LG's Vu series is a bit of an oddball thanks to its 4:3 aspect ratio, an idea that even Apple has abandoned on its phones. But the company seems intent on making it work for at least one more device, and so we get the LG Vu 3, shorn of Optimus branding like the flagship G2. And that's not the only thing that the Vu 3 has in common with the G2.

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For one thing, the screen is also 5.2" diagonally, though of course it will be considerably wider and shorter thanks to that paper-style aspect ratio. It also has a considerably lower resolution at 1280x960, though that beats the previous members of the Vu family. The Vu 3 will get a Snapdragon 800 processor, a 13-megapixel rear camera, and LTE-Advanced, also present on the G2. The rest of the specs are up in the air at the moment, but you can expect them to stretch towards the high end of the market. LG is also talking up the "rubber rhodium pen" (stylus) and various notation-friendly software enhancements, along with the company's customized UI.


LG's press release is only available in Korean at the time of writing, but it looks like they'll be offering a semi-translucent Quick View cover for the device. If you look closely at the photos, they seem to indicate that the Vu 3 will flash the time or status update on the screen in big, bright icons, so the relevant information can be seen without opening the cover. It's an interesting idea and a stylish alternative to the peep-hole windows seen on Samsung's GS4 and Note 3. 

The LG Vu 3 will be available in South Korea on September 27th (I think). No price or international availability information was included in the press release.

Source: LG

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Kansja

    Rubber Rhodium.


  • darkNiGHTS

    "An idea even Apple has abandoned" what does that mean? I wouldn't call Apple the benchmark for experimentation...

    • tyguy829

      I think he's saying that even though Apple uses 4:3 for the iPad, they still don't use it for phones

      • darkNiGHTS

        Books and reading mediums have always been closer to 4:3 than 16:9. Phones being 16:9 makes sense for most people because their pockets are deeper than they are wide.

    • Mantas Pakėnas

      He's saying that Apple used to have an aspect ratio of 3:2 on their phones, which is closer to 4:3 than it is to 16:9, the standard everyone, including Apple, has settled on.

    • vvtim

      I think the author is just trolling, honestly, as Apple has never had 4:3 on phones, never hinted at having 4:3 on phones, and therefore has obviously not abandoned. I love Android and iOS and the potshots from both sides really need to stop.

  • TY

    I guess it's around 85mm wide.So, basically much,much shorter ~5.9inches 16:9 phone.

  • Sqube

    Snapdragon 800... 1280x960 resolution... do these things really need to go with each other? Maybe you could get some market penetration on your LG Square^3 if you made it more of a midrange device. You know, since your screen resolution is already screaming "middle of the road" you might as well make the rest of the specs match that and then sell it for the low.

    But eh, what do I know. I'm just a consumer who knows good and damn well that I would never spend a penny on a device like that.

    • flosserelli

      99% of the people that buy this device won't care about what cpu it has.

      • Sqube

        That's very true. But I meant it more from LG's point of view. It seems like the internals are overkill for what the screen is going to be pushing.

  • Jadephyre

    God, that's much too wide for a phone.
    Oh well, the Asian market was always a bit wierd, at least in terms of the products offered.

    • flosserelli

      Their commercials are really strange (especially in Japan). Youtube Japanese commercials and you will see what I mean.

      • Jadephyre

        I know, that's why I brought it up ;)

  • Eduardo da Silva

    This is the weirdest thing i ever seen!

  • Sanjay kumar negi

    One thing i like about it that beautiful Korean girl is holding it.


  • mustbepbs


  • Jack

    Pity LG does not make it available internationally. Oversight. With 4:3 ratio it would be excellent for reading ebooks, browsing, making handwriting notes (with handwriting recognition into text). Those who only watch movie clips and play games would never understand the usability of 4:3 bigger screen estate and better content creation and serious content use in portrait mode.

  • PhabKing

    Its the best for ebooks and browsing and notetaking....LG could have advertised it as a business phone...that might have worked. I mean, look at BB passport....and no ones calling that ugly.