To put it simply, HP isn't the most sought-after name in the tablet game. The company's first real Android tablet, the Slate 7, didn't work out quite like expected, while the recently-released Slatebook x2 managed to miss the mark when it came to the display. They say the third time's a charm, so HP decided to go all out with its third tablet announcement and drop four new Android-powered device on the world. Say hello to the Slate7 HD, Slate10 HD, Slate8 Pro, and the most notable of the bunch (no pun intended), the Slate 7 Extreme.

Slate7 HD/Slate10 HD

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Of the newly announced devices, both the Slate7 HD and Slate10 HD fall into the "budget" category. Both devices share similar specs: 1280x800 displays (so much for the "HD" part, eh?), a dual-core Marvell PXA896 processor, Beats Audio, optional 3G connectivity to T-Mobile, dual cameras, and a microSD card slot. It's unclear whether the company plans to use the "HD" duo to replace the current Slate 7, nor has it revealed pricing information. Those specs should warrant a fairly low price point, which might make them a good choice for... someone. Maybe.

Slate8 Pro


You know what there aren't enough of in the Android tablet space? Eight-inch devices. I'm not sure why so many manufacturers don't see it, but this is basically the perfect size for a tablet – big enough to watch movies and surf the web comfortably, but small enough to toss in a bag or pocket.

Or maybe that's just my opinion.

Either way, the Slate8 Pro appears to be an impressive slate for those interested in this form factor. It features a 1600x1200 resolution and 4:3 screen ratio, putting it in direct competition with Apple's iPad Mini. Under the hood it's packing a Tegra 4 processor along with 8MP and 2MP cameras, microHDMI out, a microSD card slot, and microUSB for charging. Other specs, like RAM and OS version, haven't yet been revealed. Still, this is an exciting tablet and finally brings more than one or two choices to those who want an eight-inch slate.

Slate7 Extreme


As exciting as it is to see a new eight-inch device hit the scene, it's still overshadowed by the Slate7 Extreme. This is the first announced device to come from NVIDIA's Tegra Note platform, so all eyes are definitely on it.

The Slate7 Extreme features a 7-inch 1280x800 display, Tegra 4 processor, 1GB of RAM, front-facing speakers, a rear 5MP shooter, and an integrated stylus. Like all Tegra Note devices, the Slate7 Extreme uses NVIDIA DirectStylus technology to make for a fantastic experience with a passive stylus; it also brings PureAudio, and NVIDIA's computational photography engine along for the ride.

If HP sticks to NVIDIA's pricing for Tegra Note devices, the best part about the Slate7 Extreme will be the price: it should hit for just $199. That in itself could make the other devices in this announcement roundup dead right out of the gate, but only time will tell.

Release Dates

All of these devices are slated (sorry, just couldn't pass that one up; I really do apologize) to hit the scene in November of this year. Aside from the prospected price of the Slate7 Extreme, however, there's nary a work on how much any of these will cost.

Press release; additional details from The Verge, Engadget

HP: Slate7 HD, Slate10 HD, Slate8 Pro, Slate7 Extreme

Cameron Summerson
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  • mattj78

    That 8 pro could be the one to get of this bunch. The size is just right and it's a great resolution.

    • A_Noyd

      The size is NOT just right. it's a 4:3 device like the iPad Mini, not a 16:9 device. 16:9 would be better for movies, and fit in big pockets better.

      • mattj78

        The size is NOT just right for YOU. I'd love a 4:3 tablet. I do far more reading on my nexus than watching movies so for me a 4:3 would be perfect

        • Christopher Lee

          A_Noyd seems to be carrying out something of a personal crusade against anything 4:3. I'd kill for a decent Android tablet rocking 4:3 (and 8-9.7" screen as well).

          • Michael Williams

            Yea, A_Noyd, stop hating on our chosen tab ratio of 4:3. Go away you anti-4:3er! :-)

  • sri_tech

    All are crap except slate 8 pro.
    They will price it at $299 and will be DOA because retina iPAD mini.

    According to Digitimes, nexus 7 (2013) sales are not good. Only chance for android tablets is if they cost less than $250.

    You guys might hate me for saying this but that is the truth. Samsung is the only company that can compete with Apple but they released some low end tablets with high prices.

    • Jose Torres

      You may be right, Android does not have the league of zombie followers that Apple has.

      • Victor Loureiro

        Not only that, but Android givers users plenty of choices, so it's kind of hard a single device can sell as much as one of Apple's.

  • Chris Jutting

    It's kind of sad when my 2 year old HP touchpad still outclasses some of these low end tablets, and it only cost $99.

    • Jose Torres

      $99 was the clearance price so that doesn't count

      • Allwayswrite

        He paid $99 for a new device...it counts!
        So did I btw

    • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

      So sad, mine just shit out on me... But I replaced it with the Nexus 7 LTE and couldn't be happier!

      • Neejay

        I'm about to the point where I want to get a tablet with REAL support. I get tired of waiting and hoping for HP Touchpad development.

        I don't really want to give up my 10" screen, but I might take the dive and get a Nexus 7.

        • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

          Dude, the new Nexus 7 is fucking amazing! Everything about it is hot and new and sleek. They really outdid themselves with this one. It really does feel pretty future proof... For now...

    • TylerChappell

      What's even more sad is that you're kinda in denial. The touchpad is pretty weak in comparison.

  • Christopher Lee

    Oh man, the 8-incher looks great. I was thinking about getting an Ainol Nova Spark 9 because I'm desperate for a 4:3 Android tablet (I have both Nexus 7s and those are fine in 16:9, and a Nexus 10, which I've come to dislike). 8-inch 4:3 though could be the meal ticket item here, especially since it has a pretty good screen.

    • A_Noyd

      it's 4:3 though, not 16:9. Why do manufacturers keep making mistakes on the small slates, like 4:3, No GPS, Low Rez... or lack of RAM, or lack of storage. or lack of external storage. It seems like there is always SOMETHING wrong with every implementation.

      • Joshua

        Personally I dislike 4:3, but clearly Christopher wants that, so I wouldn't say it's inherently wrong.

      • Christopher Lee

        4:3 vs 16:9/16:10 is a use-case item, not a "mistake." For some of us (myself included), 16:9/16:10 is flat out uncomfortable for reading swaths of text or PDFs. Some people enjoy that, but I've always gone for my iPad first if I need to read something for a while that's not news articles.

        The rest is similarly a question of what you need. I have enough Android devices lying around with GPS that I could probably strap a few to a cruise missile and still not notice the difference. The Slate 8 seems to tick most of your "mistake" boxes and we don't know the amount of RAM yet-- but many 1GB-ers still run quite nicely if you know what you're doing.

        If you don't like it, then don't buy it. Hardly like the market is starving for tabs. :P

      • Michael Williams

        I'm with Christopher. I have been waiting for a really good 4:3 Android tablet to come out for quite a while. I mostly use mine for reading, I pretty much never watch any videos on my Nexus 7 and 4:3 is, in my opinion, the right ratio for reading. I hope this 8in is a good price, because I think it might be my next tablet.

    • Joshua

      Nexus 7 and 10 are both 16:10.

      • Christopher Lee

        Good call, I must have rolled out of bed the wrong way this morning or something to mess that up.

    • jesuguru

      There's really a brand named "Ainol"? How unfortunate....

      • Christopher Lee


  • D. Sharer

    Nvidia going with 1GB of RAM iv the Tegra Note is just wrong

    • DarrenR

      Maybe I'm spoiled from the smartphone wars but I cringe any time I see 1GB with at least a halfway good processor.

      • jeffhesser

        Good news guys! You don't have to buy the cheap one! If 1gig isn't enough for you, pay the premium (which is probably less than $100) for more memory. I'm right there with you in fearing it may not be enough but for that price I am willing to give it a shot.

    • http://www.smsnetwork.org/ Mikael Jakobsson

      I say the same 1GB ram is wrong, my Galaxy S4 use 3GB and am burn like 1.7GB ram normaly. i dont know if i wanna buy a phone or tablet with only 1 GB ram my computer use 32GB DDR3 ram. I can easy put mony to a good procuts not to a middle products i just leave it there in the store.

      • JJCommonSense

        How does your galaxy s4 have 3gb of rsm when Samsung just started putting 3gb in the Note3?

        • TylerChappell

          There is a very simple reason behind this. He doesn't know wtf he is talking about.

    • Jay T

      How do any of these devices hope to compete with the Nexus 7 (2013)? It has a fantastic screen, more RAM, and support from Google....

  • mgamerz

    Given my experience working with HP made PCs I can't imagine owning an HP tablet.

    • Gunther

      The HP Touchpad was a solid device. Mine is 2 yrs old and is still alive and kicking, Android 4.3 to boot!

      • mgamerz

        I have an HP touchpad, and there are too many compromises when running android roms on it.

        • Anfronie

          Yeah looking to replace mine as well...

    • atlouiedog

      I know exactly what you mean. Though things have gotten better, I dealt with so many problems with HP laptops made between 2009 and 2011 that I still wince when I think about buying something from that brand. It's probably not fair to the tablet division, but after the fourth $1000+ laptop of different models that can't idle without overheating you start to develop very negative feelings.

      • spydie

        just sold my 8 year old DV 8000CT for $130 on ebay that I bought new for almost $2500. Still running like a champ and upgraded it from original XP to Win 7 then Win 8 and they ran fine on it.

    • Matthew Fry

      My HP workstation (Compaq brand) is going strong for 3 years now. My wife's HP Chromebook looks and feels fantastic. I am pretty positive about HP.

  • Carl_Barlson

    in the end it comes down to pricing. the slate pro and extreme are the only decent models though.

  • Colin Whiteside

    None of these can be worse than the current Slate 7 with its non-square pixels.

  • Matthew Fry

    That looks like a pretty thick tablet.

  • EH101

    The only one with a nice resolution display is 4:3?! Nope. No sell. I'll wait for the gpad.

  • Andrew G

    Slate7 Extreme? What kind of incompetent marketing department names these devices?

  • Magneira

    It is just your opnion, the nexus 7 size is the perfect one, also big enough to watch netlifx etc, perfect size to put in your band AND the size fits in one hand to read a book or to read an article, which makes a world of diference :)

  • http://www.deveyra.com/ Ronaldo Roberto De Veyra

    1280x800 on a 7" tablet equates to 215ppi. It's even lower, at 150ppi, on a 10" tablet. Hey, HP, you can't call it "HD" if your tablets don't fall above the 300ppi range! That's very misleading.

    • TylerChappell

      "HD" has nothing to do with PPI. It has to do with resolution. You do realize, that 32" 720p TVs are still HDTV's, right? Pixel density doesn't matter, if it's > 1280x720, it's HD. If It's > 1920x1080, it's "Full HD".
      So no, they are not being misleading. If they released a tablet with 1024x768 or 1024x600 resolution and called it HD, THAT would be misleading.