Chinese manufacturer Oppo has been teasing its N1 flagship for some time, and the phone finally became official this morning. At 5.9 inches it sits squarely in the "phablet" category, though there are certainly enough other hardware highlights to turn a few heads. The most interesting is probably the 13MP camera, which sits on a case-mounted hinge and rotates to serve as both the rear and front cameras. It's a design seen before in some laptops and earlier camera phones, but this is the first time we've seen it on a modern smartphone.

The camera will activate upon rotation, and the 206-degree rotation axis has been stress-tested for 100,000 uses. The F/2.0 lens can be manually set for an exposure time of up to 8 seconds. The rear-mounted camera also includes a dual LED flash module. Interestingly, the phone's earpiece sits on the opposite of the camera, so it will actually face backwards when the camera is facing towards the user.

Other specifications include a 1080p resolution on the 5.9" screen, a 3610mAh battery (big, but not enormous for a phone this large), 2GB of RAM, and a 1.7Ghz Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor. That's a little behind the curve for a flagship device, but still pretty respectable. There's also an integrated 12 centimeter square touchpad on the rear of the phone. Oppo's software will enable scrolling, tapping, and shooting photos without touching the display, but it's not clear if full cursor-style control is an option. Other specs include a 9mm aluminum frame and a keychain-style remote shutter that syncs via Bluetooth, which is included with purchase.

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Oppo grabbed headlines by posting a teaser video with Cyanogen Inc cofounder Steve Kondik. The Oppo N1 will launch with Color OS, a highly-customized fork of Android 4.2 for the Chinese market. (Remember that Google doesn't offer its services or the Google Play Store in China). It looks like a pretty standard Android skin, complete with custom icons and widgets. CyanogenMod options will come in the form of a separate hardware edition or a flashable ROM, both maintained by CyanogenMod.


At the launch event in Beijing, Kondik announced that a special edition of the N1 will be available with CyanogenMod pre-installed. That makes the N1 CyanogenMod Edition the first hardware product/partner of the newly-formed Cyanogen Inc. International versions of the Oppo N1 will have Color OS by default, but users will be able to flash CyanogenMod from the stock recovery without modifying the system.

wm_IMG_6792 wm_IMG_6794 wm_IMG_6798

wm_IMG_6800 wm_IMG_6801 wm_IMG_6807

The price will start at 3,498 Yuan, about $570, for the 16GB version. A 32GB model will also be available. The phone will go on sale in China in October, and international models will be available in December.

Source: Oppo

BEIJING – September 23, 2013 – OPPO today announced the launch of the OPPO N1, the first smartphone from their new N-­‐Lens flagship series. The OPPO N1 was revealed to a crowd of over 600 international press, fans and developers in a stunning visual presentation at the AOYA Exhibition Center in Beijing. With the groundbreaking OPPO N1, the large screen, rotating camera, rear touch panel, and incredible design come together to create a whole new smartphone experience.

World’s First Rotating Smartphone Camera

The OPPO N1 realizes new possibilities in smartphone photography as the world’s first smartphone with a rotating camera. Its revolutionary camera rotates 206-­‐degrees, and will securely lock at any angle. To help you capture breathtaking and vividly realistic images, OPPO N1 comes with Pure Image, a hardware and software photography solution. Pure Image on OPPO N1 features six physical lenses, an upgraded type 1/3.06 imaging module and f/2.0 wide aperture. Furthermore, OPPO partnered with leading optics companies to tailor make an image-­‐processing solution for improved white balance, exposure and focus. OPPO N1 has a special light-­‐diffusing LED flash design consisting of a normal flash for back facing shots, and a softer, diffused light for front facing shots, with brightness tunable from the OPPO N1 camera software. Your front facing shots will not only be just as good as back facing shots, they will also be perfectly lit. Easily accessible, the OPPO N1 camera will boot from a sleeping screen in just 0.6 seconds via a simple 120° rotation. The OPPO N1 camera also supports long exposure photography of up to 8 seconds.

Beautiful Technology

The OPPO N1 is wound by two finely cut chamfers running along the sides of the device which guard the immersive 5.9-­‐inch display. More than a year of work and over 20 different designs ultimately led to the simple brilliance of the OPPO N1 and the small but intricate camera, tested to last through 100,000 rotations. Its full metal aluminum alloy frame is produced over a 20-­‐day period, during which it undergoes a 14 step polishing process involving more than a dozen suppliers. Strengthening the core of the phone, the frame adds an air of solidity and style to the OPPO N1. The OPPO N1 phone body is made with a smooth, ceramic-­‐like material designed to keep your device free of fingerprints and smooth to the touch.

O-­‐Touch Panel

O-­‐Touch is an entirely new way of using your smartphone. A 12 cm2 rear touch panel makes one handed use for the large N1 screen comfortable and easy. With O-­‐Touch you can scroll, tap, or snap photos – all without your fingers blocking the display.

O-­‐Click Control

O-­‐Click lets you remotely operate the N1 camera even when you’re away from the device. Simply position the N1 and step back. If you misplace your device, find it by setting off an alarm on the phone. O-­‐Click fits on your keychain and supports a range of up to 50 meters, staying connected to your OPPO N1 via Bluetooth (BLE).

Innovation in Choice

OPPO is committed to serve the smartphone market with an open attitude. OPPO N1 ships with Color (based on Android 4.2), a unique Android operating system with over 400 unique features and improvements over stock Android. CyanogenMod is the world’s most popular aftermarket Android operating system. International versions of the N1 come with Color, and also the ability to flash CyanogenMod directly from stock recovery. A limited OPPO N1 CyanogenMod Edition will ship with CyanogenMod preinstalled, the first CyanogenMod hardware product in the world.

Available in 16GB or 32GB internal storage, the OPPO N1 is set to launch in early December.

OPPO N1 Specifications:

  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 170.7 x 82.6 x 9 mm
  • Weight: 213 g
  • Operating system: Color, based on Android 4.2
  • Processor: 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Quad Core
  • GPU: Adreno 320
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage: 16 / 32 GB
  • Battery capacity: 3610 mAh
  • Screen: 5.9-­‐inch, 1080p Full HD IPS display (1920 x 1080 pixels), 377 PPI, 16 million colors
  • Touchscreen: Multi-­‐touch, capacitive screen
  • O-­‐Touch: Slide up or down, left or right, tap, double tap and long press for different functionality
  • Rotating Camera: 13-­‐megapixel sensor with dedicated ISP, Dual-­‐mode LED, Aperture f/2.0
  • Scene modes: Normal, Panorama, High Speed, Rewind, Beautify, and Slow Shutter
  • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • WCDMA: 850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz
  • USB OTG, Bluetooth 4.0, 5G Wi-­‐Fi 802.11 ac, Wi-­‐Fi Direct, Wi-­‐Fi Display, GPS, Distance sensor, Light sensor, G-­‐sensor, 4D Gyroscope
  • In the box: OPPO N1, O-­‐Click Bluetooth Remote Control, In-­‐ear type earphones, Micro USB cable, Charger, SIM ejector tool
Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • not a spark

    That camera is f***ing awesome!! I love how the small players come up with this while Samsung, lg, htc just keep coming up with the same crap! Also I personally am not bothered by it having snapdagon 600 not 800 as I find the 600 to be more than enough power.

    • Brad

      I had that type of camera on a flip phone in 05... Not innovative. It'll work great until you play with it absentmindedly in your pocket and have to duct tape it back together.

      • not a spark

        Have held this phone in your hand? Have you felt the build quality for all you know the hinges could be made from titanium and near unbreakable

        • Zach B.

          True, but when you compare "moving parts" to "no moving parts", "no moving parts" has much less chance of breaking.

          Another thing to note: The earpiece is also up there. In my experience, hinges themselves hold up fine, it's what is going THROUGH the hinges that suffers (wires and such).

          • Jim

            Wrong! I dropped my N4 and it shattered instantly (no moving parts), while I can throw my cheap flip phone at walls all day (moving parts) and it will probably be fine :p

        • Brad

          It could be made of unicorn farts... thing is it's still attached to the phone by a couple of copper wires.

  • Tony Sarju

    Very interesting.

  • verizon prisoner

    So this will work with Verizon 3g band but not 4g?

  • hyperbolic

    This is amazing.
    Innovation...right there!
    Not just the camera but a CM ROM ?! seems that someone was listing to the costumers..

    • Vardan Nazaretyan

      In fact, if you try to order OPPO R819 on OPPO's website, you can choose the ROM you want there. The device is already some months old, so shipping the device with a custom ROM preinstalled isn't anything new for OPPO.

      • hyperbolic

        This is epic!
        I didn't even know about that!

    • porter86

      Not really innovation is it.. I'd much rather have a phone the size of a phone, and not a tablet..


  • Christofftofferson

    Weren't there suspected licensing issues with google apps and selling a phone with Cyanogenmod?

    • Josh Flowers

      I believe that was only if they packaged Gapps together with the ROM's

    • Gregory O’Neill

      Only if CM came pre-rooted. Speculation is the CM edition of the N1 will not be rooted when it ships.

    • Michael Black

      Steve, Android Police, and even Android Central have all addressed this. The fact that CM has a hardware partner now allows them to legally package GApps with the ROM as long as they jump through the remaining hurdles as well. If I remember correctly, they are almost comepletely certified to package GApps with the ROM.

  • Siderre

    That camera is a gimmick and hellish for case makers. Pass.

    • hyperbolic

      Little faith in you young sky..

    • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

      I didn't realize that until now! I mean the thing with case! I have "leather (eBay)" case for my SGS2, which encloses the phone completely. It is annoying, but I can quite safely hide the phone inside to prevent any shattered glass/broken plastic. With this one the case yould have to be somehow ready for the rotating camera. But probably cutout in that area would be enough.

  • LTE all day.

    no LTE? what a fail of a phone. Everything else looks pretty neat, but that kills it.

    • jonathan3579

      Shut the fuck up with this stupid argument already. LTE is not a needed feature but it is a wanted feature. It doesn't make this product a fail because it lacks it. A disappointment, perhaps.

      • LTE all day

        so you like connecting to super slow 3g with your next generation phone? Being able to shoot 1080p video or take 13 megapixel pictures but not be able to upload them or download large apps in a timely manner while out and about? How about not being able to use this fancy top of the line camera for on the go video chatting? No thanks man, a flagship phone without LTE is a joke in 2013. A shame too, since this looks to be an otherwise interesting device.

        • http://youtube.com/user/CurelessSyn CurelessSynergy

          I can do all of that on 3G. I think you're too big-headed about your LTE, 3G is plenty fast for most things.

          • Roh_Mish

            I read us sites mentioning "crazy" 4G LTE speeds of 30-35 Mbps while using an hybrid network with DC-HSDPA (Vodafone IN, My carrier has that) and i get same or sometimes better speed on my nexus 4. And i always get full bar or sometimes rarely 3 bars.

        • jonathan3579

          Super slow 3G? You must be a Sprint customer. I have LTE on T-Mobile and rarely use it for two reasons: The download speeds are only marginally better than my HSPA+ 42 and LTE is a battery drainer. Your argument is old and tired.

          • solbin

            It is still a feature that many people use. Not having it on there can be a dealbreaker to some people. I use T-Mobile as well, and enjoy the HSPA access I have here. Other providers, 3g can be 2-3 mbps, while LTE can be 20+, with no option of HSPA.

          • jonathan3579

            I never said it was useless because I can see some cases in point (such as what you mentioned) where it would be more useful.

          • Roh_Mish

            Is 2-3 Mbps really 3G? And even 3G can give better speeds tham 20 mbps.

          • solbin

            I think 3g peeks at around 7.2 mbps, I have never seen real world usage come close to that. I think 2-3mbps is a pretty good range of what you would see from a 3g connection from most providers (0.02-3mbps for spring customers). Do you have any sources citing the 20mbps claim? HSPA can do that, but I would consider it a different type of communication than 3g, even if it can run on a 3g network.

          • Roh_Mish

            That may be for you us carriers we have hspa for ore than 2 years and never count it as 4G. It actualy is basic 3G here

          • ins0mn1a

            true, t-mobile hspa+ is excellent, and their lte is for now only slightly faster. but remember that there are many places in the US where t-mobile coverage is poor, and people need to use at&t. and at&t 3G speeds are ridiculously bad (in my experience, 5-10 times slower than t-mo, presumably by design since they want people to use lte). so i would say a high end phone being released at the end of 2013 does need lte.

          • LTE all day

            I'm on Verizon and 3G is unbearably slow. I've only used HSPA+ in short bursts and it's definitely way faster, but I still feel that a high end phone should have LTE, especially if they're a company nobody has heard of and are looking to launch the phone in the USA

          • flosserelli


            The USA is NOT this phone's primary market.

      • chriscarver

        Well, considering the ultimate goal for carriers in the future is to use voice over data, 4G LTE is kind of necessary. Even though the technology is new, it's been out for a rough 3 years now. So yes, neglecting to add a 4G radio in phone nowadays is a serious deal breaker.

        Hell, even the the iPhone has an LTE radio... And since Steve Jobs passed, you know how Apple is about innovation.

        • jonathan3579

          This phone is not specifically catering to the U.S. therefore our carrier's goals are not at the top of their priority list. Furthermore, VoLTE is a long ways away from mass adoption. Maybe the next generation or the one after that will follow up but it absolutely is not a necessity here and now.

          • Brian Daniels

            You will never get to the point of VoLTE if you continue to release 3g only phones. The majority of Android users are on a 2 year contract which is why Gingerbread will not go away.

          • chriscarver

            I think you will see implementation by Verizon at some point in early 2014. The LTE coverage is quickly becoming more abundant than 3G availability.

            And you may be right, but at least equip the phone with the radio on different models (preferably US models). As it stands, US sits at third IIRC for mobile phone usage, with just over 103% of the entire population using a mobile phone.

          • mesmorino

            To be honest, American carrier goals shouldn't be anyone's priority, those guys would shaft the entire damn planet if they could

    • http://kennydude.me/ Joe Simpson

      And then you would have a shitty phone. Blame your carriers

    • Geft

      There is no LTE in China.

  • andre piper

    why oppo... why!!! Why would i buy a phone with rotating parts... this is not 2005 give it couple months before it goes bad.

  • Timothy Bracken

    CDMA 850/1900.....does that mean vzw support?

    • Joel

      There doesn't say CDMA. It says WCDMA, which is what we know as HSPA or 4G by US carriers. Don't get the terms confused.

      • Timothy Bracken

        I always seem to overlook that and hope for the best.

  • KidCarter93

    "The phone will go on sale in *Chine* in October" - Whoops!

  • br_hermon

    Nice to see innovations like the rotating camera and rear mounted touch pad. Neither is the first of it's kind (though I can't think of another case of a rear mounted touchpad) but neither is a staple in smartphone design either. Hopefully features like this only increase, adding more value and dynamic to our smartphones.

    • mafo5000

      Motorola Backflip had a rear touchpad.

  • Nabil L

    So instead of making a Google Play edition, they made a Cyanogen Mod Edition. Can't wait to see if this will help to push updates faster.

  • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

    "International versions of the N1 come with Color, and also the ability to flash CyanogenMod directly from stock recovery. "

    It's not shipping with CM, you can flash a CM build officially, that's it. The title of the article is misleading.

    • Guest

      First...Respect the hell out of your focal app and sticking up for your beliefs.

      Second...The article did say...

      "At the launch event in Beijing, Kondik announced that a special edition
      of the N1 will be available with CyanogenMod pre-installed"

      Its kind of the equivalent of the "Google Edition" phones that will release at a later time and come with a different OS.

      • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

        Ah right - my bad. But then the title would still be wrong, as the "special edition" will be a limited edition from what I heard, and the title could mislead as Oppo's ColorROM is still the main OS bundled with the phone.
        Edited my comment.

        • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

          They actually had support for CM on current models on their site already.

          • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

            I know, me and Andrew Dood (Entropy512) have been the maintainer for CM on the Find 5 ;-)

  • The Jeffrey

    I'm in. Where do I sign?

  • febLey

    5,9 inch .... *sigh*

    • KidCarter93

      That's what she said!

      • MannyLegacy

        I see what you did there,......and I like it!!

  • Delhi_Belly

    Hey didn't that super successful "Adam" from Notion Stink have a rotating camera too?
    Not trying to rubbish Oppo or CM.
    But yes, definitely rubbishing Notion Ink... lol I wonder how many Adams sit gathering dust or sad behind glass in a pawn show.

  • duse

    Sorry, anything with a menu button is an immediate no. Can't give money to a company that fails to understand such simple things.

    • solbin

      Just noticed that. I use the recently used apps button on my phone ALL the time. Couldn't imagine having a phone without it.

      • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

        me too, but I am tryin got learn to use PieControls for that, so I save the button.

        • smeddy

          Me three. Love the way buttons on the Galaxy Note

    • http://randomphantasmagoria.com/ Shawn

      To me, hard buttons vs. softkeys is six of one or a half dozen of the other. I own a Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 with softkeys and a Google Play Galaxy S4 with capacitive buttons. I don't feel that one gives me a better or worse user experience than the other.

      • Matthew Fry

        I believe he is referring not to hard/soft buttons but legacy menu buttons.

        • http://randomphantasmagoria.com/ Shawn

          Meh, the menu button doesn't bug me either (the GS4 has one). Again, I don't think clicking the 3 dots in the upper right offers any better or worse user experience than hitting a capacitive menu key.

          • duse

            For you and most people reading this site I agree the experience is probably not too different from Menu vs. "3-dot overflow". The problem is that the experience for new users and those less familiar with Android is quite bad. It is conventions like this that further the idea that iPhone is easier to learn and use, and they are completely right. With a GS4 you need to teach a new user to always press the Menu key to check and see if it doesn't something on any given screen - it may or may not. It's also off-screen and separate from the rest of the app's UI, making it easy to forget its functions are even there. These are all reasons that Google axed it two years ago.

  • Sergio

    Nice and innovative phone. Big bezel and missed OPPOrtunity to have placed mic next to the camera, but nice.

  • Ryan Andes

    "(Remember that Google doesn't offer its services or the Google Play Store in China)."

    This may be, but ColorROM DOES come with Google Apps. At least on the Find 5, so I would expect it to come with them on the N1 as well. The only turn off is the 5.9" screen... that is MASSIVE

    • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

      Play Store is indeed available in China, BUT sometimes it get blocked by the great fire wall. Also, paid app is still not yet supported, as far as I know.

    • jesuguru

      Play Store works, but many phones sold in China come with it and other Gapps disabled (can't create Google account). There's usually an easy solution: either 1) if bootloader's unlocked, use odin to flash a different country's rom, or 2) if bootloader's locked (like my Note 2), root and use Mobile odin to flash rom (then unroot if desired).

  • http://googleplus.VoluntaryMan.com/ William Thieme

    you misspelled China as Chine near the end.

    This is my next phone right here unless the Nexus 5 blows it out of the water somehow.

  • Toinou

    No Snapdragon 800 (I mean come on, the S600 is virtually in all aspects similar to the S4 Pro, a chip that's a year old), no NFC, no LTE, and stupid capacitative buttons. Not to mention 5.9" is too big for most people. Thanks Oppo, but I'll pass.

    • Wilhelm Vain

      It actually has NFC, because Oppo partnered with two of the largest NFC payment processors in China. (According to Engadget)

      • Toinou

        Ah. Weird, Oppo doesn't mention it anywhere, whether it's on their press release or their website. Anyway, the chip and the buttons break it for me. Too bad, I was very much anticipating the N1.

  • Jose Torres

    I was wondering when somebody would release the rotating camera to smart phones, took 7 years.

    • Matthew Fry

      Things always come full circle. If this becomes a big thing the next wave of devices will have "Molded hingeless camera!" They already sold everyone on "No bulky styluses" and now they're saying "Has a stylus for precise inputs!"

  • joe_attaboy

    Not LTE == dead to me and most of the American market. Sorry. Love these guys and what they've done, but that's a serious exclusion.

    • http://randomphantasmagoria.com/ Shawn

      Yes. For the US market, the lack of LTE is absolutely unacceptable in 2013.

    • Vardan Nazaretyan

      *first world problems*

    • MannyLegacy

      I would undoubtedly concur!!

    • Dean

      Good thing the world and the consumer electronics market is a lot bigger than America isn't it?

      • joe_attaboy

        No argument. But why exclude that additional feature? I would think the addition of the hardware for LTE would be a relatively trivial modification, though I'm no hardware engineer, so forgive me if I'm wrong on that. I know the Nexus 4 has both (though the LTE can only be activated by way of a mod). You're making it sound like I'm lording the US over the rest of the planet on this subject. Not my intent. I'm just saying that, considering the potential size of the US market, and the fact that LTE will likely dominate going forward, why not engineer it in?

      • http://www.twitter.com/andrewpalozzo Andrew Palozzo

        I think it's fair to say wherever there is LTE this phone won't sell. I.E. Australia which is where I'm from and was super interested in buying, but not anymore.

  • anmolm97

    This phone isn't that great.. :( ...Find 5 was epic!! Lets hope the Nexus 5 doesn't disappoint.....

  • http://randomphantasmagoria.com/ Shawn


  • David Hart

    All this innovation and no mention of an SD card :|

    Camera seems gimmicky to me.
    I'm not trying to be a hatter.

    • http://randomphantasmagoria.com/ Shawn

      Nobody is trying to be a hatter, especially not a mad hatter, but there are definitely a few haters around. ;)

      • Joris Griffioen

        Hatters gonna hat.

    • BeatModz

      REALLY ??? SD CARD?? LOL !!! ITS F***** 2013

      • David Hart

        Yeah, it's 2013 and practically all forms of media are getting HUGE.
        Games are 2+GB, movies can be anywhere from 600MB to 15GB, music is pretty much the same, but most of us have really big collections.

        Not to mention OEMs never give real choice, they set there price points at $50 or $100 increments for double storage, which is always a rip off. you can buy a 64GB Msd for $40. It's also not like our internal storage is fast like an SSD, it generally doesn't go much faster than 40MBs.

        Besides, what do you have against removable storage?
        With you're thinking, that's like having the storage for a computer in a motherboard, non removable and more expensive. is that actually better at all?

        TL;DR Phone companies are shitting on us, sheeple think the GB is expensive, less options does not = better

        • Bailey Volkert

          What he means is any device released these days by flagship companies seems to lack sd card expansion compared to the previous few years.

  • Mario

    The rotating camera has already been done. The Sony Clie PDA had a rotating camera, so did the Samsung Z510 cell phone.

    • Jose Torres

      Good thing they said it was the world's first rotating SMART PHONE camera.

    • j¤n Gårrëtt [5,000+]

      my Samsung t-809 of 2005 as well but its still a nice feature and much better for selfie photos than a 2mp front camera.

  • Simon Belmont

    It's got quad-band GSM and penta-band HSPA. So, this should work on T-Mobile.

    No LTE is a shame, but it's not a deal breaker. Pretty cool and the rotating camera feels nostalgic.

  • Michael Pahl

    People seem to be skimming over the
    Battery capacity: 3610 mAh

  • Wayne Randall

    Rotating camera? Oppo just DQ'ed themselves from my list. Nice phone otherwise.

  • JLishere

    Does anyone have a link to the announcement event?

  • mrjayviper

    was interested til I saw there's no microSD. At the price they are charging for the 16GB, I was expecting microSD :/

  • Nikie Noveza

    does oppo N1 has google store?