Today is the big day – the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear should be available in most corners of the globe. However, this is just the initial rollout. You can expect to see the Note 3 and Gear popping up for sale online and in shops, but carriers won't be selling them in the US for a few more days.


If you've had your eye on the big stylus-packing smartphone, be prepared to pay a pretty penny. Unlocked phones are always expensive, and this one will be in demand. The unlocked Note 3 will probably be going for nearly $800 everywhere. Negri Electronics is listing it at $770, and that's a sale price. US carriers will only be asking for a few hundred up front, and you'll get proper LTE support. AT&T will be out the gate with its Galaxy Note 3 on October 1st. Then T-Mobile starts moving Notes on October 2nd. Sprint will begin selling the device on October 4th. Finally, the Verizon Note 3 should ship on October 10th, a few days behind everyone else.


The Galaxy Gear is supposed to retail for $299, and that's probably what you'll pay through carriers too. If you're impatient, the Note 3 and Gear combo could set you back over $1000 today.


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • shaun

    got it a few hours ago>< in malaysia!!

    • sree

      hi shaun how is loud speaker qulity

      • shaun

        laud and clear for me( 1st time owning and high-end device><)
        the fact that it is placed at bottom, is really helpful when you place down on a table

        • shaun

          an* high-end

          • sree

            thanks Shaun for you response.

    • Amir

      Malaysia FTW Shaun, I got it @Senheng Kemaman.
      BTW Malaysian version rocking on sweet S800 processor... and its FAST!

  • Andrew Wood

    I was waiting for this and had a pre-order in (UK), but after breaking my S4's screen by sitting on it last week, I got cold feet around plastic phones and went for a Z1; couldn't be happier. Tactile matters!

    • khsharpe

      will you get back to us if you ever sit on this one, let us know if it fares any better?
      Or perhaps cnet could give us Sit Tests when they do comparison reviews?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      The Z1 is certainly a mighty competitor. In fact, I'd consider it if it came to AT&T LTE before the Note 3 just to switch things up a bit.

    • Wilson

      Sorry, what does breaking the screen got anything to do with plastic phones?
      Screen of S4 is gorilla glass and not plastic?

    • Ono

      Ah yes, definitely a sign that we should all stay away from Samsung products! If I sit on their electronics, they break. Good call Einstein.

    • ios7 equals Android 2.3

      Andrew doesn't the Z1 have a glass back? That was a deal breaker for me.

      • TY

        The glass back of the z1, thanks to the metal frame, should be more durable than most phone's glass screen.

    • RaptorOO7

      If you sit on any phone it will break, plenty of people have sat on iphones and bent these pretty good as well. Samsung actually does testing simulating someone sitting on their phone so . . .

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  • cAdvent

    Leaving to pick it up right now! Excited as hell, despite my love/hate for touchwiz. I mean a 4x4 grid on a god damn 5.7 inch full hd screen? Really Samsung?

    • hot_spare

      Are you referring to this? I see 5x5 grid. Or is it some other launcher?

      • cAdvent

        Well, thats the app browser, homescreen is still 4x4 :( Tbh even 5x5 aint enough

        • Andrew James

          Go Launcher (or other). You can change the grid size to whatever you want.

          • Joe

            Exactly. I love Droid, the versatility is great. However, if I try using my phone with the stock launcher, I'm completely lost. Go launcher is incredible. People who complain about the cost of go launcher "No ads" versions make me laugh. If you just spent $300(+) on your phone...is it really a big deal?

        • wimpstert

          Nova launcher is the best launcher I've used....unlike GoLauncher it does not freeze the phone nor does it have any kind of delay. Nova launcher is nice and smooth and fluid as if it was the stock launcher with lots of modifications...

        • cAdvent

          Yer, I like Apex and Nova, but word on the web is that some touchwiz functionality is lost when changing launcher. Well well, I'll find out soon I guess!

          • Mr E

            I haven't missed anything with a custom launcher (Nova) on my Galaxy S3, but obviously doesn't have the s-pen functionality, so not sure about that.

          • spydie

            I use Next Launcher (have used Nova and Apex) and I have never lost S-pen functionality in any way!

          • Sean Cummins

            Shouldn't be any functionality lost when changing launchers, only ROMs.

    • Mr E

      Congrats! I'm not sure if you've used "recent" versions of TW, but I don't mind it on the S3.

  • ricardojvq

    In Portugal they're selling for 699€ or 799€ with the Galaxy Gear (that's a 200€ discount on the Gear). These prices are without a contract but network locked.

    • hot_spare

      Nice deal!

  • Michael K

    Picked up the 16GB LTE today in Hong Kong.

    Did a bit of
    shopping around and found it in Fortress, Broadway, Sunsing and
    "Trillion Sky Limited" (Samsung authorized Partner shop in Ocean Centre
    Shop 332). They all only stocked the 16GB 3G and LTE models ($5,998HK /
    HK$6,198 respectively at all 4 shops).

    The LTE version can record video at 4K which is pretty impressive.

    only official Note 3 accessory that was in stock was the "Extra Battery
    Kit" (Includes charger and extra battery). I purchased this with the
    Note 3 at Trillion for $299HK. I was told the retail price was $599HK

    • crackinthewall


      • Michael K

        Yep, only size on the HK market as far as I can see. No 32/64GB models

        • JaizukeD

          Are you sure it was real..?

          • Michael K

            Yep, definitely the real deal. The notes are huge in hong kong. Think I counted at least 5 people with the note 3 on the subway today. Maybe they had an overstock of 16GB chips and figured they could get away with flogging them to the asian market, who knows. Not a huge deal for me personally with expandable storage

          • JZ

            well i read that the 16GB is only available in Hong Kong and now shiping to taiwan. Most countries like mine are getting the official 32GB and 64GB. But honestly 16GB seem pretty little storage for me , lucky you can add on microSD card

          • Chiron43

            Yes it is real :

            It might be related to the region-lock new policy that Samsung is implementing on USA/EU markets to fight the grey market business.
            Providing only a 16Gb version in Hong Kong - which is one of the biggest location to ship grey phones - could be to also discourage buyers from abroad (at least the customers who care about memory size).
            Though i dunno why they didn't enforce the region-lock in Asia as well.

  • RaptorOO7

    Fortunately for Verizon customer's there is a strong rumor (insider info) saying Verizon will begin shipping pre-orders on 9-29, with inventory being readied over the next few days at their Shipping partner of choice. I for one truly hope this comes true, and we will know on Saturday or Sunday when CC are charged and confirmation emails go out.

    • Danish

      Source? If this is true it'll be amazing

  • RH

    I'm getting one, but not the "first batch". My note 1 will keep for a few more weeks. Maybe by the end of October, the quantities will be in stock, and the price MIGHT come down a couple bucks.

  • J the Pond Lady

    Is there some reason the United States is last, or next to last to get the Notes? The waiting is driving me crazy and it will get harder as I read reviews and watch videos of lucky folks who have gotten theirs already!

  • dobbsy

    Anyone know if this will work with Mobilicity in Canada? AWS, with bands 1700/2100.