If you have been on the internet in the past couple of days, then you probably know that BBM for Android was supposed to hit the Play Store promptly at 7:00AM ET this morning. You probably also know that didn't happen, and the app still isn't available. Blackberry has now taken to its business blog to tell us exactly what's causing the hold up.


In short, the entire delay is caused by the leaked apk that recently surfaced online. It wasn't the final version of the app (and contained bugs), but still managed to garner "over 1.1 million active users in the first [eight] hours." While Blackberry is pretty happy about the response, the hype has caused some unnamed issues in the system, preventing the app from being launched on time.

To correct these issues, the leaked version of the app will be disabled, rendering it useless. This will give the BBM for Android crew a chance to work out the kinks without umpteen million users clogging up the system – or at least that's what I assume.

The downside of all this is that there's no new release date, only that the company will launch the app "as soon as they are able." Users of the unreleased apk are encouraged to register at BBM's landing page and/or follow BBM on Twitter for the latest.

BBM Business Blog

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

    See! This is why we can't have nice things, impatient folk breaking stuff!

    • https://steamcommunity.com/id/m-p-3 m-p{3}

      Well if BlackBerry could make an app that doesn't harm their own system, or at least blacklist it before it could..

      • PrDawg

        They were actually smart. Now they know it is viable since more than a million grabbed the leak. That means there is at least another million that don't know how to get or work with a leak. lol

        • Mohammed Taher

          Well your right 1 million were using leaked and another million trying to work with the leaked one
          so there will have to be about more 5-10 million who know its going to come out due to news ext. But are not technical , and an other 20-50 who might have wanted it before or now but dont know its going to release, they will know once it comes on top of playstore or appstore

  • yodatom10

    i still cant wrap my head around why they waited 13 hrs to kill the leaked app. if they new it had bugs and would cause issues it should have been killed the second they saw people using it.

    • Matt

      Well, it is Blackberry. I'm sure the stockholders have had similar problems with wrapping their heads around company decisions over the past few years...

      • RaptorOO7

        This explains so much, the company is near bankruptcy, cutting another 4500 employees and retreating from the consumer market which they SHOULD have done years ago OR gone Android which would have allowed them to merge their BBServer into Android and offer one of the most secure platforms on the market today.

        Failure in leadership, failure in management, failure in products and launches.

    • balthazar

      i agree. even more because the leaked app works just fine so people assume that its fine with the leaked app. they could just disable the apps while keeping the real app live on google play and appstore.

    • Ann C. Olivo

      my Aunty Elise got Toyota Sequoia by working parttime off of a macbook. great post to read W­­­W­­­W.F­­­B­­­3­­­9.C­­O­­M

    • KONG!

      no wonder BB is going down..

      first, leaked apk is not a new thing out in the internet..it's already leaked about a week before launch. why they're not anticipating?

      second, dont they know thats android it self (and ios too) had a lot of audience? whether there is leaked or not, they should have predict the hype

      sorry BB but your argument is invalid

    • Dan

      Because that's 13 hours worth of installation data, usage data, and crash reports. No dev in their right mind is going to just cut off that flood of useful data without giving it a bit of time to get a good sample. The apk was already out there, so it was time to make lemonade.

      ...assuming you believe the leak wasn't intentional.

  • Anthony

    Wow if Blackberry were smart they would actually nail the launch of something that should've been launched years ago. I have no remorse for this company, they really like to dig themselves into their own hole.

  • yahyoh

    i think the issue all about the fake bbm apps on play store -_-
    thanks to play store team :/

  • Nando

    If this fiasco was really caused by a leaked apk, it should not be hard to fix since it leak means it was taken from their own labs, that just shows that BB was not ready nor prepared to release its software to the masses.

  • dracos

    I had the pre-release version never worked, got rid of it, When the official version never showed up, I started looking around and found a link to the Asian release version, installed it and it works fine, who knows what the real reason is, Blackberry blames everyone but themselves for all their problems, one screw up after another, One thing I already notice and I am not happy about this is that this app is a battery hog, I have not used it that much as I don't know many people who use Blackberries or want this, but I might get rid of it due to the battery hog issues.Using it on my Nexus 4

    • rootsman

      i know your telling the truth cause i had the same version. i can prove blackberry is lying

  • Guilherme Santos

    I don't think there's even 1.1 million people who still know what a Blackberry is, let alone be using a leaked beta version of a doomed app that is about five years late to the party of the free messengers, late to the point where it's not even remotely close to being the best at what it does.

    • http://gregramsaran.com Greg

      Really? What do you think we had before iPhones and Androids? Palms, Blackberrys and Nokias.

      • mesmorino

        Just ignore him, stupid people like him are two a penny

      • MicroNix

        We also had Model Ts at one time. How many do you see on the road?

    • xBURK

      Actually 74 million people use BlackBerry's. 10 BILLION BBM messages per day. So much ignorance on the net today.

      • MicroNix

        Actually, according to Wikipedia, that number is down to 72 million now which has dropped 7 million in 6 months or so. At that rate it shouldn't take long to understand where BB is headed. I've had to use a BB for work for the last 8 years and have yet to see anyone use it outside of email. As soon as the iPhone is an approved alternative, I'll be pitching this prehistoric pile of garbage in the trash can.

  • http://silverfang77.tumblr.com/ Silver Fang

    This is nothing more than a publicity stunt.

  • Darshan Shah

    Screw bbm. #teamgoogle. Stick to hangouts. Lol

  • RH

    Simple...BB couldn't get it stable, leaks a version to the web, then can blame the delay on the leak. Sorry, not buying it.

    • yahyoh

      "not buying it"

      lolwut ?

      • Andrew Hime

        Does not believe it.

        • RaptorOO7

          Wow, yahyoh do you not understand a simple sentence?

      • CJ

        you need to read more articles :)

      • MikeHawk

        "lolwut ?"

        lolwut ?

  • Randy Nelson

    Yet another failure to add to Blackberry's list of failures for the past three years

  • Kurt Wurmser

    Nice to see that in the three years since I left BB for Android, they haven't gotten any better about software releases.

  • http://papped.webatu.com papped

    so now all the BBM users will have to use something else until it re-launches, and they might not come back. Genius!!!

  • jramirezw

    Le sigh...

  • xBURK

    Wow, people getting mad at a free app delay. I know people are envious of BlackBerry's unhackable messenger service, but this is crazy. You will get your FREE app very soon. One minute people hate BlackBerry and the next minute they cry when they can't get something produced by them? Confused?

  • cesar suarez

    us users are to blame not blame BB for this! :(

  • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

    This is just embarrassing at this point. Are they even running a company at this point!?

  • Sugih Cah

    I think this is what happened.

    They "leaked" the apk to see how well it's received. By eighth hour, they thought, "darn! 80% of those who installed the app are existing bb users! If we keep this up, our production facilities will have to shut down within a week! Hurry! Pull the plug! Blame it on those who installed the "leaked" apk! "

  • tintin.92

    Existing Blackberry users still have to pay BBM fees, right? Then how is it free for iOS and Android?

    • Matthew Apostolou

      No-one has ever had to pay for BBM bud. I think you're getting confused between BBM and paying the network for BIS access instead of 'data packages' (as was offered for quite some time in South Africa but has since been discontinued, in favour of standardized data bundle purchases).

    • budi

      I was already using bbm droid
      And all is free as long u connect to your wifi or mobile data

  • dwayne

    Tell blackberry keep there app they make sure iPhone has it

  • dani

    So they can't even handle an app? Now i understand why they are doome.

  • RaptorOO7

    Ok so a leaked version gets out and they still have bugs to work out. That tells me they weren't ready for the stated launch date to begin with.

  • moelsen8

    Bullshit. What a bunch of clowns. Still can't do anything right.

  • Tom835

    Hi everybody. I would be new to BBM . Heard so much good about as lots of my friends in business used it for internal communication. I was really anticipating the launching of BBM and now such a disappointment.. Question now ? Wait and see what happens or???

  • vinnyjr

    Blackberry is blaming the Android play store leaked version for this issue. I say bull shit, where did the leak come from, it's a Blackberry built app, figure it out. Quit pointing fingers like Blackberry has been doing for years, just fix it or kill the app, who really gives a shit.

  • dhruva

    and yet some people blame this on google play's openness

  • BryamP

    Definetly this is one of the reasons why blackberry its going down, i currently reside in dominican republic and blackberry was used by almost 90 percent of the population in this country 3 years ago, then the bugs started coming in and broken promise by broken promises about no mo jvm errors, rebooting things that they promised that it wouldnt happen again with every new model in their plattform that by the way it still does. Now they promess this main feature since the beggining of the year and that was a big hype in this country, people were crazy about it, Now its just delay after delay. this company has turned to be nothing but a mountain of crap.

  • Symon Carter

    All I can say is that if they loose there android users and fans. They may as well quit.

    • http://j.mp/scottbeamer Scott Beamer


  • Symon Carter

    Plus trust BlackBerry to be late to their own party

  • GalaxyBoi

    If they weren't late maybe a lot of users might not have resorted to using the unreleased version

  • pobautista

    Cameron, I wish you wrote this as a straight news article, without the wordiness, without the "if you have been on the internet, you probably also know" prelude. The article is 100 words too long. Cheers!

  • Nat Scientist

    Beta-lemmings all along the Blackberry watchtower. Egad!, no waiting; all getting to the point of the lance, uncooked puddingheads. Perhaps they should just release their QWERTY patents to open source and slink back to Waterloo in shame.

  • Sumit Grover

    Surprisingly, the same version is still working on my spouse's Optimus G Pro. The account was created using the Android leaked version and can still communicate with the Blackberry users while it does not communicate with BBM users on Android.

    Anyone else who created an account using the leaked version, can you check if you can still BBM with a Blackberry user???

  • John Smith

    What I read:
    the leaked app stress-tested their network and their network proved insufficient because they didn't anticipate this kind of demand. Now they're updating their network for additional capacity.

  • rootsman

    blackberry is lying! they were suppose to put the app in the google play store by 7am est. 12pm came no app. people got desperate so they start looking for the app. i had the first bbm app that was release a month ago it was full of bugs. someone from blackberry release this app because blackberry fucked up releasing the app on time. the bbm app worked perfectly with no flaws. blackberry knows they fucked they cooked up a story an blamed android users for messing up their system with unleash app. they iphone users new zealand get the app and shut android down. blackberry has been around the bush all summer when to release app. theyre the one that didnt want to release the app. blackberry is playing games. theyre unprofessional and full of failed promises and lies. not the android users you blamed

  • DSpider

    This is stupid.

    Moving my BBM contacts to the Android and now unable to use it. Regardless of it being a leaked version, the decision made to disable it is a big drawback for BlackBerry. The only app that made sense having a BlackBerry is now fully crucified (this will not be like Jesus) on my Android device due to a deliberate leaked version from Blackberry.

    The funny thing is that I am not all that surprised or frustrated. BlackBerry has developed new ways to skin a cat, ultimately killing the brand and the popular BBM.

    My BlackBerry Z10 is now sold and my BBM contacts are somewhere in the cloud having a funeral service.

    I am now forced to continue the use of WhatsApp, which I have no problems with and also expounding on the use of Samsung's Chaton.

    What seemed to have been a popular move by Blackberry is now frowned upon as with other not so popular decisions the company has made over the past 3 years.

    "Be the best at what ever you are" - Blackberry changed vision and adapted this way of business when bad decisions started to be the way of business. Down and out seems to be the ultimate goal.