Fans of JRPGs, Square Enix, Final Fantasy, or just those adorable Moogles, you might want to take a moment to look into the Play Store. Go ahead, I'll wait. Did you see it? That's right, Final Fantasy V is here, marking the fifth entry from Square Enix's long running franchise to make it over to Android.



As you've probably noticed by now, this title's graphics more closely resemble the touched-up 2D visuals of the 1st and 2nd Final Fantasy titles than the 3D polygons found in the previous two releases. Those latter two ports were 2006 - 2008 remakes from the Nintendo DS, and they were the only two reimagined for the platform. We can reasonably anticipate that Final Fantasy 6 will also have 2D visuals when it arrives, but that will change, whether the visuals are redesigned or not, with Final Fantasy 7.

You're obviously not playing Final Fantasy V for the graphics. This is a piece of gaming history, a relatively early entry in a series that is still going strong over two decades later. The combat and the solid storyline are all still here, and since this is a Square Enix title, they both come at a premium. Playing this title will cost you $15.99. That's expensive relative to most Android games, but it's roughly the same price you could expect to pay to play this title anywhere else.

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • solbin

    I like these final fantasy games, just wish they were half the price. $16 is a lot to swallow.

    • Paul

      The price is steep, yeah. I would pay it though, if it would run on 2.3+ like the other titles. Why they suddenly went to 4+ is beyond me.

  • kabloink

    Nostalgia is expensive

  • http://k3rnel.net Juan Rodriguez

    Pricing is a funny thing. I'd probably pick up this game if it landed on the eShop at 16 bucks without thinking twice, but on the Android Play Store? It's too expensive.

    Maybe I'm spoiled by free games and humble bundles :P

    • Matthew Fry

      There's also a somewhat higher quality bar to meet for those systems.

      • codemonkey85

        Which applies how...? We're talking about the same game theoretically being on both systems. And FFV is not Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga - it's a full classic RPG, and one of the best at that.

        The people saying $16 is too much for an Android game are not seeing the whole picture here. And paying that price for the same thing on another platform, but claiming it's too expensive on Android is nonsense.

        • Matthew Fry

          There are no tcr requirements to meet to release on the play store. There is no responsibility for maintaining for new Android releases. If they ported this game whole parcel with minimal changes to the 3DS it would be considered a money grab. If they released it on media then they have box materials and production costs they will have to account for. If they released it unchanged, Nintendo would probably reject it. There's nothing wrong with selling a full rpg for 16 dollars if, of course, it wasn't 15 years old.

          • codemonkey85

            Actually it's closer to 20 years old - but at any rate, they don't make them like they used to. I'm happy to get this on Android.

          • petrochemicals

            "There is no responsibility for maintaining for new Android releases."

            Precisely, the majority of Square Enix games are broken on 4.4.2. Not to mention, how many of them are cropped? For $16 the game better damn well work perfectly and be updated to work on every new version of Android no matter what device I am playing it on, period.

  • Drew

    This is the only time I'd advocate piracy. Square Enix is *#&#* insane to charge that much.

    • mlj11

      And it's that kind of thinking that makes developers leery about developing for Android.

      We should be better than that.

      • Ghisy

        Sorry but I actually agree with Drew. This should be $4.99. It's been ported so many times, they would still earn money at this price.

        • mlj11

          Ok. Question is though, do you disagree with me?

          I can understand that the price of an app may put it beyond some people's reach. Even if I had the cash, I wouldn't pay $16 for this game either (but then again I've never been a big FF fan).

          My point is that this perception of Android users - that a lot of us are cheap pirates - hurts us more than we know, because it doesn't exactly make developers want to bring their apps or games to the platform.

          Not having the opportunity to purchase a good app/game at all is so much more damaging than having to pay a pretty penny for it. By writing the way he did, Drew doesn't help this situation one bit.

          If you don't think an app is worth the price it's going for, then just don't buy it. Why promote its piracy?

          • Ghisy

            I'm not gonna bother pirating this game because I've played it before. I definitely won't buy it. I'm not promoting piracy, I'm saying they're kinda asking for it in this case.

          • mlj11

            Fair enough. My last sentence wasn't referring to you anyway; it was to what Drew said.

      • blindexecutioner

        If anything this would push people into emulating the original game.

    • vvtim

      I'm pretty sure they know their market better than you. If this pricing wasn't working for them they wouldn't be using it. If you don't think it's worth $16, don't buy it, but you have no right to steal it because you think they charge too much.

      I've spoken with my money (bought it for iPad already a few months back) mostly because I'm waiting for 6/7 which are both worth the cost (and more) and want them to keep remaking old titles.

  • angel_spain

    The problem of the price is that I would like to have them all. $16 might be OK if you buy one, but if you want the entire collection it's too expensive imho. Specially if I already have them for psx.

  • Shadowstare

    GREAT GAME. Horrible Price.

  • Ash

    These graphics are actually pretty atrocious compared to the Final Fantasy I and II remakes. The first two games were really well done, while this looks like someone slightly modified the default assets that come with RPG Maker. The music is untouched and there's no retranslation either. If you've played Final Fantasy V before, you're better off emulating the Gameboy Advance port.

  • wolfkabal

    This was one of my favorites do to the job system. But I've played and beat it on multiple other systems already, and at that price (pending any future sales), I'll pass for now and play it on my PSP when the urge arises for mobile play. Plus, I'm not a fan of the FF touch controls.

  • Mayoo

    I've bought a few games from Square but I'm not spending a penny more with them unless they add cloud saves. I just hate it to loose a 20h or a near perfect Chrono Trigger save just because I switch device or I need to wipe.

    • Darklordxnew

      TI backup is your friend.

      • Matthew Fry

        Or Helium for that matter.

    • Francois Roy

      This one has full Google Services; acheivements, cloud save, even gamepad support.

      • Mayoo

        Why doesn't it show on the app page? Normally the "Games feature" section would appear for the achievements?

      • codemonkey85

        How do you know this?

      • Francois Guillemette

        I can confirm there is no Cloud Saves, I just tried a home test on both my phone and tablet, and it didn't share any save, even though I had connected to G+.

        • Mike Hussion

          It looks like there is SOME backup feature if you look at one of the main menu options, although I do not know if this is account-wide or just for the one device. Either way it's definitely not automatic.

      • blindexecutioner

        No gamepad support that I can see,

  • Francois Guillemette

    It looks just like Final Fantasy Dimension.
    And it's still one of the best Final Fantasy imo.


    It's the most polished title for Android

    • Mayoo

      Can you look if they added cloud saves? That feature is often not written in the description.

      • Francois Guillemette

        Doesn't look like it, it didn't notice me of anything of the kind :(
        I can try to download it on my phone to see if it syncs.

        • Francois Guillemette

          Nope, no Cloud Saves :(

  • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

    GRRR. I just want a FF6 remake.

  • Tony Nguyen

    still waiting for tactics cmom square enix

  • eddit13

    I'm just waiting for VII. Charge me whatever but I'm getting that game.

  • Mike Hussion

    I think people have gotten really complacent with the pricing thing lately. FFV has been out on many other platforms for plenty more than this, but all of a sudden it's exorbitant when we put it on a mobile platform. I understand people who may not be used to getting a high-quality full game, but I'm hearing people who have played FF since its first iteration complain about this, and it just does not make sense. (And no, just because you can get it for "free" and emulate it does not mean that Square should lower the cost - that is absurd.)

    The only things I can say in defense of this argument in regards to their other games are Square's game-breaking problems like 4.3 incompatibility (still on Chrono Trigger) and bad ports (FFI, FFII, etc.) Otherwise, $15.99 for this classic is an absolute steal.

  • superg05

    this company is so lazy they don't even try to improve the games quality at all just stick on a premium price tag

  • DannyC

    its not even expensive, you get the full game in your pocket whenever you want to play without the need for a tv or console or computer, bloody good value i reckon