of those amazingly simple and insanely difficult games that's hard to describe without a video. You control a dot that's tethered to another dot, and the objective is to navigate through a series of obstacles that become progressively harder. It's an endless runner in a very abstract sense, but the game doesn't really fit into any sort of conventional category. Try it if you love a challenge and indie minimalist style.


Pivvot is a thrilling game of strategic avoidance that will consistently test and challenge your ability to make quick, impulsive decisions. As the game progresses, you will have to rely on your instincts and problem-solving skills to navigate down the winding path for survival. With its intensity, minimalistic design, and puzzling logic, Pivvot is sure to keep you guessing at every turn.

Autumn Dynasty

Give the developers points for originality: I've never seen a real-time strategy game set inside a painting before. The setting and characters borrow liberally from Koei's Dynasty Warriors, but the gameplay is more like Red Alert. The tricky control issues with touchscreen-based RTS games are overcome with some interesting swipe gestures inspired by the calligraphy theme. Five bucks (and no IAP!) gets you a full campaign and a skirmish mode, but no multiplayer.


The traditional Chinese painting becomes an epic battlefield in Autumn Dynasty – a multi-touch real time strategy game for Android devices. Direct your armies with brushstrokes in the spirit of classical maneuver warfare; employ terrain, positioning and cunning stratagems to defend your lands and conquer your foes. For generations, the knowledge of firedust and the legend of the Thousand Sun Weapon has kept the Autumn Empire safe from foreign barbarians.

DuckTales: Scrooge's Loot

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Disney Releases Scrooge's Loot, A 3D Class-Based Shooter... Based On DuckTales

You know what property is just crying out for an action-packed, over-the-shoulder, 3D class-based shooter? If you said "Darkwing Duck," prepare to be disappointed. Incongruous use of license aside, Scrooge's Loot is a surprisingly solid kid-friendly shooter with some pretty good co-op play to boot. You'll need a device with some graphical oomph to play it, and of course it includes the usual forced IAP, but it's a pretty decent entry for Disney.


A new DuckTales adventure begins in this all-new quest for gold. Jump into mounds of riches with this exciting, online treasure-hunting game. The infamous Beagle Boys have swindled Scrooge’s fortune. It’s up to you to join the citizens of Duckburg to recover his stolen loot. Team up with your friends, and haul back the most riches to beat the competition in this mad gold rush. Get ready for a ton of action-packed fun and appearances from classic DuckTales characters like Scrooge and his quirky pilot, Launchpad.


Android Police coverage: [New Game] Madden NFL 25 Hits The Play Store, Switches To A Free-To-Play Model To Deliver A Sack To Your Wallet

EA's yearly foray into the gridiron is a little late for 2014, but no worse for wear. This year Madden gets more than a roster update and a bit of fresh paint: the control scheme has been revamped for easier and more natural (f somewhat simpler) play on smartphones and tablets. Of course EA can't be all nice: they've switched from relatively expensive titles to a maddeningly restrictive free-to-play model. Madden 25 manages to cram in IAP, collectible cards, and an RPG-style upgrade system (for players which are supposed to be based on real people). Have fun, and here's the international version.


An experience 25 years in the making. EA SPORTS delivers the most authentic NFL football experience to date for Android smartphones and tablets with MADDEN NFL 25. Build your Ultimate Team of NFL football stars and run the show on offense and defense with new and improved touch controls, game modes and much more. Collect your favorite NFL players from packs or win them in the Auction House, then dominate the field against friends by building your ultimate powerhouse team.


Android Police coverage: [New Game] FIFA 14 For Android Finishes Rollout, Should Now Be Available All Over The Globe

See all that stuff up there about Madden? Pretty much that, but with wiry foreigners instead of hulking man-mountains. FIFA gets a new set of graphics, a new touch-optimized control scheme, and a ton of in-app purchases that are all but necessary for victory. International readers, here's your download.


REAL PLAYERS. REAL TEAMS. REAL LEAGUES. Welcome to the most authentic football game for Android smartphones and tablets. Feel the excitement of every pass, shot, and tackle with new touch controls. Plus, live every moment of real-world football mastery with EA SPORTS™ Football Club Match Day. Get in there with FIFA 14. Featuring 33 leagues, over 600 licensed teams, and more than 16,000 players. From the English Premier League and La Liga to the German Bundesliga and beyond.

Don't Run With a Plasma Sword

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Don't Run With A Plasma Sword Comes To Android, Doesn't Actually Offer Halo Players Safety Advice

The best part of Don't Run With a Plasma Sword (read: lightsaber) is probably the title. Once you get past that, you get a solid endless runner with a bit of combat thrown in for good measure. Hand-drawn animations for your totally rad player character and enemies are high on charm, but at the end of the day, you've probably played half a dozen games just like this one. On the other hand, it's got no ads and no IAP, which is something I can appreciate. There's also a lot of variation in the environments and enemies to hold your attention.


Start with a simple combat runner and evolve your gameplay to ultimately navigate masterfully through rich level configurations and boss fights. This is a premium version. No ad, no IAP and in-game currency optimized for fun. May the XP be with you. For a long time Cornelius has been working at the local comic books stand shop. For about as long, he's been daydreaming about how somehow, someday, he'd become a Hero. After all, wasn't what the fortune cookie was saying, right? ... right? Fortunately the Aliens invasion would come just in time to provide with this opportunity...

Time Surfer

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Time Surfer Jumps From The Humble Bundle To The Play Store For $.99

If you had the time-bending powers from the latter Prince of Persia series available to you in most endless runners, they'd be a lot easier. Wrap that up with some zany pixel art, critically-acclaimed chiptunes, and more than a little self-aware humor, and you've got Time Surfer. The pet system is an interesting addition to the formula: Tamagotchi-style add-on characters can augment your own time-bending powers.


Surf for your life across the galaxy. An inevitable destructive force is after you... The end of the universe. Your only hope? You can cheat death by rewinding time. Get ready for the most adrenaline-pumping surf of the year. Two touch gameplay keeps everything easy to reach and easy to play. Touch with your right thumb to dive. Touch with your left thumb to rewind time. It couldn’t be simpler. Dodge spikes, pits and the end of the universe - it’s a typical, never-ending day in the life of a trans-dimensional cosmic time god. Pick up speed, magnet and time bonuses. Miss one? Rewind and grab it.


Android Police Coverage: MTV Networks Releases TMNT: Rooftop Run, An Endless Runner With Basic Combat Available For $3.99

Endless runners (and Infinity Blade beat-em-ups) tend to be the first stop for a quick licensed cash-in mobile game. But this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles title mixes it up with a little basic combat in addition to reptile acrobatics. It's based on the Nickelodeon TMNT series, which by all accounts is a pretty good addition to the somewhat goofy mythos. It's just too bad that the $4 price tag doesn't exclude Rooftop Run from in-app purchases.


For the first time ever, you can play as Leo, Donnie, Raph, and Mikey in this action packed combat runner. Run, jump, and fight your way across rooftops as you rid New York of evil, once and for all. Collect energy orbs to unlock exclusive weapons, gear, and boosts that will keep you one step ahead of the Kraang ship. One-touch controls combine with ninja moves and shell shocking battles for an epic gaming experience. BOOYAKASHA.

Total Conquest

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Gameloft Launches Total Conquest For Android, Sends Legions Of Gamers To Wage War Online

Once again Gameloft proves that it's a competent developer with about as much creativity as that annoying guitar "player" in your college dorm.This one is a rather obvious take on Age of Empires (the newest one, not the original) complete with Roman-flavored base-building, army training, and resource management...and in-app purchases, of course. The online component is apparently pretty solid, so if you're looking for some pick-up-and-play real time strategy, give it a shot.


Sound the call to battle and join legions of players online in a battle to control the Roman Empire. Total Conquest is an exciting and strategic social game where you are a Roman governor developing your own city-state and army. But with Caesar dead, there’s no more playing games: You’ll need to join a powerful Legion -- or forge your own -- to defeat your enemies, protect your lands, and reign supreme. Vae victis. Finally, a real war strategy game comes to Android.

LEGO® Pullback Racers

Android Police coverage: [New Game] LEGO Pullback Racers Launches Into The Play Store, Hopes Players Will Enjoy Collecting Gears As Much As Breaking Them

Looking at the screenshots, you'd think this is a basic endless runner made for a quick cash-in on Lego's latest overpriced playsets. In fact it's more like a hybrid of Angry Birds and a standard time attack racer... made for a quick cash-in on Lego's latest overpriced playsets. Pull back on your Lego car to get it revved up, then steer it to collect gears as you head towards the finish line. Unfortunately the car selection is pretty basic, with no customization to speak of. Which is kind of a letdown for, you know, Lego.


Upgrade your LEGO Pullback Racer - pull back and race through the LEGO TECHNIC construction hall.

  • Win races to unlock new levels
  • Collect gears to upgrade your vehicle and race even faster
  • Use your pullbacks smart so you make it over the finish line

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