As the announcement of Android 4.4 KitKat (presumably) draws closer, the Paranoid Android team has decided to make some changes to the way the popular ROM is managed. On the agenda is a complete rewrite of Paranoid Android with a focus on making a highly stable ROM targeted at fewer devices. That doesn't necessarily mean it won't run on your device, but things are about to change.


According to the G+ post, the core team has decided to move away from the model of having everyone support individual devices. No matter how skilled a developer is, there are going to be things outside their wheelhouse. So starting with KitKat, the entire team will collaborate on a limited number of devices, one of which will be the Nexus 5. The list of supported devices isn't available yet, but PA will still be ported to devices not on that list – it just won't be done by the main team. As for currently supported devices, ongoing support will be handed off to maintainers.

With everyone doing what they do best, the hope is that Paranoid Android will become a better, more stable ROM. As the refreshed PA takes shape, the team will have an eye toward a more Google-inspired design. The goal is to make something that his Holo-ness Lord Duarte would approve of, while still adding new features. Or as PA put it, less kanging. But don't worry – signature features like Halo and PIE aren't going anywhere.

With a better ROM, the team wants to encourage Android novices to give it a shot with an easier installation and update process (setting up a real website might be a good start). There may even be an automatic installer of some sort that does all the heavy lifting. Now all we need is for Google to announce KitKat.


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • Lirodon

    The Nexus devices will probably get served

    • Niclas

      I really really hope so...

      • Ayysir_PA

        Yea we are going to support up to the n4 (gnex as well if possible)

        • Eduardo Espino

          Please do so, I have a GNEX and i love this phone.

          • Ayysir_PA

            cant give a sure answer, google needs to release 4.4 first lol

        • Jesse

          Does that include grouper?

          • Ayysir_PA

            hoping so, but like i said. we haven't seen 4.4 code yet

        • techlte

          Thanks to all the hard work from the PA team the guys behind AOSPAL have but some like back into my GNex. I sure hope both you guys at PA and AOSPAL continue to support the GNex beyond the initial release of Kk.

        • Vinay N S

          i know this is a bit off topic.. but going by what you are planning, is there a way where u create one generic build which can be fitted with drivers using some cutom sw that u guys can maybe build, and that sw will build the final rom..
          this way all of you guys will be essentially making one rom, hence easier and faster to make it stable and perfect..
          this way u can target theoretically any device..

          • Ayysir_PA

            nope since with devices you have to deal with things like vendor blobs and bootloader etc... no way to make a generic version for every device to use without editing, adding or subtracting code

  • Cory Wilson

    Sounds like a good idea. I used paranoid android when I first got my nexus 7. Great features, but a lot didn't work right, and it was noticeably slower than other alternatives such as cyanogenmod, hopefully this will provide a worthy opponent to cm. Also can we kill the creepy wallpapers?

  • Jadephyre

    Oh, does that mean they finally recognized that PA isn't the most stable hackjob around ?
    About gorram time...

    • sweenish

      Too many downvotes. It could have been said better, but PA is far from perfect.

      • Jadephyre

        Oh well, i'm not here to win a popularity-contest.
        It just seems that saying out loud what a lot of people have been mumbling into their beards is suddenly disrespectful to the team and a complete no-no when it's not hailing the features and customizability.

        I thought that was the M.O. of iPhone Fans, not Android.

        • Matthew Fry

          I think the difference is that these guys are doing it for free. Mouthing off about something that is free is like complaining about volunteer workers. You come off looking like a douche bag. If you don't like it or it's broken you respectfully voice this to the developer. Otherwise you go somewhere else.

    • Fitzelgard Allan Gerard

      Stop living in your bubble and go try other ROM's there are those who put countless effort and time into it to be shunned aside by someone whos ignorant to give it a go.

      • Jadephyre

        I have tried this and other ROMs, i've been doing this stuff for a couple of years now, and before I mouth off about a ROM, I try it.

  • angel_spain

    I don't know about other devices, but it's totally stable in my N4, and it's fast too.

  • Alan Shearer

    Support my galaxy nexus and I will be happy (though may get the nexus 5 anyway, gotta see how pricing/specs/etc are.

    • techlte

      CDMA GNex here with current 4.3 support? Can I do anything to help you or are you only referring to upcoming 4.4 support?

      • Alan Shearer

        Gsm variant here :) Nope, referring to the from scratch 4.4 rom mentioned in the article :). I am currently on paranoid android 4.3 rom, with pie and halo, and love it. very stable few problems. Appreciate the offer though, you must be from xda.

      • Pengwn

        I think he's talking about official support. I guess it comes down to which version of the GNex he's talking about, but for toro the only way to get PA is from an unofficial port.

        Thanks Fairct for the RC2 build!

  • Eduardo da Silva

    It was only with me or the Paranoid Android RC2 turned the display more dark?
    I like, BTW.

    • Anu6is

      Not only RC2, all Paranoid Android versions have a color calibrated version of the Google stock kernel

      • Eduardo da Silva

        I've never realize it, maybe because i always flash franco kernel before PA, but this time i forgot it. I didn't remember that the stock color was so dark!

        • Anu6is

          One of the things I love about PA, those color calibrations are pretty awesome. I believe Franco has a halfbreed color setting preset that mimics it as well

          • Daniel

            Is there a way to change these color settings in PA without using another kernel? I do like what they did with the colors, but the problem is that it is very very hard to see the dark screen in daylight:-/

          • Eduardo da Silva

            I don't think so, at least i never found it. I agree with you, their colors with IPS display creates a nice and pretty experience. I've never ever had problem with sun light because i use bright screen in auto mode, but my battery life goes away.

          • Anu6is

            No, there isn't a way to change the colors without switching kernels

  • Mick Collingwood

    The problem I have noticed over the last couple of years is that it seems we're on a constant cycle of alphas, betas and release candidates then another version of android appears and we start the cycle again.

    Hopefully this new system will see faster release cycles and a fully functioning ROM before the next version of android appears.

    • ltredbeard

      The PA team has actually been pretty quick at getting a release candidate out.

    • Steve Freeman

      I can't speak for other ROM's, but even though the RC's and official releases for AOKP have been few and far between, the nightlies and every other release have been largely bug free. Sure, some minor bugs snuck in here and there, but they were usually squashed quickly.

      • navjot

        Interesting that these devs that work for free can keep up with the OEMs that have hundreds of paid employees.

        • QwietStorm

          OEMs also have entire product lines to maintain, as well as entirely different motivations for update timeliness.

        • Lars

          It's impressive, but updates from manufacturers often get delayed by formalities such as certifications. That's what usually takes time.

        • squiddy20

          Also keep in mind that, to get these updates working properly, I'm sure a few messy hacks are necessary. An OEM probably wouldn't go the messy hack route.

      • Matt

        Official nightlies of AOKP 4.3 builds are also expected this week.

    • JazliAziz

      In essence, it's the exact same thing as OEM's pushing out updates late. By the time we have started seing stable 4.2.2 ROMs, 4.3 was already out.

      In the case of my HTC One X, Slim decided to stop supporting it all together, kinda like how HTC dropped support for the One S. Again, it's like ROM teams are kinda like OEMs.

      Not complaining, I know they work for free and we have no right to demand anything. Just drawing parallels.

    • Arz Bhatia

      Now that is exactly what we're trying to throw away. We're aiming to remove the idea of even releasing an 'alpha'. There would be betas, yes - But they also would be rock solid. RCs ofcourse are the best you can get.

      Everything would be new. Everything would be re-written.

      Arz Bhatia
      PA Team - UI/UX Manager

      • squiddy20

        Coming from a CM mindset (nightly, M release, RC, stable) am I to understand that RC in the PA world roughly to equates to stable in the CM world, and accordingly, nightly = beta? Not trolling or being sarcastic. Genuinely curious.

  • chriscarver

    Hopefully they simplify it too. Right now it feels uber messy. Don't get me wrong, it really 360's customization, but it's way too customizable. Oxymoron!?

    • Bloodflame87

      C'mon, you can never have "too much" customization. That's what customization is all about! Don't get me wrong, I do see where you're coming from, but when there's so many fine details to tweak, there's really no way to simplify the process. The menu's are categorized and sometimes go multiple menu's deep, and yeah, it might seem overwhelming, but this is why custom ROMs stand out over pure stock Android. Google provides the basic building blocks with AOSP for great developers like these to work their magic. PA has been my daily driver from the first day I got my N4 and I wouldn't have it any other way. I try other ROMs now and then, but always find myself back on PA within a few hours. It's not that I don't appreciate the efforts of other developers, but it just seems the PA team knows how to hit the nail on the head perfectly every time. Kudos to them - I can't wait to see what the future in PA holds :)

      • Bakaouji


      • chriscarver

        What they need is presets to keep some sort of conformity.

  • techlte

    Thanks to AOSPA we have AOSPAL! AOSPAL 4 LYFE :D https://plus.google.com/104248603863401632173/posts

  • lensgrabber

    Considering I have been using PA as my daily driver on the N4 for some time and am very pleased with the performance, this just sealed my next purchase. N5 it is for me. The only thing that would change my mind is the Moto X having a dramatic price drop before the N5 ships.

  • Rushil Perera

    i wish they would bring the nexus s back :(

  • “Always on” Fuck that i’m “Alw

    Too bad it seems that Crapynos 4 Devices won't be supported since crapsung hates Devs.

    • Anu6is

      Samsung devices currently have support... no reason to believe that would stop

      • Fitzelgard Allan Gerard

        Yes if they were that friendly with dev support they wouldnt put up much of a fight with locked bootloaders.

  • sweenish

    This isn't the first time the team has said this, and while the presentation of HALO is very good, configuring it and trying to remember shortcuts is a pain. PIE is great for activating during full screen apps but is slower in almost all cases than the actual buttons.

    Hybrid engine's per-app-color and sizing are always what bring me back, but other ROMs run smoother and consume less resources. My N7 is currently stock and I have no motivation to change that, my next phone very well might be the same.

  • danishdhanshe

    Even though PA isn't as fast (wtr gaming) as most ROMs like CyanogenMod and psx, takes More time to get a stable build, its features are unique, I'd give up gaming for these features
    Thank you paranoid android
    Thank you molesarecoming

  • Benjamin Howell

    Really hoping for Note 3 support

  • http://www.parajuegos.info/ Para Juegos

    It has changed how I shared with its Members. Every other change is an attractive new

    • Arthur Dent

      Horse_ebooks, is that you?

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    I'm probably going for PA with KitKat (will be leaving CM). If S2 gets support, which isn't so sure thing due to crappy Samsung.

  • MikeCriggs_AOSPAL

    Nice to see people appreciate PA and Gnex users still love AOSPAL :).

  • tintin.92

    Somehow i doubt the Intl. S2 (I9100) is gonna make the cut...

    • Someone on the internet

      Same with the other international galaxy phones like the I9300.

  • William Worlde

    I have really been enjoying my GNex after going back to stock JB. I tried PA, amongst other custom ROMs, and was absolutely frustrated!

    Maybe my phone is too old? I don't know, but with stock JB 4.3, stability is fantastic and so too battery longevity – the two most important functions of the device I never had with any custom ROM. PLUS, all my apps work stably. Hmmm.....

  • unsivilaudio

    This makes me sad, hope they'll still allow independent developers to build from their source code as I doubt my Atrix 2 will make the cut either.

  • RTWright

    Eh I think I'll pass like I have any other choice but to since the Dev on this one on the XDA forums at least stated he's dropping support for all CDMA devices and this was right after I had paid for the quote on quote "Pro" version from the Play store. I loved what this ROM did and it's got such great potential. But the lack of input and answers from the Dev team on this ROM as well as a lot of broken links ( Homepage for one Gapps for another ) just doesn't weigh in their favor. Granted he did leave it up for grabs for another Dev to take over for this part, at least he did that.

  • DanielG

    Please Please Please support HTC Amaze 4g... Awesome phone and still has an sd card slot. Im not ready to part with it for nexus 5 just yet. :)