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Both AT&T and Verizon have repeatedly and vociferously stated that their policy of locking bootloaders isn't going away any time soon. And in both cases, public-spirited security researcher Dan Rosenberg has managed to fox them on at least some hardware. Like a mischievous trickster deity, the Loki tool has been pressed into service to work around the locked bootloaders of various Samsung and LG devices, and the latest update adds support for the flagship LG G2 on both carriers.


Mr. Rosenberg updated the GitHub repository for Loki earlier today with release C of the Loki patch, specifically adding support for the AT&T (D80010D) and Verizon (VS98010D) models of the LG G2. The patch is intended for developers only and requires root privileges, as with previous releases of Loki. The root method for all models of G2 is widely available, so using Loki shouldn't be that difficult if you know your way around a command line and a custom recovery. If you don't, well... it might be best to wait for someone to create a more accessible tool based on Rosenberg's work.

This tool doesn't technically unlock the bootloader, it's exploiting a code vulnerability in the aboot partition of the device. Basically it's fooling the bootloader into validating the signature of a non-approved kernel. The takeaway here is that developers now have the tools they need to start creating custom recoveries, kernels, and ROMs for the LG G2 on AT&T and Verizon. You should see custom ROMs popping up at the usual locations soon, and the good folks at CyanogenMod will be able to support all American versions of the phone sooner or later.

You're a good man, Dan Rosenberg. Keep it up.

Update: A G2-compatible version of the TWRP recovery is now available on XDA. There are no ROMs yet, but you can back up to your heart's content.

Source: Loki GitHub

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Open1Your1Eyes0

    Let's see how quickly this gets patched. Then again LG doesn't get as much attention so might take a while in fact for anyone to notice.

    As we have learned from our mistakes now DON'T take ANY OTAs until someone has tested and verified root and this Loki tool still worked after OTA.

  • http://www.vinsonimages.com yamaha83

    come on moto x bootloader work around!!

    • sdny8

      Cmon and buy an unlocked version.

      • http://www.vinsonimages.com yamaha83

        already have my X on Verizon

        • sdny8

          I don't know why I'm being down voted. People ask for unlockable phones they get them and then they don't buy them. I assumed you already had one. You could sell it on craigslist for a $100 hit and buy an unlocked version rather than throw $50 at a developer to try and unlock it. Just my opinion, but if unlocked is what we say we want then we should support it. Yes it should have been available from day 1. But is was announced it would be available shortly.

          • Björn Lundén

            Frankly, I don't know why you got downvoted either. You make a valid and important point. It would've been different if you had referred to a Google Edition device since those are not available outside a select few countries (if not being US-only).

      • Peter Blanco

        I feel like a lot more people can afford 199 on contract than 649... just a thought. Given a choice of course I would choose unlocked, but that's just a crazy thought of mine.

        • sdny8

          That's true. I'm assuming people that read AP are "power" users and are still with vzw to keep unlimited data.

  • phyl0x

    i was thinking of getting an G2 if the bootloader got unlocked, but was fearful for lack of a dev community, based on the lackluster reception of the unlock news on blogs and xda it seems safe to say this wont be a well supported phone. sad. guess i'll have to leave verizon's far better coverage and 4g to go to AT&T's spotty 3g and no-4g coverage just to get a phone with some dev support. however coming from and evo 4g and then the nexus, i cant imagine having a phone with a poor dev community.

  • RaptorOO7

    I hope Dan can do this magic on the GN3 as well. Verizon be damned.

  • Armus

    Dan is the man. I'm sure the Note3 will be screwed as well. Please work your magic.

  • Smith Gayle

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  • Sokin


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