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Back in the days of the original Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung was frequently accused of copying Apple at every turn (often by Apple themselves). And let's not kid ourselves, Android fans: back then, Samsung kinda had it coming. Over the last three years Sammy has been forging its own identity with unique hardware designs, massive software development, and enough money to make King Midas feel insecure. So why are they still pining after Apple like a love-struck college freshman stalking the starting quarterback?

Case in point: the golden Galaxy S4. It's pretty much exactly what you think it is.

Samsung's Mobile Arabia Twitter account sent out one photo this morning showing a new Gold Pink color option for the Galaxy S4, and the regional Facebook account also showed Gold Brown. It looks like they just replaced the back shell and battery cover of the pink and brown phones with a gold-painted versions, but with no PR and no price, it might actually be gold-plated. (This particular Samsung account frequently announces products aimed at Dubai, and I don't want to generalize or anything, but Dubai and ridiculous excess go together like Wisconsin and dairy products.) The phones are simply labeled "Gold Edition," and some basic translation implies that they're simply gold colored.

The reveal of these particular phones comes less than a week after Apple started selling its new iPhone 5s, including a "champagne gold" model that instantly became the most hard-to-find option. Whether that's a reflection of the general public's lack of taste or of Apple's masterful skills in artificial scarcity is hard to say, but either way, it looks like Samsung wants some of that action.


I'm not angry, Samsung. I'm not even surprised. But I am very disappointed in you. 

Source: Samsung Arabia Twitter, Facebook, via The Verge

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • dude

    It's just a color, why gets all rile up.

    • http://bertelking.com/ Bertel King, Jr.

      It's a color Apple invented first!

      • Elpy

        Apple never "invented" a color...

        • fonix232

          Someone does not get sarcasm apparently...

        • Jadephyre

          But they like to make-believe that they did, and most of their staunch supporters would also tell you that Apple did.

        • Christian Cebrian

          They invented white first, then they went on to invent black, now with the 5c they have gone off leash and invented all colors in pantone

        • Krzysztof Jozwik

          YES THEY DID!!

      • John Smith

        yeah, they probably patented it too. Wouldn't surprise me.

      • http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=1356962 ThilinaC

        Wonder when apple gonna patent the champagne gold color

        • ker der

          after they sign release from frech wine industry gor using the name if not they will buy france

    • Shitiz Garg

      It's a color that Samsung suddenly thought was relevant a couple of weeks after Apple's announcement...

      • master94

        Samsung already has Golden phones. This is just the latest in tacky gold colored stuff

        • Shitiz Garg

          I don't remember seeing any Android Samsung phone that comes in gold since ever? Samsung had gold phones, sure...but that's a while ago and isn't really relevant since they clearly dropped it only to pick it up again once they saw Apple doing it.

    • Matthew Fry

      The AIO/T-Mobile complaint is over a bunch of marketing materials having very similar coloring, this is a gold colored phone sold only in Dubai. Yet T-Mobile is overreacting and Samsung is back to their copying tricks. Wut?

  • Open1Your1Eyes0

    To be fair you have to admit gold phones were a thing way before Apple announced them. As usual Apple just likes to make things trendy so others just join in. Apple is just a trend starter in mobile industry. They regurgitate old ideas and make people "want" them. Samsung just joined in on that want is all realizing that people actually DO "want" gold phones..

  • Blah

    Can we stop talking about this who copied who bullshit?


    • http://sushubh.net/ chromaniac

      Nokia I imagine has done gold colored phones as well.

      • Danny Davis

        As well as aluminum.

    • mrjayviper

      and apple had colorful iPods in the past...

  • Shadab

    Do you think Samsung decided to copy after apple got good response and manufactured a gold S4 within a week?

    • SetiroN

      not at all! I mean it's not like they used viral marketing to publish a Photoshop-made press image, they totally had products for sale way back in 2012!

    • simp1istic

      Not a week, their conference was a couple weeks ago. It's also not available to buy anywhere yet and it's pretty easy to mix different colored cheap plastic.

  • Victor

    The point is: no one released a gold colored phone in the past few years. How awkward is it to see Samsung releasing one right after their main competitor?

    • Open1Your1Eyes0
      • Dean Politis

        Thank you. Whey do people believe Apple does everything first. They are usually last to the table.

        I also believe the HTC One is real gold instead of Apple's gold colored crap.

        • http://eduo.info/ eduo

          Not to sound like a jerk, but the only people I ever heard suggesting Apple did something first is the people complaining others believe it.

          I have yet to see anywhere that suggests Apple claims to have invented gold phones.

          • Dean Politis

            Did you read the article? The author suggests that Samsung is doing a gold phone because Apple did it first. He refers to Samsung copying Apple. Does this not imply Apple did it first?

          • http://eduo.info/ eduo

            The post doesn't think Apple did it first. The post says Samsung appears to have posted a gold phone right after Apple did. Nowhere does it imply Apple did gold first, but that the timing, if true, points at taking advantage of Apple's hype to push your own version of the same thing.

            Did you NOT read the article? The author has covered Gold phones in the past, so obviously he doesn't think Apple did gold first. He thinks Samsung should try to avoid looking like it's riding Apple's coattails and if you can't see how this hurts Samsung's image and how that's more important than semantics, I don't know how else to explain it to you.

          • Dean Politis

            So what you are saying is that Samsung should not do a gold phone now that they were planning to do because Apple released a fake gold colored phone.

          • http://eduo.info/ eduo

            No. What I'm saying is that you have problems with reading comprehension while trying to explain what the original post is saying. This is confirmed by your inability to comprehend a comment that explains you can't comprehend written words.

            At no point "I" said anything about what Samsung should do, so your insistence that I did points only to your own deficiencies reading even simple sentences.

      • vvtim

        You link to two products that haven't been released and one company that gold plates someone else's phone. You're not making sense here.

  • SetiroN

    You're capable of being disappointed in Samsung? I know I can't!

    Samsung stopped copying Apple just because of lawsuit scares; if you look closely, it's clear that many of Samsung's actions in the mobile play ground are more an answer to apple than something they would have done anyway. And that's something that greatly increases the consumer's perception of Apple as an innovator.
    Those tacky golden phones from Samsung and HTC will only increase the idea the public has of them as second rate alternatives that need to keep up with the big'un to compete.

    And they totally deserve that. It's time for them to see their market share shrink in favour of more competent manufacturers; which would all be easier if they realised how much including a removable battery and micro SD would erase Samsung from the so-called 'techies'' mindset as the most worthy android manufacturer.

    Sony's at least keeping the SD while doing everything else mostly right, which puts them in pole position, but they're far from perfect... we'll see.

    • Dean Politis

      Get your facts straight. HTC released a real gold HTC One in June. The only perception is from the iSheep who consistently believe that Apple innovates.

      Apple rarely innovates. Apple does a great job of producing a pretty package and popularizing innovations of others.

      • SetiroN

        my facts are straight as arrows, you're referring to third actual 24-carat gild plated HTC ones, while I'm referring to current rumours (which might be wrong ofc) of gold coloured HTC devices that ate supposedly going to be sold in Asia. Anyway HTC was a bystander within my argument, which is hardly refutable and consists of Samsung fueling that isheep mindset.

    • Easy

      You are contradicting yourself here. You said many of the things Samsung did is copying Apple and gave examples of what they did which Apple didn't. "removable battery", "micro SD". Add to that, LTE (before apple), multi colored handsets (before apple), bigger screen (before apple). I too was disappointed to see Samsung copying gold color, but based on some comments above, it seems they have done gold color before apple (and also Nokia and HTC too).

      • SetiroN

        I'm not sure when 'many' became 'all'.

  • afazel

    Meh, it's not really copying to offer a new color option. Who knew there was a market for ugly gold-colored phones? Apple has the fanboys and girls to try it out, people wanted it, now it's a new color option that some people want.

  • trev8988

    Good job one more argument for apple fanboy :(

  • Justin

    Samsung, Motorola and many handset makers used gold color. Apple didn't invent gold color. Please stop thinking apple invented everything.

    • flosserelli

      Aye, but if Apple could have their way, they'd make you *think* they invented gold color.

      • Peacen1k

        Well it looks like they've got Android Police on board with that.

        Seriously AP, stop drinking Apple coolaid.

        • Krzysztof Jozwik

          Oh Yea.

  • Justin

    Samsung gold

    • vvtim

      Did you even bother to look at that picture? Most of those are third party customizations, and there's a Blackberry Porche in there, random cases, a yellowed out picture of a GS3... a cassette tape... washing machine?

  • meshal

    if its the one that we just got in my country (kuwait), then its not a complete gold.its frame should be gold only and thats the pic for it:

  • hot_spare


  • Eric

    First look at the date of upload (Note 2). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nH3ApyKF0BU&noredirect=1
    Second, Arabia = oil = gold = normal
    Third. If I want to buy car, assume a Volvo, at that point it looks like everyone is driving a Volvo.

  • Jadephyre

    Oh for the love of Mike, Samsung... was this really necessary ?
    If I want to hold a golden brick to my ear, I'll get myself a job at a bank.

  • tekfr33kn

    If Apple has an x-colored phone, no one else can. If Apple has a rectangular shaped phone, no one else can. These things take months to go through internal review and marketing be fore we ever see this stuff. Apple just happened to get there ads out first.

    Oh look, Motorola released a blue Moto X! That must mean that Apple can't have a blue 5c. This is ridiculous folks. Who cares if Sammy wants a gold phone in a place where gold is the new white/black/beige. No one cares about this.

  • Frettfreak

    there has been a gold version of every major samsung release as much as i remember... Why are you so peeved about this. Especially since THIS IS (or at least pretty likely to be) real gold. this is NOTHING like what apple has done.

  • Christian Cebrian

    The asus transformer prime was also champagne/gold colored over a year ago (with aluminum frame) So it's just naive to say that Samsung is copying the copiers.

  • Slow news day

    Pretty sure Apple didn't invent colouring things gold. So is this an article about Samsung changing the colour of a phone when they saw that they could make money off said change?

  • Akbar

    Just dumb really.....But then again we could argue Apple copied Samsung on the cheap budget phones and multicolor and android on the pull down info bar and other features....

  • Jose Torres

    Had this been done 2 months ago THEY would have looked like the geniuses and not the poseurs.

  • Greyhame

    At first I was like, "Seriously??" I reconsidered when I thought about how pissed Apple was going to be from this. It's like Samsung is trolling Apple. I find that hilarious.

  • kerder

    well few things strait it was chinese making gold phones time ago apple just copied them & samsung had that coming before apple. apple copied palm & bb to iphone & ms tablets to ipads. watches r made by china for more than a year.

  • Ilikedogs

    Oh Samsung, always copying Apple.

  • Bleakvision

    But will its screen brake by itself like a regular GS4?

  • Lumi

    Come on samsung, why not make something in pink? And I mean the softer tones, not your fuchsia/magenta/shocking pink atrocities that DO NOT LOOK GOOD in plastic.

  • Silentstryder

    Keep in mind that Samsung made a Gold Phone in 2008. Apple liked the idea so much that they eventually decided to copy Samsung, and make their own Gold Phone years later with the iPhone5S. http://www.intomobile.com/2008/07/02/samsung-sgh-d780-gold-plated-edition-is-official-russian-olympic-team-phone/