It has only been a few months since Asus announced the original PadFone Infinity, but the new version of the phone-tablet hybrid was just outed in Taiwan. This is a spec bump on the last PadFone, which moves from Snapdragon 600 to 800, but that's not all.


Just like the last PadFone, this one has a 5-inch 1080p screen, which is upped to a 10-inch display at the same resolution when the phone is in the tablet dock. Asus has taken the odd step of lowering the amount of internal storage, but adding a microSD card slot. The device now comes with 16 or 32GB of internal storage. The quad-core Snapdragon 800 will probably offer a bit of a performance boost, but so will the move to Android 4.2. The camera is still 13MP, but it has a new 3MP high-sensitivity mode sort of like the Ultrapixel camera on HTC devices.

The PadFone Infinity is not aimed at the US market. It has support for LTE 800/1800/2600, which won't work in the States. Pricing was announced at the equivalent of $640 for the phone and $240 for the tablet dock. That's a bit less than the last PadFone at launch. If you're interested, it will probably be on Amazon at some point. Well, or take a trip to Asia.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • Oobiewan

    sounds pretty good tho

  • Vito Lee

    That camera is how HTC should've done it for the One. Detailed pictures when you need it (daytime, outside photos) and a more sensitive mode for those low light situations. Hope this becomes a standard across top tier phones sooner or later.

  • abhishek

    2400mah is a joke. utter flop.

    • Devoid75

      My HTC One has 2300, lower than this one. While it does seem somewhat low for a tablet, it is possible that there will be more battery inside the tablet/dock. What else are they going to do with all that internal space?

    • Ricardo Kummel

      Got 4:13 of screen time and 1 day, 13 hours and 45 minutes on my HTC One.. So 2400 is great as long as you know what is draining your battery. And yes, I live on a wifi world, so why use 3G?

  • JazzEspresso

    and I am guessing, like previous models, never going to make it to US.....

  • Y314K

    Damn u Asus.... Been waiting for this awesome hybrid to make it to TMobile USA... And of course Asus won't even make it LTE workable in the US unlocked... Guess Asus prefers to sell dozens or hundreds instead of thousands of this great concept...

    Nexus 5 it is then...

  • Phillip Bee

    I've seen enough... Be US LTE compatible & tell me where I can throw my money at you already !!

  • Neil Lund

    Missing the keyboard dock option renders this device and tablet accessory pointless to me.

  • eilegz

    its such a shame that asus dont release this kind of device for america

  • GraveUypo

    i've always liked this concept.

  • John O’Connor

    Support for LTE 800/1800/2600. So it will work on 2/3 of Sprint's new network?