It's time again to crack open your wallet and give to some worthy charities. Unlike the regular kind of charity, you get more than a warm fuzzy feeling from giving to the Humble Bundle. The new Humble Mobile Bundle 2 offers up to six great Android titles, including two debuts.

The Humble Bundle (in case you don't know) is a pay-what-you-want, DRM-free game pack that benefits charities like the EFF and Child's Play. The new games this time around are Star Command and Time Surfer. Star Command is a retro-themed starship simulator. You have to build and maintain your craft while accomplishing various missions and doing battle. It's a $2.99 game on iOS. As for Time Surfer, it's an interesting take on infinite runners. You glide along a glowing space highway avoiding obstacles, but mistakes are not forever. If something goes wrong, you can just rewind time to fix it. This one is a buck on iOS.

timesurfer mzl.agzqhfyc

The other four games are already on Android, but should still pique your interest. There is the tower defense game Bloons TD5 (usually $2.99), epic RPG Ravensword: Shadowlands ($6.99 in Google Play), Carmageddon (usually $1.99), and the fabulous endless action-runner Punch Quest ($0.99 in Google Play).

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Ravensword and Carmageddon will only be unlocked if you choose to donate above the average, which is currently $4.59. That's less than the cost of Ravensword by itself. The site also lets you determine how much of your donation goes to charity, the developers, and the Humble Bundle folks. The Humble Bundle is the best deal in gaming as usual, and you get to feel good about yourself. Can't really ask for more.

[Humble Mobile Bundle 2]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • Ash

    Holy shit.

    • ProductFRED

      Holy shit is right, motherfucker.

      That was excessive, but it felt so right.

      • Ivan Myring

        America, FUCK YEAH!

    • Kathryn A. Mixon

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      • chubbycheese

        OMG NO WAY!!!

  • Senoy

    Maybe this is stupid question, but do I get them on Google Play or I get just pack of apk?

    • http://spacebar.ca/ Simon Carpentier

      You only get apk. They have a Humble Bundle app in the Google Play store that manages the updates. But yeah it's a completely separate channel from Google.

      • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

        Well you can get an apk that is a downloader and installer. If you don't want to go the Google Play route. You don't just get .apk's of each app.

        • Andrea

          Well, you do. Just look for the binaries button at the bottom of your Humble page.

    • Del

      There is a humble bundle app on the play store that lets you download the games. Time Surfers is Play Services supported though!

  • Del

    Just had a quick blast on the games. Baloons seems ok, Punch Quest it's awesome, as is Carmageddon and Time Surfers. Star Commando may be better on tablets as it was a bit finicky on my S4 with touch zones. Ravensword looks incredible, but haven't really played it much!

    • Adam92Wilkins

      Does punch quest still have all the iap?

      • Himmat Singh

        Humble games have no IAPs. But I don't know what the devs did. Either:

        1) Have a free store
        2) Remove the store and leave the game
        3) Remove and rebalance the game

        • Del

          Seems like the second of those options... Items are really expensive!

  • zack

    I think it's worth noting that the Humble Bundle has a native app on in the Play store.

  • Elislurry

    Awesome! I buy every single Humble Bundle no questions asked. Super stoked for Ravenword, this is one i have wanted for use with the Moga Pro for awhile.

  • Funem

    Bought as usual even though I have most of the games, but wanted Star Command. These bundles get better and better

  • Sxeptomaniac

    I played with Star Command a little, already, and it looks good. Controls were pretty well-done, IMO, considering it's new to Android.

    • Cerberus_tm

      So is it fun? What does it play like?

      • gamercritics

        you build room & hire crew for your spaceship. travel to various star system. battle between ships or between people/crews. all are in isometric view.

        worth to mention that this Star Command begun with kickstarter back in 2011.

        • Cerberus_tm

          Ah OK, I didn't know it was a Kickstarter project. So did you enjoy it?

      • Sxeptomaniac

        Overall, I like it. The space battles are starting to feel a little repetitive, but I'm not sure if that's because the beginner level is a bit too easy, I'm not far enough in, yet, or it's just a fairly repetitive game. There are some nice touches of humor, and some surprises, early on. I'm also a little disappointed that the diplomatic options seem to often inevitably lead towards battle.

        • Cerberus_tm

          OK noted, thanks for the info!

  • gamercritics

    Time Surfer is so so. The time rewind feature is too short, and you have to collect coins to fill it up. Honestly I prefer slow-mo (bullet time) than time-rewind. I uninstalled this after 15 minutes.

    Star Command is fantastic. However it has one flaw , aiming weapon to other ship uses some sort of circular thingie + timing action. It's strange. Strategy games should use stat-based when attacking, not ridiculous mini-game.
    Regardless, it's still a solid & good game. Still struggling with zombie ship invasion right now...

    Ravensword is the most worth game here. This is mobile game that you can proudly show off to your friends' vita/psp/3ds. ;)
    Open world rpg, awesome view-distance, land & sky transportation. Need to say more ? :)

  • Te90

    That's mean I have to use a third party app to manage and update these games, other than Google Play?

    • Lumi

      There's a Humble Bundle App that's on the Play store, you can get updates and stuff from there. And yes, these games will not update from Play store directly. (Which is why I bought The Room separately last bundle)

  • Lumi

    Looks I'll be skipping this one again, nothing that interesting here... Used to like the previous Bloons, but like all TD it gets boring.

  • james kendall

    time surfer is badass. star command is no FTL but it's not horrible.

  • Sinistar83

    Anyone know if on the Carmageddon on this Humble Bundle will work with the save game for the promo/full version that was offered for day 1 users? I have a bunch of vehicles I unlocked already on it.