Google is 15 years old. Lets think about that for a moment: the company that has grown to have not one but two operating systems, develop self-driving cars, map much of the globe, manage most of our mail, offer an online collaborative office suite, and have a name ubiquitous enough to enter the dictionary, is younger than most of our readers. Google has only recently gone through puberty and is currently studying up for its driving exam. In the meantime, the company is also rolling out new search features that again improve the way we search online.

The first is the ability to compare and filter answers from Google's Knowledge Graph. Give it a command like "Tell me about Impressionist artists" to get a results page with several artists listed across the top, just waiting to be filtered by time period and genre. Likewise, you could ask your phone how much saturated fat is in butter versus olive oil to get a graph comparing the two.

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Another new feature is the ability to better sync Google reminders between devices. For example, you could tell your tablet, "OK Google, remind me to buy butter from Whole Foods," and get a notification on your phone when you go near the store. This functionality isn't here yet, but Google hopes to roll it out in the next couple of weeks.


Lastly, Google Search gets a cleaner look on mobile devices. Results will soon be clustered on cards. That's right - more cards. Get used to them.


Update: The fun doesn't stop there. Google's also made it easier to find content related to movies and music. Looking up a movie will bring up details about it, including headshots of the cast. Likewise, searching for a band should bring up their related work, such as their songs, albums, and music videos.

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They grow up so fast. It's been a joy to watch Google develop so far, and I look forward to seeing the adult it becomes.

Source: Google, Google+

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Kent Andersen

    Google is 15. At age 16 in the US you can have a Drivers License. Google will start selling their self driving vehicle next year. You heard it here first :)

    • Frederico Silva

      And by 21 they'll be selling drunk Androids

      • anzensepp1987

        They do already. Look at the LG Vu...

        • Jay T

          That's LG selling drunk Androids. I guess in some parts of the world it's legal to get a minor drunk.....

      • Jerald Lee

        At 25, they'll be selling steroids. Big phones with massive prossesor.

    • aaronratner

      It goes by state, not by country. It's as young as 11 I. The US.

  • Vitaly

    Imagine a world without Google. That`s right impossibru!

    • mlj11

      You're trying to remember... 1997?

  • remister

    My quest to obtaining all the Encyclopedia Britannica when I was a child, is almost complete!

  • Yam Borodetsky

    No APK yet? Shame on you Android Police... You can do better than this

    • Jesse Cohen

      It was announced; not released.

      • Jay T

        You call that an excuse??? :P

        • Yam Borodetsky

          Call me an idiot, but I was not aware of what you said. Excuse me that I didnt read through all the details.

          PS: I used all of the words used in your comment in my comment.

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  • QwietStorm

    Does this include the updated voice search where you can just say Google again without pressing the button?

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  • Taco Monster

    Pretty sure the reminder syncing already works, at least between Android devices.

  • miri

    Cool, the hotword has changed to "Okay, Google"

    • TJ Benson

      what phone do you have? cuz it only does it on my moto x, not my tablet or old phone, and i'm trying to figure out why

  • a

    In three years, they are going to turn off SafeSearch.

  • xnadax

    "Looking up a movie will bring up details about it, including headshots of the cast."
    This has been around for forever. Maybe they have improved it in some way, but what you wrote isn't new.

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    Google is going to be more of personal search and less of world search..so basically it will decide what you like based on your previous patterns and present search results.

    Also the sites you visit more are going to figure on top of other results just for you...

    A lot has happened...a lot is going to happen in future..lets wait and see...

  • QwietStorm

    Did we lose the ability to download images or something?