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Google's got a surprise for users across Asia and New Zealand today, bringing Play Books availability to nine new places: Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and New Zealand.

The company that claims the world's largest selection of online books has been slowly but surely making headway in spreading its Play products across the planet. Of course, it would be great if Google could simply flip a switch to bring Play to all Android users everywhere, but legal issues and other roadblocks mean it still takes some time to expand. Still, Google appears to be keeping pace, having just brought Play Books to nine European countries in July.

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If you're in one of the places listed above, go get some books! Otherwise, keep tabs on Google's Play Books movements at the link below.

Google Play International Availability

Liam Spradlin
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  • Roshan Nair

    Finally in Malaysia..Thank God...

    • Wai Kean Ong

      Yeah finally. Been waiting for so long. Time for me to get an Android tablet.

    • moot

      i would love if music and movies also available in malaysia.. but im sure it wont be around in the meantime..

    • Julian Ooi

      now only for devices...

  • Zane Aplin

    Finally can upload my books. :)

  • Jerald Lee

    Yes! Finally in Philippines! I just hope they will also bring Google Play Music All Access. :)

    • http://justposteverything.com/ Jerome Paul Esteban

      Been using Google Play Music All Access in the Philippines for a while now. It's really great!

      • Carlo

        Google Play Music is still not available in the Philippines. What are you using to illegally access region-locked content from Google?

        • http://justposteverything.com/ Jerome Paul Esteban

          An American credit card is all it takes apparently, as I'm not even using a VPN to mask my location. I do use a VPN to access Netflix, though. The Google Music app doesn't seem to care where you are in the world; as long as you subscribed to All Access, you don't need to spoof your location.

          This is all from my personal experience, YMMV.

          • It’sAGoodService

            You don't even need a real American credit card. Just change your Country to "USA" with a valid address and pin code to match in your Google Wallet account and you're good to go. I live in... a place where we don't have AllAccess but I've been enjoying the $7.99 promotional price since ever :D

      • crackinthewall

        Still can't buy tracks though. I'd really want some of those $4 albums.

        • http://justposteverything.com/ Jerome Paul Esteban

          I just tried buying a track, and it worked for (stopped when it asked for password confirmation though so I didn't complete the purchase).

          I do have some the free music Google Play offered a while back.

          • crackinthewall

            With a local credit/debit card? I don't think so.

          • http://justposteverything.com/ Jerome Paul Esteban

            I use Globe's GCASH American Express. Comes with a US billing address and it's gotten me everything from Google Play Music All Access to Netflix.

            Not too much hassle, I think. Depends on how much you really want region-restricted stuff.

    • crackinthewall

      I wish they'd change the pricing though. Checked some of the books and they're just as expensive if not more than buying a paperback. In some cases, even the hardbound is cheaper.

  • Harjifangki

    Thank goodness, for Indonesia's availability.
    Now, let's just wait for Google Music. Last time Nokia try that with Ovi Music Store it worked quite decently I think.

  • A.I.W.

    Finally, Indonesia gets a Google service! Been waiting for this!

    • Rendy Mulyono

      Have you tried it yet? Just checked my Books app... country not supported (in Indo)

  • kiMz

    I would prefer the store that sell Nexus stuff :)

  • HebeGuess

    Pity malaysian, counting Apps, Books and end of the list..

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Norway or No-way? Why not European countries first?

  • Thomas Wong

    Play Books in Hong Kong... I am crying in joy right now :)

  • Byung-Hoon Cho

    None of the books are "available" for me... I'm in nz but not sure if its cause I'm not on WiFi

    • Chris P

      Fellow Kiwi here. Install the Google Play Books app :D

      • Byung-Hoon Cho

        Haha woops it didn't update and thought books weren't available in nz

  • Samson

    Thanks AP for the information!! Hong Kong user!!

  • Chris P

    Heck yes, New Zealand! Now for Devices, maybe Movies or TV, and I'll be happy.

  • Budi Wicaksono

    good, indonesia

  • Himmat Singh

    Hell yeah! Good start. But I must point out that the books are either exactly same as the physical copies or in most cases even MORE expensive. What the hell?

    Actually, looking at the books, physical copies here sell for around RM35 (you can get 10% discounts with a card), but on Google Play these regular fiction books (such as crime/legal thrillers) cost RM60-RM65. Insane!! Even our local eBookstore sells it cheaper (at exactly the same price as physical books).

    And I hate it the local store is now in Malay instead of English language. :(

    • Vector Teh

      The language of the store is also what I don't like right now.

    • Mal

      I'm thinking of ditching Android altogether because of this. Forcing us to use that backward malay language. Just no class.

      • Himmat Singh

        LOL isn't that too extreme? It's just the store homepage that is in Malay. Nice to have an option, but not the end of the world as it is.

  • Himmat Singh

    Can I ask...does the 15 mins refund period work for ebooks too? Just in case because sometimes the ebook formatting can be off.

  • アドリアンタン郭華

    Well I have to join in

    Finally in Singapore! Now for Google Play Music~

  • Rendy Mulyono

    Just installed the app...still not possible in Indonesia as of today (26 Sept) :(

  • Nasko Hristov

    RLY Google, RLY??? Vietnam, and all EU except Bulgaria, in what are we living???

  • Mal

    Why the language inconsistency? Here in Malaysia, the rest of the Play Store is in English while the headers for the Books section are in Malay? I can't even see any option to change it all to English. Screw this sh*t, man!!

  • 1206549

    Yes! Philippines! Finally. Oh wait... I lost my phone.

  • WhyWai

    Cool! finally in Singapore!

  • http://www.ramdanih.blogspot.com/ Ramdanih Seven

    Yes! Finally in Indonesia! Waiting another services. like music, movie and magazine :)