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So it looks like quite a lot of you were waiting on the Developer Editions for those new Motorola phones. Just over one day after Motorola posted the Developer Editions of the Moto X and the DROID MAXX on the company's official store, all three phones are unavailable. The Verizon Moto X Developer Edition is marked as "Out of Stock," while the GSM Moto X DE and the DROID MAXX DE are marked as "Coming Soon."

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Motorola seems to have vastly underestimated the demand for these phones and their unlockable bootloaders, even at the hefty unsubsidized price of $649.99 for all three models. (It probably doesn't hurt that the Moto X models were the only 32GB versions available without buying a locked-down phone for AT&T.) That being the case, there's no telling when they'll be available for purchase again. Motorola's US factory for the Moto X in particular is probably using the vast majority of its manufacturing capacity for branded phones for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. If you managed to get an order in while the Moto X Developer Edition or DROID MAXX Developer Edition was still available, consider yourself lucky.

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Naturally we'll be keeping an eye on the Motorola store for any updates.

Update 9/20/13 7:00am: The Verizon Moto X Developer Edition is back in stock as of 10AM Eastern on Friday morning. If you want one, get it while you can.

Update 9/20/13 5:20pm: The Verizon Moto X is gone again, but the GSM one is back. The Droid Maxx is still listed as "coming soon."

Source: Motorola

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Jeremiah Rice

    A buddy of mine laid down $700 for one of these suckers after taxes, and a day later it still hasn't shipped. He is less than pleased.

    • droseum20

      I am in the same situation here.

      • dtraini30

        As am I. Hell, Moto accidentally charged my card 4 times! Thankfully they are in the process of fixing it.

    • Maison Pulaski

      Yeah well he is going to be less happy when he finds out as I did... ”Two day shipping" means two days from when they finish manufacturing it.

      I called Motorola today after ordering mine yesterday and asked them why I hadn't received any sort of email about shipping since the device should be arriving tomorrow.

      His reply? It takes 7-10 days to build the phone and 2 days to ship it. So I should get my device in 9-12 days.

      • Sam Hollis

        They're selling devices that they don't physically have built yet? smh

        • Jeremiah Rice

          And if they're selling them before they actually manufacture them, how could the phone ever be "out of stock?"

          • Maison Pulaski

            Yeah hopefully the CSR had no idea what he was talking about. Which is of course not only likely but probable.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Well, to be fair, 2-day shipping is shipping. How long it takes to start shipping is a whole other matter. I mean, the same thing happens with all other retailers if their stock isn't ready. I haven't gone through the purchasing steps to see if Motorola tells you or not though, so maybe they can do a better job of communicating the time-to-ship part.

      • Maison Pulaski

        Well I went through the purchase process. The device was listed as, "In stock". And "two day shipping".

        Now CSR tell me, "When the device is built..."

        Did they mean, "The parts to build it were in stock?"

        Maybe they meant, "Metaphorically speaking it's in stock because all the elements are not exhausted from the earth?"

        That's a BS move on Moro's part. Everyone understands what the term, "in stock" is supposed to mean.

        • Steve Freeman

          "Metaphorically speaking it's in stock because all the elements are not exhausted from the earth?" made me literally lol

    • AndrewNeo

      Of course I won't be able to find a source again but I was reading yesterday that their fulfillment system isn't necessarily updating the website and people may get them at their doors with the site still saying 'not yet shipped'

    • fixxmyhead

      Wow, people actually want these gay ass phones?

  • train234

    knowing how verizon shit their customer they would have manufacuted just 100 DE units

    • PrDawg

      Actually they wait to see if phone is good enough for us devs to dev it before they build too many. That is why Moto is building as ordered. We unlocked S3 so they sold no Dev editions. Building these for us is a crap shoot depending on how well the device is recieved. If device is nominal and we are not gonna dev it it is a waste of time. They have to refurb them to stock.

  • cy_n_ic

    I cant understand why people pay extra for DE phones. They should be called "too lazy to unlock myself edition"

    • Jeremiah Rice

      A viable bootloader unlock is never a given. There are phones that have never been unlocked, either out of a lack of community interest or because the lock is just extremely tough.

      • cy_n_ic

        But those are the phones nobody wants. All the popular devices get the DE. Ones that get community unlock with the quickness. I challenge someone to find a phone with a DE but no unlock for the regular version. Go!

        • Nat Chan

          Motorola Razr

          • cy_n_ic
          • Nat Chan

            Kexec is not the same as an unlock. It's certainly useful, and I'm happy its available, but it can't compare to a true "fastboot oem unlock"

          • Maison Pulaski

            ^^^^^^^^^^ This x1000 . That's a nice hack but not a real unlock

          • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

            Don't bother arguing with that guy -- he's not listening. See how he didn't respond to PrDawg's post above. There are people who simply don't understand that there are things that are not as easy as it seems.

        • PrDawg

          Samsung S4. HTC ONE.

          • cy_n_ic
          • PrDawg

            Only if did on release day. Was locked down within 24 hours.

          • cy_n_ic

            I have read plenty. And posting helps the learning process. Im not afraid of being wrong. Unlike some keyboard warriors. You accepted my challenge and did prove me wrong. Kudos to you. But it was not an invitation to be an asshole. I suggest you go read and learn about dignity and class

          • PrDawg

            I only deal in fact. Never post anything I don't know about. Links are a dime a dozen. Reading them is another story. You called me out after answering your challenge.

    • Maison Pulaski

      Curious as what you mean by, "Unlock it yourself"?

      Because their aren't a whole bunch of people with the kind of tech ability like djbliss (is that what he goes by?).

      • truecrusader

        Djrbliss, & there is a whole bunch of em

        • Maison Pulaski

          Besides him - who else has unlocked a Motorola bootloader?

  • Dan

    Its now a google company. Where would the fun of a device launch be if it wasn't hindered by supply issues, communication breakdowns and general poor customer service. Dont get me wrong, Ive been a sucker for the Nexus One, Nexus Galaxy, Nexus 7 and Nexus 4. (I skipped buying the Nexus S because I was given one). However, after every single one except the N1 being a late/delayed/hard to buy/disaster and the fact that I hate my Nexus 4 for lack of a removable battery (I barley ever get home from work with it alive and always feel tethered to a wall or battery pack) I think I will give the next Google device a miss in favor of something else. I like stock android but with Google editions of HTC one and S4 I think I might opt for the next gen of those with stock on release day, a removable battery - and hopefully expandable memory if I can jag the trifecta!

  • 9KRacing

    Yeah, I just got done talking with Motorola myself. Apparently they need to BUILD these phones, and it takes longer than it does if you order it on Moto Maker. They said to expect the phone the first week of Oct. I'm pissed. It said IN STOCK on the website. Great first impression Motorola is making.