Most mobile devices will run out of juice before you do after heavy use, so external battery packs are sometimes a necessity. New Trent sells many such devices and has just announced a new one. The PowerPak Xtreme is a gigantic battery that's built to last. If only your phone was that rugged.

New Trent PowerPak Xtreme - 15 New Trent PowerPak Xtreme - 01

This device quietly went on sale a few weeks ago, but is only being made official today. The PowerPak Xtreme is a 12,000mAh cell, which should charge most phones more than a few times. It has dual-USB ports and can juice up two devices at once. It's not as svelte as some battery backups, but that's because of the thick rubberized shell. As long as the port cover is in place, the PowerPak Xtreme can handle the occasional splash.

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If you're interested in the PowerPak Xtreme, use the coupon code 10OF120R to save $10 on Amazon. That takes the price of $59.95 down to $49.95.

[Amazon, New Trent]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • ncs

    what's the point of waterproofing it?

    • Cory_S

      I don't know...but its awesome..I want it.

    • Dario Leon Rincon

      some people like to go outside...

      • ncs

        yes, but since you can't USE it in wet conditions, can't you just carry it inside your backpack?

        • datafox

          The case is you might not have a waterproof backpack or case so this means a person would not have to worry about getting it damaged in storage.

          • Qliphah

            But still your phone is screwed.... it would make more sense if they had left a compartment for sliding a phone into... maybe even a waterproof plexiglass windows to see the screen as well. Right now this just looks like a power brick with a gimmick.

    • RyanWhitwam

      For swimming.

    • wolfkabal

      Even though it's primarily just a battery, there's still circuitry inside that would fail if it got wet. So as picture, backpacking, motorcycles, anything were a quick rain can ruin things, it's great for.

      • ncs

        see my reply in above comment

    • Michael

      you can put it in your shower and then plug your phone in outside of the shower. #PerfectSense

  • Herman

    It's got a huge battery, you can take it anywhere without worries and it's not even that expensive!

    Conclusion: me wants.

    • JagaJaga

      I had a problem charging my phone underwater before, hopefully that will fix it

      • Herman

        It's a perfect companion to the Sony Xperia Z(1, Ultra)

        [if the ports didn't have to be closed]

      • TeenyLittleSolarGuy

        The JOOS Orange is 100% NEMA 6P Waterproof and Will charge underwater...search You Tube for the video

  • Bill DeWitt

    Does this have a power button on it? The photos don't show it. I've been looking for a battery WITHOUT a power button.

    • Cory_S

      One of the reviews I read mentioned it did have one. I too am looking for one without.

      • spydie

        why would you want one without it?

        • JaizukeD

          It completes the circuit (automatically charges your phone when you plug it in) rather than having to push the power button the complete to circuit by turning on a switch.

          • rocksolid

            lazy americans cant turn on a switch lulz

        • Cory_S

          It's one less step to go by, and I want something stupid proof for when my wife uses it. Half the time she plugs into the one I have now and doesnt turn it on...then I have to hear her bitch about how the battery pack is "broken"

          • Tekni

            maybe get a new wife instead ;)

          • alexis orms

            Much more expensive ( the wife)

          • Qliphah

            Yet another reason to show her the door. :P

    • Sorian

      Power button, right side of picture is where the door for the USB ports are.

  • Mike

    I have two new trent battery packs...a small sleek 5500 mAh that fits in my pocket with my phone...perfect for going out after work and your phone is around 35% and not enough to make it through the night.
    The other is a bigger 12,000 mAh one, perfect for all day BBQ. tailgating, etc. Fits easily in the cargo pocket of cargo shorts.
    They make great products...big fan of theirs!

    • lensgrabber

      I have one new trent pack 6000mah I think w/ the flashlight and laser pointer. I've also got two other packs 7k mah and 10k mah but I keep going back to the new trent version. It's just better quality. I'll be getting one of these rugged packs and getting rid of the two other named packs. New Trent all the way.

  • Paskal Xen

    They dont ship to Malaysia? I'm getting this error on Amazon.

    We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to
    your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address
    or delete the item from your order.

    I'm using normal residential address, not PO box.

  • Tial

    I suggested this very product about a year ago to New Trent and yes, it's because I am an outdoorsman that has need of charging my cellphone in damp weather, throwing in a backpack, etc. It definitely fits the bill for sporty/rugged/long life. Way to go, New Trent. Great to see companies that care about what their customers think and want. :) I've also got 3 other New Trent chargers for the family and such. They make a quality product and stand behind them.