Monster gets a bad rap from the technology community, but in all fairness, they absolutely deserve it. Between ridiculously overpriced home theater components and insanely malicious trademark lawsuits, the company is probably the most-hated technology corp this side of Electronic Arts. Having said all that, Monster announced its first Android tablet today, the 7", $149 M7. The combination of branding and price is incongruous to say the least.


The tablet fits pretty well into the budget 7-inch mold - you could probably guess the specs, which include a 1280x800 screen, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, a 5MP rear camera, and 16GB of storage plus a MicroSD card slot. The hardware is running Android 4.1, which will include "Google Mobile Services," i.e. the Play Store and its associated apps. The company is also hyping up Time Correct (TM) Bluetooth for accurate audio syncing, AptX for high-quality Bluetooth streaming, and Monster Central Power Control for power monitoring with compatible Monster equipment. Notably absent is an IR port, which would have made a lot of sense for this particular brand. But hey, at least it includes a MiniHDMI port, so's you can spend entirely too much money on an Official Monster Cable MiniHDMI To Monster HDMI Super Deluxe AmazoVision Gaming Edition Monster HDMI Cable.

The M7 tablet is available now from Wal-Mart in eight cringe-inducing colors, including white, black, and six shades that start with "Candy." The company is planning an M10 10-inch tablet for the fall, presumably also set for a Wal-Mart release. I don't buy Monster products in any case, but I'd be particularly wary of the company's foray into the tablet space. Even ignoring similar products from more reputable brands, these tablets are probably cheap, re-skinned OEM fare made in the hopes of cashing in on some brand recognition. If Monster actually made tablets themselves, you'd see a lot more buzzwords like "24-karat gold plated" and  "ergonomically contoured" down there in the press release. And using the company's famous cables as a rough pricing metric, it would probably cost about eight hundred bucks.

BRISBANE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Monster, the world leader in high-performance personal audio, connectivity solutions and headphones, today announced the launch of its first line of tablets—the Monster® M7 and M10, 7-inch and 10.1-inch tablets. The Monster® M7 tablet is first to be released, it is fully loaded with features, and is the only HD Android-based tablet with Time Correct™ Bluetooth, a feature that movie lovers using Bluetooth speakers and headphones will adore. The Monster® tablets also feature aptX for near-CD quality sound.

A premium tablet, affordably priced, the Monster® M7 tablet is exclusively available online at Walmart.com for $149.00, in keeping with Walmart’s “Save Money. Live Better.” mantra. The Monster® M10 will launch later in the fall, price and specifications to be announced.

The Monster® tablet is enclosed in a unique non-skid surface that is attractively styled in eight custom “candy” colors to match the Monster® N-Tune™ headphone line—Candy Blueberry, Candy Tangerine Orange, Candy Grape Purple, Candy Apple Red, Candy Lime Green, Cotton Candy Pink, Frost White and Midnight Black (available separately.) The Monster tablets are a perfect combination of sound, style, HD video, and high performance audio.

Other features include Monster Central® PowerControl™ that allows complete energy and power monitoring over the Internet with Monster Power modules (available separately).

The Monster® M7 is also pre-loaded with Google Mobiles Services applications, as well as popular apps such as Vudu, for instant access to all the latest movies and TV shows.

“Packed with features, in an array of color options to match our headphone colors, and offered at an affordable price, we believe the new line of Monster tablets is going to surprise a lot of people,” said “Head Monster” Noel Lee.

Instant Entertainment

Out-of-the-box with popular apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Google Talk, Twitter and Vudu, both Monster® tablets offer easy ways to connect with friends and watch all the latest movies, TV shows and music hits. Vudu allows the user to stream directly to their device or download to watch anywhere, any time.

Cut Energy Waste, Save Big

With Monster Central®, it has never been easier for users to control their Monster Central® PowerControl™ smart plugs (sold separately) right from their fingertips. The Monster Central® PowerControl™ app helps households save money every day, cutting energy waste by setting up automatic timers to turn off electronics, computers or game consoles when not in use. The app also monitors the electricity and dollars used by any device plugged into the Monster Central® PowerControl™ smart plugs.

Specifications include: M7 7-inch Tablet: Equipped with a 1.5GHz dual core processor, Android operating system, HD 1280x800 resolution screen, Bluetooth 4.0 with Time Correct™, Micro USB input, 3.5mm headset jack, Mini HDMI, GPS, front (2.0MP) and rear (5.0MP) cameras, 16GB storage with 1GB DDR3 memory, MicroSD expansion slot and up to 8 hours of battery life, the 7-inch tablet is packed with all the latest specs with a great price.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
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    • John Smith

      I learned something new today (EE professors take note): Bytes prefer Gold, Platinum, and Diamonds. Obviously they're not falling for Copper anymore.


    • Michael Fontenot

      This comment is why this is my favorite blog.

  • deltatux

    I'm surprised they didn't try to sell this for $349.99 lol.

  • TY

    HTC M7, Apple M7, and now this. So many M7s this year.

    • Andy Stetson

      Don't worry, Monster will sue HTC and Apple for naming their devices/components "M7".

      • TSON1

        Not if Apple does it first.

        • http://www.facebook.com/morrissex Javier Cárdenas

          Or second. Apple sues others even when they are the last ones "innovating".

  • moelsen8

    wow that wsj article is an entertaining read. pricing aside, what a piece of sh*t company.

  • andy_o

    these tablets are probably cheap, re-skinned OEM fare made in the hopes of cashing in on some brand recognition.

    I for one would schadenfreude all over my pants if Monster went the way of Polaroid.

    • Jeremy Bryant

      Upvote for the high-brow jab, well done.

  • Mike Harris

    I don't care if they cured cancer at this point; I would never give this company a penny.

    • Perv Bear

      I hope you get cancer, maybe your tune would change a pitch.

      • Mike Harris

        Jesus, overreact much? It's called hyperbole. And I was attacking Monster; not a cure for cancer.

        Just to be clear, I am all for a cure for cancer. I am not currently – nor have I ever been – an anti-cancer-cure activist.

        • DarrenR

          Now that youve said "anti-cancer-cure-activist" it will become a thing.

    • Colin Whiteside

      Frankly I think Monster could make a good line in homeopathic cancer remedies, I mean they've practically cornered the market in homeopathic cable bullshit.

  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    WTF? Monster selling something that isn't marked up 3000%?

    No, it's not exactly a good deal, but still. Something somewhere has gotten a bit colder today.

  • atcchris


    I'll just leave this here... for anyone that needs an HDMI Cable...

  • jeffhesser

    I'd be interested to see how this thing performs... I do a fair bit of watching video (netflix/twitch) with bluetooth headphones on my old ass ipad and a newer tablet with better bluetooth audio would be a cool.

  • sweenish

    In all fairness, their turbine earbuds review very well in their respective price brackets, i.e., they're not overpriced.

    • Eric Jones

      "They review very well in their respective price bracket". You mean the, insanely overpriced bracket? Yes, they are comparable in price to other overpriced headphones.

      • sweenish

        That's a pathetic retort.

        If you're not into earbuds that cost more than $15, that's your choice. But the fact does still remain that when compared to other models with similar prices (from brands like sennheiser, klipsch, shure, etc.), monster earbuds hold up. This isn't like digital cable, their earbuds are actually of quality.

  • Pope Ron Polyp II

    I wouldn't (knowingly) buy anything from this company, even if it was free.

    • Logan Butler

      If it were free, would you actually be buying it?

      • The Phenom

        You missed the sarcasm in the statement.

  • Adam Koueider

    It's a mistake people. Somebody mistyped the price and it actually costs $1149. Monster apologizes for the confusion and will be putting out another press release which accurately describes the 24K gold coated, kevlar infused, titanium plated micro USB cable which of course is NOT included in the package, but can be bought for an additional $400 plus tax.

  • someone755

    Am I the only one that loves this design, especially the curved corner top-right?

  • Qliphah

    Ah ha, there's the rub. "Monster Central® PowerControl™ smart plugs" retail 59.95 for the 1 outlet basic model, 99.99 for the "premium" 3 outlet. Plus another $60 for the gateway. Sounds like they want to sell these as a home automation setup, get a cheap tablet then spend at least $500 kitting your entertainment center and a few lights.

    From monsters press release:

    Now shipping are these Monster Central® PowerControl smart plugs:

    · PCT 100MC (SRP: $59.95) with one outlet with power measurement and on/off control, 540 joules of fire proof protection with a $200,000 connected equipment warranty

    · PCT 300MC (SRP: $99.95) with three outlets with power measurement of which one can be on/off controlled, 1080 joules of fire proof protection with a $300,000 connected equipment warranty

    These products require the use of the Monster Gateway.

    · GTW 100 (SRP: $59.95) which plugs into a router or home network with an Ethernet cable and wirelessly communicates with the smart PowerControl plugs

    Two kit bundles are also available:

    · PCT 100MC Kit (SRP: $99.95) which includes the PCT 100MC and the GTW100

    · PCT 300MC Kit (SRP: $149.95) includes the PCT300MC, GTW 100 and a durable FCC-approved case for rugged use

    The Free Monster Central® App is available now at the iTunes Store® and Google Play.

  • Matthew Fry

    That's extremely weird. Monster Cable is the Apple of cables. It really should be something fancy and overpriced. The brand whores will not be pleased.

  • rap

    Android tablets will be very popular this Christmas now there is a decent budget market.

  • SupahNin10doh


  • Keg Man

    Monster is absolutely boycotted in my book

  • Ezzy

    Has to be my favorite tech headline in a while.

  • G_Tronic

    Just purchased the Monster M7. First impression is good. IPS screen is clear. Had to adjust the brightness a little but after a while I put it back to it's original setting. And the screen brightness is very good for a tablet in its price point.

    Holding it next to my iPad Mini, it holds its own. Good touch screen. Very responsive, and a bit quicker than the Mini surprisingly. The power button is easily lost when trying to find it, around the designed curve of the case. Take getting used to it.

    Charges using the micro USB port. Most others have a proprietary dedicated DC jack. Android OS version is designed well. Settings panel is similar to the Apple OS.

    I have tested a couple of other 'Made in China' units. For build quality and features, the M7. It's priced right where it should be. Yes you can get a Quad Core with 2GB memory on the die, but that would run you about $180 with about $20 in shipping from China.

    No accessories at this time, but knowing Monsters Marketing Juggernaut, they will be out, and as expensive as hell.

    For $149 it's not a bad choice in the sea of options. My Nexus is great, but at this price is a good choice. Returns are easy to Wall-Mart if you don't like it. (Yeah there the only ones who carry it) Yeah I will say it, kudos to Monster. Finally something affordable.

    Like many companies in the past, they have taken a product made elsewhere, and plastered their name all over it. Not a bad thing, as long as the product does the job.

  • Ortho

    Can I get I-tunes on an Monster M7 tablet?

  • Mike

    Is the M7 capable of printing ?

  • mommatwine

    I bought two of these tablets for my 8 and 5 year old kids because I was not going to buy them a $60 one with a 4" screen that had shitty resolution, 4GB memory, no mini hdmi ports,no blue tooth, and one shitty camera on it so I did my homework and checked these out and decided that this was my best bet for $120 compared to one that had the same exact specs for $280. DAMN I am really impressed with this tablet. It gets better wifi signal than my $1200 two month old laptop, very fast, speakers are loud and very clear, microphone is awesome, screen is so clear and crisp, love the non-slip grip on back, light weight but well built and not cheap, and takes better pictures than my $400 smart phone! Not only am I glad that I chose to buy these tablets for my kids, but I am so impressed that I will be buying two more, one for my husband and I!!!!!

  • BlancaP

    I just picked up one of these tablets today from Walmart for $100. I also have a Nexus 7. The Nexus 7 is a bargain for what you get. The M7 is an even bigger bargain. It is a pretty nice tablet for the price and blows away a Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 at just a bit over half the price.

    Monster cables are a rip off and their headphones suck, but this tablet is actually a good deal. If you want to let your hatred of Monster get in the way of a real bargain, that's on you.

    • BlancaP

      I changed my mind. After 5 days with this POS it's going back. the screen images scroll off in both directions for no reason. Support is non-existent - they don't answer the phone and don't respond to email. Memory management is awful - always running out and I have very little running. Screen touch response is iffy - have to tap several times to get anything to work.

      Crappy functioning and no support. An unforgivable combination.

  • BlancaP

    And it's just as good a deal as their cables. It's junk. Horrible memory management (always running out). Screen images scrolls off screen both horizontally and vertically. Their website support emails and never responded to and the phone system says press 1 for next person and then says it doesn't understand your input if you press one.

    I though maybe Monster could redeem themselves with the M7 but instead they've simply embarassed themselves.

  • kelemvor

    So I'm looking for a tablet for my kids and decided to buy two Monster M7 tablets from Walmart since they are only $80 each. The major complaints I see online is something to do with the USB port on the tablet being loose and getting "pushed into" the tablet or something like that.

    Does anyone have one of these or know any more about what the problem really is? If the problem really is that the port isn't installed well, maybe it's possible to open the shell and just put some super glue in there to hold it in place to insure it doesn't come loose and stop charging?

    I contacted Monster (or whoever really supports their tablets) and they acknowledged there is a problem with some of the tablets but was told "it's an inexpensive tablet, you have to expect there to be some problems" which is about the worst support answer I've ever received since they basically say We know it's a bad part but we don't really care...

    Anyway, it looks like a great tablet for the price but I want to take any precautions I can to make sure it doesn't have a problem with that port breaking.

    • Kevin Willson

      They seemed to have fixed that prob.

      • kelemvor

        Well, I bought 2, 1 was crap right out of the box so I had to exchange it. The other one stopped charging after about 2 months. Plug is fine but it just doesn't charge. Now I have to ship it back to have it repaired or replaced or whatever. I think someone needs to start a Class Action Lawsuit about this since they knowingly are selling tablets that have lots of problems.

  • Kevin Willson

    Owned one for months now. Most complaints about memory,etc...are by peeps who have no clue how to operate android devices -- you have to manage your memory actively! A great mid level tablet...works flawlessly. Treat it nice and nothing will break -- mine hasn't. I am not easy to please, this is not my first tab, and I would highly reccomend it.