2013-09-26 16_19_18-Nix Color Sensor by Matthew Sheridan — Kickstarter

Kickstarter backers have pushed the Nix Color Sensor past its $35,000 (Canadian) goal in hopes of finally figuring out what color stuff is. Well, it's more complicated than that. Nix tells you more than red or blue – it finds the exact RGB value for any surface you press it to, then sends the data to your phone over Bluetooth. Sound cool? Apparently you are not alone.

The Nix is a small gem-shaped device with its own calibrated light source. When you press it to a surface, it blocks out all external light to get a reading on what color the object is. It only takes a few seconds from the moment the button is pressed in the app to the identification of the color. The Nix app will support saving colors with notes for referring to later, but it also tells you where you can find the colors in real life. Need paint that matches the thing you just scanned? The app can show where to get it.

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The Nix still has 19 days to make more cash, so you can still get in line for your own handheld color sensor. The minimum pledge to get a Nix and the Android app at this point is $99 (again, Canadian). If you jump on it, you can have your Nix in February 2014. The final retail price is expected to be $199, so you don't want to wait on the final version if this is a thing you'd like to have around.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • Pedro

    Why not show the CMYK parameters also? I would make it a great professional tool

    • Brian Iturralde

      actually they do,

      -View a color in RGB, HSL, HSV, Lab, XYZ, HTML, or CMYK.

  • Brian Iturralde

    this is actually am awesome tool!

  • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

    There's an alternative -- buy a NODE+ Sensor Platform and a Chroma sensor. It's $50 more expensive (than the final retail price stated above), but it's available now and NODE+ does more than getting color value. On the other hand, Nix is smaller, which could be priceless.

    • willister

      The NODE+ sensor platform is actually on sale right now for $99 so it ends up being the same price. The only reason to wait is for the smaller size of the Nix.

      • willister

        *correction: the ios version is $99. Your statement is still correct!

    • Phreqd

      But Node+ is for iPhone. I'm on an Android site because I have an Android phone.

  • Francois Roy

    Why even bother to publish about these projects once the funding period is over?!??!?!

    HEY FOLKS!! LOOK AT THIS COOL THING!! (Nope; You cant get one; funding is over) (suckrs)

    • Ygor Vaz

      Now that it showed it me that you edited your comment-- (deleting all the stuff I was writing)

  • Ivan Feign

    As a photographer, I just wanted to say: TAKE MY MONEY

  • abqnm

    Now I can determine if things in real life are #HOLO with ease!


  • Matt

    Wow, something to come out of Hamilton that isn't steel runoff:P Just kidding, Mac's a really good school.

  • Sorian

    Interior designers, handymen, etc. REJOICE! Makes it easier to please the person "make this room make this item".

  • Steve Freeman

    I would actually be able to patch up some walls in my home without re-painting the entire rooms...