Last Updated: September 25th, 2013

YouTube comments have a reputation for being one of the most retched hives of scum and villainy this side of 4Chan. Things are about to change in YouTube land, though. Google has just announced that YouTube comments are switching over to Google+ in the coming months, starting with the channel discussion tab later this week.


YouTube currently floats the two most up-voted comments to the top, but when G+ takes over, it's going to factor in more variables. Comments from the video's creator, popular personalities, and people in your circles will be placed closer to the top. Users will also be able to add comments that are restricted to individual people or Circles. Public comments will still be the default, though. The improved comment system will allow for better moderation tools and filters for certain kinds of content. It is not clear if you will be able to block discussions of twerking, but that would be nice.

There will inevitably be those who bristle at the thought of Google+ invading yet another facet of the Google ecosystem, but YouTube comments are not the place to make a principled stand. This can only be a good thing.

[Google YouTube Blog]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • Freak4Dell

    Fuck you Google...yadda yadda yadda...privacy...yadda yadda yadda...never using YouTube again. Did I about sum up the inevitable comments?

    • CoreRooted

      Yup. Wait for it... :-

    • https://steamcommunity.com/id/m-p-3 m-p{3}

      It's not like people HAVE to comment to be on YouTube and watch videos.

      • Jonny M

        What is stopping people from creating fake Google+ accounts and using them to troll????

    • sssgadget

      I use Youtube and Google Play but don't review anymore. Not that I post hateful comments or shitty reviews. It's that your real name will be associated to your opinions and that may affect you in the future. You comment on a political/religious/ video and that is linked to you directly by someone.

      • aleciu

        yep, that's the point.

        I guess now it's time to create separate g+ account for each activities (one for gmail, one for android, youtube, blogger, and so on) in anticipation of what may come in the future..

        now I have to think of what my name variation would be.. :)

        • Marc_Razia

          Its funny that this is now the thought process. Its as though people need to complain about something. And I'm not saying its not justified, but just think of the opposite. If Facebook suddenly said you have to have a separate account for games, for social, for photos, for videos, for chat, etc, what a pain it would be. So Google is unifying everything under a single login and now people suggest they'd prefer separate accounts for each service.

          Somehow I don't believe the comments on articles like these represent mass appeal, and Google probably knows that. One single login for all their stuff will likely be so much better. But hey, people gotta complain, so we'll likely hear about it until the bitter end : )

          • wialno28

            Single login is not the problem. Google Plus IS the problem!!! I'm fine using one login for everything. It's nice. What I don't want is to be forced into a public social network that I do NOT want and have NEVER before needed to use Google services!!!

          • Marc_Razia

            You are not forced to use it. You merely have access to it. I don't hear you complaining about Google Drive or Google Calendar, things that also come with a Google account. When you get past the trendy idea of complaining about G+ you see that its no different than how they have handle any of their bundled services.

          • Mike B.

            "Forced" is relative: I had no use for a G+ account until I wished to give a good review to a developer of an Android app I appreciate. The Play Store wouldn't allow ANY comment, good or bad without a G+ account. But I had promised the dev, and now I faced breaking a social contract. You could eventually say the same about shopping for groceries - one "could" grow all their own food... I say such a policy is indeed "forcing" by blocking a common modern practice like product reviews. What if I wanted to warn the public about potential harm?

          • Marc_Razia

            Well by your definition I am "forced" to have a Discus account I have no need for. Of course the reality is that its simply a choice like any other, the only difference being is that its trendy these days to complain about Google since their so huge.

          • TG2

            Marc I'm sorry but your wrong.

            Discus doesn't force a profile of searchable information on you. Nor does it publicly gather gobs of information about you, to "tailor ads to your preferences".

            Examples: Youtube I absolutely without any other thought in my being detest and feel homicidal urges against Annotations. I go to youtube, I didn't got there to see some stupid a*hole's funny quips to go over top of a video content, I went there looking to see the *video* and because I can't guarantee that juno2525 will have left their video snippet of something I wanted to see alone, I make sure the annotations are turned off .. this is in my account settings, I log-in and am relatively assured it remembers my settings and applies them equally .. for that purposed I do not need g+ But yet every other few days I go there and again get prompted to move myself into G+ I do not want, need nor have any desire to be effected by, included in, or creative of, "circles" .. that isn't who ** i ** am. I'm also the person that doesn't like facebook that much other than to post once in a while, read others once in a while, or discuss with friends ... and I've hated facebooks' realnames policy too, which is what keeps me from using them.

            I WILL NOT get another account, that puts MY PERSONAL data across every other thing in the world, even if its only just my full name.

            Facebook may have millions of subscribers but google has BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of hits ... you can't go ANYWHERE on the internet without a touch to google ... but you can without facebook.

            And in the light of that power of pulling all your data together, the ability to track from googles' point of view of you, it should not be allowed nor should the only way you use such services be required to have a g+ account, nor the constant bombardment of moving into a G+ account for ANY reasons.

            Now .. if Google wanted to, they could offer a PAID service where we use our alias, we provide our real information (payment services involved here) and paid to keep our information private .. that's worth 12 bucks a year .. maybe even 24 bucks.. and *THAT* might cross that hump for me .. but until then, I will not, under any circumstance side with you, or people like you that think google isn't forcing this upon us, because they are.

          • Marc_Razia

            You just went off on a tangent about a whole bunch of stuff I didn't even say.

            I WAS forced to sign up for Discus to reply to certain articles...at least "forced" in the sense that Mike B was talking about. That was my point and it was pretty clear.

            Now you can go about writing several paragraphs about other things again if you like just so you can have the last word, but that won't change that my point stands.

          • TG2

            You didn't have to use Discus ... I'm sure they allowed Facebook, Twitter, Google, and probably SenderID.

            the point which you missed in the extra paragraphs is the difference in logging in, and *not* logging in to Youtube. Add to that, that you missed or ignored, that I'm perfectly fine with logging in to *youtube* as a separate entity ... but now, google is trying to force people into Google+ .. and its not just for one site .. you move into Google+ from youtube, and it links in your picasa web albums, and starts tying the entirety that is "google controlled".

            Disqus on the other hand is simply an authentication mechanism. Google+ and everything that it sucks into itself is far more than just "authentication"

            you couldn't be more wrong about how different the two are.

          • Gary Logan Hobdy

            Don't mind that guy. He's an ignoramus. I read a different thread, on a different website altogether, where he used the same argument. He doesn't seem to understand basic definitions of words or simple concepts. That or he works for Google.

          • Guest

            WTF??! No more "YouTube Inbox"? Can't find my YouTube InBox, 100's of
            messages waiting and no way to read, reply or post back to them.

            is forcing it's sad sucky little Google Plus+ crap into everything I
            now do online, 100% total forced Google+ integration, Gmail, Google
            Search, Android... everything is being ruined, zero privacy, anything I
            do is not searchable via history, tracked to my cell phone and made
            public, these are totalitarian changes for the worse.

            commenting in YouTube is now a pain in the ass, too many clicks, too
            much time and effort for what used to be a simple 1-second task, and you
            can't even reply to another user's comments on YouTube unless they're
            in your silly Google+ "Circles." What absolute asinine monkey bullshit
            is this?!?!?!

            Instead of my YouTube InBox, all I get now is a
            GOOGLE PLUS ALERT that says: "Comments are now a part of the global
            verified Google+ Identity Platform. If you haven't yet upgraded, you'll
            need to verify personal credentials through the Google+ Identity system
            before attempting to access the comment notification bar in your Google+
            Dashboard. Comment notifications are no longer delivered to your
            YouTube inbox, but instead to your Google+ Dashboard, your linked-Gmail
            account and to your SMS-verified smartphone, or other web-enabled mobile

            Sounds to me like they want to personally identify
            everything I do online, absolutely opening myself up to the real
            possibility of identity theft, stalking by tech-savvy homophobic bigots,
            or the US Government, whom I trust less and less. And here I thought
            cell phone tracking and eavesdropping by the evil NSA was bad!

            How much are they paying you to brown-nose Google Plus? I'm not "trendy," I'm ANGRY!!!

            to add Google+ to my BLOCKED SENDERS LIST, and while we're at it, I
            might as well finally admit defeat, GOOGLE PLUS TUBE OFFICIALLY SUCKS!!!

          • Quiet Guest

            To get to your YT inbox, I figured out a way which is better than none for now. What I do is: 1) go to my email (Gmail for ex.) & find a random YouTube INBOX reply that came as an alert in my email (& if I trashed the alert, just go to my email trash for it if it's not been completely deleted), open the alert, click on the part that says "inbox" in that YouTube alert & I get to my messages that way OR 2) easiest way is to go straight to YouTube, click on a random channel name, on that person's channel click ABOUT at top of channel page, then on ABOUT page click on MESSAGE. Then your inbox page loads. Annoying, but it is the only thing I can think of.

          • Quiet Guest

            Go to http://youtube.com/inbox to check your inbox.

          • Quiet Guest

            Well, if you sign in as ONLY a guest, one can still leave a comment & up-vote comments on Disqus without having to create an account. But as being only a guest, you have to enter your guest info (guest name, email) every time you post instead of just automatically posting as an account user. Plus, as guest, you cannot down-vote comments unless you are an account user.

          • Joetwopointoh

            again, even syncing you accounts is not enough to read/write comments as of today.

          • Just Rayne

            yeah, one login for all there stuff is fine and dandy, if you use all their stuff. but i have a youtube, and a gmail. and they're linked, so one sign in. i did NOT have a google plus, because i never ever wanted one. if i did, i'd have signed up for it prior. now one is being forced on me. that, is what i do not like. i am not a net troll and i rather not have a google profile telling the world my every move, my every photo, where i eat. and whatever else that dumb shit does. i just like to watch videos and interact with others when i feel like it. i didn't/dont need this service to do that.

          • Marc_Razia

            Thanks for the reply, but I think you are missing the big picture. Surely if you were the only user of Google services your point would no doubt carry more importance, but Google obviously knows their user base and most people who use Google services use it for more than just Youtube and Gmail. Think of how many users there are for Maps, Android, Chrome, Search, Drive, Calender, etc. So although it may not may not be pleasing specifically to you, Google has billions of users to consider.

            In terms of social G+ is just another feature you have access to. You are not forced to fill out a profile nor even have any of it be public. I realize there is a lot of articles out there creating a lot of drama about it, but nothing is forced on you and no one is reporting your every move unless you choose to do things publicly. Having access to G+ is no different than having access to Google Calendar or Google Drive, features that ALSO come with having a Google account (or even a Gmail account). They are all available to you if you choose to use them, but otherwise no harm done, just the same as G+.

          • Just Rayne

            well it sure seems forced when i cannot comment on someones video without a large popup interrupting me telling me to do this when im already signed into my account. I don't think googles intentions are as noble as you make them sound. all those things are already linked, and those are things we've chosen to use. this is more of a power move by google to compete than it is to benefit the end user. they are big enough to not care, and they arent going to do down if even several thousand people stopped using them. so they really have no real threat to do as they please because realistically this won't turn everyone off, regardless of how much they hate or are annoyed by it. facebook is their direct competition, how do they up google plus numbers? force more people into using it by tapping into another major registered user portion of their company. i dont feel that its more about convenience than it is strategy.

          • Marc_Razia

            I never said anythign about noble intentions. I'm quite certian they are chasing profits as much as any company. Google is simply in the process of combining all thier services under one unbrella whereby they all simple become features you have access to.

            To reiterate a point I made earlier, imagine this process in reverse. Consider if Facebook suddenly said you have to have a separate account for games, for social, for photos, for videos, for chat, etc, what a pain it would be. So Google is unifying everything under a single umbrella and now people suggest they'd prefer separate accounts for each service.

            People don't like change, that's obvious, but there is a lot of unnecessary drama being made about all this. Of course everyone isn't going to be please. As I said, Google has billions of users to deal with, so not everyone is going to like it. But there are plenty of alternatives, so if it was really so bad I think people would start using other services pretty quickly which would force Google to change course. Obviously that isn't happening. The vocal minority of people who complain in the comment section of articles like this just don't represent the mass market.

            Anyway, best of luck.

          • Fuck Tard

            The problem with forced Google Plus integration is that you have to use your real name. That's what is bothering everyone. You have a username that you use to sign into Google services with - services that are all bundled under one account and everyone was fine with that until it forced you to either use your real name, or have a Google Plus presence in other areas with a fucked up name because you didn't want your real name on Youtube. Your argument about no one is forcing you to do anything and that it's simply consolidation of services is wrong. Google knows that you don't want to be named Fuck Tard on other Google services you may use so it leverages that by making you show your display name on Google if you want to commen, which is bullshit.

          • 082071

            I agree & now I will be making a separate account with a fake name, just for commenting on Youtube. You need a cell phone number now too, to verify a new Google account. Looks like I will have to buy a burn phone.

          • Joetwopointoh

            Even using your real name (which I had been doing for years) synced with Google+ does not allow you to read/write comments right now!

          • ANinnyMoose

            Um, no.

            Google is only trying to put everything under Google+ so they can one up Facebook and probably try to monopolize the internet.

            One most distinguishing thing about the internet is the anonymity and freedom.

            You're destroying that by putting a limitation on it and expecting us to comply with your demands to get over the limitation and then gathering information on us when we want such things to be kept private. That is the problem with this.

          • Noneyourbiznezz

            What you don't seem to understand is that there was no need for the mixing of products or the requirement for a real name. Google Calender, Google Email, Google Blogger, Google Youtube, and Google Plus were all available separately and accessible through one Google account. People were able to use the products they wanted and people were able not use the products they didn't want. Some people use Google Plus for work and Google YouTube for entertainment and mixing the two products created a lot of problems. Personally, I use Google YouTube to comment on religious channels. I have interacted with muslims who threatened to kill me for being christian. I DON'T WANT TO USE MY REAL NAME FOR PROTECTION and that is the whole point for the US Internet Law/Online Anonymity.

          • 082071

            I can't reply to ANY comments now on Youtube. What's up w/that? My friends & subscribers are having the same problem & notified my via my inbox.

            Marc_Razia wrote:

            "but Google obviously knows their user base and most people who use Google services use it for more than just Youtube and Gmail."

            I use it (Google) ONLY for Youtube & nothing else. Most of my online contacts do the same. In fact, I don't know anyone who uses Google, for anything other than Youtube.

          • Guest

            i dont even know where the inbox is now for yahoo once the drop down header thing changed.... in the mix of trying to figure out why i couldnt stop the forced pop up, i ended up deleting my youtube on accident. lost EVERYTHING.

          • Joetwopointoh

            well the new system wants to use your gmail inbox but the youtube one is (was) easiet accessed at http://youtube.com/inbox

          • Quiet Guest

            How to get to your inbox? I figured out two ways. Not as fast as the old way, but it will get you to your inbox... What I do is: 1) go to my email (Gmail for ex.) & find a random YouTube INBOX reply that came as an alert in my email (& if I trashed the alert, just go to my email trash for it if it's not been completely deleted), open the alert, click on the part that says "inbox" in that YouTube alert & I get to my messages that way OR 2) easiest way is to go straight to YouTube, click on a random channel name, on that person's channel click ABOUT at top of channel page, then on ABOUT page click on MESSAGE. Then your inbox page loads. Annoying, but it is the only thing I can think of.

          • Quiet Guest

            Next time: http://youtube.com/inbox. Don't delete your account this time! And be nice to people on YT (not that I am saying you weren't since I do not even know). Just spreading peace...

          • Just Rayne

            i wrote this but put yahoo instead of youtube lol. but yeah i can't even find the inbox for youtube now. i dont know where any replies or messages go.

          • Quiet Guest

            Yeah, it is annoying trying to get to the inbox on YouTube when you cannot even find it. What I do is: 1) go to my email (Gmail for ex.) & find a random YouTube INBOX reply that came as an alert in my email (& if I trashed the alert, just go to my email trash for it if it's not been completely deleted), open the alert, click on the part that says "inbox" in that YouTube alert & I get to my messages that way OR 2) easiest way is to go straight to YouTube, click on a random channel name, on that person's channel click ABOUT at top of channel page, then on ABOUT page click on MESSAGE. Then your inbox page loads. Annoying, but it is the only thing I can think of. Hope that helps!

          • Quiet Guest

            Ha! I wrote all of that other message to you (although still useful, just more time-consuming) about how to get into your inbox & then saw this much faster way listed by another user here: http://youtube.com/inbox

          • DD

            Yeah, this is less about trolls and more about promoting the failed Google+ system. I won't be forced into anything and I'm sure others feel the same way. Google is blanketing the internet with articles about how much the YT community loves this change. Ha! I recommend that everyone who feels differently make comments, esp on the larger news networks. YouTube has been going downhill ever since Google bought it. This is the nail in YT's coffin unless they reverse it..

          • bostonblah

            no fool google is owned and run by jews,sergi brin,larry page, eric schmidt, just like the NSA,(search "shady israeli companies spy on you for the NSA,wired magazine" and "NSA gives ALL data it collects to israel" and it is funded by DARPA , and CIA throughventure capital firms like in-Q-tel and gilman louie

            this is about control , and quashing political descent, and hindering people from communicating because people are getting wise to the jews and their scams, 911, the financial crisis and the bailouts , and the phony war on terror and the construction of the total information awareness surveillance and police state

            jews are trying to socially engineer the society to conform to their society where we are their slaves, think it is a coincidence they do this as the jew controlled media top stories like the NFL "bullying" case ,and the fake LAX shooting ,

          • offshoreorganbuilder

            I'd be happy if I could FIND the comments on my videos, never mind reply to them. The whole thing is a shambles. This is one tinkering too far.

          • bram

            that's right. used to be, one would see the replies to comments directly under the comment. then there was a java thingie that popped open the original comment for any reply. still clear and useful. now you click on a 'in reply to' and instead of seeing the comment, it reopens the youtube video. nice going, google. secan and never will stop thinkering. if it's not broken and all that doesnt matter much with 100s of engineers needing to justify being on the payroll I guess

          • Joetwopointoh

            Replies? I've synced accounts and still cannot read/write comments on any YouTube videos! This is a major mistake on the part of Google. The highly monetized channels are going to bleed money once the user base is rendered incapable of communicating! Goodbye YouTube!

          • scorand

            but see there is a small group who think google is the shit and just because they want G+ everyone should be forced to use it too.. these are known as shills.. kinda like the corporate shills in the republican party..

          • AnnJoyViewster

            This reminds me of a line "drinking, drinking, till the ship is sinking". Google will probably drink to its huge success and continue this dictatorship until the ship is sinking and it's too late to do anything.

          • scorand

            it is forced beyond a shadow of a doubt

          • Reuben Tekoeti-Mead

            I disagree they have currently damaged allot of usability of youtube (in the short and medium term)

            The fact that you can only link accounts 1:1 already damages the usability. as google plus is a failed social network nearly everyone has tried most people have an account they can link to that they know no one will ever look at in a million years.

            but linking acounts means that if your youtube account becomes compromised so does your gmail google+ everything else. think about that :P its now just become twice as easy to hack your account.

          • Knowbody

            It's not "just an extra feature". It's a hole in your privacy.

          • ughhhh

            dude.... you're missing the big picture... there should be an option for people who don't want it. I DONT WANT GOOGLE FUCKING +!!! I just want my youtube but now i have to have a useless thing i will never ever use, and now i have to display to the who fucking world what my real name is... i dont fucking want that and google doesnt seem to give a fuck for the people who just want youtube.

            this doesn't benefit people in any way, it just pisses them off even more. google+ failed and now they need to use youtube to make up for it...

            the fact that i have to use my google+ account now to even make a comment, and comments no longer show up as my youtube but as my google+... that means that it is definitely being FORCED on us....

          • Joetwopointoh

            I have just synced my accounts yet am still unable to read and/or write comments on YouTube. So, tell me just how this change is going to help the highly monetized channels on YouTube when their followers are suddenly incapable of interacting with them?

          • Marc_Razia

            I'm having no trouble writing comments on Youtube. Maybe your account is having issues with the rollout.
            Best of luck.

          • Quiet Guest

            If they are talking about pre-Google+ integration, then they can't comment because the platform has been updated, so older comments no longer have reply ability. Other than that, if they mean they can't comment within this new system, they are syncing or linking or WHATEVER something wrong. Internet is a crazy thing to figure out, sometimes...

          • scorand

            the problem is there are more who use youtube but not google products.. so google adding another lame social thing is a waste.. and its going to kill youtube.. especially by forcing it on youtube users who don't want it and don't give a shit about circles and G+.

          • Authentic White Man

            "Think of how many users there are for Maps, Android, Chrome, Search, Drive, Calender, etc."
            We can find those services elsewhere and anonymously. we just have to do a a little bit of research. google Maps isn't spectacular, it's maps. We can find such a service elsewhere.

          • Tell All Weekly Series

            I personally, considering from what I know, I think having separate accounts is safe since there aren't responsible business out there. If you linked every single account to google, google has control over all your information, even if you don't want them to. The only way to have them have no control over your information is to not have an account. Now over a sudden facebook and twitter is dealing with google. Now, if you were to write a comment on a google type page, and they offer you to sign into facebook through goolge and vise versa, that means google has access to your facebook unbeknownst to you. Which means, if facebook says, I will increase your video upload space from 3 minutes to 20 minutes in exchange for your phone number, and you accept, that means google can take and innocent victims phone number (Not one who carelessly gives it out,) put it public domain and sell it with your real first and last name. Many will say, "What do you have to hide?" Well, I'm an advocate for writing messages behind an anonymous computer unless of course you've met me physically and know me, contrary to what someone on this page said, it isn't "Your name reflecting on your comment" and vise versa, it's the idiots who love to argue while creating their own interpretation of what you said and reflect it on you. If they don't know who you are, they have nothing to bitch about.

          • Wow

            You don't understand

          • lakawak

            And it is as though some people just really need to suck Sergey and Larry's cock. This is about Google FORCING users to do something...not giving them the option. Your Facebook analogy is just plain absurd. But you don't care. It isn't as if you expected to sound intelligent. You just wanted to suck up to Sergey and Larry so you can suck them OFF later.
            But since others may actually want an intelligent analogy...this would be like if Facebook FORCED people who have been using Instagram for years to now sign up for Facebook if they wanted to continue using Instagram. But Facebook wouldn't do that and if they did, you would be the first to complain.
            Because even you are not THAt stupid to try to compare FAcebook lumping all their services that people only started using WITH a Facebook account, to Google forcing a crappy social network on users who are using YouTube simple because Google bought YouTuber after yet ANOTHER hilarious Google failure...Google Video.

          • Marc_Razia

            Try comparing Spotify then. You are required to have a Facebook account to login to Spotify. At least Google owns Youtube which makes more sense.

          • Justin9202

            the issue is not a matter of unifying everything through one login. People have multiple accounts for a reason. one of the biggest ones is pivacy, or wanting to remain annonymous on the internet. If you lnk all these accounts together, a person cannot keep their ability to be anonymous and that is not good. The right to privacy is given under the constitution and linking multiple accounts is an act against that right

          • DanielP

            We already had a single login, what we don't want is our real name all over the net!
            Now we either have to create a second account or stop using our real name in gmail.

          • Marc_Razia

            Or just stop using Google. This is the exact same thing that happened when Facebook made changes by incorporating timeline. A lot of people complained, some people closed their account but most people just got over it as time went on.

          • scorand

            get a clue idiot.. youtube was very popular before google got involved now google is using that to force people to get G+. that a lot didn't want and set it up so if you don't get it you cant post comments .. G+ was failing miserably so they are using youtube to save that P.O.S product.. so this boils down to extortion.. and not this in no way is the same thing as facebook and the timeline..

          • Marc_Razia

            Or use a pseudonym and make your G+ profile private. But then you'd have nothing to complain about, so that won't work.

          • Noneyourbiznezz

            According to the TOS, people are NOT allowed to use pseudonyms which is a blatant violation of the US Internet Law/Online Anonymity and one of the reasons why people are outraged.

          • Marc_Razia

            That's not accurate. You are permitted to create a G+ profile and use a pseudonym. They instituted that change in 2012.
            Best of luck.

          • scorand

            this would be fine if everyone used everything google has.. now if they had set this up without the required G+ this also wouldn't have been a problem.. they are forcing a product not many want.. they could have easily added these tools to youtube without it.. but they chose to force G+.. while it should have been an option and not the rule... remember K.I.S.S.. keep it simple stupid

          • Reuben Tekoeti-Mead

            I think you missed their point. there are some things that are handy to be linked and other things you want kept separate. they could have been non intrusive like they are with google + and gmail. but instead they were intrusive and very very abrasive to their target market. hence the backlash. you would think after I dont know how many years of companies screwing up they would learn but apparently thy're just that desperate to try and save their failed social network.

          • Marc_Razia

            Actually, I think with the history of company's "screwing up" maybe they did learn, only the lesson is the opposite of what you think.

            Facebook got the same backlash when they changed to Timeline, and the outrage was very vocal. But the end result was most people got over it and adapted. I'm not saying that is the best way to go about things, just that its likely Google knows that 100,000 angry people on a petition doesn't really matter much compared to the billion+ users (most who don't care about the comments one way or the other). Time will tell I guess.

          • Marsha Marshmallows

            @Marc, Idk why you are comparing this Google Plus mess to Facebook. the 2 have nothing in common. Signing up for FB is OPTIONAL for one thing. Facebook looks like a thing of beauty compared to google+ and that's saying a lot because I don't like FB either, but at least they didn't take away my right to choose if I wanted to be with them.

        • Calito’s Way

          @Aleciu, just delete the google + account. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever to have 15 Google accounts, but that's the whole point, isn't it? To get people to sign up for multiple G+ accounts in order for Google to INFLATE the G+ user base and make it seem like so many people are using G+. Personally, I'm closing all of my Google related accounts-Gmail, Blogger,youtube, and the dreaded G+. enough is enough already and I can find similar services elsewhere where I don't have to link up everything. How far is this going to go? And now your Android has to be linked to G+ as well in order to leave comments? I don't want my face and business plastered everywhere. I'm done with Google. Creepy. I'll switch to Bing or some other search engine, too.

      • Low IQ

        When the Internet first started, it did not have anonymity users, it actually had an address that was associated with your location, but as hackers got better at electronic deception, that was thrown out the window....But now the world is realizing that having a true identity is best....ONLY? if you live in a Free society, if not then Not so much!...it's the price we will have to pay for Free speech!, in that it's not Free? as you have to pay with your identity!, ANONYMITY is only for those who want to be Masters over others...Those are usually Vile human animals of no ethics or integrity of any kind!....Good Luck with that!

        • crayven

          Fitting name for your real self

      • Richard Yarrell

        Thank god separating TROLLS is over that is wonderful

        • Marc_Razia

          I love how a comment suggesting getting rid of trolls is so blatantly down voted. That really sheds some light on the composition of people commenting on this article.

          • Quiet Guest

            Agreed. This is a pathetic society full of people who love abuse. Well, they got served with this new platform & they do not like it. GOOD.

        • Quiet Guest

          I agree. Thank God, indeed. Trolls, cyberbullies & such use YouTube as their electronic playground. It is sick. Most of the people upset about this Google+ integration are people who do not want Google+ forced on them in order to be able to use YT, people who want to remain anonymous & people who are trolls & harassers. The other reasons to be annoyed I can understand, but the trolls getting upset...well, they have no right. It is sick to get upset that you can't abuse people as easily anymore. People can now block them by disabling comments & also by blocking peoples' Google+ user accounts, I believe. I am glad because i am sick of people so crazy about being nasty to others. Haha, TROLLS! Ya got served...

      • MindFever

        That is called being responsible of your actions and of what you say. I say "fuck yes" and you can quote me on that when im elected as the first overlord of the planet Earth and the Mars colonies

        • GoogleIsSkyNet

          elected as first overlord? you'll have to take title by force, son, as it's been done through the ages

    • http://GPlus.to/Abhisshack Abhisshack

      it does not matters they can't stop my racist comments by doing this kiddie stuff Poof ;-) :P

      • Low IQ

        Then your comments will be invisible!...

        • nothri

          You could already down vote a comment and mark it as spam, and I believe report a user for making offensive or racist comments before this change. So what I'm hearing from you is that they made the interface more invasive, more complicated and more irritating to solve a problem they already had solutions for? If I thought it would solve the larger issues that would be something at least, but since you can make up any name you desire the trolls and the thugs still have an unseen persona to hide behind and make their comments. Now it just makes it harder for the user not to blast his random opinions over half the freaking internet any time he wants to put in his two cents on a video. This change solves nothing and offers no better stop gaps than we already had available while making the overall experience that much less user friendly.

    • Nakasuki Juzaku

      yes fuck google too hell i curse them forever for ruining youtube rage rage rage";!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nothri

      Nope. I got a few more for you.

      1. Put can use a faked name on Google+. Arguing that this will eliminate trolls and anonymity is a lie. If that is the intent, Google is spending a lot of money and antagonizing a lot of people for a wasted effort.

      2. I don't have to be a troll or rude to "have to face the consequences of my statements". All I really have to do is have an opinion you don't agree with. How about I voted for a guy my would-be employer doesn't like and they are feeling petty? Is that justice? Did I deserve to miss out on an employment opportunity for daring to have a political outlook? Look, just cause I'm not up to anything illegal doesn't mean I'd be fine with the NSA tapping my phone line. Just because I'm not a troll doesn't mean I want my personal information on display for every random passerby any time I'd like to take advantage of this neat little thing we call freedom of speech.

      3. My user name was the name of a character I made up back when I was young in a short story I wrote. I got attached to that name. Has sentimental value. I don't want to change it, and I'm gonna resist doing so as long as possible.

      4. If I'm feeling especially uncharitable, I can point out that Google clearly doesn't care about ending spam and trolls so much as they want their little failed experiment in social media (which they call Google+ and I call NOTFACEBOOKNOTHANKS) to look less like a failure by inflating the numbers of people using the product. You could argue they just want people to experience the product and thus come to realize how wonderful it is, except force feeding your product down people's throats will always breed resentment and is basically a terrible marketing decision. It only makes sense if we assume youtube subscribers are only numbers on a spreadsheet to Google, who actually is trying to impress whoever looks at those numbers.

      • J.d. Norton

        VERY WELL SAID!!! i especially your comment on the NSA, but i also like your line," just because i'm not a troll doesn't mean i want my personal information on display for every random passerby every time i voice an opinion".

        i also agree very much with point #4. basically, google is destroying a successful social networking site in youtube, to prop up a fledgling social networking site in google+ (or NOTFACEBOOKNOTHANKS). we've always heard the old saying, "don't fix what's not broken". that could not be more true right now, with what google is doing with (or should i say "to") youtube.

      • Marc_Razia

        I think it has more to do with the fact that despite seeming large, the crowd of people who comment on articles like this don't really represent the majority view> And compared to the billions of users Google has we're maybe not even a blip on the radar screen.

        And Google knows this. They likely get more relevant feedback from knowing what everyone is searching for and what everyone is clicking than any company in the world. Don't think for a second that they'd make any change without watching very closely it it affects their bottom line. They've made changes before that they quickly reverted back on (like the drop down menu bar).

        My feeling is that this outcry is very much the same type of thing that occurred when Facebook switched to Timeline. Tons of people complained, a few closed down their accounts, but most people just adapted and got over it.

    • scorand

      yea because all of these comments and more are valid.. what google is doing us absolute bullshit

  • http://www.smsnetwork.org/ Mikael Jakobsson

    Its relly looks like awsome update, with Google+ comments, am self put the Google+ Comments system at my own webpages, its just give more control over once channels and comments. Look alredy forward for the update.

  • mlj11

    No wonder I keep getting prompted to change my YouTube display name to match my G+ one whenever I open YT in a browser...

    Grrrr, hope they don't force us to do that eventually. I never comment on YT anyway.

  • mesmorino

    This is what they should have done to begin with, instead of incessantly bugging everyone to use their real name on YouTube.

    "Hi I'm YouTube, would you like to use your real name today?"

    No fuck you Youtube, I do what I want.

    "Okay I'll ask you later herp derp"

    • Trevor Colt

      yes instead of politely asking us they'll just say "Well fuck you I do whatever the fuck I want"

      • mesmorino

        I don't even MIND using my real name on youtube, and I do now. My issue was the way it just kept bugging me about it at the VERY MOMENT when I didn't need the hassle. Llike jeez calm the fuck down and get outta my face youtube I'm trying to watch this video here

        • Wesley Modderkolk

          I agree, kept bugging me for a while also. And when the switch came to Google+ accounts they still allowed me to automatically switch my YouTube account to a G+ account next to my real G+ account. Didn't see why they would need to bug me about that almost every week.

      • ScottColbert

        Their playground, their rules. Don't like it go somewhere else.

        • bob

          The other way around

        • bob

          Or, The other way around

        • Sxeptomaniac

          You know, it's sometimes mind-boggling how many people on the internet don't get that, though.

      • Jadephyre

        You can still use a screenname on Vimeo... although good luck in finding a lot of variety in the videos there.

    • faceless128

      this was their their plan all along... easing people into using real names... then switch over when enough people are using real names.

      • mesmorino

        They could have been a lot more user friendly about it, I'll tell you that. I mean, stick a banner on all Youtube pages;

        "Hey guys from x date in the future you'll need to use your real name to use YouTube"

        And there would have been acceptance, or something like it anyway. Instead, everytime I opened a new YouTube page: "Hi, I'm Youtube!" Every time I tried to comment "Hi, I'm Youtube!", sometimes several times on the same damn page.

    • http://GPlus.to/Abhisshack Abhisshack

      Ahahahahaha Great comment dude you get the cookie and 100 Internetz :)

  • Mark

    A good thing. Too many cowards hiding behind anonymous accounts.

    • Matthew

      A double edged sword. It's good to get rid of the beta male assholes, but it's also unarguably the end of a certain liberty that Voltaire would take issue with.

      • Cody Curry

        I'd rather live in a society where idiots can say dumb, but offensive, things than one where I'm *forced* to use my real identity on sites.

        ...I say as I'm using G+ with Disqus because I'm sick of logging into their awful system regularly.

        • andy_o

          I'd rather live in a society where idiots can say dumb, but offensive,
          things than one where I'm *forced* to use my real identity on sites.

          And after this, you'll still live in that society.

        • Marc_Razia

          Idiots can still say anything they want, and no one is forcing any idiot to be on Google. Equating Google's changes to their own product with some attack on personal liberty makes people sound a little uninformed.

        • MindFever

          Since when was being responsible for your actions/words a bad thing ? Some people won't be able to hide their hypocrisy so easily,which is not such a bad thing. If you want to get the privilege to comment,you should be a responsible human being...if you are,then this shouldn't bother you. If you're not,then you won't be able to comment or simply don't comment. You don't have to comment to watch a video,that's just a bonus.

    • alec

      only NSA & FBI hate anonymous accounts ;)
      security experts advise people to be anonymous when online.

      • MindFever

        Security experts ...you mean hackers? Well duuuh obviously they advocate this lifestyle because they are doing something that they weren't supposed to be doing.

    • Wesley Modderkolk

      I switched my YouTube account to a second Google+ page just fine and can still perfectly "hide" behind my anonymous account, just as I wish to.

      • james kendall

        yep it gave me the option to create a secondary YouTube account G+ page using my channel name as well. so now i get that annoying bar at the top asking me witch G+ page to use yada yad but hay at-least i can separate youshit from my personal G+ page.

        • Wesley Modderkolk

          only had it the first time I logged on with my Google account and the first time I log in on a different computer. You can click the X and it disappears.

          • james kendall

            oh i see what's happing if I click the YouTube link from the top bar on my gmail it opens YouTube but adds a /?tab=m1 to the URL and shows the You're using YouTube as blah bar but if i remove the /?tab=m1 presto no more bar.

          • Wesley Modderkolk

            I don't get the bar with the /?tab=m1 either, so it's not that. you get the bar because you visit youtube the first time after you login/on a new computer. After you click it away you don't get it anymore unless you logout or switch to a different pc

          • james kendall

            odd as im not switching computers. then again i do have a secondary google account and have that old secondary login thingy set up so it might just be getting confused by that. who knows who cares i have learned to ignore the bar,

      • MindFever

        ...but why? What are you saying on YouTube that you need to "hide" anyway? I mean,in real life I also could hide myself in the woods but if I did it for no real reason it would just mean I should seek help or I'm doing something I'm afraid others might take offense . Why not just feel comfortable with your opinions or comments? So much easier

        • TG2

          Because we don't live in a tolerant and uninfluenced world.

          Lets see you explain visiting bomb making sites, or fetish porn sites linked by your google profile, to your new boss.

          Its none of their business, for a large extent, what you do in the privacy of your home, on your time. That "extent" is proven not to include over indulgence of alcohol, or use of drugs, but watching content that a highly religious person might take as offensive and using it against you from getting that job.. well.. Thank You! google real names policy.

          Oh and which "Wesley" was that? as I'm sure there are 1000's of "Smiths" signed up .. whos to say someone that doesn't want to mess with *your* life won't create a similarly named account, because google's real names policy required you to show ID to create your account .. right? And that same real name policy would stop someone from just Lying and saying they are "Wesley Modderkolk" right?

          Is hypocritical even in its foundation, requiring only proof for those its algorithm "thinks" is fibbing ... but John Smith .. he gets a pass on everything because he's not lying about his name .. right?

    • Richard Yarrell

      Exactly, I hope Google burns it down ELIMINATE THE TROLLS...It's sickening that pitiful @squiddy 20. Now we need to eliminate internet trolling..Bunch of cowards

      • squiddy20

        "It's sickening that pitiful @squiddy 20."
        First of all, if you're going to insult someone, at least have the decency to spell the name (or in this case, username) correctly. Secondly, good job at not finishing that thought. Unless you meant to put "It's sickening. That pitiful squiddy20."? In which case, you've also failed because you can't even put up correct punctuation to make your words intelligible. How sad.

      • Someone on the internet

        Only a troll would be happy with this change so they can publicly shame the people that disagree with them.

    • Eric Smith

      So...Because I want some personal and public accounts separate, that makes someone a coward? Not to mention I just don't want to use Google+ in general, and the only reason they're forcing this is because Google+ failed to come even close to Facebook, so they're making it seem more important in their own way. The fact is, if they just shut down the Google+ service entirely, NO ONE would care. Especially in comparison to the people that don't want to use it being FORCED to use it.

      It's not about cowardice. People can be cowards by any means on the internet whether it's Google+ or YouTube. What does it matter if you know their real name or location or not? Would you really put forth the effort to make the trip to do something about it if someone's being a douche, troll, etc over the internet? No, you wouldn't. I know that. They know that. That's why people are idiots on the internet.

    • richiefranklin76 .

      "A good thing. Too many cowards hiding behind anonymous accounts."

      Whats your last name Mark.. 'sheeple'?

  • Avrohom Eliezer Friedman

    "You have new tools to review comments before they’re posted, block certain words or save time by auto-approving comments from certain fans."

    Seems like you can at least block the word twerking.


  • faceless128

    "Get Ready For An Unprecedented Reduction In Racist And Sexist Trolling"

    I can only assume that was sarcasm. Twitter comments and websites with Facebook commenting enabled show real names don't stop people from saying all the vile stuff some people think is only spewed due to anonymity.

    • http://thedangerbrain.com/ Alfonso Surroca

      Twitter doesn't use real names. There's nothing stopping you from entering in any random name into the "name" field. The same applies to facebook and Google+, though I believe not using your real name violates both of their TOS (not that people care).

    • kabloink

      True, but it at least those on Facebook often pay the price for their comments. They may lose out on a job for example if the employer comes across their racist rants.

      • Kain Yusanagi

        Because people don't have the right to stable employment, huh? I mean, sure, they should watch what they say, but if they aren't yelling it at someone or saying it as a representative of a company- since, y'know, your PERSONAL Facebook account is for your PERSONAL use, and all- then it shouldn't affeect their employment. That's just fucked up. I mean, what about the family of the person just fired, that was depending on that paycheck? "They should have watched their mouth" you say? Too fucking PC, I say. Yeah, it's never a good thing to encourage racism, but you shouldn't ruin their entire damn life because of a personally held belief.

      • wialno28

        It doesn't have to be a racist rant genius. I am an atheist and comment positively on atheist videos. There is a LOT of prejudice against non-believers in my southern state. Should I be discriminated against because of this? No, but I would be. So now I am supposed to stop supporting these videos because Google wants to out me and make that stuff publicly associated with my REAL NAME? Not okay. Try thinking a little broader than your own tiny little world and maybe you'll understand why it bothers people. Not everyone that cares about this kind of stuff is a troll or a racist.

    • andy_o

      Yeah, most racists don't think they're being racist. Case in point, most-oft used phrases coming from racists:

      - I'm not a racist, but...
      - I have a black (muslim, gay, etc.) friend and they agree with me.

      - Racism is over, look at [insert successful minority individual]!

      • http://GPlus.to/Abhisshack Abhisshack

        but I'm Racist and Proud of It ;-)

        • MindFever

          You are proud of being racist means you are proud of being ,say,white...well I suggest you feel pride on your accomplishments. I certainly don't feel the need to advertise my pride about something I was born with (skin colour for example) nor do I think racism makes sense (I understand genetics)

          • http://GPlus.to/Abhisshack Abhisshack

            I'm actually a Brown East Indian and i hope you notice the ";-)" emoticon in my last comment.

          • Quiet Guest

            What's the ";-)" mean ?? That you were being sarcastic & cheeky? I hope so because if you prefer racism, then that sure is nothing to be proud of.

      • jesuguru

        Fair points, but to be semantically nit-picky, neither muslim nor gay are races.

    • ari_free

      There are lots of stupid people who just don't care. But there are lots of other people who may think twice before ruining their reputation for all to see.

    • Sxeptomaniac

      Not totally true. It doesn't stop the actual racists and sexists, but does tend to reduce it from those who are either closeted about their racism/sexism, or just like being offensive for fun.

  • “Always on” Fuck that i’m “Alw

    Its great to not have privacy on the net anymore, thanks google for helping the world by shoving it down our throats but good thing you don't need to use your real name in g+ to start with. I mean you can just make one with the name John Smith and carry on with your day.

    • ScottColbert

      Don't like it, don't use the products, and be a whiny little troll.

      • “Always on” Fuck that i’m “Alw

        I dont use g+ in the first place and unlike some people I'm not going to automatically through my privacy away because I'm ignorant of the world around me so feel free to give away all your information while those that are smart enough will happily find ways around g+ forced "real name" policy.

        I rather be an anonymous person named john Smith then throw away my privacy because Google wants me to.

        • MindFever

          Go ahead,nobody is forcing you to comment ...and you will live in the same society even after Google enables this anyway. You don't wish to be associated by your real name when you comment...this really makes you look not trustworthy. Why would you go through such a hassle and to such an extent?Maybe you should stay anonymous and just ignore YouTube in general. Enjoy the internet like it was 1993

          • Someone on the internet

            Its funny coming form someone who doesn't even use their real name when commenting telling someone you should use your real name on the internet and open the more ways to get abused by stupid minority groups and social justice warriors.

          • Noneyourbiznezz

            Um....I comment on religious channels and interact with muslims. Many of them have threatened to kill me for being christian; I don't want them to know my real name. Protection is the whole point of the US Internet Law/Online Anonymity.

  • Ivan

    Love it! All trolls out (banned)! I am sick of crazy people without life, trolling others just to think they are something better! But the reality is, they are sick people who need help! Be good - BE HUMAN! :-)

  • Jadephyre

    I'm going to sound like a troll now, but shouldn't it say "wretched" instead of "retched" in the first sentence ?
    Retching I associate with puking one's guts out ;)

    Apart from that, i'm actually looking forward to this change, because the amount of douchebaggery i've personally seen being posted as comments is staggering.

  • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

    That sounds great, except I am a pessimist. I never underestimate the will power of trolls.

  • angel_spain

    Why the fuck do I have to merge work (G+) and leisure (Youtube)? As if I hadn't told you every f***** time you asked me to link my youtube account as a G+ page.

    I've started to use Google+ after Play Games was made public, but if this is true you can be sure I'll delete my G+ account. Many employers 'google' your name, and I don't want to be discarded just because I like heavy metal or whatever.

    Trolls will make a G+ account so this solves nothing.

    • Krzysztof Jozwik

      Whaa Whaa Whaa. Delete it. It's true.

    • Wesley Modderkolk

      Google gave you the choice with the YouTube switch to keep your current name, after which it made an G+ account automatically just for that with your YouTube name. So you can perfectly switch your real profile from your YouTube profile.

      • angel_spain

        Right now yes, and it's perfect, but looks like that is exactly what's going to change.

    • miri

      You don't have to attach it to your personal profile. You can create a page with any username (your channel URL will remain the same, though) and use that as a channel.

      • angel_spain

        But that's now. If I'm not wrong this is going to change, and looks like if youtube and G+ accounts will be merged (at least to comment, so I assume it's a real merge).
        Right now seems perfect for me, one login for all google services, ans the chance to have a nickname for Youtube. Why? Because I use google services (Gmail, Drive,..) for a professional purpose, and I preffer to separate leisure and work without having to make a new account.

        As I said, trolls will troll you can't stop them, just ignore them.

        • miri

          You misunderstand me. I mean you can use a Google+ Page as your YouTube channel. You keep the same log in, get the G+ integration (as well as a separate profile) and can choose whatever username you want without any connection to your personal profile. It's pretty much the same as YouTube's old system except all accounts are attached to G+ regardless of whether you're using your real name.

  • Mystery Man

    I'm confused. You tube just had me create my own google + page just to use with my youtube seperate from my personal one. Is this going away?

  • RJM7787

    This would work in a world where trash-talkers play nice, but there are tons of fake google+ accounts commenting on youtube already. I don't see it changing much. They can simply create a fake g+ account.

  • Krunk

    cuz its so hard to make a fake gmail and G+ account (rolls eyes)

  • http://www.stevenmattera.com Steven Mattera

    You can use a Google+ Page if you don't like to use your real name. For example I liked my name being IchigoKyger and I have a few things on there like Portal Achievement videos and such. I didn't want my name to change so it gave me the option to make a G+ Page. However this may be due to my account being unlocked for ads, videos longer than 10 minutes and ability to upload a thumbnail.

  • Jessica Santos

    Wait, what anout the comments show then. IT WAS MADE DUE TO THESE IRONIC YOUTUBE COMMENTS!!!

  • Franklin

    It is only a matter of time before youtube is apart of g+ (really integrated well)

    I know a lot of people won't like that but I think that is the way it is headed.

  • dilharo

    they just killed youtube

  • joebmore

    I noticed that Youtube is giving you the option to post using your email address now or an alias. I guess you aren't going to have a choice in the future.

  • GraveUypo

    quit pushing this crap google. goddamnit. you can't force Neo to be Mr. Anderson.

  • Fitzelgard Allan Gerard

    I'd rather deal with real idiots, than imaginary ones who hide behind anonymous accounts.

    • Kain Yusanagi

      Pretty sure they aren't imaginary, though. ;)

  • Cenarl

    I dont know, I've read tons of FB comments that are just as bad as youtube, some people just dont care what they say.

  • jz100

    I closed my google+ account today due to this. Once they force us to use real names on youtube, I will close that account also.

    I will also be willing to bet that google will face heavy fines from the UK over this.

    • Thomas’

      Because of what? Violating your right to spam/flame anonymously on a private website?

      Yeah, there sure is a law for that.

  • jz100

    If I somehow am required, or need to use their service, I will just create a fake account.

    • Primalxconvoy

      Exactly. I'm sick of Google forcing people to use Google plus just to cover the fact that noone wants to use the wretched thing.

      First Android Marketplace reviews and now this.

      • Thomas’

        Man, there're a lot of no-ones in my stream.

        Also, the comment quality in the Play Store has improved quite much since that.

      • MindFever

        But you don't need to use it

  • FeaturePreacher

    Google+ is not going to get rid of anonymity. It will just generate anonymity wrapped in what I hope will be hilarious names such as Mya Buttwreaks.

  • Quad

    How is google going to solve the inevitable "just-for-youtube-comments" g+ accounts problem? Haters still gonna hate.

    • Thomas’

      New G+ accounts have no connections and hence are neither prominent, nor special. So their comment will end up int the "Show all" view, but they won't be shown at the top.

      • Quad

        4chan "raiders" will going to add each other and thumb up their comments. Idk how that restricting comments to certain people thing will work but they will still have their way. While they are at it -with their 'army' now all having g+ accounts- they might start raiding places in g+ too.

        • Thomas’

          Even such an attack can be automatically discovered. But that's not the point. There's a difference between full-time idiots like most of 4chan and the just crappy commenting child.

  • Morten Ulveseth

    I'm always wishing that the Reddit comment system takes over the world.

    This can only be a good thing though. There is no way to make Youtube comments suck more.

    • Thomas’

      You could place Reddit's system on YouTube and it would still suck. It's more about the target audience in this case, therefore another system (one which rewards long-time nice commenters) is necessary.

      • Morten Ulveseth

        I suppose you're right about that!

  • abobobilly

    Every time i log in to YouTube, it asks me to JOIN my G+ Profile with YouTube account. I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT GOOGLE!

    BUT, when i DO choose the account, it merges both accounts in SUCH a weired way. My Subscriptions will transfer but my Playilsts, my History, my Likes will remain with the old account. Google! U CRAZY? :

    Anyway, i'd rather NOT avail this option to associate both my accounts, I want to keep both separate so Please Google, DONT MESS WITH OUR PRIVACY AND GTFO!!

  • Phillip Huynh

    Eh, I block all of the comments with a chrome extension anyways, saves time and brain cells.

  • John Smith

    Ever since a Google+ account was required to leave ratings and comments for Android apps, a lot less people leave ratings. I expect the same to happen on YouTube.

    • Sxeptomaniac

      That's not necessarily a bad thing, though.

  • Dave

    I hate it they are combining it with G+...

    • unsivilaudio

      I actually think its ingenious, all that traffic that youtube see's and G+ doesn't, this will help force people into Google+. They need to do something. The number of G+ users is pathetic.

      • Klokinator

        Yes, because forcing people onto their social engine will surely bring nothing but positivity and bunnies and kittens.

  • mathewmakio

    lol they've been trying to stop that for a long time now. I keep getting these shifty messages popping up trying to trick me into using my name instead of the YouTube name i made up many years ago.

    If I have to create a fake Google+ account and then I get kicked out of the system for breaking the rules, then bye bye!

    We make the rules, not them.

    • mathewmakio

      Google as a search engine dug it's own grave many ears ago. It is now impossible to bring down the big sites that got big by spam tactics.

      Now they are screwed once again. They should have had a better system from the beginning

      • Billy Hedgeworth

        Pretty fucking sure Google is not going anywhere. Also, since when do the consumers make the rules? Their products, their rules, not the other way around. You don't like it, you leave, but you're not convincing anyone else.

        • mathewmakio

          Got your period today billy? 1. When did I say I didn't like it? You might want to Terra's what I wrote and reply with something of relevance. 2. The consumers make all rules because without the consumers they don't have anything, are you capable of comprehending that sunshine? One if the greatest I ironies in life is how the dumb ones always seem to be the most confident

        • mathewmakio

          Got your period today Billy?

          1. I never said I didn't like it.

          2. The consumer "makes the rules" because if there is no consumer, then there is no company because it is the consumer that they make the money from.

          Fairly straight forward.

          One of the biggest ironies in life is that the dumb people are the one's with the most confidence.

          • mathewmakio

            And in case you think you're smart enough to attempt a come back on search engine stand point:

            The websites that are big today became big before things like penguin came in, and then that allowed them to get lots of natural back links. From there, then they could simply delete the bad back links and now they are left with the "natural" ones which is fine and there is no way to police it.

            Or is that a bit past your forte?

          • mathewmakio

            Point being, oh wait, I already made my point so I won't bother doing it for you. read up instead to the original post I made and don't bother me again Mr Wise ass

  • http://www.twitter.com/uknwwhu Tshidiso Ntuli

    I've been trying to comment on youtube for the last month. It keeps on asking to have a google plus account and display private information. Its extremely irritating. This resulted in me deleting my youtube account, which was setup free from other google products. Google is now pulling an apple and trying to dictate peoples lives.

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/loveunderlaw Loveunderlaw

      IT SUCKS ASS! I can't even comment on my friends channels anymore unless I upgrade to Google+, it's FAR too intrusive IMO though...

  • Hyr3m

    "This can only be a good thing."

    All I needed to see to know you're full of shytee.

  • scott

    Thats bullshit, your taking away the 1st Amendment. Fuck you im going to go to yahoo. Google.can go fuck.themselves

  • scott

    If you post a video on youtube and you get 100 great comments and 10 neg. Comments ......well isn't that life. You cant make everybody like what you post. Didnt ypur parent tell you. You have to take the good with the bad. So now we have google to save us all, there not going to let people have an opinion unless its a good one. How messed up is that, all about control. I made acomment on a video and it wasnt anything nasty. It was just my opinion on something he was selling. It was a forklift snow plow for 5000 dollars. I just said that you could buy 4x4 with a plow for.that kind of money. As I watched the video it was just stupid. So I said thank you for the laugh because I havent laughed that hard in awhile. So now he just blocked me and erased my comment. So in the youtube world people.cant.have an opinion? I guess if I said its the greatest thing since sliced bread that would of been ok. Thats BS. There taking away our rights, if its not to there liking they just delete it and block you. I wish I could.do that with some of the.BS laws the Government makes.

  • Kain Yusanagi

    I don't care about google+ doing the comments.... What I do care about is the abortion that is the YT G+ menu system. If it wasn't so horrid, maybe I'd actually use it. Just sayin'.

    • Bunky Prewster

      100% agree

  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.pietrzak Matt Pietrzak

    And guess who supplies the NSA with the majority of your information.......GOOGLE.
    Now any backhanded comment could get you on a terrorist watch-list.

  • wialno28

    "YouTube comments are not the place to make a principled stand." WRONG. Every time I sign into YouTube, Google keeps trying to pressure me to use Google+. As soon as it becomes mandatory to comment, I will stop using the service. It's unfortunate, because I use YouTube as almost exclusively as my source of online videos. Oh well!

  • crayven

    Google+ Will Soon Power YouTube Comments – Get Ready For An Unprecedented Reduction In Racist And Sexist Trolling
    And this is how fascism starts and freedom of speech ends.
    Defenders of freedom of speech are seen when they defend people who say thing YOU DON'T LIKE, not when you defend what you like.

  • cpy

    Yeah well, fuck google+ and i hope google will soon burn! BURN BITCH! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE! Have a nice day.

  • Gus

    A big applause to Google for getting rid or trying to get rid of all this people who do nothing but spit, curse and abuse their right of free speech comfortably hidden in the shadow of anonymity pour their hatred 24/7 and all this in the name of hate and envy and who knows what the _________else, applause! and thanks.

  • Klokinator

    Instead of complaining about semantics like people have been doing, let's look at how the functionality of youtube will be changed. Having swapped over to G+ for a week before switching back, my absolutely biggest issue was how they completely (COMPLETELY) fucked up the userbar at the top of youtube.

    Getting to your youtube inbox takes about 20 clicks instead of two now, your youtube profile picture mysteriously vanishes and you have to go through some amazingly convoluted process with G+ to get a new one, your page banner also needs a complicated process to get it back, monetization (for partners like me) breaks in half, and all this to force me onto some crappy social media platform I never wanted or was interested in the first place?

    If it didn't completely break my youtube functionality in half, I probably wouldn't give two shits about the forced name change and all that other bling blang, but they actually made youtube WORSE.

    Fuck G+. Fuck it to hell.

  • Adolf

    Isn't this Orwellian Language policing?

  • Cutie8767

    I hate Google+ and Youtube together! Can I not just say hi to a friend on Youtube without having google+ see too? I hate this! Do something, Google. Please. Nobody wants you to.

  • dan is a faggot!

    this is fucking bullshit!

  • heavymetal111213

    Lol. Who is the authority on what is and isn't racist? ANTI-RACIST is just a code word for ANTI-WHITE!!!

  • Just Rayne

    FUCK OFF GOOGLE and your wack ass google plus bullshit. it ended up making me delete my entire youtube account and i've lost everything. i used to be able to disconnect the two but i guess now they're in nazi mode and you cant separate them anymore. i dont want google plus, i dont fucking want picasa. if my actual email and phone i use through google didnt have important things in them id ditch the shit out of them.

  • GoogleIsFuckedInTheHead

    This is not to prevent trolling, this is not to do anything else other than force people to use another service that sells their information off. Now anyone can view it and you are FORCED to use your real name or you can get your account terminated. Meaning they are forcing the users to give up their privacy. I say fuck youtube, fuck google, fuck it all we need a new major source to share video content because google is now implementing this and disabling people who don't give up their rights to voice themselves.

  • Dani Filth

    Just a minute ago i deleted my google plus account thats 380th account i deleted so far. Now i cant comment on youtube anymore unless i create or merge a google plus. Facebook is enough for me as it is and i don't want to deal with another account.

  • reft32

    Fuck you Google !!! Now, i'm not free to comment without logging in Google +(which i don't use and i don' want it) ???This is crazy !I call this violation of my sacrosanct privacy and violation of my freedom of thought.TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

  • supaskulled

    WHO THE HELL COULD FIND THIS A GOOD THING? I enjoy to be able to just scroll down and SEE THE FUCKING COMMENT THAT I WANT TO REPLY TO! But noooooo, I gotta manually scroll down. AND WHY THE HELL CAN'T WE SEE WHAT PEOPLE ARE REPLYING TO? Google, you FUCKED UP.

  • TheKryptoNova

    does anyone else hate the fact that you can no longer comment without connecting to google plus?

  • Elvick

    This is not a good thing. Are you taking checks from Google?

    Hire some damn moderators to policy comments, don't bring a piece of GARBAGE into a completely separate website. No one gives a fuck about G+ so they're trying to make us give a fuck by not only forcing features to use the piece of shit as a foundation (which btw make it worse than it was when it was just YouTube), but it also takes away our freedom.


    But they won't, because the 3 people that give a fuck about G+ isn't enough.

    Fuck Google.

  • Joey

    Don't like it? Boycott YouTube, then. I don't like it myself, so I'm just not going to use the comments section anymore. It's not that hard.

    You're also always going to have the idiots that support these kinds of things for the wrong reasons (with the typical "if you're not doing anything wrong, then why not let everyone know every detail about you" attitude), so just let them be idiots and don't waste your time on them.

    This is obviously not going to stop any "trolling", and its just another attempt to get you to join their big social media group. But, it's their site and they can do what they want with it.

  • You think I’m gonna say it?

    I fucking hate Google plus. It has completely ruined YouTube. I don't want to use my fucking real name, I wanna use my username! I wanna be able to comment and reply to comments on YouTube videos without any hassle! I want all comments and pms to be sent to my YouTube inbox! YouTube was fine the way it was, now shitty Google plus has ruined everything! I can't even comment on a fucking video!

    • Skunky

      you don't have to use your real name for google plus and youtube, you can use your youtube name on all services across google. i have google plus since they forced me but im not using my real name, my google plus page is the same name as my youtube name.

  • Seanicus

    is there a setting to stop your Youtube comments from displaying on google +?

  • Longknife

    How the hell do I even upvote comments with the new system? How does it rank them if I CAN'T EVEN VOTE ON COMMENTS?

    Likewise, yknow how you used to be able to see comments a comment was replying to? Try clicking "in reply to" now. Stupid-ass youtube opens up ANOTHER TAB WINDOW to show you the comment it was replying to, with the Youtube video playing and everything.

    What exactly is their goal? Cause it clearly isn't pleasing their userbase.

  • Lady Nevelain

    Fuck google, im switching to mozilla, hope you are all killed, don`t screw up my youtube!

  • lakawak

    Yup...there will be far fewer racist and sexist comments..since no one will be commenting.

  • lakawak

    They also suddenly stopped giving people the option of deleting their Google+ while keeping other accounts. So if you have a Google+, you are now stuck with it unless you want to lose your Gmail too. Simply pathetic.

  • Luli

    So now that the change has been made I can't comment on any youtube vid if I don't link my account to google plus.... I did the change, didn't like it and I reverse it as it said I had 14 days to do the change or stick to it. Now I can't comment on the videos... I'm not liking this changes at all!

  • anon

    "YouTube comments have a reputation for being one of the most retched hives of scum and villainy this side of 4Chan"

    Are you some sort of giant faggot OP?

  • Roy Radin

    give us what we want or fuck off i will get it somewhere else

  • fggtyasfggt

    not really. your "full name" doesnt have to be your actual full name. youre' still anonymous and should feel free to call someone a fukin faggity ass faggit if you want to !

  • Google loves stalkers

    what? they didn't do this due to the comments....they are making it easier for stalkers to find you and harass you just so they can sell advertising...low lifes...hope they get sued

  • LeaveYouTubeAlone


    1) This will not stop trolls/racists. Just look at how many CHUCK NORRIS and other google+ accounts now commenting on YouTube under popular fictional character names. If you sincerely believed this move was made because Google cares about quality in the comment section, enjoy the trip to the concentration camps someday soon sheephead!

    2) Google didn't care about your so called responsible comment section concept for years. Why now? because it's the last ditch to save Google+ from disappearing as another failed project.

    3) 500 million Google+ accounts being setup by forcing YouTube users to sign up for one may piss off so many of those new users, but even if ALL people on Google+ hate it, as long as you have one in order to use YouTube, Google can use your account as a statistic to bill their Advertisers for additional revenues.

    4) Google wins no matter what, or at least that's how Microsoft also thought about the vocal minorities regarding the XBOX ONE. But look what happened... they changed their minds.

    TECH Pundits are the dumbest smart people in the world when it comes to realizing the bigger picture! But hey~ anything to get on that PARTY BARGE right?

  • bostonblah

    google= sergi brin, larry page , eric schmidt = JOOGLE

    then pour gasoline down it after them and drop a match in

    • LeaveYouTubeAlone

      See... if only your comment section had Google+ managing it, a racist wouldn't be able to write something so disturbing.

      Well then again, he could just fake it on G+ and post anyway...

      • bostonblah

        fuck off kike

  • Morits Lian

    This is the worst fucking update EVER. Get the fuck over that your Facebook ripoff failed, Google and LET US GET OUR CHANNELS BACK.

  • Blade Thruster

    As someone who is aware of hackers, DDOSers and trolls, there is no way I am throwing out my real name onto one of the most popular websites on the Internet.

    In the past I enjoyed making commentary on religious/political videos because I felt that as long as I didn't use my real name or showed who I was, I was going to be okay. In today's world, well, I can't really do that anymore without being linked by someone.

    Privacy is being thrown out the window. All Google is doing at this point is putting down more restrictions on Youtube without any care for it's audience. Leaving Youtube is probably going to be sooner rather than later.

    The problem right now is there is no serious competition going up against Google/Youtube. They're basically like a monopoly now where you either "go with it" or get left behind. Websites like Dailymotion don't have the numbers, and we're probably not going to see anything too substantial for a couple more years at least.

  • bd1143bc

    Fuck google, they can keep that shit.

  • bev

    Anyone have suggestions for the next, best replacement for Youtube and Google+ (hate!)? Hopefully, supply and demand still works in the USA. Let's all just move to another site. (Sounding the bugle and holding high my "Ban Youtube/Google" flag)

    • http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-new-skins-themes-launches/740147-neurotech-hd.html#post5637502 Jay

      I'm with you, bev. Google has become just a convenient way for the government to track us and profile us.

      I'm now just thinking about quitting Gmail and Youtube for good, but where to go? There HAS to be some NSA-proof email clients out there.

  • Anonymous

    How about delete youtube and change to another service of videos?
    Fuck you Youtube and Google shit +!

  • DD

    deleting my YT account in 3, 2, 1...

  • bostonblah


  • bostonblah

    fuck these kikes and their social engineering kike shit


    SEARCH : "NSA sends all data it collects to israel"

    " shady israeli companies that spy on you for the NSA ,wired magazine"

    you stupid goyim what did you think, that they were going to stop at monitoring and recording all communication , did you actually think they were not going to try and control ALL ommunications next

  • offshoreorganbuilder

    Well, Ryan, it's just happened, and it shows what a fat lot YOU know! Now, instead of going to my most popular video (2,250,000 views, and many thousands of comments) and checking the comments, so that I can answer them (*every* one, by the way) I am STUFFED! I can't even find the things, and when I have caught sight of a few, they are all jumbled up, and some of them marked as 'spam' (as if *I* can't see the ones I don't like and get rid of them, myself!) You Tube has made a serious error, here, and YOU failed to see the balls-up coming. Some commentator YOU turned out to be!

  • Jose

    YouTube has now entered the dark ages. This is just so stupid.

  • Skunky

    you don't have to use your real name for google plus and youtube, you can use your youtube name on all services across google. i have google plus since they forced me but im not using my real name, my google plus page is the same name as my youtube name.

  • Nemo62

    Ryan: "retched" begins with a "w". You should not have been given the job you're in as your English is not even at school leaver level.

  • Iconoclast792

    This is completely unnecessary. Nobody wants this shit.

  • jake

    If google wanted to filter bad comments that allow us to put in keywords and eliminate those comments in a filter....THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO MESS EVERYTHING UP. Google wanted a filter a keyword filter is great, but change the whole system that breaks down youtube's connection with each other in the community?

  • Lenny

    Google+ deserves an applause people

    They single handedly ceased 80% of communication
    Amongst it's own community(no likes or replies For most of the comments)
    in one single system.
    You wanna talk to random ppl on youtube? NOPE
    Google says no to that.

  • Pluto is a Planet

    Last sentence, "YouTube comments are not the place to make a principled stand."


  • Anthony Thompson

    I just want to find my fucking YT inbox. Where the fuck is it???

    • Arwyn James

      I can still get to mine by clicking the little down arrow that's attached to the "upload" button up top, going to my dashboard from there, and inbox is the option close to the bottom of the list that opens up in the left margin. but I don't know if it will still be there much longer, and now there is a bar on top of the inbox saying "most comment notifications will now be delivered by Google + and not to your inbox", so even if my inbox doesn't disappear, it sounds like it's been rendered effectively impotent. and for all the ppl in here saying that if your anonymous you're automatically trolling, I am also atheist, and do not want future discrimination from zealots, there are lots of reasons to want anonymity. and furthermore, unpopular and abhorrent speech alike has the right to exist, but you do not have the right to not be offended, maybe you should put on your big boy britches and understand that some people are misinformed, misled, or even sick, doesn't give you the right to silence anything. i'd rather live in a place where discourse is something of value. and yes, google is a private company, and it has the right to be the subject of ridicule and hopefully causes a massive plummet in usage. because this is transparent and low.

      • Anthony Thompson

        I finally found the inbox by doing a search and going through the steps. WHY are they hiding the inbox? Frankly, I don't get it.

  • Marc_Razia

    If ever anyone needed some evidence to justify the need to clean up Youtube comments, the comments in this article alone (mostly populated with defenders of Youtube's old commenting system) is all you'd need. There's plenty of valid complainants but they're minimized by all the unnecessary bigotry and hateful comments. Good riddance.

  • Ant

    I wonder how long it will be before the likes of Normal Finkelstein and others are censored from THEMtube

  • Tell All Weekly Series

    I originally thought there was an error in youtube. I wanted to write a few comments on youtube but all it says is, "Write comment here," and after that "Opening." On my windows computer, there's no space to write a comment. It's like there's a website in the comment iframe. When I use my other Linux computer, a google plus window pops up, but doesn't load up and exits out. Google has become a huge monopoly like facebook and twitter. They're getting a piece of the action for the sake of "Partnership" and profit, yet, how many people are getting their personal information stolen and sold because of the "Upgraded partnership?"

  • Abnaxus

    Another observation I haven't seen mentioned a lot yet: Millions of women (and men!) are stalked or in danger, thanks to a mentally unwell ex. Some people must have a smooth road in life and are too dense to realize what using a real name means. They eagerly defend this *&@!$. I'm glad I used a fake name when I created my gmail. I don't use Facebook or tweet with twits. I just enjoy the visual audio media for creativity and learning.

    I think we'll have a place to go eventually, when coders/programmers step up their game and take us underground. I thought the page layout changes were bad enough. My visitors liked my page, but when clicking on videos in my playlist, users are now taken away from the page (which had dark, cozy colors). Now I'm wondering why everything with them has to be so f*ckin white!!! Bland, Boring White layouts. It used to feel like Google were the parents that crashed my slumber party, making everything UNfun. But now I just think about my safety and the lies I must create.


    Such rubbish.

  • Harpoon

    That was a bad move Google.

  • Notgivingmynametoamachine

    Yep, this implementation made a substantial improvement! Oh wait, no it didn't. I don't make any comments of the sort mentioned in the headline, but I also don't want my YouTube account associated with the Google Plus account I don't want. I just don't like disseminating my name over the internet, nor do I want any of Google Plus's kludgy "features." I want my YT to be separate from everything else because it is a distinctly different service. I also want to seamlessly switch between my Gmail accounts without everything breaking, yet I can do neither. Why?

  • King

    The guy who owns google plus and everybody who works for google plus you can all suck your dead nans i pissed on her grave you fucking asswipes come face me in real life ill kidnap you like madeline and fuck you up with my hammer up your ass so far you'll never see the light of day again. Fucking pussies. It's my freedom of speech fuck you google fucking pricks

  • I_warned_ya

    Why doesn't Google simply force us to have our webcams turned on 24/7, and put our names and addresses on the feeds, so Google can trumpet all their loyal users' devotion to almighty Google?! I will NOT use YouTube under the conditions that currently exist. This is NOT about "cleaning up the comments", it's purely about getting their hooks further into each and every user. Boycott!

  • Aralia Fresia

    I can't figure out how to disable the ratings options for the comments I make on videos. Some people who comment don't have any ratings options for others to vote thumbs up or thumbs down. Are these the paid for features or is this something I haven't figured out how to do yet?

  • Colin Dean

    I've only seen an increase in the amount of trolling, the new system has made it worse.

  • TheBostonian1991

    That system is just ludicrous. I can't even find the comments section to see if I can respond to past comments. Change it back, please.

  • Wyatt Cooper

    Less racist and sexist trolling? I've seen Hitler running around on youtube, giant pictures of dicks, jumpscares that would really fuck with epilepsy, and links to websites that give you viruses. Yes, this is really a better commenting section.

  • Marc Dantonio

    Yeah they sure did fix that problem ... by making sure NO ONE CAN POST ANY COMMENTS!!!! What MASSIVE idiots.

  • Marc Dantonio

    Just as Obamacare destroyed the Health Care Industry, google has destroyed the Comment industry on Youtube. Just like Obamacare tore down the entire health care house rather than adding on a new room, google tore down the entire Youtube comment system and added back a system that like Obamacare, doubles or triples your required input to generate the SAME comment, except in Obamacare's case, its double or triple the previous rate for health care that you dont NEED. I dont need abortions, yet I have to PAY for them in my OWN insurance in case I ever need one...

    Yep Google should run Larry Page (Great White Shark, see his smile?) and Sir Gay of Brin. Matched set of jerks...

  • Mark

    GOOGLE you really did it this time,every time I go into youtube my page freezes GOOGLE you suck! and I am spreading the news about you everwhere I can remember we use to use dogpile and others before you you are replaceble and by the way things are going looks like your next so I'm out exept only to(use) you at my convenience until I find the best alternative

  • Refowner

    lol do they have any idea how easy it is to make a second acct for trolling under a fake name? Anyone in this day and age who does not have at least 2 accts on every social media outlet is just stupid.. its time to let the sock puppets fly

  • http://www.derekwilliams.net Derek Williams

    I have discovered that my comments on YouTube can only be seen by me. Googled for hours to find a way of making them appear to others, to no avail.

  • AmeRican*51*Luis Arroyo

    Everytime I try to comment on the Obviously black- on non black "Knockout game" You tube makes me sign in,again and again! Then Disables my GMail account,claiming I need to "vetify" who I am! Im tired of resetting passwords.To hell with it.

  • Destined To Be Destiny P.

    If you all just move to Dailymotion Youtube might go back to being Youtube again.
    I'm already on Dailymotion... Who's with me? :)

  • wisdomtooth

    "google plus", in my opinion stinks! i have no interest in "sharing" with the world. google photos has become a nightmare to restrict with whom you want to share your photos.

    please google, respect our privacy and the right to choose with whom we want to associate.

    make life easy for use, not so complicated as you (google) seem determined to do.

    • Tim

      Honestly, I like separating things. I like a certain degree of anonymity. If I want to discuss politics on youtube, I don't care to have people I know read my opinions, because not all families/friends share political views. I like to keep that part separate. But google+ wants everyone you know in your business whether you want them there, or not. Also, I don't want google+ putting my google+ name on the emails I send people. Thumbs down on the lack of user control.

  • seth

    there is something called "freedom of speech" you dipshits

  • Trevor Grant

    Sadly, it's all about money.THEY don't care about YOU. You can sign as many petitions as you want, THEY have made the decisions and THEY will get their own way.Your videos not rating too well lately?. Maybe time to pull the plug on YouTube and go to Facebook or simply be an idiot and join THEIR Google stupid bloody PLUS, merry CHRISTMAS.

  • Jack W

    Has anyone noticed that when they post a comment on Youtube now some of their words are crossed out? Or seen crossed out words in other comments?
    I've gotten that twice now and have no control over it. I put those words there for a reason! Apparently Google+ thinks a single line through is better than completely censoring it. And both times I said nothing even remotely "bad", I think Google just crossed out words and phrases it believed was redundant. WTF Google as a grammar nazi? I thought we finally started rejecting grammar nazism .____.

  • Jewel Markess

    Well a few months later and what happens now is that thousands maybe millions of good, polite, on topic comments get marked as spam. Same happens to thousands maybe millions of other users, but most aren't even aware of it because of deceptive practice of "ghosting" when your comment is visible when you are logged in and not visible to anybody else.
    Google help forums are full of threads where people are talking about their comments on music, science, math, parts of discussion disappearing when they log off.

    I mostly comment on classical music video, hardly an attractive genre for spammers, and during last 2 weeks I've had comments answering people's question "who is this wonderful singer" with the name marked as spam, comments discussing one's ability to appreciate great art regardless of one's religion, differences between pop and classical, history of Schubert Ave Maria, my preference of Victoria de los Angeles' singing of O mio babbino caro over Montserrat Caballe ("Montserrat Caballe is wonderful, what a gorgeous voice, but in this I prefer Victoria de los Angeles"). Then someone else may be able to make the same comment showing that their stupid algorithms seem to think that when the same comment is posted by one person it's spam but by another - it's not. I had situations when I was able to reply to someone, the person replied to me, but my subsequent reply was "ghosted" effectively breaking an interesting discussion.

    Someone set up a test video (google "comment ghosting: test video" - there is a thread in the google help forum discussing what got caught by spam filters on the test video). Within two days of people's trying it, google spam filters caught 25 comments - more than half of comments posted - as spam, none of which was spam, yet when one person tried to include string "make money fast" into the comment, the spam filters didn't catch it.

    In criminal law they say that it's better to let a guilty person go free than to punish one innocent person. Google thinks it's better to frustrate, hurt, and penalize millions of innocent users to catch few cases of spam. Saying how "the owner will teach the system" is idiotic and doesn't take you tube specifics into account: there are people there with over 200 videos and it's completely unrealistic to expect them to approve such a huge number of comments. Many video owners don't really care about comments, many don't have resources and many aren't aware of the problems. In the meantime, you tube experience is ruined for a lot of innocent users.

    As to "top comments" - it's a joke. Why does google thinks that I want to see my own comment on top? I know what I posted. I want to see comments from other people, and no, these aren't necessarily people in my circles, I can talk to those privately. Users voting is now ignored, so comments on top are often those irrelevant to the video. Newsflash: when I read comments I care about comments relevant to the video not comments from people in best standing with Google. And why does Google thinks a computer knows best what people are interested in?

  • monica

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  • Ant

    Google are evil low life scum with too much money and power. I made an intelligent comment and they stopped it from appearing! Now its miraculously appeared again. I'm wasting my energy typing this message.

  • youtubeisshyte

    google is shyte and now youtube is shyte. we shoul all abandon these shyte or give chinese to make better software



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    "This can only be a good thing"?
    Kiss Google a$$ much?

    Either you are a Google stooge, or a complete id!ot who can't see that this fascist move has NOTHING to do with fixing YT comments- it is ONLY about forcing the number of g+ to a credible level.
    Look at the state of the comments after the "fix": ASCII porn, virus links, massive text comments, plus all the original trolling that existed before google gave the trolls their new powers.
    what roles were always a namaste, and continue to be by using fake identities have now been adopted by users who wish to maintain their privacy. Google's insinuation that in anonymity equals trolling is ridiculous- the person who puts their real name on their comments opens themselves up to stalking by trolls using Google's own search engines

  • really, are you same

    what a crappy article!
    everybody hates Google+ comments in YouTube.

  • thorfinn

    founders of google 2 yids, founders of the far more innovative youtube a taiwanese american, a bangladeshi german and pennsylvanian american. A decrease in racist and sexist trolling waaah i had so much fun.

  • Stahp G+

    FUCK you google, you can go suck a dick, choke on it n then die. I would rather shove a 9 inch dildo up my ass then use your fucking shit program. NOBODY cares about google fucking plus, nobody wants to use it. I've been scouting around the internet, yet to find a single human being loving your shit program. You're not gonna stop shit talking, you're not gonna take away the right for me to speak. So suck a fat fucking dick you bunch of lil' 5 year old faggots.

  • Bob

    Ryan Whitwam says "but YouTube comments are not the place to make a principled stand. This can only be a good thing".
    WRONG. This is the best place to make a stand. First your article is premised on your belief that you tube is littered with filthy comments. That's just not true. Most the videos I watch or have left comments or read them do not have a ton of obscene words or foul mouths. REGARDLESS - You Tube does not need GOOGLE+ and Google's failed social network is being shoved down our throats like we are being orally raped. You Tube is where Google+ will MOST effect people so it is the ONLY place to really make a stand. Else where you don't have to use Google+ to do most things. BUT NOT BEING ABLE to write comments without being in Google+ IS AN ABOMINATION and ruination of the internet. I could not hate Google more right now.

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  • N1H1L9

    I've just been stopped from using You Tube comments or from even seeing the thumb-nails. I can't (but then I never did) use Google+.
    I developed a fascination with the Shills on You Tube. I found them on conspiracy Videos mainly but I also noticed a good many random racist trolls/shills which I tried to engage with.
    After enjoying myself winding up the Anti-conspiracy shills, they closed my profile but I still had basic functionality and could see the pictures. So, out of curiosity, I found one of the shills I'd been upsetting and promised to remove the posts which seemed to irritate them if they gave me my profile back. They did and I did then the took it away and I moaned at length, they returned it. I kept quiet for a (short) while.
    I then found a reactionary racist; an appalling character. I should have suspected a well-honed shill but instead I began a dialogue which concluded with me explaining how to spot shills and that their objective was to sow discord between races, religions and political stand-points.
    I think I may have told the wrong person because within hours I was unable to see anything on You Tube and when I tried to connect, the computer said the License had expired. I can still watch videos but cannot see thumb-nails or post comments or talk to people via the I.M. facility.
    I've been experimenting with this ever since I got a computer ten years ago and saw that you Tube was the perfect platform for political statements- my main one being that 9/11, 7/7 and most of the 'terrorist' activity in the world over the last twenty years has been orchestrated by the British and U.S. Secret Services. Before I knew enough to password lock my B.I.O.S. and connect via L.A.N. line, my computer was crashing and losing everything, whenever I did a 'rout' of You Tube shills.
    Make no mistake, Google's takeover of You Tube has far from ended the reign of political shills, in fact it has given them almost endless latitude and power over our activities.
    From what I can see, the worst racists, religious nut-jobs and political didactics are in fact some sort of S.S. shill.
    Enjoy your New World Order boys and girls; you asked for it and now you have it.

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