Frequent Android gamers know that the newest AAA titles are insatiable power hogs, and more than a few are made infinitely better with the addition of hardware controls. Until someone comes out with an Xperia Play MAXX (seriously Sony, get on that), the MOGA Power series might just be the best way to address these issues. The controller/external battery combos have been a long time coming, but now they're finally available for pre-order on Amazon.


The MOGA Hero Power is the more compact option, similar to the original portable MOGA in size, but with quite a few improvements. In addition to a slightly larger and more ergonomic shape, the dual thumbsticks now have actual sticks, so they should have much more responsive movement. There's also a real D-pad, bringing the full layout in line with PlayStation and Xbox console controllers. Naturally the whole thing is rechargeable, and you can boost your phone's battery from the internal 1800mAh unit. The MOGA Hero Power costs $59.99.

The Pro Power is designed to emulate the full console experience with a big, beefy controller and larger buttons all around, including full shoulder triggers. The design is basically unchanged from the older MOGA Pro aside from some aesthetic shifts and an adjusted grip. The Power Pro includes a larger 2200mAh internal battery, and it's going for $79.99.

Both controllers are set to ship on November 14th with Prime-eligible shipping discounts, which is stretching the original "fall 2013" target a bit. (For what it's worth, the Power A MOGA site says that orders placed with the official store will ship in mid-October). I've got an original MOGA and I'm pretty pleased with it, but the prices are definitely crawling into uncomfortable territory for a gaming-only accessory. I wish MOGA had made some non-power versions available for $20-30 less. Even so, I'm eager to see how the new Hero Power feels while gaming.

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Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • atlouiedog

    I got the Pocket model in that free + shipping sale last year and was really disappointed in it. I really like the form factor for portability, but the sticks and buttons just weren't good enough. I later got a Pro and was very pleased with it. It feels better than many third party console controllers that I've used, which has put Power A on my radar if I ever decide to buy an unofficial controller, and it works well. The HID mode also went a long way to making it more usable.

    I think that adding in batteries for charging devices is a really smart move, especially since the Pro feels a bit light and could use some weight to offset the phone. The redesign of the Pocket into Hero has me interested, though after using the last one I'll need to try it out first. I'll also need to wait for a pretty decent sale to justify it after already buying two of these and being pretty happy with the Pro.

    I do wish they'd add more functionality to their software. If they added button remapping and the ability to emulate on screen controls like the Sixaxis Controller software does I'd be extremely happy. I know about and use the unofficial MOGA universal driver, but it's a bit clunky, lacks the on-screen emulation, and has connection issues with both controllers on two different devices.

  • Ivan Myring

    How big a phone can it hold?

    • Frazer

      The pro holds my note 2 with a little room to spare

  • Chris Stubbs

    Keep in mind both of these state they are rechargeable and the Pro Power comes with a tablet stand. The price is a little steep but is there anything that actually compares? Besides using a ps3/Xbox controller and some kind of stand.

  • 8Charlie

    Small batteries fitted in them. To keep them light I guess, but it's pretty much another accessory you'll be charging everyday if you game everyday. Irritating.